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Manoj Saxena General Manager IBM Watson Solutions



Learn how IBM Watson brings together transformational technologies to drive optimized outcomes.

Learn how IBM Watson brings together transformational technologies to drive optimized outcomes.



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    Manoj Saxena General Manager IBM Watson Solutions Manoj Saxena General Manager IBM Watson Solutions Presentation Transcript

    • Manoj SaxenaGeneral ManagerIBM Watson Solutions
    • Brief History of IBM Watson IBM Jeopardy! Watson Watson Watson Research Grand for Healthcare for Financial Industry Project Challenge (Aug 2011 –) Services Solutions (2006 – ) (Feb 2011) (Mar 2012 – ) (2012 – ) Cross-industry Expansion Applications Commercialization Demonstration R&D New Division
    • Businesses Are “Dying of Thirst in an Ocean of Data” of the world’s data was of the world’s data connected devices help created in the last two today is unstructured generate 2.5 quintillion years bytes data / day business leaders don’t of CIOs cited BI and more likely that top have access to data analytics as part of their performers use business they need visionary plan analytics
    • So Why Is It so Hard for Computers to Understand Humans Person Organization “If leadership is an art L. Gerstner IBM then surely Jack Welch Welch ran this? has proved himself a J. Welch GE master painter during his W. Gates Microsoft tenure at GE.” Noses that run and feet that smell? How can a house burn up as it burns down? Does CPD represent a complex comorbidity of lung cancer? What mix of zero-coupon, non-callable, A+ munis fit my risk tolerance?
    • IBM Watson Brings Together TransformationalTechnologies to Drive Optimized Outcomes Generates Understands and evaluates natural language evidence-based and human hypothesis communication Adapts and Learns from user selections and responses
    • How Watson Works: DeepQA Architecture Learned Models help combine and weigh the Evidence Evidence Sources Balance Answer & CombineModels Models Sources Deep Inquiry Answer Evidence Models Models Evidence Scoring Retrieval 100,000’s Scores from Scoring Primary Candidate Models Models Answer 1000’s of many Deep Analysis Search Generation Pieces of Evidence Algorithms 100’s Possible 100’s AnswersInquiry/Topic sources Inquiry Hypothesis Hypothesis and Evidence Final Confidence Multiple Synthesis Analysis Decomposition Generation Scoring Merging & Ranking Interpretations Hypothesis Hypothesis and Evidence Generation Scoring Responses with Confidence
    • Healthcare Is Beset with Some of the Most ComplexInformation Challenges We Collectively Face“Medicine has become toocomplex. Only about 20% ofthe knowledge clinicians usetoday is evidence-based.” Steven Shapiro Chief Medical & Scientific Officer University Pittsburgh Medical Center
    • Putting the Pieces Together at Point of Impact Can Be Life Changing difficulty swallowing fever Symptoms Diagnosis Models Confidence Symptoms Patient History Family Medications Findings dry mouth thirst anorexia frequent urination Renal failure A 58-year-oldhistorywere levothyroxine,bladderhyperlipidemia, and A Her medications was for cutaneous primarycancer in her Her history was notable positive her lupus, care physician urine dipstick included oralto for hydroxychloroquine, family woman presented and leukocyte esterase dizzinessafter several days of dizziness, anorexia,infections, three osteoporosis, frequent urinary tract dry mouth, ciprofloxacinmother, Graves patientin two sisters, hemochromatosis in one nitrites. The disease given a prescription fo increased pravastatin, and alendronate. no abdominal pain uncomplicated cesarean sections, had purpura a one for a frequent urination. She a left oophorectomy and sister, and idiopathic thrombocytopenicalso had in feversister thirst, no back pain UTIforbenign cyst, and primary hypothyroidism, whichpatient reported a urinary tract infection. 3 days later,reported that food would “get stuck” when she was had been swallowing. no coughweakness and dizziness.aHer supine blood pressure was diagnosed year earlier She reported no pain in her abdomen, back, or flank and no no diarrhea Diabetes 120/80 mm Hg, and pulse was 88. cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, or dysuria Oral cancer History Family Bladder cancer Hemochromatosis Influenza Purpura Graves’ Disease (Thyroid Autoimmune) Hypokalemia cutaneous lupus History Patient osteoporosis hyperlipidemia Esophagitis frequent UTI hypothyroidism Medications Alendronate pravastatin Most Confident from record Diabetes •Extract Symptoms Diagnosis: UTI Influenza Esophagitis levothyroxine • Use paraphrasings mined from text to handle alternate hydroxychloroquine •Extract Patient History • Identify negative Symptoms Extract Family History phrasings and variants urine dipstick: •ExtractMedicalmined relations to explain away symptoms • Reason with Taxonomies to generalize medical Use Medications • Perform broad search for possible diagnoses •Use database of drug each diagnosis based on evidence (thirst is consistentin side-effects by the models conditions to the granularity used Findings • Score Confidence w/ UTI) leukocyte esterase supine 120/80 mm HG •Together, multiple diagnoses may best explain symptoms so far heart rate: 88 bpm •Extract Findings: Confirms that UTI was present urine culture: E. Coli
    • IBM Watson Goes to Work in Healthcare Support researchers and clinicians Assist physicians and care providers with in discovery of new cancer therapies evidence based diagnosis and treatment Care Provider Analytics Expert Patient GenomicResearcher Therapy Oncologist Designer Ultimate Goal: Become the Most Essential Company
    • Cancer is an Insidious Disease and the Second Highest Cause of Death 1 in 3 3X individuals will die rate cancer cost climbs vs. std. from cancer health costs or 15-18% / yr. X + + IBM 20% $263.8B Working Together to Beat Cancer of cancer cases receive the wrongdiagnosis initially with some as high overall costs of cancer in the US in 2010 as 44% $$$$$$$$$$$$ ✔ ✔ $$$$$$$$$$$$ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ + + IBM Working Together to Beat Cancer Source: American Cancer Society, National Health Institute
    • Demonstration
    • Watson Enables Three Types of Cognitive Services
    • Watson Enables Three Classes of Cognitive Services  Leverage vast amounts of data  Ask questions for greater insights  Natural language inquiries  e.g. Next generation Chat  Find the rationale for given answers  Prompt for inputs to yield improved responses  Inspire consideration of new ideas  e.g. Next generation Search  Discovery  Ingest and analyze domain sources, info models  Generate evidence based decisions with confidence  Learn with new outcomes and actions  e.g. Next generation Apps  Probabilistic Apps
    • How It Works: Watson Technology & Infrastructure
    • How It Works: Cloud Delivery and Outcome Based Pricing Dynamic Capacity Hybrid Delivery Automate and control Extend & integrate service provisioning on-premise solution with cloud offering Flexible Time to Value Consumption Enable incremental Support alternative automation and delivery and value pricing models business agility
    • Getting Started with Watson 1. Discovery 2. Pilots 3. Scale Out Workshops (6-12 Months) (Ongoing) (4-6 weeks)Step 1: Option A: Step 3: Identify Deploy initial pilot • Add Users Candidate Use • Build • Add Geographies Cases • Teach • Expand Processes Assess Content • Run Availability Option B: Model Business Put on Ready for Value Progression Path • Smarter Analytics • Big Data • Industry Solutions
    • Watson Is Ushering in a New Era of Computing… Tabulation Programmatic Cognitive1900 1950 2011 Punch Cards Search Discovery Time Card Readers Deterministic Probabilistic Electronic Computation Enterprise data Big Data Machine language Natural language Simple outputs Intelligent Options