IBM System Storage N3000 Express


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Learn about IBM System Storage N3000 Express which is an
advanced system designed to enable outstanding, cost-effective deployment versatility.

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IBM System Storage N3000 Express

  1. 1. IBM Systems and Technology IBM System StorageData Sheet IBM System Storage N3000 Express Advanced system designed to enable outstanding, cost-effective deployment versatility The promise of expanding a data center with small, low-cost servers has Highlights led to an unintended consequence—“stranded storage” from internal disks or direct-attached storage (DAS) solutions. IT professionals today Take advantage of proven features, ●● ● ● are overwhelmed by the amount of data they have to manage. They are including a high-performing and flexible operating system, data management challenged by the need to keep pace with their organization’s growing software and redundancy for continuous business, to improve backup and restore effectiveness, and to implement operations disaster recovery solutions without overwhelming IT staff—often on a Support disk-based backup, with file- ●● ● ● shoestring budget. This has led IBM to develop solutions that improve or application-level recovery using storage efficiency and data protection while considering the assets SnapMirror, Snapshot and SnapRestore companies currently have. software features through a simplified replication, backup and recovery system for better data protection and retention IBM® System Storage® N3000 Express® systems are designed to pro- vide primary and secondary storage for midsize enterprises, consolidating ●● ● ● Perform on-the-fly provisioning with self-diagnosing systems to simplify all of their fragmented application-based storage and unstructured data management into one single-code system. Easily managed and expandable, this plat- form can help IT generalists increase their effectiveness. N3000 Express ●● ● ● Support concurrent file and I/O block serving over Ethernet and Fibre Channel systems offer integrated data access, intelligent management software storage area network infrastructures using and data protection capabilities—such as those found in higher-end a single, integrated architecture for IBM System Storage N series systems—all in a cost-effective package. improved versatility N3000 Express series innovations include internal controller support for SAS or SATA drives, expandable I/O connectivity and onboard remote management. The N3000 Express series is compatible with the entire family of N series storage systems, which feature a comprehensive lineup of hardware and software designed to address a variety of possible deployment environments.
  2. 2. IBM Systems and Technology IBM System StorageData SheetThe new N3150 series fits 36 TB of internal raw capacityinto a 2U enclosure, with optional external expansion that canincrease total system raw capacity to 180 TB. The N3220 seriescontains 21.6 TB of internal raw capacity in a 2U enclosure,and optional external expansion can increase total system rawcapacity to 381 TB. The N3240 series accommodates 72 TBof internal raw capacity in its 4U enclosure, with optional exter-nal expansion that can increase total system raw capacity to432 TB. Whether used for primary or secondary storage, theN3000 Express systems are intended to provide outstandingdeployment versatility and connectivity to help satisfy your dataprotection and recovery needs at an affordable cost, improvingstorage efficiency.Easy to useN3000 Express systems offer versatility through single-code Designed to help keep costs low The N3000 Express systems are designed as the entry point tofile storage—Common Internet File System (CIFS) and the entire N series family. The systems provide multiple I/ONetwork File System (NFS)—which also supports block connectivity options, a small footprint to hold high-density SASstorage. The Internet Small Computer System Interface or SATA drives, and external expansion using low-cost SATA(iSCSI) and Fibre Channel protocol can be used as primary drives and Fibre Channel disks for production applications,or secondary storage. These systems are designed to address which leads to improved storage efficiency. They also utilizestorage consolidation challenges as well as application server Data ONTAP Snapshot technology. The systems are trulyvirtualization projects in an environment of continuous opera- versatile products that can be deployed to address some of thetion. With NetApp Data ONTAP Snapshot technology, the most demanding application environments. For further systemsN3000 Express systems offer the ability to use storage effi- administration time and cost advantages, the N3000 Expressciently by helping increase utilization through thin provisioning systems come standard with remote onboard management(with