we know                                                                                     they knowSCHWENK Zement builds...
“With the System z10 in                SCHWENK Zement, based in Ulm,               At the same time, SCHWENK was          ...
made running SAP R/3 on this platform      would have required an additional two     “Last year we addeda matter of course...
“SAP ERP and SAP                       performance and without the need for      Metro Mirror for remote site data copy,  ...
Wolfgang Monz says, “Our business           To deploy the solution, SCHWENK           “Previously, aboutintelligence envir...
cluster and DB2 Datasharing. This         “Our business intelligencecluster technology will allow              environment...
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SCHWENK Zement builds its future with SAP applications, IBM DB2 and IBM System z


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This white paper is an IBM case study. SCHWENK Zement migrated SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse databases to IBM DB2 for z/OS on IBM System z , and deployed the SAP application landscape on VMware virtual servers on the IBM System x platform.At the same time, SCHWENK implemented IBM System Storage DS8100, IBM Metro Mirror for remote site data copy, with IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library for the long-term archive. The IBM Systems solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator was also implemented.

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SCHWENK Zement builds its future with SAP applications, IBM DB2 and IBM System z

  1. 1. we know they knowSCHWENK Zement builds its future with SAPapplications, IBM DB2 and IBM System z Overview The Challenge At the same time, SCHWENK  Key Solution Components From its German foundations, implemented IBM System Storage® Industry: Construction SCHWENK Zement is growing DS8100, using IBM FlashCopy® Applications: SAP® ERP internationally. Connecting and for immediate, uninterruptible applications, including controlling, controlling new operations in, data backup and IBM Metro Mirror financials, materials management, for example, Namibia, places for remote site data copy, with production planning, sales unique challenges on a highly IBM System Storage® TS7700 and distribution, SAP® Order cost-conscious business. The Virtualization Engine and IBM Engineering Work Bench, SAP® infrastructure supporting the SAP System Storage® TS3500 Tape Real Estate, SAP ERP® Human NetWeaver ® Business Warehouse Library for the long-term archive. Capital Management, SAP solutions had system outages The IBM Systems solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse almost daily. Combined with poor NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator response times, this meant that Accelerator was also implemented. Hardware: IBM System z10 users of the system could not Business Class, IBM System x3650 rely on it. To support international  The Benefits servers, IBM Systems solution growth, SCHWENK wanted Migrating the database for SAP for SAP NetWeaver Business to be able to incorporate new NetWeaver Business Warehouse Warehouse Accelerator featuring operations into its SAP application to DB2 on IBM System z10 has IBM BladeCenter®, IBM Systems landscape at a low incremental cured the system reliability issues. Storage TS7700 Virtualization cost, and simultaneously solve Additionally, this provided the Engine, IBM Systems Storage the infrastructure performance benefit of running all databases TS3500 Tape Library difficulties. of all SAP applications on DB2 Software: IBM DB2® for z/OS, for z/OS, dramatically simplifying IBM FlashCopy, IBM MetroMirror, The Solution the IT landscape with only a few VMware ESX SCHWENK Zement migrated SAP administrators required for all of Services: IBM Premier Business NetWeaver Business Warehouse SCHWENK’s operations. Deploying Partner Fritz & Macziol databases to IBM DB2 for z/OS IBM Systems solution for SAP ®, on IBM System z and deployed NetWeaver Business Warehouse the SAP application landscape on Accelerator has made business VMware virtual servers on the IBM intelligence query response System x® platform. performance up to 100 times faster.
