iLOG - how to make your business processes smarter using business rules


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iLOG - how to make your business processes smarter using business rules. Presenter: Stephane Marouni

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iLOG - how to make your business processes smarter using business rules

  1. 1. WebSphere ILOG BRMS Stephane Marouani Sales and Operations Manager, IBM ILOG A/NZ IBM Insight Forum 09 Make change work for you ®
  2. 2. What Wh t I will cover ill The Needs and Pains for Changes g Understanding Business Rule Management How BRMS and BPM work together g Examples Co c us o Conclusion IBM Insight Forum 09 Make change work for you ®
  3. 3. IBM WebSphere Software CEOs Worry CEO Worr About Change 83% Expect substantial or very substantial change The change Triple T i l gap s 98% Plan business model changes h Source: IBM Global CEO Study 2008
  4. 4. IBM WebSphere Software The Eff t f Ongoing Change Th Effects of O i Ch Reduces organizational agility Difficulties in responding to evolving business conditions Reduces employee productivity Manual intervention required to deal with complexities of operations Increases load on IT Keeping applications/systems updated & current across the enterprise consumes time and resources
  5. 5. IBM WebSphere Software Business Decisions are Everywhere… y We need to add an Let’s create a special eligibility check to promotion for our best meet the requirements customers. of the new regulation. Up-sell/Cross- Up-sell/Cross-sell offer Commissions / Royalties Compliance Screening Underwriting Tax calculation Documentation Requirements Billing Fraud assessment Configuration Accounting Disposition Eligibility Pricing Product Selection Benefit calculation Can we automate approvals for this type of order? And Changing Frequently
  6. 6. IBM WebSphere Software Business Changes drive IT Agility Business Rules are everywhere Issues • Rules are hidden in code or isolated within the organization • Changes are hard to track and maintain over time Documents Applications • Rules used by systems have to be programmed and require IT resources • Duplication and multiple versions of the same rules • Lack of auditability, traceability • Decision changes cannot be easily People Processes tested or simulated
  7. 7. IBM WebSphere Software The d i i Th decision intensive process i t i Streamlined process works fine today… • Until •New Product •New Policy •New Regulation •New P i i R l / M d l N Pricing Rules Model •New Scoring Rules / Tables g • …
  8. 8. IBM WebSphere Software The d i i Th decision intensive process i t i Streamlined workflow works fine until… Your ‘ ‘streamlined’ process in x months ’
  9. 9. IBM WebSphere Software The nightmare intensive process Streamlined workflow works fine until… Your ‘streamlined’ process in x months Your ‘streamlined’ process in x years
  10. 10. IBM WebSphere Software Introducing g Business Rules Management
  11. 11. IBM WebSphere Software Facilitating Change with BRMS Operational decisions correspond to business policies and business rules Business Rule Management System Rules are Defined, Analyzed and User Tools Maintained Documents Applications Rules are Managed and Stored Rule Repository Rules R l are People Processes Deployed, Executed and Monitored Rule Server
  12. 12. IBM WebSphere Software Varying Needs Across th Organization V i N d A the O i ti I need a I need easy, comprehensive efficient and reliable rules development policy change and maintenance delivery environment Development Rule Developer Rule Modeler Line of Business Business Analyst Business Partner Policy Manager Line of Business Manager Production I need performance, IT Administrator scalability, monitoring System/Ops Manager / and reliability of operations
  13. 13. IBM WebSphere Software Comprehensive Environments for Every User IBM ILOG JRules Rule Scenario Manager Rule Studio Rule T R l Team Server S Developers Business Users Rule Execution Server Administrator ©2009 ILOG, An IBM Company
  14. 14. IBM WebSphere Software Intuitive Rule Authoring English Like Syntax
  15. 15. IBM WebSphere Software Intuitive Rule Authoring g Decision Table
  16. 16. IBM WebSphere Software Intuitive Rule Authoring g Decision Tree
  17. 17. IBM WebSphere Software Rule Solutions for Office Rule editing in MS Word
  18. 18. IBM WebSphere Software Rule Solutions for Office Rule editing in MS Excel g MS Word Editing W d Edi i
  19. 19. IBM WebSphere Software Benefits of WebSphere ILOG BRMS Reduced lead More personalized times for changes client i t li t interactions ti Reduced time to create or 10x improvements in update p p product p promotions acceptance of cross-sell offers from weeks to hours (retail banking) (retail) BRMS Internal/external Business – IT compliance alignment Support of regulations that Reduced new policy vary by customer implementation by 50% location and product line (financial services) (insurance)
  20. 20. IBM WebSphere Software BRM and BPM working together
  21. 21. IBM WebSphere Software DNA of the Agile Enterprise g p Process Mgmt Rules Mgmt Describes the “how” of the core Determines the “what” of enterprise activities of the enterprise activity Combines automatable and Is focused on automating decisions human elements Is fundamentally concerned with the Is fundamentally concerned with operational intelligence of the operational efficiency of the organization organization
  22. 22. IBM WebSphere Software Why S Wh Separate Process & Rules Management? t P R l M t? Increase business agility by allowing business users to manage d i i l i decision logic Streamline and stabilize processes by externalizing decision logic Enable re-use of decisions across different processes, applications and systems pp y Enable automation of complex, variable decisions Effectively manage large and evolving sets of rules
  23. 23. IBM WebSphere Software Change Once, Impact Anywhere Ch O I tA h Business BRMS Systems User Tools Rule Repository Execution Transparent Server Decision Service Business Processes Business Decisions
  24. 24. IBM WebSphere Software Simplifying Business Processes Business Policy Externalization Agile BPM Validation Validation Rules Eligibility Rules Eligibility Business Rules Pricing Pricing Rules
  25. 25. IBM WebSphere Software Examples E l
  26. 26. IBM WebSphere Software BRMS Usage Across Industries Capital Public Banking Insurance Markets Sector • Loan Origination • Claims Processing • Automated Trading • Claims Processing • Credit Decisioning • Underwriting • Trade Order • Entitlement and • Sales Advisory • Quoting Management Benefit calculation • Payments • Rating • Accounting g • Fraud Detection • Accounting • Commissioning • Compliance KYC / and Management AML • Screening and • On Boarding Targeting Transportation Telecom Retail Manufacturing and Travel • Offer Configuration • Promotions • Online • Production quality • Order Management recommendation control Management • Loyalty Programs • Campaign • Order • Fraud Detection • Customer Service Management Management and Management g • Billing • Order • Billing • Loyalty Programs • Contract Management • Contract • Network Monitoring Management • Pricing Management 26 © ILOG, All rights reserved
  27. 27. IBM WebSphere Software ILOG Customer BRMS-BPM E BRMS BPM Examples Process l Results Vision Service Plan (VSP) Healthcare Claims • Speed to market gain over 50% Processing • Changes to business rules now implemented in days • Achieved significant productivity gain on 1M+ l i 1M claims processed on a monthly b i d thl basis Bank of the West Commercial Loan • 93% improvement for application approval Origination (15 days to 1) • Greater control & easier audits driving significant cost savings i ifi t t i Junta de Castilla y León Government • Better service delivered to the citizens: Social Benefits clear & consistent application processing Eligibility • Transparency & auditability of all scoring, eligibility & computation rules • Rapid response to changes in central or regional government policies 27 ©2009 ILOG, An IBM Company
  28. 28. 28 Entreprises are h ngr for Change hungry IBM ILOG BRMS : 1. Brings Agility to your processes 2. Reduce lead time to change 3. 3 Align Business and IT 4. Reduce Cost of Compliance p Questions IBM Insight Forum 09 Make change work for you ®