IBM Case Manager (Product Update)

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IBM Case Manager (Product Update)






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IBM Case Manager (Product Update) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. IBM Case Manager (Product Update) Allen TakatsukaWW ECM Solution Consultant and Architect 1
  • 2. IBM Case Manager Activating Content and Optimizing Outcomes • Addressing new knowledge worker challenges • Focus on improving the effectiveness and efficiency in achieving case outcomes • Knowledge workers can rapidly leverage industry best practices • IBM Business Partners, GBS and IBM Software are offering industry-specific solutions2
  • 3. Agenda • IBM Case Manager (ICM) Introduction • Market Differentiation and Momentum • ICM 5.1 Feature Highlights 3
  • 4. A day in the life of a knowledge worker Make complex decisions, address service requests, or conduct investigations by… Locating and corresponding Toggling across multiple with experts applications Email ERROR Portal Instant-Msg (IM) Claims CRM Providers Creating personal reminders Searching for information Waiting for responses Calendar External site Email
  • 5. Why does IBM view case management as the next enterprise killer app? Managing customer-related issues or other business events that require knowledge worker-based decisions falls outside the scope of “straight through” business activities. Instead, the focus is on a goal, driven by the knowledge worker, with all relevant information is stored in a “case” container Addressing Collaborating Unpredictability Decision Maintaining Making Context
  • 6. Selected Industry Patterns by CaseManagement CategoriesAdvanced CaseManagement isApplicable to AllIndustriesDisputes, investigations, incidents, inquiries, complaints, contracts, exceptions, adverseactions, claims, fraud, negotiations, resolutions, escalations, research, audits,intervention, customer satisfaction, coordinated care or case management
  • 7. ICM Customer Momentum SELECT CUSTOMER EXAMPLESCross Industry! Banking unit of a large US Insurance provider • Targets to save more than $100,000 per month by closing the time betweenYour peers across industries are loan closing and loan performancecapitalizing on IBM Case Manager • Provides a competitive edge and high customer satisfaction through quick response to changing market needs• 3rd largest French bank Large US Insurance Company • Targets savings of $2.6M annually in replacing custom frameworks and• South Africa Bank system consolidation along with $4M in risk mitigation• Large US Healthcare Service • IBM Case Manager provides faster application development and deployment Provider cycles and meets the customer’s goal of single enterprise environment• A federal regulatory agency Large retail bank in Sweden • Provides easy-to-use case handling for over 5,000 employees across• Mortgage unit of a large US branches and business units Insurance provider • Addresses over 250 different case types specific to retail banking operations• US state social services agency Energy producer for large city in the US• IPO unit of a large financial • Replaces manual, resource intensive steps required to comply with NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) regulations. Quick and easy services provider response to audit reporting requests• and many more ……… • Single environment offering a 360o view of information, tasks and systems A US state govt agency: Dept of Industrial Relations • Streamlines tasks for creating files, setting hearings, and serving decisions, orders and providing benefits • Improves access to case records while preserving confidentiality • Reduces hearing delays and eliminates duplication of tasks
  • 8. IBM Case ManagerSimplifying the delivery of case-based solutions Case User Experiences Comprehensive Case Infrastructure Core Capabilities
  • 9. Major components of IBM Case Manager Case Manager Builder - Case Solution builder tool oriented to needs of line of business analysts Case Manager Client - A run time environment for launching, processing, and interacting with cases Case Manager Analytics - Real time cases monitoring with threshold monitoring and alert generation Case Manager Administration Client - Tool for configuring the Case Manager environment and for moving solutions between development and production domains Case Manager API - Communication layer between components of the Case Manager applications.9