  2. 2. “With the System z10 in SCHWENK Zement, based in Ulm, At the same time, SCHWENK was Southern Germany, specializes in growing the business with new place, we can absorb construction concretes, selling operations. The expansion of peaks in processing internationally to the building industry. international operations places unique demand without an The group employs some 3,000 people. challenges on a highly cost-conscious impact on system business, and it was important to performance and Over time, SCHWENK has extended its provide both the standard SAP SAP application landscape to cover applications to the new business units without the need for every aspect of the business. From 300 and to enable reliable, rapid analysis additional investments. users in the beginning, now around using SAP NetWeaver BW. Timing is the crucial 1,000 people access the SAP point here. SCHWENK applications on a regular basis. Andreas Nischwitz, System Manager has periods of intensive System z at SCHWENK Zement, In 2003, SCHWENK introduced SAP comments, “The growth in use of the distribution and NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP SAP applications, the increase in shipping, because NetWeaver BW) to answer specific database workload, and particularly construction is a questions related to logistics and cost the demands on the SAP NetWeaver seasonal business.” management. BW solution, made it clear that the x86 architecture was inadequate for our Wolfgang Monz, Head of IT, Schwenk The original SAP NetWeaver BW use with respect to performance and solution and the associated databases downtime. We were confronted with were implemented on standalone x86- the question, which IT architecture was architecture servers. Over time, the the right long-term strategic choice for workload overwhelmed the system, SCHWENK?” which became unreliable with almost daily unplanned outages. Combined The expanding SAP application with poor response times, this meant landscape now included controlling, that users could not depend on it. financials, materials management, production planning, sales and distribution, SAP Order Engineering Work Bench, SAP Real Estate and SAP ERP Human Capital Management. Consolidate foundations or new build? Already with the upgrade from SAP R/2 to SAP R/3, options to migrate the SAP applications and databases to a new x86 server farm, or to consolidate all SAP databases to the IBM System z platform while reusing and virtualizing the existing Intel-architecture landscape as application servers were evaluated. SCHWENK already had positive experience of the reliability, availability and scalability of System z, which
  3. 3. made running SAP R/3 on this platform would have required an additional two “Last year we addeda matter of course. This also led to the SAP instances, which raised questions the IT operations fromfact that SAP applications from of scalability, maintenance, andinsourcing activities or new staffing resources. a new manufacturingrespectively acquired business areas plant, and thewere migrated to SAP DB2 for z/OS. “The System z platform provided an production planningThis solution also provides many other elegant means to expand database workload almostbenefits, such as hardware-assisted support for the SAP application doubled. Throughcompression and superior, policy- footprint and the SAP NetWeaver BWbased disk and tape management that capacity with very little downtime and timing of the differentvirtualizes the external storage without the need for further upgrades workloads, System z10resources for maximum performance in order to test the system. Without is able to handle theand capacity. doubt there was some degree of increased demand using skepticism, but the cost-benefit the existing processorAt this point, working closely with IBM advantages, the ability to grow withoutPremier Business Partner Fritz & the need for additional server footprint, and continueMacziol, SCHWENK decided to investments, the excellent meeting our serviceupgrade its existing IBM System z9 performance and the absolute level agreements.” server to a System z10 Business reliability of the IBM System z have Andreas Nischwitz, System ManagerClass. proved the case beyond doubt. System z, SchwenkAndreas Nischwitz says, “We looked “All the SAP applications rely on DB2at the key questions, such as how on the System z, and this is similarlymany servers would you need to offer economical, requiring just four ITthe equivalent database capacity for administrators for DB2 and z/OS asSAP NetWeaver BW on x86 well as the SAP Basis to manage thearchitecture. Although at the time we SCHWENK database landscapehad just six SAP instances, we were on z/OS.”constantly introducing new business TECHNICAL LANDSCAPEareas that