Optymalne wykorzystanie potencjału pracowników


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Optymalne wykorzystanie potencjału pracowników

  1. 1. Optimize Your Workforce
  2. 2. We are spending too muchon desktop software everyyear even though our usersonly require basic features We can save you a lot of money with free solutions from IBM Lotus... Renovations, Inc. CEO IBM 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 2
  3. 3. Microsoft Office Support And Upgrade Costs Continue To Spiral Upwards Ongoing software support costs for Microsoft Office make up almost 75% of total cost of ownership1 Gartner Research2: Upgrading from to Office 2000/2003 to Office 2010 costs from $1000 to more than $1500 per user Cost per user Best Case Worst Case Hardware / Software $350 $350 Installation $203 $525 End-user Labor $349 $718 Total Migration Cost $902 $1593 1Source: IBM 2Source: Steve Kleyhans, Windows 7 and Office 2010: What, Why, When, and How? http://www.gartner.com/it/content/1418900/1418919/september_21_windows_7_skleynhans.pdf 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 3
  4. 4. Lotus Symphony Offers All Businesses AFree Alternative To Microsoft Office Three editors packaged as one Symphony application Presentations  Stand alone or included in Lotus Notes Natively supports OpenDocument Format (ODF) standard Supports Windows, Linux or Mac Symphony Includes most common editing Documents features to satisfy majority of business users Over 50 million downloads since launch Symphony Spreadsheets In July 2011, IBM donated the Symphony source code to the Apache Foundation Download and try it today! http://symphony.lotus.com/ 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 4
  5. 5. DEMO: Symphony Reads And WritesMicrosoft Office Formats Microsoft Office Lotus SymphonyEmployees can seamlessly exchange files with coworkers andcustomers who use Microsoft Office 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 5
  6. 6. Symphony Provides Most Common Editing Features For The Majority Of Users Function Lotus Microsoft Symphony Office Paragraph formatting – alignment, indentation, spacing, styles, etc. √ √Word Processing Predefined styles for paragraphs, characters, and headings √ √ Clipart, graphics, tables, diagrams, drawing objects, charts based on √ √ data Tables of content, indexes, numbered footnotes, headers, footers √ √ Thesaurus and grammar checker X √ Library of built-in mathematical calculations √ √Spreadsheets Create a variety of charts, graphs √ √ Select from predefined style templates for cells and pages √ √ Selective sorting of cells √ √ Pivot tables (called Data Pilot) √ √ Macro languages supported √ √ Pre-configured templates. Variety of views √ √ Presentations Clip art. Images from files. Draw, format of objects, lines, connectors, √ √ shapes. Variety of graphs and tables. Variety of page transitions. Variety of image and text transitions √ √ Import scanner/camera images. Support for sound, movies, video. √ √ 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 6
  7. 7. Symphonys Document Editor Provides Rich Editing Capabilities Nested table support Multi-page view layout support Master Document support Enhanced PDF export Improved document notes functions Increased field types Ability to set attributes for multiple table cells at once 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 7
  8. 8. Symphony Spreadsheets Let You Manipulate And Analyze Data Easily Extended columns to 1024. Easily move rows/columns Column auto-resize support Sheet specific zoom support Improved sort and formula performance Multi-sheet select support Formula hot tips New Detective function to trace dependencies and errors New equation Solver tool helps drive complex, inter-dependent computations. "What if" function supported More formulas IMPROVED charts and more chart types 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 8
  9. 9. Building Professional Slides Is A Snap With Symphony Presentations Templates and slide layout simple and intuitive to manage Multi-monitor display support More presentation animation effects More page layouts More drawing objects More fontwork Improved slide show effects through hardware acceleration for graphics Improved graphics cropping 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 9
  10. 10. However, What Really Sets SymphonyApart Is Its ExtensibilityNumerous plugins are available at http://symphony.lotus.com Organization chart generatorMerge and Splitdocuments Integrate with Lotus Quickr Todo/Reminder List 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 10
  11. 11. Instead of passing files back andforth with our marketing agency No problem, LotusLive lets youwe would like to co-edit the edit documents simultaneously,document in real time to speed comment, and assign sections ofthings up work - Its a feature called LotusLive Symphony Renovations, Inc. CEO IBM 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 11
  12. 12. What Is LotusLive Symphony?Editors through a browser plus more  Real-time co-editing  Author presence awareness  Live sections  Commenting & discussions  Assignment and notifications  Revision management  Task management  Attention managementWeb-based collaborative editors for creating, sharing and collaborativelyauthoring word processor documents, spreadsheets and presentations 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 12
