Servimatica boosts resiliency with smarter computing from IBM


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The IT hosting provider 'Servimática' needed to update its business continuity and recovery solution to meet the level of resiliency expected by its clients and recent government regulations to comply with the Basel II Accord. The compamy Engaged IBM Global Technology Services and IBM Business Partner Open Norte to deploy a new BCRS solution.

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Servimatica boosts resiliency with smarter computing from IBM

  1. 1. IBM Systems & Technology Group Computer ServicesSmarter Computing Servimática boosts resiliency with smarter servimática sociedad de servicios informáticos, S.A. computing from IBM Servimática S.A., a subsidiary of Ibermática S.A., is an IT services Overview company that caters predominately for three banking customers – Kutxa, Caja Vital and Banco de Madrid. The organization offers The need outsourced IT support services as well as production and system IT hosting provider Servimática needed to update its business continuity and services. Incorporated in 1996, the company has its headquarters in San recovery solution to meet the level of Sebastian, Spain, and employs 37 people. resiliency expected by its clients and recent government regulations to comply Servimática manages and operates the IT infrastructures for its three with the Basel II Accord. main banking customers from a single data processing center. To meet The solution international regulations concerning bank data security, Servimática Engaged IBM® Global Technology needed to enhance its existing business continuity and resiliency Services and IBM Business Partner Open Norte to deploy a new BCRS solution solution, or risk being unable to meet financial services customers’ consisting of IBM System Storage™ and demands. IBM TotalStorage® hardware, IBM Global Mirror and IBM TotalStorage Productivity The company used a continuity and resiliency service provided by IBM, Center for Replication software, IBM System z® servers and IBM z/OS® based on tape backup and restore procedures that could recover systems software. within two days of an outage. Satisfied with the overall IBM solution, The benefit Servimática wanted to augment its existing contract to improve system The solution meets the requirements restore times and to increase overall business resiliency. At the same of Basel II Accord and offers increased time, the company saw an opportunity to upgrade many of its existing performance and reliability. Batch IT infrastructure with more reliable and stable IBM technology. processing time has been cut by more than 50 percent, system restore time typically by over 80 percent. The time Servimática engaged IBM Global Technology Services and IBM improvements help Servimática to Business Partner Open Norte to build and implement a new business meet agreed service levels with clients resiliency plan. IBM began by installing two IBM System Storage and boost IT department productivity, contributing to IT savings of 10 percent DS8100 storage systems, one at each of the company’s data centers, and overall increased profitability. which are separated by a distance of 500 miles. The IBM System Storage disk arrays are integrated with IBM Global Mirror and IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Replication V3.3 software. IBM Global Mirror provides data replication over extended distances between two sites for business continuity and disaster recovery, with just a few seconds delay in transmission of data between the two sites.
  2. 2. IBM Systems & Technology Group Computer ServicesSmarter Computing IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Replication simplifies Designed for Data replication configuration for the complex environments hosted by • IBM technology including IBM Global Servimática, helping reduce replication errors between the two data Mirror and IBM Tivoli Productivity Center centers. The software provides a simple graphical user interface for Replication software facilitates reliable continuous replication of business-critical (GUI) for configuring automation, managing ongoing activities and data between the company’s two data monitoring the progress of key tasks. This is combined with IBM center locations. The solution helps Tivoli Workload Scheduler, which provides a backbone for automated Servimática meet the Basel II Accord workload management and monitoring. Servimática’s storage covering business continuity, security, resilience and data governance. environment also includes an IBM TotalStorage 3494 Enterprise Tape Library device and five IBM TotalStorage 3590 Tape Drives. Tuned to the Task • IBM System z mainframe servers offer leading-edge reliability, ideal for To improve the reliability of Servimática’s server environment, IBM Servimática’s core banking applications implemented an IBM System z9 Enterprise Class server running the and databases. IBM System Storage IBM z/OS V1.7 operating system and, for backup, and upgraded hardware enables the company to consolidate enterprise data and exploit its IBM zSeries 990 server to an IBM zEnterprise 196 (z196). The integrated virtualization capabilities. servers support core banking applications and IBM DB2 V7.2 database software. Managed in the Cloud • The solution allows Servimática to offer reliable, flexible hosting services to The IBM System Storage technology provides the performance and customers, carving up capacity on its reliability that Servimática needs to back up and store business-critical IBM System z mainframe to suit business data for its customers. The IBM System z servers provide leading-edge requirements. IBM Tivoli software, including IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler, reliability, providing consistent uptime for core banking applications enables the company to benefit from and databases. The System z servers offer the perfect platform for the automated back-up capabilities and banks’ main applications, based on IBM Customer Information Control optimize the workload across the available processing capacity. System (CICS) and IBM DB2 information management software. Driving Innovation Based on IBM System Storage and IBM System z technology, • Through enhanced performance, Servimática’s new server and storage infrastructure offers improved scalability and security, Servimática has cut internal costs and improved system resiliency, a benefit that can be passed onto clients, translating productivity, enabling the company to into greater uptime and faster recovery from disaster. Highly reliable, add new clients and develop business stable and secure IBM System z servers run the company’s banking services without increasing its operational expenses. applications, keeping sensitive client data safe at all times. Using the Global Mirror and TotalStorage Productivity Center for Replication software, Servimática has cut system and services restore times from two days to four hours – even if all of the systems at its main data center go down. This capability has improved the client’s ability to help its customers address increasingly stringent data security regulations, such as the Basel II Accord. Batch processing time has been cut from one day to four hours, saving more than 50 percent, and system restore time has been cut from two days to a matter of hours, typically a better than 80 percent saving. The time improvements help Servimática to meet agreed service levels with clients and boost IT department productivity, contributing to IT savings of 10 percent and overall increased profitability.
  3. 3. IBM Systems & Technology Group Computer ServicesSmarter Computing The improved resilience and reduced restore time also helps Servimática consistently and efficiently meet agreed service levels. Solution Components This enhanced business performance helps ensure that the key existing Software clients are retained, and that new customers are attracted. With a • IBM DB2® scalable, high-performance infrastructure in place, adding new clients • IBM Tivoli® Storage Productivity Center for Replication does not add significant new costs, helping Servimática benefit from the • IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler economies of scale and leading to improved profit margins. • IBM Global Mirror • IBM z/OS® By offering a single point of control for fast, effective storage Servers management, the TotalStorage Productivity Center for Replication • IBM System z9® application simplifies control of a complex environment, saving • IBM zEnterprise™ 196 administrative time and effort and helping Servimática maintain • IBM System Storage DS8100 • IBM TotalStorage TS3494 exceptional data and business continuity in a cost-effective manner. • IBM 3590 Tape Drive IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler provides real-time alerts, reports and self-healing capabilities, enabling automation of numerous workload Services • IBM Global Technology Services management capabilities that were previously handled as a manual service by Servimática employees. For more information To learn more about smarter computing from IBM and how we can help you integrate, automate, protect and transform your IT, contact your IBM sales representative or IBM business partner, or visit:
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