FlexVol and FlexClone technologies) and reduce storage capabilities to help simplify remote system monitoring, cyclespace requirements. power, execute firmware upgrades, enter console commands and run diagnostics to help maintain the reliability of theMore business uptime system and your business-critical data.The N3000 Express systems support dual-controller configura-tion with automated active-active failover for continuousoperations. Using the N series SnapManager set of features, Highly flexible storage solution The N3000 Express series is designed for a broad range ofmultipath high availability for business continuity, and deployment scenarios. The flexibility of the N3000 Expressintelligent data protection and disaster recovery software, the allows it to address the storage needs of a wide range of organi-N3000 Express systems are intended to help keep your business zations, including distributed enterprises and data centers forrunning smoothly. 2
  3. 3. IBM Systems and Technology IBM System StorageData Sheetmidrange enterprises. The N3000 Express also supports sites Support for low TCO and long-termwith compute- and data-intensive enterprise applications, investment protectionsuch as database, data warehousing, workgroup collaboration N3000 Express systems support a low total cost of ownershipand messaging. The N3000 Express system functions as an (TCO) with an affordable price point and easy installation,“integration engine,” which enables you to simultaneously serve configuration and ongoing maintenance. Standardization onboth file- and block-level data across single or multiple net- the N series storage architecture can help your organizationworks—demanding procedures that for some solutions require reduce complexity and take advantage of your staff’s IT skills.multiple, separately managed systems. The N3000 Express The innovative design of the N3000 Express results in a smallsupports Ethernet and Fibre Channel environments, enabling form-factor appliance that conserves scarce and valuable spaceeconomical NAS, Fibre Channel and iSCSI deployments. in data centers or remote office locations. In addition, the abil- ity to support single-code storage networks enables you to makeAffordable data protection for distributed the most of your current network investment while deploying aenterprises long-term, highly expandable and easily upgradeable storageN3000 Express storage systems can offer significant advantages solution.for distributed enterprises with remote and branch office sites.These organizations and others can use the SnapVault and Automation, consolidation andSnapMirror software functions to implement a cost-effective simplificationdata protection strategy by mirroring data back to a corporate N3000 systems are empowered with OnCommand, a multipro-data center. N3000 Express systems can help improve data tocol manager that delivers a single-code experience to manageavailability and simplify backup and restore operations by physical and virtual storage environments using integratedimplementing centralized backup through a single methodol- workflows and policy-driven automation. From a single inter-ogy. This helps reduce tape management requirements and face, OnCommand enables the consolidation and simplificationthe need for remote systems administration. Recovering data of shared IT storage management, delivering greater f lexibilitybacked up on N3000 Express systems can be faster than and efficiency.recovering from tape. Also, the capabilities of expandability, connectivity, data protec- tion and retention, and copy recover availability integrate with leading IT management frameworks. The software provides common management services, integration, security and role- based access controls. OnCommand offers data and storage management tools that increase productivity and storage efficiency, and provide agility for organizations of all sizes. It supports and integrates with higher-level IT orchestration and management frameworks, which helps you manage data from a business perspective, enabling administrators to manage data across applications, databases, servers and storage. 3
  4. 4. IBM Systems and Technology IBM System StorageData SheetN3000 Express at a glanceSpecifications N3150 N3150 N3220 N3220 N3240 N3240Machine type model 2857-A15 2857-A25 2857-A12 2857-A22 2857-A14 2857-A24Controller configuration Single Dual (active/ Single Dual (active/ Single Dual (active/ active) active) active)Processor speed and type Dual-core Intel Xeon 1.73 GHzRandom access memory 6 GB 12 GB 6 GB 12 GB 6 GB 12 GBFibre Channel ports (speed) N/A N/A 2 (8 Gbps)* 4 (8 Gbps)* 2 (8 Gbps)* 4 (8 Gbps)*Ethernet ports (speed) 4 (1 Gbps) 8 (1 Gbps) 4 (1 Gbps) 8 (1 Gbps) 4 (1 Gbps) 8 (1 Gbps) onboard onboard onboard onboard onboard onboard 2 (10 Gbps)* 4 (10 Gbps)* 2 (10 Gbps)* 4 (10 Gbps)*Maximum raw capacity 180 TB 381 TB 432 TBMaximum number of disk 