PLANSEE boosts efficiency and compresses database costs with SAP on IBM DB2


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Following the acquisition of a company in the US, Austrian powder metallurgy company PLANSEE experienced a period of rapid growth. That is why the company migrated a suite of SAP software including SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, SAP Solution Manager, SAP Supply Chain Management and SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services to two IBM Power 780 systems with 12 POWER7 processors each and a total of 16 cores each in Turbo Mode. IBM System Storage DS8100 and IBM System Storage TS1130 tape drives provide storage, managed by IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. Working with IBM Software Services, PLANSEE replaced its existing Oracle database with IBM DB2 and activated deep compression.For more information on Storage System, visit

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PLANSEE boosts efficiency and compresses database costs with SAP on IBM DB2

  1. 1. we know they knowPLANSEE boosts efficiency and compressesdatabase costs with SAP on IBM DB2 Overview The Challenge processors each and a total of 16  Key Solution Components Following the acquisition of a cores each in Turbo Mode. IBM Industry: Industrial Products company in the US, Austrian System Storage DS8100 and IBM Applications: SAP® ERP with powder metallurgy company System Storage TS1130 tape drives modules including financials, PLANSEE experienced a period provide storage, managed by IBM controlling, materials management of rapid growth. As it approached Tivoli Storage Manager. Working and production planning; SAP the end of its leasing contracts, the with IBM Software Services, Supply Chain Management company identified an opportunity PLANSEE replaced its existing (SCM), SAP NetWeaver® Business to upgrade its hardware platform in Oracle database with IBM DB2 and Warehouse, SAP NetWeaver order to ensure that it could provide activated deep compression. Process Integration, SAP Solution its SAP systems with excellent Manager, SAP BusinessObjects performance in times of continuous  The Benefits Global Trade Services growth. This represented an Upgrading to the latest POWER7 Hardware: IBM ® Power® 780 ideal time to find a cost-efficient technology with capacity offered servers with POWER7® processors, alternative for its existing Oracle on an on-demand basis gives IBM System Storage® DS8100, IBM database, which was expanding PLANSEE the flexibility to scale System Storage TS1130 sharply, calling for expensive to meet changing requirements, Software: IBM AIX®, IBM DB2® for additions to storage capacity. whilst paying only for what is used. Linux, UNIX and Windows, IBM Replacing Oracle database with IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager The Solution DB2 cut the company’s database Services: IBM Software Group Migrated a suite of SAP software size by 50 percent, decreasing Services, IBM Global Financing including SAP ERP, SAP backup times by 50 percent, and NetWeaver Business Warehouse, introducing storage savings of SAP NetWeaver Process approximately 30 percent. Overall, Integration, SAP Solution Manager, the solution is expected to achieve SAP Supply Chain Management a return on investment (ROI) in just and SAP BusinessObjects Global three years, whilst the migration to Trade Services to two IBM Power IBM DB2 is projected to offer an ROI 780 systems with 12 POWER7 of a single year.