needed database support, Survey of the new architecture Servers: IBM System z10 Businessand the ability to scale and grow easily SCHWENK now operates its IBM z10 Class, IBM System x3650 servers,was a major deciding factor.” Business Class server divided into six IBM Systems solution for SAP logical partitions (LPARs), with NetWeaver Business Warehouse“We discussed using the x86 workload distributed over three central Accelerator featuring IBMarchitecture for the database, and with processors and two System z BladeCenter, IBM Systems Storagejust the six SAP instances it certainly Integrated Information Processors TS7700 Virtualization Engine, IBMlooked as if x86 would have been (zIIP). Systems Storage TS3500 Tape Librarymuch smaller and potentially lower Software: IBM z/OS 1.10, IBM DB2 forcost. However, in 2004, SCHWENK Wolfgang Monz says, “We upgraded z/OS V9.1, IBM FlashCopy, IBMbrought all outsourced systems back our former System z to IBM System z10 MetroMirror, SAP ERP, SAPin-house, and by 2007, corporate Business Class, and completed NetWeaver Business Warehouse, SAPacquisitions and mergers produced a implementation and migration in a NetWeaver Business Warehousetotal of 22 SAP instances.” single process. Accelerator, VMware, SUSE Linux Enterprise ServerWolfgang Monz, Head of IT, comments “With the System z10 in place, we can Users: 1,000“At that point business intelligence absorb peaks in processing demandtruly came to the foreground, and this without an impact on system
  4. 4. “SAP ERP and SAP performance and without the need for Metro Mirror for remote site data copy, additional investments. Timing is the with IBM Systems Storage TS7700 NetWeaver BW crucial point here. SCHWENK has Virtualization Engine and IBM supported by DB2 periods of intensive distribution and Systems Storage TS3500 Tape on System z10 gives shipping, because construction is a Library for the long-term archive. us the ability to seasonal business.” create new and resize The IBM TS7700 Virtualization Engine Consolidating to System z10 is provides an integrated tiered existing applications producing immediate measurable hierarchy of disk and tape storage. exactly according to benefits for SCHWENK, as Andreas Data is transferred at high speed to changing business Nischwitz reports: “Last year we virtual tape drives that are actually needs, while the IBM added the IT operations from a new disk volumes. The TS7700 then Systems solution manufacturing plant, and the handles the transfer from logical to production planning workload almost physical tapes in the TS3500 tape for SAP NetWeaver doubled. Through timing of the library. BW allows us to different workloads, System z10 is scale up our business able to handle the increased demand Business intelligence landscape intelligence systems in using the existing processor footprint, With the database tasks moved to a cost-effective, flexible and continue meeting our service System z10, SCHWENK took the level agreements.” opportunity to migrate its SAP manner that helps application servers to SUSE Linux SCHWENK meet its Data is stored on two IBM System Enterprise Server (SLES). The existing international growth Storage DS8100 units at separate IBM System x 3650 and other servers challenges.” locations, with IBM MetroMirror were re-configured with VMware ESX, providing synchronous long-distance which is used as virtualization platform Wolfgang Monz, Head of IT, Schwenk copy. DB2 for z/OS, with hardware- for the Linux operating system. assisted compression, offers considerable savings of typically Implementing VMware ESX frees more than 50 percent in storage SCHWENK from the one-server-per- volumes. application architecture, as the physical servers can be divided into Advanced functionality, such as the multiple virtual servers, each running ability to add partitions and change a separate Linux operating system data definitions without requiring with precisely the right processor, system downtime, maximizes data memory and bandwidth according to availability. DB2 includes industry- the SAP application workload. On the leading backup and recovery x3650 servers the individual VMware programs, and together with the ESX virtual servers can be managed virtualization capabilities existing easily, and these Linux guest systems storage devices can be exploited to can scale up with additional memory their maximum capacity, helping to and processor capacity as required. avoid or defer hardware investments as storage volumes rise. With growing amounts of data and an increasing number of users of the SAP Backup and archive services are NetWeaver BW solution, SCHWENK provided by IBM FlashCopy for realized that this had become a critical immediate data backup and IBM part of the business landscape.
