Rethink IT infrastructure.


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Rethink IT infrastructure.

  1. 1. Rethink IT infrastructure and expand your businessWilliam A (Bill) Brown Distinguished EngineerSTG Central and Eastern Europe CTO and Systems ArchitectLeaderMember of the IBM Academy of TechnologyMaster InventorOffice +420.272.131.111 Mobile 420.734.420.571, Skype919.518.9707 28 IBM CONFIDENTIAL © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. On today’s Smarter Planet, businesses globally are challenged toinnovate while managing an unprecedented rate of change. 80% CEOs anticipate CEOs anticipate turbulent change and turbulent change and bold moves ahead. bold moves ahead. * Source: IBM CEO StudyBuild operating Reinvent customer Uncover new dexterity relationships Profit opportunity IBM CONFIDENTIAL © 2012 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. On a smarter planet, there are no clear boundaries of IT“All clients are experiencing the phenomena of what we call ‘front office transformation’— social media, devices, mobility– all reshaping the way they want to engage their customers, and how they capitalize on Big Data and analytics.” Ginni Rometty, President & CEO IBM IBM CONFIDENTIAL © 2012 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. To compete in a rapidly changing business environment,enterprises must address the challenges that emerged duringthe last era of computing 32.6 million servers 1.2 Zetabytes (1.2 worldwide trillion gigabytes) 85% idle computer exist …while IT capacity in the “digital budgets 15% of servers run universe” are growing 24/7 without being 50% YTY growth 25% of data is less than 1% actively used on a daily basis unique; per year. 75% is a copyBetween 2000 and 2010 servers grew 6x (‘00- Data centers have ’10) doubled their energy use storage grew 69x (‘00- in the past five years ’10) 18%increase in data virtual machines grew center energy costs 51% CAGR (‘04-’10) projected Internet connected Since 2000 security devices growing 42% vulnerabilities grew per year eightfold IBM CONFIDENTIAL © 2012 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. The world is changing.Is your infrastructure ready? The time is now to… 70% of IT budget is devoted to Leverage cloud to improve operations and maintenance1 efficiency and speed time to market Connected devices will surge to 22 Unlock the power of Big Data billion by 20202, with digital content to deliver more actionable insight rocketing to 8 zettabytes by 2015 (90% unstructured)3 The average IT infrastructure is Secure critical information to attacked nearly 60,000 times comply, reduce risk and protect every day4 1 Source: IDC, Analyst Matt Eastwood, IDC Directions Presentation, 2011 3 Source: IDC Predictions 2012: Competing for 2020 2 Source: Forrester, BT 2020: To Thrive In The Empowered Era, You’ll Need IBM CONFIDENTIALInvestigations Report 4 Source: 2012 Data Breach © 2012 IBM Corporation Software, Software Everywhere, January 2012
  6. 6. CEOs believe technology will be at the forefront of drivingchange through 2015* Is your infrastructure optimized for the“71% of CEOs greatest efficiency of all your applications and resources? identify technology as the most important external Does your infrastructure enable you to force impacting their provide rich, actionable insight? organizations”* Are you leveraging new technologies – mobile, social, cloud – to deliver an excellent customer experience at every touchpoint? *2012 IBM CEO Study IBM CONFIDENTIAL © 2012 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Cloud Ready Data Ready Smarter Computing is the IT infrastructure that enables a smarter planet. Security Ready34
  8. 8. A portfolio of systems to uniquely address clients’ varying needs Public and Private and Hybrid Pre-integrated and custom built Optimized for any scale Cloud Ready Structured and unstructured data Predictive, advanced and operational analytics Optimized for any scale Data Ready Fully secured and best possible security Fully built in and individual additions Compliance and governance requirements Security Ready35
  9. 9. A comprehensive portfolio of systems to uniquely address your evolving needs Cloud Ready Data Ready System z® Secure cloud Power Security Ready for data Systems TM Engine for PureSystems TM faster insights Integrated expertise for improved economics System x® Redefining x86 innovation IBM Software and Services System Storage Smarter solutions for big data and cloud 3636
  10. 10. System z: the secure cloud for data Enabling enterprises to improve services to their customers IBM System z® mainframes are ideally suited for: • Vast quantities of structured data • Large-scale transaction throughput • Centrally serving and protecting multiple, mixed workloads • Securing the most critical IT services • Operational analytics embedded in the business transaction Cloud Data Security Efficiency at Scale Operational Analytics Ultimate Security Superior economics through Intelligence built into the business Security by design large-scale consolidation transaction Manage more than Process complex queries up Save up to 70% in 100,000 virtual to 2,000X faster security audit and servers in a single system compliance overhead 3737
  11. 11. System z ® Introducing the IBM zEnterprise EC12 System The new benchmark for enterprise computing, enabling businesses to deliver new levels of client service Cloud Ready …New 5.5 GHz six-core processor chip and 50% increase in capacity enables flexible delivery of services through a private cloud. Data Ready …IBM zAware is a self-learning expert solution to reduce risk of downtime impacting data availability for critical business processes. Security Ready … Superior security with high-speed cryptography integrated as part of the chip protects customer privacy and reduces risk of breaches. 3838
