System z: The premier platform for enterprise modernization


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IBM offers an approach to enterprise modernization that leverages and extends your System z infrastructure, reaches across silos, and manages heterogeneous applications as a homogeneous environment, enabling you to integrate and reinvent operations to achieve new business value

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System z: The premier platform for enterprise modernization

  1. 1. IBM Systems and Technology Group System zBrochureSystem z: The premier platformfor enterprise modernization
  2. 2. 2 System z: The premier platform for enterprise modernization Enterprise modernization delivers benefits every step of the way Modern enterprise computing is a place where business Enterprise Modernization on System z processes span architectures—where applications have a single interface across silos, where heterogeneous applications are Modernize enterprise computing to leverage your IT investments. managed as a homogeneous environment, and where people work better together because the IT infrastructure is aligned. It’s a smart place to be. Now how do you get there? In today’s world of massive and complex systems, you need a plan. While modernization can provide exponential improve- Give your enterprise processes the speed and ease of automation. ment in both IT and business capabilities, it also requires optimization of elements across the systems. Enterprise modernization puts you on the path to taking advantage of today’s and tomorrow’s instrumented, intercon- nected and intelligent world. It gives you the power to measure conditions, provide interaction for people and systems, and dynamically respond to business change. Gain real-time insight into your business events.“ When we evaluated the different solutions on the market, we discovered that Rational HATS would not only enable us to create a Enable dynamic process management more user-friendly interface for Eurosys— for your line of business. it would also be able to integrate our policy management application and provide a seamless user experience between the two An approach to modernization in which you leverage your systems.” existing investments and extend them to add new capabilities allows you to become more responsive, agile and competitive. —Tim Bennett, Project Manager, Marsh
  3. 3. IBM Systems and Technology Group 3Taking steps to modernization that build on your current IBM has made many investments in the System z platform,IBM System z®, IBM POWER®, and x86 environment integrating hardware and software with modern and openmeans you’ll realize value faster and with greater economies interfaces, allow organizations to reinvent their enterprisethan a rip-and-replace solution. operations—with rapid time to value—and enable organiza- tions to deploy new business capabilities that leverage theirUltimately the journey to modernization not only can change existing assets, skills and infrastructure.the way IT manages and delivers solutions, it can enhance allyour operations—from systems to business to people. Support extended business processes with an open, services-based modelBuild value with solutions deployed on top The System z platform today includes modern technologiesof your System z investments that enable organizations to utilize existing elements of theirMany organizations face IT roadblocks as they strive to application infrastructure in new ways. The integration ofremain competitive. Silos of information don’t support high-performance and cost-effective Java™ and XML process-processes that must reach across the enterprise. Point solu- ing provides a robust environment based on service-orientedtions don’t deliver the quality of service now necessary for architecture (SOA) that can meet today’s business require-mission-critical enterprise-scope functions. Development ments without undoing your organization’s investments inteams are so busy maintaining existing applications that they mission-critical business applications.can’t take on new initiatives. Additionally, the cost and riskinherent in starting over with new solutions make rip-and- The IBM SMART SOA® approach provides a set of guidingreplace approaches an unacceptable alternative. principles based on IBM’s experience with thousands of suc- cessful SOA deployments. With SMART SOA, IT organiza-However, many organizations already have a core component tions can create an SOA foundation that allows them tothey need for modernizing their environment. Their modernize the enterprise without changing application logic,IBM System z mainframes provide the ideal platform for criti- turning siloed and static assets across the infrastructure intocal business workloads, deliver unrivalled integration across valuable components that once again address operational andthe platform, and incorporate technologies that accelerate business needs.deployment of new capabilities.