  • 10. DifferentiatorCase Instance – Persistable, Auditable, Long Lived• Cases are persisted as content in a folder structure (case object model)• Case data lives on long beyond any individual task or action in a case• All content management functionality can be applied to the case and its content Comments are case Task folder annotations Tasks Case instance comes from a Case Type Case folder Annotations Properties Case comment Containment History Other folder CE Audit Folder structure was Log defined in the Case Type Case History Containment Document Documents comes from a document class
  • 11. DifferentiatorCase Builder: Rapid Solution Design Easy to use, “Interview Mode” (wizard-driven) Case designer allows a business user to very quickly build a solution Comprehensive across case assets Case designer can provide 3600 view of case Leverage templates for a fast start Represent industry best practices Significantly shortens time- to-value for case-style applications Case Builder showing Task Modeling
  • 12. Differentiator The power of a taskA variety of events Drive dynamic activities Repeatabilitycan trigger case tasks Tasks can be repeated at will Case Worker Actions Grouping Inclusive and Exclusive Optional New Content User directed launching or skipping Ad hoc User dealing with unknown Case Updates Event driven Tasks launched via events Uses structured process fragments Bottom line: Task object model enables a great deal of flexibility to empower the knowledge worker productivity
  • 13. Cases are Dynamic Case workers can view and start new Tasks for a case, changing how that case is handled on-the-fly Case workers can even add new Tasks to a case
  • 14. DifferentiatorCase worker user experience Role-based and personalized End user gets exactly the information they need to progress the case Flexible and extensible Can be configured to meet unique business requirements Provides deep context for case work No more disjointed jumping between application Brings people, process and information together to drive case progression and better outcomes Case worker user experience showing tasks, documents, history, viewer, and case data
  • 15. Case Context • All authorized case workers have access to the full context of the case, enabling them to be more responsive than traditional heads-down approaches would allow • Case context lives on long beyond any individual task or action on a case is completed.
  • 16. DifferentiatorIBM Case Manager – 3 Styles of Analytics• Case Analyzer (Historical Reporting) – Excel and Cognos enable case and process analysis – Dynamic - Drill down, slice and dice, filter, etc – High performance, large volume analysis• Case Monitor (Real Time Dashboards) – Cognos RTM 10.1 provides real time cases monitoring – Threshold monitoring and alert generation• Content Analytics – Crawl and index case contents and metadata – Discover patterns, trends and insights across cases. Example : Most common complaint in user comments in cases
  • 17. IBM Case Manager focuses on these core differentiators Support the Way People Work Optimize Case Outcomes•Knowledge work •Visibility at the case level•Dynamic and unpredictable •Dashboards and reports(emergent processes) •Insight from content•Ad-hoc tasks •Guidance or recommendations•Collaborative and social for successful outcomes•Supported by enterpriseprocesses Information to Make Better Business Can Take Control Decisions •Business-driven solutions•Capture and activateinformation in the context of a •Rapid time-to-valuecase •Agility and flexibility to adopt to•3600 view of all case information change•Content is critical for decisions •Accelerators and templates•With authorization, case can be •Governanceaccessed and acted on by anyoneat anytime•Stored and available for audit
  • 18. IBM Case Manager 5.1 • Delivers trusted information to the case – both content and structured data in the context of a case • Shortens time-to-value with better tools, out-of-the box solutions and templating capabilities • Built-in infrastructure for creating and reusing case templates • Leverages unique dynamic work management concepts and capabilities18
  • 19. IBM Case Manager v5.1Enhancements resulting from client feedback Enhanced Case Client Experience Simplified layout, resizing and custom theme-ing; email and share direct links to cases Quick search & better search list Specify properties used for quick search during design, saving users time and effort; leverage full-text search to find documents to add to cases Case splitting Users can elect to split a case into multiple cases, with appropriate properties and designated documents populated in the new case(s). Solution Design & Deployment improvements User-specific project areas in the Case Builder; dramatically simplified deployment steps; Improved templating19
  • 20. Enhanced Client Experience:Looking Good - Refined Interface• Improved fit and finish• Better use of screen real estate for page layouts as well as within the case widgets themselves• Visual consistency across all standard components• Improved iconography and skinning