  12. 12. Power Systems: the engine for faster insights Accelerating informed decision making and an enhanced customer experience Power SystemsTM is the ideal platform for: Compute-intensive workloads like business analytics and cloud Managing large amounts of structured and unstructured data from multiple sources in real time High performance databases and business applications in UNIX®, IBM i, and Linux ® Delivering business, predictive, and cognitive analytics along with business applications and databases on a single system Cloud Data Security Dynamic Efficiency Business Analytics Enhanced Compliance Faster business insights from Policy-based security compliance Intelligent and dynamic resource processing structured and allocation for rapid response to unstructured data in real time workload changes 50%+ cost reduction; 60% less time to produce 70% reduction in reduced time to market from reports processing time 39 4 months to 3 days 17% increase in revenue39
  13. 13. Power Systems Introducing the new IBM Enterprise Power Systems Cloud Ready : Deploy in less than a day with the Solution Edition for Cloud; respond rapidly to dynamic business needs with PowerVM™ Virtualization Performance Advisor and elastic capacity on demand for power system pools Data Ready : Designed for big data and advanced analytics; new POWER7+™ processors deliver up to 40% more performance, and PowerHA® with HyperSwap® technology ensures data is always available Security Ready : Automated policy-based compliance delivers real-time violation alerts, and PowerSC™ trusted surveyor helps protect virtualized infrastructures 4040
  14. 14. PureSystems: Integrated expertise for improved economics Integration by design, built-in expertise, simplified experience TM The IBM PureSystems family is ideally suited for: • Consolidating applications and infrastructure to reduce costs • Optimizing applications to efficiently meet peek demand with peak performance • Driving new innovations for analytics, mobile, and social business • Accelerating cloud deployment Cloud Data Security Built for cloud Data expertise Security simplified Accelerates cloud; Flexible Optimized exclusively for data Increased security without deployment options with IBM services increased administration SmartCloud solutions Fully integrated and Runs complex analytics in Quickly deploy highly cloud-ready in as little minutes, not hours; secure, integrated cloud as 4 hours high reliability databases environments deployed in minutes 4141
  15. 15. The PureSystems family Infrastructure Application Platform Data Platform Delivering Infrastructure Services Delivering Platform Services Delivering Data Services 4242
  16. 16. IBM System x: Redefining x86 innovation Innovation built on industry standards for maximum client value System x® is ideally suited for: • Performance and resiliency in x86 mission critical and memory intensive workloads • Scalability of compute, network and I/O to quickly and efficiently meet growing needs • Consolidation and virtualization of infrastructure to reduce cost and increase agility Cloud Data Security Designed for flexibility Workload optimized Distributed security Cost effective cloud deployment IBM innovation in x86 for Reduce risk from small scale with leadership x86 scalability maximum performance and deployments to large scale cloud scalability Increase server utilization End-to- end security regardless 29% better performance above 90% versus of 1 to 1000s of industry average 10-15% at 24% less cost versus systems deployed the competition 4343
  17. 17. IBM System Storage: Smarter solutions for big data and cloud Manage cost and capacity growth, improve performance and productivity, increase information access and improve ROI Smarter storage is ideally suited for: Efficiency: maximize storage utilization, simplify storage management Performance Optimization: automatically place data on the right storage tier Agility: manage all data as a single storage pool; automatic self-service provisioning Cloud Data Security Efficiency and scalability Self-optimizing Security with performance Efficient, virtualized and Automated data placement for High speed encryption and role- automated to meet the scale, faster insights based authentication cost and management challenges Up to 5X more usable Up to 3X performance Protect 100% of your data capacity without performance increase with only 3% of with high performance degradation your data on SSD encryption on any media 4444
  18. 18. Smarter Storage Introducing new storage systems IBM System Storage DS8870 IBM Storwize® V7000 Unified IBM® Virtualization Engine™ Next-generation model for up to Improve system capacity up to TS7700 3X performance increase over 5X Encrypt data in the system and DS8800 technology while transmitting between systems Cloud Ready: Scale Cloud Ready: Cloud Ready: New and ease of Leading easy-to-use graphical management to efficiency with user interface (GUI) tackle the largest Update! integrated IBM Data Ready: Scale with cloud environments real-time up to 4 million logical Data Ready: Flash volumes optimized for Security Ready: Data Ready: Flash optimized dynamic Fully secure through for dynamic performance within performance and security-rich data a mid-tier array Update! operational analytics transmission and Security Ready: Role-based NEW! Security Ready: encryption drives management and control Fully secure through encryption drives 4545
  19. 19. Smarter Computing: Tomorrow Ready Smarter Computing is the IT infrastructure that enables a smarter planet. Cloud Ready. More efficient IT infrastructure delivery Data Ready. Always available and accessible in new ways Security Ready. Protecting critical data across the enterprise46 IBM CONFIDENTIAL © 2012 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. Thank you.47 IBM CONFIDENTIAL © 2012 IBM Corporation