  13. 13. LotusLive Symphony Takes Teal-time co-editing To The Next Level Conventional document management systems lock a document when it is checked out for editing Users working on a document must wait for the previous person to check it in before they can begin editing Co-editing Status View LotusLive Symphony Recent allows multiple users to Activity simultaneously edit a Presence document while still Awareness maintaining order 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 13
  14. 14. Live Sections Allow Multiple Users To Edit A Single File In An Orderly Fashion LotusLive Symphony imposes control over real time co-editing by breaking up a document into live sections No longer is a document a single monolithic file, it is a collection of live sections each of which is assigned to a specific individual Each individual can then work within his/her own section without interfering other parties This allows work to progress at a much faster pace than traditional document collaboration systems 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 14
  15. 15. Comments On Portions Of The DocumentCan Grow To Become DiscussionsContextual commenting connects conversation to the document Comments are linked to associated text or cell Comments are searchable Comments grow to support discussions Comments grow to support task assignments, flagged issues 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 15
  16. 16. DEMO: LotusLive Symphony CollaborativeEditing vs Office 365 Renovations, Inc. product manager and marketing agency co-edit the press release for the new promotion Marketing agency account manager assigns a section of the press release to her copywriter Comments and a discussion take place within the document on the correct verbiage to use Every participant can see who has made each change Launch Office365 to show that it has no co-editing capabilities 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 16
  17. 17. What sets LotusLive Symphony ApartFrom The Competition? Fully integrated with LotusLive collaboration platform, including Files, Activities, and Profiles While complementing desktop investments, LotusLive Symphony is designed to not require a desktop installation  Microsoft Web Apps is positioned as a "companion" to traditional MS Office 2010. It is a very good "viewer" but does not provide the rich editing capabilities provided by LotusLive Symphony Microsoft Office Web Apps does not provide co-editing, while Google Docs provides basic co-editing, however LotusLive Symphony takes things to a whole new level with:  A Live Section model that allows monolithic documents to be split into manageable chunks  Public and Private editing modes  Contextual commenting and in-line discussions 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 17
  18. 18. Our employees are oftenon the road, they need tobe able to access these Lotus can support yoursocial technologies on the mobile employees alsogo Renovations, Inc. CEO IBM 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 18
  19. 19. We Have Discussed A Comprehensive Set OfSocial Computing Technologies Offered By IBM...LotusLive Notes Sametime Connections LotusLive Portal Notes/Domino Symphony WAS (on-premise) Symphony (on- premise) Instant Mail Messaging Social Intranet Web Calendar Documents Online Connections Applications Contacts Meetings 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 19
  20. 20. … We Can Also Extend Social CapabilitiesTo Mobile EmployeesLotusLive Notes Sametime Connections LotusLive Portal Notes/Domino Symphony WAS (on-premise) Symphony (on- premise) Instant Mail Messaging Social Intranet Web Calendar Documents Online Connections Applications Contacts Meetings Lotus Traveler Lotus Sametime Connections Mobile LotusLive Symphony Mobile Portal Mobile Accelerator Lotus Mobile Virtual Private Network Connect 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 20
  21. 21. Lotus Mobile Connect Provides A Secure Virtual PrivateNetwork Connection To The Intranet From The Mobile DeviceSecurity Features Internet DMZ Intranet End-to-end FIPS 140-2 certified AES encryption Firewall Firewall Strong authentication and support for RSA Email Secure IDNetwork Optimization Instant Reduces data transmission costs over Messaging wireless networks Lotus Mobile Mobile Improves speed, reliability, and end user Connect Devices Gateway experience PortalSeamless Cross-Network Roaming TCP applications have session persistence across physical networks Provides access to critical applications Web anytime/anywhere in a highly secure Meetings mannerNetwork Choices Supports a worldwide selection of wireless and wireline network technologies, enabling a worldwide scope of connectivity for mobile users Operate over networks: non-IP, IPv4, wired or wireless, future IPv6Scalable and Reliable Supports gateway clustering, and can distribute across multiple sites, to scale with your mobile needs 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 21
  22. 22. Lotus Traveler Extends Mail, Calendar, And Contacts To Mobile Devices Quick access to email (including attachments), calendar, address book, journal and to-do list for Lotus mobile users, either through on-premises IBM Lotus Domino® deployments, in the cloud with IBM LotusLive Notes or a mixed hybrid environment A no-charge mobile solution for entitled Lotus Notes and Domino customers  iOS  Android  Symbian  Windows Mobile 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 22
