Reality Check: Information explosion drives need for dynamic infrastructure transformation


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To understand how IBM can help you develop a strategy and comprehensive approach to delivering a resilient information infrastructure for securely storing and managing information. Online Self-Assessment Information Infrastructure

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Reality Check: Information explosion drives need for dynamic infrastructure transformation

  1. 1. Reality Check—Informationexplosion drives need fordynamic infrastructuretransformation Organizations around the world are Attributes of a scalable, secure,The explosion of data and transactions generating extraordinary amounts of resilient, and dynamic informationdemands creative, new approaches to information daily. Higher transaction vol­ infrastructuremanaging your information infrastructure. umes, increases in data quality, and The best information infrastructures are data archives have driven a rapid developed by leaders who focus onIBM can help you develop a strategy and increase in the demand for storage capabilities first and technology second.comprehensive approach to delivering a capacity. Without changes, the majority Core capabilities found in better infor­resilient information infrastructure for of organizations can expect their stor­ mation infrastructures are: Informationsecurely storing and managing informa­ age capacity requirements to increase availability, information retention, infor­tion and mitigating business risks. at double-digit rates annually. Most mation compliance, and information analysts agree that the cost of manag­ security. Regardless of the brand, age, ing each GB of storage is three to ten or price paid; better information infra­According to Enterprise Strategy Group, times more than acquiring it. The most structures deliver these core capabilities“Information volumes will only continue to important aspects of controlling storage reliably.increase at double digit rates unless cus­ costs are to minimize time to managetomers take steps to better control and and maximize utilization. Information availability is the drivermanage their resources. The sooner IT for over half the expense of the typical CIOs have been tasked with creating information infrastructure. Highly avail­decision makers take a hard look at their more dynamic, efficient and lower able systems drive more revenue andinformation infrastructure requirements, cost infrastructures, while increasing staff productivity. Conversely, downtimethe sooner they can begin to save service levels and managing larger data costs can be very high. Extendedmoney, reduce risk and improve opera­ volumes. Organizations have often downtime can impact company value.tional efficiencies.”1 updated their information infrastructures primarily based on the best price at the time, leading to technology silos. Savings in IT acquisition costs are offset by higher downstream costs, due to infrastructure complexity and lack of interoperability.
  2. 2. Information retention policies protect The best information infrastructures corporate assets and implement Risk integrate services and service levels Management policies. In most organiza­ with the business plan, and are tions, some information is kept for designed to be flexible. By adjusting decades, or even permanently. levels of availability, retention, compli­ Information must be able to migrate to ance, and security, IT can deliver the new media to ensure recoverability right services at the right cost and bet­ and manage costs. ter meet the needs of the business. IBM’s Information Infrastructure solutions Information compliance is of growing Newer technology is used to enhance are a part of an overall business strategy importance and has become a core core capabilities, so service levels are capability for IT organizations. Global met and total costs are controlled, even IBM is taking across its services, software companies comply with dozens of reg­ though the volume of data is growing. and systems divisions. As a result, ulations regarding financial statements, Technologies that improve capabilities IBM has announced its largest launch product quality, data privacy, and more. across many brands of equipment are ever of new storage hardware, software Organizations of almost any size can particularly valuable because they can and services that are the building blocks be the subject of legal proceedings that reduce complexity and time needed to require legal hold or disclosure of elec­ manage the infrastructure. for this new information infrastructure. tronic documents, such as e-mail. Continuous incremental improvement “Efforts like the recently announced Information security policies govern in core capabilities drives better asset IBM Information Infrastructure are both access control, threat mitigation, utilization, improved productivity, and rare and potentially very powerful, encryption, and auditing. Organizations improved security posture. The goal of because they take a number of divisions that can provide secure access to delivering a more efficient and lower needed information have a competitive cost information infrastructure is better and create value, not individually, but by a advantage over organizations that must met with a strategy that focuses on solution that spans them. It is in these restrict information access to pass core capabilities. Lower total costs, and rare times that you see the power of a audits. Security breaches are costly and even lower acquisition costs, can be company like IBM and that is why, when damage the organization’s reputation. expected. it happens, it is worth talking about.” Rob Enderle, Sept 5, 20082Page 2
  3. 3. An evolutionary model to New solutions for information compli­ implement a dynamic information ance deliver proven scalability to, for infrastructure example, archive over 1 million e-mails IBM Information Infrastructure provides a day. IBM delivers an integrated a comprehensive approach to delivering compliance warehouse that includes a resilient, dynamic infrastructure for records and e-mail management, dis­ securely storing and managing informa­ covery, analytics, classification, reposi­ tion and mitigating business risks. tory, and hardware. No other technology partner has the Information Infrastructure is the backbone breadth of information infrastructure Information security solutions from to a company’s means of storing, capabilities. IBM are scalable and easy to manage. IBM is the first vendor to build security accessing and utilizing its business data New technologies from IBM deliver into the information infrastructure, not and information. substantially better information availabil­ on top of it, so media encryption can ity, scalability, and performance than be implemented across the data center. According to Joffery Foronda, Manager previous generations, giving IBM a IBM also provides comprehensive for Infrastructure and Storage strong competitive advantage for many security software and services for data Management, Philippine Airlines, types of workloads. centers. “we can build an information infrastruc­ IBM information retention solutions are IBM Information Infrastructure solutions ture with which we will be able to deliver designed to provide continuous avail­ are an example of IBM rallying around improved service levels, reduce business ability, even during upgrades; and use common requirements to deliver more risks, and manage the information explo­ commodity components to manage client value. IBM brings together hard­ sion effectively.” 3 costs. IBM offers solutions that easily ware, software, and services under a migrate information between disk sys­ common Web portal, with common tems and tape systems. capability-based assessments, and cor­ responding integrated solutions that speed time to value.Page 3
  4. 4. Learn More 1. ESG (Analyst) White paper: © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009The holistic approach of an IBM Information Infrastructure Initiative IBM Systems and Technology Group Route 100IBM Information Infrastructure can Aims to Tame the Information Explosion Somers, NY 10589enable CIOs to transform their organi­ Produced in the United States of Americazations and solve a wide range of resources/systems_information_ January 2009 All Rights Reservedcurrent and emerging infrastructure infrastructure_resources_webcasts_ IBM, the IBM logo, and are trademarkschallenges that impact their business. esg_wp_ibm_info_explosion_ or registered trademarks of InternationalThe resulting environment can help sep_08.pdf Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. If theseorganizations such as yours extract and other IBM trademarked terms are markednew business value and deliver more 2. Rob Enderle: The Business Edge ­ on their first occurrence in this information withscalable, secure, and accurate informa­ a trademark symbol (® or TM), these symbols The Real Truth about Technology indicate U.S. registered or common law trade­tion to the right people at the right time, and IT. marks owned by IBM at the time this informa­for a competitive advantage. tion was published. Such trademarks may also be registered or common law trademarks in other countries. A current list of IBM trademarksWeb site: IBM Information blogs/rob/?p=262 is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademark information” at copytrade.shtmlinfrastructure 3. Philippine Airlines selects Other product, company or service names may IBM System Storage to support be trademarks or service marks of others. exponential growth. storage/news/press/20081113.html OI103007-USEN-00