Establishing the business case for reducingcomplexity in your server environment     IBM Server Optimization and Integrati...
on a rack of servers, for example, may        Some IBM clients that have implemented        Responding to business demands...
IBM has developed a center of com-         Giving you the tools to move forward           Creating a roadmap for the futur...
the solution framing stage of server        consolidation methodologies can help      © Copyright IBM Corporation 2007cons...
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IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services


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IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services

  1. 1. Establishing the business case for reducingcomplexity in your server environment IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services – server consolidation efficiency study Fighting server sprawl and IT complexity “through 2010, IT infrastructure con- Highlights Even with the best-laid plans, complex- solidation will remain the focus of IT ity can work its way into a company’s IT infrastructure and operations cost  Helps define how you can lower infrastructure. Potential culprits include reduction initiatives.”1 the total cost of server and mergers and acquisitions, introduc- related IT support investments tion of new applications, unanticipated IBM Server Optimization and Integration growth, globalization, compliance Services – server consolidation effi-  Identifies how you can improve ciency study offers a first step toward demands, new regulations and orga- the IT infrastructure’s ability to optimizing your infrastructure invest- nizational power plays. Too often, respond to business demands complexity manifests as server sprawl: ments, lowering costs and improving Your data centers grow because it’s your business flexibility. Providing  Supports your efforts to move forward more quickly with a initially cheaper and easier to add a assessment services built on IBM’s server optimization project few servers to accommodate spikes extensive consolidation methodologies in demand than it is to reexamine the and tools, this study helps you establish  Creates a server strategy and a business case for qualifying server entire infrastructure. roadmap to help you prepare consolidation design and implemen- for the future Eventually, sprawl can have major tation and provides a foundation for consequences—real costs in terms of building a more dynamic and energy- increased total cost of ownership (TCO) efficient IT infrastructure designed to and, just as important, a reduced ability comply with regulatory requirements. to respond to change and seize oppor- tunities for innovation. Supporting a lower total cost of server investments But you can take steps to mitigate the It’s a fact of life in the IT department— resulting complexity and get server you must cut costs while delivering sprawl under control. In fact, consoli- quality services. Pressures to reduce dation is an ongoing priority for most costs in the short term can have long- companies. According to Gartner, lasting effects. An apparent bargain
  2. 2. on a rack of servers, for example, may Some IBM clients that have implemented Responding to business demands withnot be such a bargain if simply adding a consolidation strategy assisted by IBM greater flexibilitymore servers increases your costs and Global Services have realized savings A deeper consideration is complexity’sdoesn’t result in proportional perfor- such as: impact on strategic objectives and on themance benefits. Besides the initial cost business’s ability to respond to change.of server hardware, each server has • Hardware costs reduced 33 to According to a recent Gartner survey,additional hard and soft costs associ- 70 percent “reducing TCO remains a major reasonated with deployment: • Maintenance costs reduced up to for consolidation, but other reasons, 50 percent especially control of server sprawl to• Software — licenses for operating • Support costs reduced by as much provide better system management and systems and applications as 33 percent providing better service and agility, are• Management — utilities, backup • Energy costs reduced by up to becoming important.”2 and archiving 40 percent• Labor — monitoring and support, • Floor space and facility costs An unconsolidated data center infra- ongoing training and skills upgrades reduced 33 to 50 percent. structure can hamper flexibility because• Site and facilities costs — rack space, resources are not tuned to respond security, power and cooling These cost savings can be passed to the to application demands. Thus, when bottom line or repurposed for projects that activities affect demand — introducingCosts can be even greater for infrastruc- support greater competitive advantage a new product or merging with a formertures that use multiple hardware vendors and meet new regulatory requirements. competitor, for example — applicationand a mix of operating systems. These performance and functionality mayenvironments require broader skill sets, Through IBM Server Optimization and be limited. Servers may not be easilymore tools for management and separate Integration Services – server consolidation repurposed, skill sets may not be inter-storage processes. For extended enter- efficiency study, IBM professionals can changeable, multiple facilities mayprises with multiple locations, the costs quickly analyze your existing environment, make new investments too costly, andcan become even higher. factor in your current and future business security may be compromised. objectives, and develop a consolidationServer consolidation services from IBM strategy that helps align with your objec- How can you consolidate in a way thatare designed to help reduce these costs tives for reducing costs and increasing enhances flexibility and improves per-by helping you to minimize the number of operational efficiency. formance? The answer lies in thoroughservers in your environment and enhance planning and deployment expertise.server performance to meet your needs.It’s simple math — fewer servers canmean lower costs.