  23. 23. Customers Love Traveler! “Lotus Notes Traveler is a Killer App !!!” -- General Motors ”Lotus Traveler is simply the best product to come from the Lotus design team since Notes/Domino 8 and iNotes lite. Traveler is lightspeed fast on the iPad. ” -- Virginia Commonwealth University 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 23
  24. 24. Lotus Sametime Mobile Extends InstantMessaging To Mobile Devices  Rich presence awareness, including online status, availability, geographic location and custom status messages  Business cards with contact information  IM, including one-on-one and group messaging  Conversation history  Intuitive user interface that manages multiple active chat sessions on small screens  The Sametime mobile client supports Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson Symbian, and Windows Mobile devices  Android client provides Sametime Unified Telephony Dialer  iOS device use a browser based interface 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 24
  25. 25. Mobile Workers Can Also Attend Sametime WebMeetings While On The Road Access to Sametime meetings functionality on mobile devices  Participate in online meetings  View content, add comments  Launch from other applications such as calendar Currently limited to Blackberry devices 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 25
  26. 26. Connections Mobile Extends Access ToMobile Devices  Mobile access to Connections  Native apps are available for Android, Blackberry and iOS  Mobile Browser access is also available  SharePoint has a mobile application but it only runs on Windows Mobile 6.5 and Window Phone 7. Moreover it requires that ForeFront Gateway be installed for access 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 26
  27. 27. Lotuslive Symphony Has Support ForIpads LotusLive Symphony is optimized for Mobile experience Currently limited to document viewer  Task model  Assignments  Comments  Review changes Custom Slide Show Edit capabilities will be available in the future 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 27
  28. 28. Most Business Have Existing Intranet Portals OrWeb Applications For Employees To Use IBM Mobile Portal IBM Mobile Portal Accelerator Accelerator enables these portlets or web applications for mobile access  Accessible over the internet without installing software 8,000 Devices  Leverage the rich capabilities of device browsers to provide native- looking applications  Built using standard web technologies (HTML, Javascript) 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 28
  29. 29. Mobile Portal Accelerator Takes WebContent And Optimizes It For Devices 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 29
  30. 30. Layouts Determine How The Content IsDisplayed On A Device 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 30
  31. 31. Mobile Portal Accelerator Even OptimizesImages To A Size Suitable For Each Device 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 31
  32. 32. Demo: Renovations, Inc.’s Agent Uses Her MobileDevice To Keep Informed Of The Latest Promotions Demo using a mobile device or a Blackberry 9930 simulator Renovations, Inc.’s agent receives email through Blackberry Enterprise Server notifying them of the latest marketing promotion She has a question about the promotion so she starts a conversation with her colleague using Sametime The colleague mentions that more information is available in a Connections Activity so she launches Connections and browses to the data 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 32
  33. 33. In Contrast To Sharepoint, Mobile PortalAccelerator Targets Thousands Of Devices SharePoints mobile interface is a one-size fits all, lowest common denominator approach Mobile Portal Accelerator customizes sites for SharePoints mobile version requires devices with attractive formatting devices to be able to display XHTML at least, older WAP devices are not supported SharePoints mobile rendition is very basic and unattractive SharePoint does have a mobile client, but it is only available for Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Phone 7. Moreover, this client cannot directly access the SharePoint server, it requires the ForeFront Universal Mobile SharePoint sites are plain and spartan Access Gateway 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 33
  34. 34. IBM Also Has Solutions To Leverage The Capabilities Of Specific Mobile Devices Customer Need Solution ...mobile Web applications or IBM Mobile content for virtually any Portal Accelerator mobile device browser 8,000 Devices Portal Mobile Webkit Themes  Available today for iPhone  Coming soon for Android, Blackberry, iPad ...extend a Web experience to mobile devices for specific  Works with your favorite smart phone browsers development tools! WebSphere Experience Factory + Portal Mobile Webkit Themes 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 34
  35. 35. Summary Reduce desktop costs by deploying Lotus Symphony instead of upgrading to the latest versions of Microsoft Office Boost the productivity of your employees by giving them access to email, calendar, and corporate contacts on the go Improve organizational responsiveness by allowing employees everywhere to interact via instant messaging and social software Minimize the cost of mobile-enabling your existing portal applications through the Mobile Portal Accelerator 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 35