  5. 5. Wolfgang Monz says, “Our business To deploy the solution, SCHWENK “Previously, aboutintelligence environment, based on selected the IBM Systems Solution for 60 to 70 percent ofdata from the SAP applications as well SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator, anas non-SAP databases, was growing integrated package that combines our administrativecontinuously. As new business units powerful business warehouse capacity was absorbedjoined, they would want immediate infrastructure and data warehousing in bug-fixing and dataaccess to materials management, functionality with a comprehensive set loading for the SAPinventory control, production planning, of tools, planning and simulation NetWeaver BW solution.and distribution. Demand grew capabilities. The IBM Systems solutionstrongly and SAP NetWeaver BW for SAP BW Accelerator extends the Many performancedeveloped into a business-critical reach of traditional SAP NetWeaver improvements comingapplication.” BW environments to near real-time by along with DB2 for improving the speed of query z/OS version 9 allowHe comments, “Previously, about 60 to processing by up to 100 times in some us now to deliver70 percent of our administrative cases.capacity was absorbed in bug-fixing vital information toand data loading for the SAP The solution is based on IBM SCHWENK executivesNetWeaver BW solution. Many BladeCenter technology, which offers rapidly and reliably,performance improvements coming a scalable architecture that enables helping them to drivealong with DB2 for z/OS version 9 businesses to match increasing business improvements.”allow us now to deliver vital information requirements over time, simply by to SCHWENK executives rapidly and adding additional blades, a process Wolfgang Monz, Head of IT, Schwenkreliably, helping them to drive business that produces near-linear increases inimprovements.” – Relevant are the performance. The IBM Systemsspecifically for SAP NetWeaver BW solution for SAP NetWeaver BWdesigned features, such as Dynamic Accelerator is designed to deliverIndex ANDing, Sparse Index, and In reduced administration costs, greaterMemory Data Cache. flexibility in the types and depths of queries, and improved user creativityAs the total data set expanded, in analyzing business problems.SCHWENK looked for ways to improveSAP NetWeaver BW query Future building projectsperformance, and chose to invest in For SCHWENK, moving to DB2 forthe SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator. z/OS has dramatically simplified its ITThe BW Accelerator combines some landscape and cured system reliabilitymodern acceleration techniques like issues. Deploying IBM Systemsvertical decomposition of tables, solution for SAP NetWeaver BWhorizontal partitioning of the whole Accelerator has delivered businessvolume, smart compression, intelligence query responseadvanced indexing technology, and performance up to 100 times faster onmassive parallel execution of requests an integrated solution that reduceswith a hardware infrastructure built of impact on production systems and isclustered blade-based Intel servers also capable of near-linear expansionand corresponding optimized storage as needs grow.solutions that fit to these concepts todeliver very fast responses to business Currently SCHWENK is focusing onintelligence queries. building resilience, using a Sysplex
  6. 6. cluster and DB2 Datasharing. This “Our business intelligencecluster technology will allow environment, basedSCHWENK to complete operating on data from thesystem and database softwareupdates without interrupting the SAP applicationsproduction SAP operations, even as well as non-SAPthough these run on just one physical databases, was growingmachine. continuously. As new business units joined,Additional data managementtechnologies such as MetroMirror and they would wanttape virtualization have enhanced immediate access to IBM Deutschland GmbHsystem resilience, improved backup materials management, D-70548 Stuttgartreliability and provided the ability to inventory control, ibm.com/solutions/saprecover from disaster. IBM, the IBM logo, and ibm.com are trademarks production planning, of International Business Machines Corporation,Wolfgang Monz concludes, “Nothing and distribution. registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. A current list of other IBM trademarks is availableever stands still in business. In our Demand grew strongly on the Web at “Copyright and trademark information” at http://www.ibm.com/legal/core business area we are faced with and SAP NetWeaver copytrade.shtmlthe challenge of building profitable BW developed into Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Xeon and the Intel Xeon logo are trademarks or registered trademarks ofoperations in Namibia, and right now a business-critical Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the Unitedwe are also in the middle of a States and other countries. UNIX is a registeredre-engineering project in different application.” trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries. Linux is a trademarkbusiness areas. of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other Wolfgang Monzblah, Head of IT, Schwenk countries, or both. Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, and the Windows logo are trademarks of“SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver BW Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.supported by DB2 on System z10 Other company, product or service names maygives us the ability to create new and be trademarks, or service marks of others.resize existing applications exactly This case study illustrates how one IBMaccording to changing business customer uses IBM and/or IBM Business Partner technologies/services. Many factors haveneeds, while the IBM Systems solution contributed to the results and benefitsfor SAP NetWeaver BW allows us to described. IBM does not guarantee comparable results. All information contained herein wasscale up our business intelligence provided by the featured customer and/or IBMsystems in a cost-effective, flexible Business Partner. IBM does not attest to its accuracy. All customer examples cited representmanner that helps SCHWENK meet its how some customers have used IBM productsinternational growth challenges.” and the results they may have achieved. Actual environmental costs and performance characteristics will vary depending on individual customer configurations and conditions. This publication is for general guidance only. Photographs may show design models. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2010. All rights reserved. © Copyright 2010 SAP AG SAP AG Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16 D-69190 Walldorf SAP, the SAP logo, SAP and all other SAP products and services mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and several other countries. SPC03283-DEEN-00 (November 2010)