  3. 3. IBM has developed a center of com- Giving you the tools to move forward Creating a roadmap for the futurepetency that focuses on consolidation more quickly Server consolidation can also support yourto help match server environments Data center complexity not only limits broader optimization initiatives. To createto business initiatives. The center is your ability to respond to change and an even more responsive infrastructure,staffed by professionals from many drives up costs, but it also creates inef- you may want to employ virtualization andareas of expertise: ficiency. When you deploy additional grid computing technologies that pool servers to accommodate occasional hardware and processing resources• Data center design (including spikes in demand, underutilized process- to accommodate fluctuating processing consolidation theory) ing power often results. However, server demands. Or you may be considering a• Application performance testing consolidation and optimization can help revamped approach to business and IT in and analysis you get more processing power from the form of a service-oriented architecture• Networking fewer servers. (SOA) that integrates applications and• Operating system platforms business processes and creates an enter-• Security The IBM engagement begins with you prise service bus (ESB). IBM can help you providing data about your server envi- consider these capabilities during yourIBM organizes consolidation services ronment. When such data is not readily efficiency study engagement.around three basic stages: solution available, IBM can make assumptionsframing, planning and design, and based on its vast server consolidation Finally, you may be facing challenges inimplementation. experience. Then, using IBM’s stan- meeting new regulatory requirements for dardized methodology, highly skilled business continuity and disaster recov-This efficiency study from IBM spe- specialists can complete their assess- ery. Creating a strategic infrastructurecifically addresses the solution framing ment of your environment typically within that supports the data center environ-aspect of the comprehensive IBM Server just a few weeks. ment required for growth initiatives whileOptimization and Integration Services – managing costs is imperative to remainserver consolidation service. Based At the end of an efficiency study engage- competitive in today’s marketplace.on key information you provide, IBM’s ment, IBM presents a recommendedstaff remotely analyzes your data and strategy, business case and roadmap— To provide maximum return on invest-creates a business case that helps you tools that can help you justify a server ment, these advanced IT initiatives requiredetermine whether a server consolidation consolidation project. When you’ve com- optimized hardware and software. Duringimplementation project is right for you. pleted this study, you’ve taken a first step toward building a simplified and optimized server infrastructure environment.
  4. 4. the solution framing stage of server consolidation methodologies can help © Copyright IBM Corporation 2007consolidation services, IBM profession- reduce your risks and shorten the time IBM Global Services Route 100als can factor in these initiatives and required to achieve a consolidated Somers, NY 10589recommend a solution that can meet server environment — helping you to U.S.A.your needs today — and in the future. more quickly reap potential cost and Produced in the United States of America 08-07 flexibility benefits. All Rights ReservedWhy IBM? IBM and the IBM logo are trademarks or registeredIBM’s rich server heritage and design, For more information trademarks of International Business Machinesimplementation and management To learn more about IBM Server Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.expertise can help create a consoli- Optimization and Integration Services – Other company, product and service names maydated server environment suited to server consolidation efficiency study, be trademarks or service marks of others.your specific requirements. Unlike contact your IBM representative or IBM References in this publication to IBM products ormany other solution providers, IBM Business Partner, or visit: services do not imply that IBM intends to make them available in all countries in which IBM operates.can provide the experience and prod-uct knowledge needed to migrate 1 Gartner, IT Infrastructure Consolidation: Bestto IBM server technologies, or can Practices, Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2006, Jayprovide vendor-neutral consolidation Pultz, October 8–13, that address your heteroge- 2 Gartner, Data Center Conference Poll Showsneous environment. Server Consolidation Is Still a Major Goal, John R. Phelps, January 29, 2007.IBM has the ability to provide localized,onsite service — combined with the costsavings of offshore resources for sup-port and implementation — offering youa compelling combination of compe-tence and affordability. IBM’s extensiveresources and development of proven GTD01525-USEN-00