  2. 2. “Overall, we estimate PLANSEE is the world market leader in (SCM), SAP NetWeaver Process high performance materials produced Integration (PI), SAP Solution Manager that we have gained by powder metallurgy. These materials and SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade a 30 percent saving in are used in future technologies such Services (GTS). storage costs due to the as clean energy, medical technology, implementation of IBM electronics, and mobility. In close Ensuring these applications were DB2... Compared to the co-operation with its customers, supported by reliable and highly PLANSEE of Austria develops available hardware was the main legacy Oracle solution, innovative materials solutions by priority for the IT team at PLANSEE. The response times for some combining outstanding materials combination of a period of rapid growth programs improved knowledge with profound applications – specifically due to the acquisition of a by 30-50 percent, and and technology know-how. Founded in company in the US – and the end of the dialog response times 1921, PLANSEE is a privately-owned company’s leasing contracts drawing business with 30 production facilities near, led PLANSEE to seek the ideal were down by 15-20 on three continents and with sales choice for an upgrade. percent.” offices in 49 countries, and represents a strong partner for research and “SAP modules form the core of our Engelbert Wörle, Head of IT Infrastructure, PLANSEE industry. Employing about 6,000 business processes,” comments people, PLANSEE achieves annual Engelbert Wörle, Head of IT sales of about €852 million. Infrastructure at PLANSEE. “As such, we needed to guarantee maximum Coping with a growing business uptime and optimal performance. Our To manage its manufacturing and existing IBM solution had served us well supply chain processes, PLANSEE – with 100 percent availability over 2008 relies on a large suite of SAP and 2009 – but our growing business applications such as SAP ERP, SAP called for greater processing power and NetWeaver Business Warehouse capacity.” (BW), Supply chain Management Enabling business flexibility PLANSEE replaced its two IBM Power 590 systems, each of which had 16 cores, with two IBM Power 780 systems with POWER7 processors. Each server features 16 cores in Turbo Mode, with 12 of them currently being activated, and 320 GB main memory with 272 GB being activated. The company pays only for what is currently in use by leveraging a Capacity on Demand model for its IBM Power 780 servers. This provides PLANSEE with a key competitive edge, enabling it to boost performance rapidly with minimal disruption to its operations, enhancing business response enabled by flexible Power Systems technology.
  3. 3. To use the available resources even The company operates 22 SAP systems “The IBM solutionmore efficiently, PLANSEE took for about 3,500 users worldwide in 22 provides the idealadvantage of the Active Memory LPARs running on IBM AIX VersionExpansion (AME) feature offered by 6.1 on the IBM Power 780 servers. For support for the SAPthe new POWER7 processor-based data protection and disaster recovery applications thatsystems. AME uses compression for PLANSEE uses IBM Tivoli Storage lie at the heart ofparts of the memory to expand the Manager within its SAP environment. PLANSEE’s operations.effective memory capacity. About 25 TB of data is mirrored to a IBM POWER7 secondary location about 1 km away“The ability to dynamically adjust from the primary data center. IBM technology providescapacity on demand for our IBM Power System Storage DS8100 and IBM the exceptionally high780 servers really make sense for a System Storage TS1130 tape drives performance andcompany like us,” says Wörle. “For provide storage. stability we need tosome applications, such as SAP Supply manage greater growthChain Management, which we recently “IBM System Storage provides ultra-installed, it is very difficult to estimate secure, centralized storage ideal for our and additional success.” the capacity required in advance. This needs,” comments Wörle. “Combined Engelbert Wörle, Head of IT Infrastructure,flexible approach enables us to modify with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, we PLANSEEour applications and try new things in the have an automated, resilient backupmost cost-effective manner possible. strategy in place.”“Meanwhile, the innovative Active Choosing IBM DB2Memory Expansion feature built into the Demand for IT resources was expandingIBM Power 780 servers enables us to use rapidly, as users, applications and dataour existing resources to their maximum were added to the company’s SAPpotential. In fact, we estimate that this landscape, leading to a huge expansionfeature has increased server efficiency in the company’s existing Oracleby 20 percent.” database environment. This would soon necessitate an expensive storageThe IBM Power Systems Exchange expansion, a move PLANSEE wanted toProgram from IBM Global Financing avoid if at all possible. TECHNICAL LANDSCAPEhelped to minimize the financial impact Servers: IBM Power 780 servers withof migrating to powerful POWER7 “The size of our biggest Oracle database 12 POWER7 processors each and aprocessors. IBM Global Financing hit 2.4 TB and was growing all the time,” total of 16 cores each in Turbo Mode,offered a flexible and cost-effective explains Wörle. “It was clear that a costly IBM System Storage DS8100, IBMcomprehensive financing solution expansion to our IBM System Storage System Storage TS1130enabling PLANSEE to quickly, easily DS8100 disk system would