  4. 4. 4 System z: The premier platform for enterprise modernizationLeverage investments to build value and Automate processes to extract new valueexpand opportunities for the enterpriseLeveraging a SMART SOA solution to service-enable and With significant portions of IT budgets dedicated to maintain-web-enable legacy applications for reuse can eliminate com- ing existing investments, most organizations spend little timeplexity and improve quality. It can help to dramatically or energy proactively managing their application portfolio.enhance efficiency by promoting reuse of core assets already Continual inventory, assessment and evaluation of the portfo-operating in the organization’s environment. And it can speed lio, however, are central to modernizing enterprise computing.time to market with a faster and more collaborative applica-tion development and deployment life cycle management. IBM solutions for automation ● Rational System ArchitectIBM solutions for asset reuse ● Rational Focal Point● Rational® Host Access Transformation Services ● Rational Asset Analyzer● Rational Developer for System z, and Unit Test Feature ● Rational Team Concert for System z● Rational Business Developer ● Rational Build Forge● Rational Migration Extensions ● System z Solution Edition for Application Development● Rational Asset Analyzer ● CICS Transaction Server● WebSphere® Application Server for z/OS® ● WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced● WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus ● WebSphere Process Server● WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid● WebSphere Service Registry and Repository for z/OS● CICS® Transaction Server● IMS™ Automation can help. With it, an organization can better● DB2® for z/OS manage operations for capturing and correlating events that represent actionable patterns. Organizations can streamline complex business transactions to improve customer satisfac- tion and improve revenue.When an organization links business processes, applicationsand information, it can respond quickly to change, improve The steps to automation begin with creating a blueprint of theteam collaboration, and boost developer efficiency. The existing portfolio’s current state, identifying and documentingorganization can enhance governance with a consolidated the business processes that technology supports, defining keyinfrastructure. And it can cut costs with simplified application transactions that can be service enabled, and designing solu-delivery and management. tions to connect these services to deliver new business value.Extending services to the web can help a business reachtoday’s connected customers by providing access to businessapplications without constraint of time, location or devicetype. At the same time, web-based services allow the organiza-tion to consume external services in support of its own busi-ness processes.
  5. 5. IBM Systems and Technology Group 5Gather business information and turn itinto real-time insight IBM solutions for dynamic process managementA clear and concise real-time view of processes and informa- ● WebSphere Process Server for z/OStion is important to any business, but it is of limited value ● WebSphere ILOG® Business Rule Management Systemsunless the organization can put the information into context ● WebSphere Application Server for z/OSand transform it into action. A complete picture—with the ● WebSphere Business Monitorability to sharpen the focus quickly and easily—can empower ● WebSphere Business Eventsthe organization to improve operations, capitalize on emerg- ● WebSphere Portal Enable for z/OSing opportunities and mitigate future risks. ● CICS Transaction Server ● IMS ● DB2 for z/OSIBM solutions for business insight● WebSphere Application Server for z/OS● WebSphere Business Monitor IBM solutions for System z empower nontechnical staff with● WebSphere Business Events tools to enhance process efficiency and capture new revenue,● WebSphere Portal Enable for z/OS all while leveraging existing investments. Business users can● IBM Cognos dynamically change the outcome of transactions and events by● CICS Transaction Server changing business rules in real time, triggering new transac-● IMS tions, events and analytics to capture new value. These● DB2 for z/OS enhanced capabilities for creating, working with and adminis- tering workflow empower line-of-business users—those who are closest to your customers—to accelerate productivity and drive new revenue opportunities.IBM provides complete solutions for System z that build uponclients’ existing investments and deliver rapid and accurateinsight into business. Solutions that help users detect, evalu-ate, correlate and respond to events are delivered in a unified IBM zEnterprise System takes a bold new step inenvironment that encourages business and IT professionals to addressing the challenges of enterprise computingwork together. For the first time, it will be possible to deploy a truly integrated hardware platform that spans the enterprise,Empower business users with dynamic encompassing mainframe, UNIX® and x86 of processes Integrating the management of these heterogeneous envi-In today’s fast-moving world of business there is often no time ronments is the new IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager (zManager). zManager provides unified approachto wait for traditional development teams to modify business to provisioning, workload management, and problem solv-rules or policies buried in the applications that run the busi- ing and resolution for mission-critical workloads that spanness. In the modernized computing environment line-of- heterogeneous personnel can dynamically adjust application businessrules to rapidly adapt to changing market conditions.
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