  • 21. Split Case Option• Users can split an existing case into another case or a completely different case type• Option to edit the property values and case document content for the new case• Spit cases maintain an internal relationship to the original case
  • 22. Improved TemplatingThe Solution Assistantfunctionality is nowintegrated into CaseBuilder and CMAC • Case Builder supports creating solutions from a template – Available templates are provided in the drop-down list • CMAC supports creating templates from an existing solution – Existing solutions can be promoted to templates – When creating the template, a setting ensures that any solution generated from the template always uses new unique identifiers or always uses the existing unique identifiers • Templates created in 5.0 can continue to be used to create solutions in 5.1
  • 23. Data Integration Framework• The external data service can be used to – Influence property values based on data from an external source – Modify property attributes (for example minimum and maximum) – Enforce dependencies between properties – Provide choice lists from external systems• Each solution can be configured to invoke a REST external data service• This external data service is used by the Case REST API when case data is retrieved
  • 24. Operational Enhancements P8 BPM process reuse - XPDL & P8 processes imported directly into IBM Case Manager enable existing workflows to be used as part of Case Manager solutions. Enhanced widget/client customization - New events exposed through Case Manager widgets, providing more flexibility and greater customization. Extended Platform Support - RedHat on z/Linux, Solaris, MSFT SQL Server, Additional LDAP systems, support for WAS ND Direct CM8 integration24 Enhanced P8 Process Designer integration (5.1.1)
  • 25. P8 & IBM BPM Process Reuse 5.0 Behavior •There was no provision for importing existing workflows into Case Solutions or associating them with a task •Existing WFs couldn’t be re-used without complicated redirection5.1 Behavior•Reuse existing P8 BPM processes and IBMBPM processes as Case Tasks•Enables full re-use of existing P8 BPM WF•Reused processes can be mapped to caseproperties•Incumbent P8 BPM and BPF CustomerEnabler! 25
  • 26. Enhanced Case Client (iWidget) Customization• Case Manager 5.1 Client is now built on IBM Business Space mashup environment – WAS ND support – Layouts: No more free-form only!• New, easier to customize column based page layouts• Easier to use widget settings panels – Toolbar edit• Simplified widget wiring interface• Install into existing IBM WebSphere Application Server• Additional platform and database support
  • 27. ICM-CM8 integration• In 5.1, CM8 content can be used in cases without federation.• All CM8 documents and folders for a case reside in the CM8 system• For each document or folder in CM8, there is a proxy document or folder in P8 that contains a reference to CM8• For each case folder in P8, there is a proxy case folder in CM8 that contains the case id and the object ID of the P8 case folder• Create, update, and delete of proxy objects is done through event handlers on both systems 27
  • 28. Improved Integration with IBM Forms*• Forms hosted within iWidgets, providing live interactions with ICM transactions and events without writing code• Forms easily configured to run within Case Form Widget or modal dialogs:• Form fields are automatically mapped to case properties at runtime, including: – Singular and array values – Choice lists – Metadata logic (type, required, max length etc)• Form Data Documents can be saved into a specific case folder, or not saved at all – Forms available as Transient UI• Support for viewing and editing Form Policy based form documents – Prior to 5.1 legacy forms were not editable/viewable * A development license of IBM Forms is included with IBM Case Manager. Additional licenses are required for production deployments
  • 29. Form as a Case Detail / Add Case UI• Allows you to provide a fully customized, intelligent user interface for case properties and to control what case properties are shown during case add or to a specific role• Case properties are mapped into the form by name• Supports both IBM Forms and FileNet P8 eForms form template formats
  • 30. Enhancements in ICM 5.1.1• Task enhancements• Work visibility and distribution• Improved Process Designer integration• Enhanced case document operations• Workitem toolbar configuration improvements• Enhanced document viewer• New widgets• Multi-lingual solutions• ICM Java API• DeveloperWorks sample (Case Operations)• Platforms