soon be Software: IBM AIX, IBM DB2 for Linux,and affordably enjoy the benefits of the called for, but we decided to see if a UNIX and Windows, IBM Tivolivery latest IBM technology. The older more cost-effective alternative existed. Storage Manager, SAP ERP, SAPPOWER5 systems were also leased If we could find a way to reduce our Supply Chain Management (SCM),from IBM, and the flexible approach database size, this would enable us SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse,provided by IBM Global Financing made to cut down on backup times and the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration,it possible for PLANSEE to conduct a number of tapes required to hold this SAP Solution Manager, SAPside-by-side migration with all servers data.” BusinessObjects Global Traderunning in parallel before the POWER5 Servicessystems were returned to IBM, resulting Working with IBM Software Services, Users: 3,400 SAP ERP usersin no downtime. PLANSEE replaced its Oracle
  4. 4. databases with IBM DB2 for Linux, “IBM System StorageUNIX and Windows database Version provides ultra-secure,9.7. The migration was performed centralized storagesmoothly and with minimal disruptionto operations, with most systems ideal for our needs.migrated in weekends and the entire Combined with IBMproject lasting just three months. The Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM Deutschland GmbHmigration method was DB2 Load we have an automated, D-70548 Stuttgartwith ADC or Full Compress, and the resilient backupIBM team used the unsorted export IBM, the IBM logo, and are trademarksand package splitter migration strategy in place” of International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. Aoptimization features. current list of other IBM trademarks is available Engelbert Wörle, Head of IT Infrastructure, on the Web at “Copyright and trademark PLANSEE information” at“We were very impressed with the copytrade.shtmlIBM team during the migration,” says Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Xeon and the Intel Xeon logo are trademarks or registered trademarks ofWörle. “In spite of the volume of data Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the Unitedthat needed to be moved, it was “What really impressed us, however, States and other countries. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the Unitedconducted for our production ERP was the fact that we found that States and other countries. Linux is a trademarksystem over a single weekend, with the sophisticated compression of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries, or both. Microsoft, Windows, Windowsthe IBM consultants staying onsite for capabilities of IBM DB2 did not seem to NT, and the Windows logo are trademarks ofa week after that to help us with any impact on performance. For example, Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.customizations or tweaks needed to compared to the legacy Oracle Other company, product or service names mayoptimize performance. This minimized solution, response times for some be trademarks, or service marks of others.the business risk involved in the programs improved by 30-50 percent, This case study illustrates how one IBMmigration, and really put our minds at and dialog response times were down customer uses IBM and/or IBM Business Partner technologies/services. Many factors haverest.” by 15-20 percent.” contributed to the results and benefits described. IBM does not guarantee comparable results. All information contained herein wasDramatic savings Impressive returns provided by the featured customer and/or IBMWhen the migration was complete, The IBM solution offered PLANSEE Business Partner. IBM does not attest to its accuracy. All customer examples cited representPLANSEE was able to see the a superb price/performance ratio, how some customers have used IBM productsimprovements in real terms – with the enabling the company to enjoy optimal and the results they may have achieved. Actual environmental costs and performanceIBM DB2 Storage Optimization Feature performance for its business-critical characteristics will vary depending on individualcompressing the size of the database SAP applications at a competitive price customer configurations and an impressive 50 percent. point. Overall, the solution is expected This publication is for general guidance only. Photographs may show design models. to achieve a return on investment (ROI) © Copyright IBM Corp. 2011. All rights reserved.“Cutting our database size in half in just three years, whilst the migrationwith IBM DB2 has had numerous to IBM DB2 is projected to offer an ROIpositive ramifications,” explains Wörle. of a single year.“Immediately, this alleviated ourstorage issue, enabling us to avoid Wörle concludes, “The IBM solutioninvestment in expensive expansions provides the ideal support for the SAPto our current storage estate. It also applications that lie at the heart of © Copyright 2011 SAP AG SAP AGreduces backup times and the tapes PLANSEE’s operations. IBM POWER7 Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16required for this by 50 percent. Overall, technology provides the exceptionally D-69190 Walldorfwe estimate that we have gained a 30 high performance and stability we SAP, the SAP logo, SAP and all other SAP products and services mentioned herein arepercent saving in storage costs due to need to manage greater growth and trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG inthe implementation of IBM DB2. additional success.” Germany and several other countries. SPC03329-ATEN-00 (May 2011)