Smarter government


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Smarter government

  1. 1. Smarter Government
  2. 2. <<insert…………Introductory Video here>>
  3. 3. Agenda How do I get StartedWhat is aSmarter Examples Smarter Water,Government? Health, Transport, City Operations
  4. 4. Smarter Government: a response to global demand ACCELERATING GLOBALIZATION CHANGING DEMOGRAPHICS Countries and societies are becoming more Median ages are rising in the developed economically interdependent across social, political countries of Italy, Germany and Japan, and cultural boundaries, as illustrated by current but dropping in developing ones such economic conditions. as India. EVOLVING SOCIETAL RELATIONSHIPS RISING ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS Today, governments are expected to deliver results Societies and governments are becoming more and value through secure, private services that are attuned to what the earth can provide and what available anywhere at any time. it can tolerate. GROWING THREATS TO SOCIAL STABILITY EXPANDING IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY AND ORDER The adoption of the Internet is remaking the From terrorism to armed conflict to pandemics landscapes of business, healthcare and to natural disasters, the character of threats is government. changing. 5
  5. 5. A Smarter City …. …… is one that integrates technology into a strategic approach to sustainability,citizen well-being, and economic development ……… but also stressing theimportance of integration and interaction across multiple domains. Pike Research Smarter Cities 21st Century Government: Integrated across Multiple Domains
  6. 6. <<insert………… predictive crime analytics hereVideo here 23 sec >>
  7. 7. A Smarter City …. …… is one that integrates technology into a strategic approach to sustainability,citizen well-being, and economic development ……… but also stressing theimportance of integration and interaction across multiple domains. Pike Researchhas moved from… Reactive to Predictive to Proactive: Applying advanced analytics andindustry expertise at all levels of the organization to more precisely predict - and continuouslyact on - risks and opportunities.
  8. 8. More of the Same is Insufficient: Proactive Action Water Transport Energy Municipalities lose as much A major traffic jam in China A blackout in the Northeast of as 20% of their caused gridlock for 60 miles the US affected over 55 water through leaks. and lasted ten days million people.
  9. 9. Example: Leveraging Information: Intelligent Transport
  10. 10. Needs to Outcomes: Smarter Citizen ServicesMaximizing the social & Government Agencieseconomic return oninvestment Social Family Assistance Services Pensions Public Health Employment Disability & Services Workers’ Comp. Evidence Eligibility & Management Entitlement Participant Provider Management Management Non-Government Financial Management Organizations (NGO) Government Screening & Integrated Case Agencies Application Management Outcome Life Event Identification Benefit Outcome Service Management Evaluation Provisioning Providers Planning & Selection Outcome Planning Needs-Based Triage Client No Wrong Door Outcome Management Life Events Finance Food Shelter Needs Health Safety SOCIAL and Education ECONOMIC POTENTIAL Social Context
  11. 11. Smarter Citizen Services
  12. 12. Smarter Citizen Services
  13. 13. Smarter Citizen Services
  14. 14. The Council of a Large Spanish CityWhat if a diverse city council could become more efficient and better accomplish its political promises?After introducing a new “Direction by Objectives” and “Budget by Programs” model, the council of a large city in Spain establishes a realperformance management solution.The Opportunity What Makes it SmarterCity Hall needed to create a more efficient Through a robust, comprehensive performance management and reporting tool, Citymanagement reporting process to streamline Hall can now ensure that its new strategy is enforced and aligned with all sectors,measures and indicators, analyze data, and districts, institutes, and autonomous organizations throughout the city. Dashboardsallow for the exchange of cross-functional include more than 2,500 measures that are defined and linked to strategic objectives,information exchange. which enables the council to assign municipal budgets based on key performance indicators. As a result, the city is better able to accomplish political promises made to its citizens as well as to become a more attractive city for tourists, companies and investors. Real Business Results • Enabled municipal budgets to be driven by performance measures and mandated strategic objectives • Established a common framework to align all city services with the new strategy • Allowed for strategies and targets to be evaluated on regularlySolution Components “The implementation of a robust, comprehensive and integrated• Cognos® 8 Business Intelligence performance management system to support our new management model helps the city administration to be more effective and transparent. This has given us a better view of the areas where we should focus our economic and operational efforts in order to make the city a better city for everyone.”
  15. 15. Engaging People: Dubuque Smarter City Living Laboratory
  16. 16. Smarter Healthcare: the digital Hospital
  17. 17. Smarter Healthcare: Integrating across the Community
  18. 18. Smarter Healthcare: Integrating across the Community
  19. 19. <<insert………… Rio Smater City Video here2 mins >>
  20. 20. Intelligent Operations: One platform for City Operations Intelligent Operations Center Predictive Systems GIS Information Modeling & Services Simulation Event Rules Semantic Models Workflows City Archives Alerts KPI’s Directives Service Bus Gateway Gateway Gateway Gateway Gateway Other Feeds: Weather Citizens Health Hospitals Surveillance Fire Ambulance Civil Defence Financials