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Thought Equity Motion delivers video library management


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In order to expand its hosted video storage and delivery platform to offer an enterprise scale video supply chain as a cloud service T3Media (formerly Thought Equity Motion) worked with IBMBusiness Partner Re-Store to deploy LTO Ultrium 5 tape with IBMLinear Tape File System at several global locations. For more information on Storage - Tape System T Series, visit

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Thought Equity Motion delivers video library management

  1. 1. IBM Systems and Technology Media and entertainmentCase Study T3Media delivers video library management Using IBM LTO 5 tape and LTFS for federated archive and cloud infrastructure Headquartered in Denver, T3Media (formerly Thought Equity Motion) Overview works with more than 400 rights holders globally, including some of the world’s largest media companies. The need T3Media (formerly Thought Equity The company increases the value of video content through its advanced Motion) is expanding its hosted video storage and delivery platform to offer an technology platform and licensing services. The company delivers large enterprise scale video supply chain as a scale archive management and “smart content” metadata tools as a cloud cloud service. service, providing greater control with reduced cost and complexity. The solution Through its web platform and global sales force, the company licenses Worked with IBM Business Partner sports, news, entertainment, editorial, and creative content to the world’s Re-Store to deploy LTO Ultrium 5 tape leading producers in advertising, film, television, publishing, and interac- with IBM Linear Tape File System™ at tive media. This includes footage collections from BBC Motion Gallery, several global locations; the data growth rate on LTO 5 is approaching 100 TB per Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, National Geographic, month. The New York Times, and the NCAA. The benefit Lower ancillary costs for data storage; Aiming to reduce its clients’ costs while improving service levels and greater transparency and reduced process efficiencies, T3Media is extending its hosted video platform as complexity in licensing make costs a service offering. Mark Lemmons, CTO at T3Media, explains: “Our more predictable; interoperable tape format opens up new business vision has been to create a lights-out solution for our library owners, opportunities with clients. giving them a rich set of tools to manage their content archives and to monetize them using our web platform. Simultaneously, we are continu- ing to digitize our existing content libraries, adding breadth and depth to existing content libraries, as well as new libraries. Our challenge was to increase the reach of our platform through federation; LTO 5 tape with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) is playing an important role in helping us achieve that goal.” New format for greater reach The broadcast and media industries have grown accustomed to standards- based interoperability for video recordings. A video tape recorded in New York can be shipped to Tokyo and played back without difficulty on standard hardware. However, when files are digitized and stored in large hierarchical storage infrastructures, compatibility issues emerge.
  2. 2. IBM Systems and Technology Media and entertainmentCase Study “Interoperability is very important in this industry and with the digital migration the industry has recently taken some steps backwards in this “When we were looking at regard, but LTFS is a refreshing step forward,” says Lemmons. “In the extending the reach of past, having a ‘federated archive’ [locally accessible] of digital content was our platform, we saw a simply cost prohibitive for some of our clients. When we were looking at extending the reach of our platform, we saw a clear opportunity to team clear opportunity to team with IBM and take advantage of its LTO 5 and LTFS technologies.” with IBM and take LTFS is a self-describing media format—effectively, a file system that advantage of its LTO 5 is embedded in the cartridge itself—bringing a new level of portability and LTFS technologies.” and interoperability to open systems tape storage. It enables files to be dragged and dropped to and from cartridges, reduces complexity in data —Mark Lemmons, CTO, T3Media management, and accelerates access to data. “LTFS makes LTO 5 an easily readable media format,” says Lemmons. “For clients that want a local archive of their content, either for disaster protection or to accelerate access, that’s now an economically viable option. It’s also something that we’re helping them to deploy.” T3Media worked with IBM Business Partner Re-Store to deploy the new LTO 5 solution, and is continuing to build it out across its two major data centers in Laramie, Wyoming, as well as in London, Amsterdam and Tokyo. The current growth rate for storage on LTO 5 at T3Media is approaching 100 TB per month. All of this growth is new digital content, either newly supplied as digital files by content owners or freshly digitized by T3Media from video tape. Future possibilities As T3Media continues to extend the reach of its footage platform, the company is looking to benefit from IBM solutions for cloud computing and analytics. Lemmons explains, “While we had solid IT infrastructure, and technical capabilities in-house, we recognized that IBM could help us achieve greater reach, in the sense of being able to meet local demands faster. The IBM global cloud and LTFS could potentially make that significantly faster than we could currently do it.” He adds, “We’re a little further along the road when it comes to analytics. The goal here is to help our clients understand the changing value of their holdings and the most appropriate way to manage them. This will include brand sentiment analysis, which can rapidly become very compli- cated. For example, if a particular actor hits the big time, can our content owners immediately spot that they have footage of a TV show in which he was a child 30 years ago? How do we manage the metadata down to 2
  3. 3. IBM Systems and Technology Media and entertainmentCase Study that level of detail? How much metadata can we afford to keep? This feeds into considerations around the format in which you store the Solution components content, the resolution of the digital files, the ownership and rights, Hardware and so on. The extremely rapid growth in digital media is making the • IBM System Storage® TS3200 Tape metadata challenge ever more complex. We see clear opportunities for Library with LTO 5 using IBM analytics tools to help us cut through that complexity and Software help our clients minimize costs and maximize value.” • IBM Linear Tape File System™ Transforming storage With LTO 5 tape and LTFS technology, T3Media has an open, interop- “LTFS is delivering erable, low-cost option for the long-term storage of digital video assets. “LTO 5 and LTFS significantly reduce the ancillary costs around stor- transformational cost age,” says Lemmons. “This is a real game-changer from IBM: We can savings, and it’s also just buy the library, the drives and the tapes, and we can very accurately making it easier to determine my future per-TB costs. By contrast, the licensing model in a traditional HSM solution is incredibly complex, so you can get hit with expand, because our large unexpected costs. LTFS is delivering transformational cost savings, costs are predictable. and it’s also making it easier to expand, because our costs are predictable. This is a genuine competitive advantage.” This is a genuine competitive advantage.” In addition to cutting storage costs and providing greater transparency for T3Media, the IBM technologies are opening up new business —Mark Lemmons, CTO, T3Media development opportunities. “We can now meet the interoperability needs of our clients at low cost, using a federated archive on LTFS,” says Lemmons. “This is an exciting opportunity for us, because it makes a local archive practical and affordable for many more of our clients, not just those with highly developed IT organizations.” He concludes, “We are deploying LTO 5 and LTFS everywhere we can plug it in and deploying it on behalf of our clients. We are enthusiastic about this technology, and can see it becoming the dominant storage technology for our platform.” For more information Contact your IBM marketing representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit the following website: To learn more about LTO 5 and LTFS, please visit: For more information about Re-Store, visit To learn more about T3Media, visit the following website: 3
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