60 144 144drives 12 internal 24 internal 24 internalDisk drives supported in SAS: 450 GB, 600 GB, 900 GB (10k SAS: 450 GB, 600 GB, 900 GB (10k SATA: 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB (7.2k rpm)controller (type, size, speed) rpm) rpm) SATA: 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB (7.2k rpm) SSD: 100 GB SED: 600 GBDisk expansion units EXN3000—SAS Disk Storage Expansion Unit: SAS—300 GB, 450 GB, 600 GB (15k rpm);supported SATA—1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB (7.2k rpm) EXN3500—SAS Disk Storage small form-factor expansion unit: SAS—450 GB, 600 GB, 900 GB (10k rpm)Warranty 3 years for hardware and licensed software, customer-replaceable unit (CRU) and on-site service, next business day 9×5, service upgrades available 4
  5. 5. IBM Systems and Technology IBM System StorageData SheetSoftwareOperating system Data ONTAPOperating systems supported Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Server, Solaris, IBM AIX®, HP-UX, Mac OS and Linux host operating systems, as well as Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and VMware ESX for server virtualizationSoftware features Standard Licensed Integrated RAID manager including: RAID-DP CIFS Snapshot NFS Fast Boot HTTP NIS iSCSI DNS FCP Flash Pool† FTP FlexVol FlexCache FlexShare FlexClone NDMP MultiStore Data compression‡ Clustered Failover Storage encryption SnapLock SnapMirror SyncMirror SnapRestore Single Mailbox Recovery SnapVault SnapMover NearStore Deduplication SnapValidator SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server SnapManager for Microsoft Office SharePoint (SMSP) SnapManager for Oracle SnapManager for SAP SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure SnapManager for Microsoft Hyper-V SnapDrive OnCommand 5
  6. 6. Why IBM?When storage is part of the problem and not part of thesolution, IBM can help. IBM offers innovative technology,open standards, excellent performance, and a broad portfolioof storage-proven software, hardware and solutions offerings— © Copyright IBM Corporation 2012all backed by the world-class service and support that setIBM apart from the crowd. As a market leader in the storage IBM Corporationindustry, we can help you handle the challenges that your orga- Systems and Technology Group Route 100nization encounters. Somers, NY 10589 Produced in the United States of AmericaFor more information November 2012To learn more about the IBM System Storage N3000 IBM, the IBM logo,, System Storage, and Express are trademarksExpress systems, please contact your IBM representative of International Business Machines Corp., registered in many jurisdictionsor IBM Business Partner, or visit: worldwide. Other product and service names might be trademarks of IBM or other companies. A current list of IBM trademarks is on the web at “Copyright and trademark information” at N3000 Express series modular disk storage system Intel, Intel logo, and Intel Xeon are trademarks or registered trademarkstechnical specifications and optional adapters available, please of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and othervisit: countries. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States,For N3000 Express series interoperability, visit: other countries or Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.For an overview of the N3000 Express series software This document is current as of the initial date of publication and may befeatures, functions and benefits, please visit: changed by IBM at any time. Not all offerings are available in country in which IBM operates.features.html The performance data discussed herein is presented as derived under specific operating conditions. Actual results may vary.Additionally, IBM Global Financing can help you acquire the THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDEDIT solutions that your business needs in the most cost-effective “AS IS” WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS ORand strategic way possible. We’ll partner with credit-qualified IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULARclients to customize an IT financing solution to suit your busi- PURPOSE AND ANY WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF NON-ness goals, enable effective cash management, and improve your INFRINGEMENT. IBM products are warranted according to the termstotal cost of ownership. IBM Global Financing is your smartest and conditions of the agreements under which they are provided.choice to fund critical IT investments and propel your business Actual available storage capacity may be reported for both uncompressedforward. For more information, visit: and compressed data and will vary and may be less than stated. * Optional ports available with add-on mezzanine cards † Supported on EXN3000 and N3240 when SSD and SATA HDD are installed ‡ Available only in Data ONTAP 8.1 or later Please Recycle TSD03028-USEN-20