Migrate datasets immediately without disrupting applications inthe z/OS mainframe environment     IBM Data Mobility Servic...
dataset migration and potentially           that can be used to support new busi-        of manually issuing the DIVERTspe...
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IBM Data Mobility Services –Softek zDMF
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IBM Data Mobility Services –Softek zDMF


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IBM Data Mobility Services –Softek zDMF

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IBM Data Mobility Services –Softek zDMF

  1. 1. Migrate datasets immediately without disrupting applications inthe z/OS mainframe environment IBM Data Mobility Services – Softek zDMF Delivering a nondisruptive data migration Interactive System Productivity Facility Highlights solution to help reduce your overall (ISPF) interface, Softek zDMF provides storage costs—regardless of vendor and an alternative to time-consuming man- ■ Enables flexibility to immedi- disk capacity ual dataset-level migrations. With the ately migrate datasets across Many IT organizations want to take capability to migrate groups of datasets major hardware vendors and advantage of the large-capacity vol- across major hardware vendors and different disk capacities without umes on today’s more cost-effective, between different disk capacities, application disruption high-performance storage subsystems, Softek zDMF helps you move away but are faced with complex and disrup- from error-prone manual dataset-level ■ Completes DB2 data migration tive data migrations that negatively migrations, avoid downtime that can without application outage impact their business applications. impact operations and service-level to reclaim and redeploy Because data conversion onto large agreements (SLAs), and reduce the DB2 storage volumes is time consuming and complexity of managing large migra- involves long application outages, IT tions. And with an accelerated dataset ■ Automatically consolidates and specialists across organizations recog- migration, you can reduce the cost of migrates selected dataset nize the need for tools that can help deploying new mainframe storage extents of a multivolume them move data with greater flexibility, while helping to lower IT labor costs dataset, and offers a scheduled efficiency and reliability at a lower cost and minimize lease and maintenance divert option while also enabling greater responsive- overlaps—all while virtually eliminating ness to a dynamic marketplace. outages. IBM Data Mobility Services – Softek Providing dataset-level migrations without z/OS® Dataset Mobility Facility (zDMF) affecting application availability host-based software is designed to This host-based software migrates move critical allocated mainframe datasets nondisruptively across datasets while helping to ensure your major hardware vendors and different applications remain online and avail- disk capacities without disrupting able. By using dataset grouping and applications—freeing you from manual migration control through an online
  2. 2. dataset migration and potentially that can be used to support new busi- of manually issuing the DIVERTspeeding deployment of new storage ness expansion initiatives. Softek zDMF command. And, rather than a singletechnology. Softek zDMF enables MOD software helps you increase system approach to data migration, zDMFconsolidation of any size, including growth by: allows you to migrate selected extentsMOD 3, MOD 9 and MOD 54, as well of a multivolume dataset. For example,as Extended Address Volumes (EAV) ● Providing better UCB management if you have a dataset that occupiescapability. Through streamlining of to allow continued growth of more than one volume, you can migrateclosed dataset copying, Softek zDMF business-critical information only those extents that reside on a spe-enables you to copy data for datasets ● Enabling immediate redeployment cific volume instead of migrating allthat are closed when migration begins, of source storage configuration to extents across all volumes. This capa-allowing for faster migration of datasets accommodate growth and prevent bility can shorten migration time, cir-not in use. Because Softek zDMF also unplanned additional hardware cumvent the need for additional storagehelps to simplify the pre-migration purchases and enable more efficient migrationprocess and provides the ability to ● Exceeding previous industry- management through automation.immediately address unpredictable per- standard storage capacity of 65Kformance issues, you can see improved cylinders through enhanced EAV Why IBM?performance and potentially lower costs functionality By integrating proven best practicesthrough improved storage efficiencies. ● Using nondisruptive migration and expertise from IBM with Softek capabilities to sustain data integrity data mobility technology and tools,Establishing effective UCB management and business service levels IBM can help you minimize the risks,and extent consolidation ● Reducing the number of logical vol- costs and application outages associ-Moving and consolidating datasets from umes on a device by consolidating ated with data migration. IBM has usedmultiple smaller-volume subsystems to several small-capacity volumes onto Softek’s trusted data migration technol-larger-volume subsystems can enhance fewer large-capacity volumes ogy in more than 1,800 migrationunit control block (UCB) management. projects. Today, more than 800 organi-Additionally, Softek zDMF can complete Enabling a pending or scheduled divert zations worldwide rely on Softek tech-an IBM DB2® data migration without option and selective extent migration nology to migrate more than a petabyteapplication outage, enabling you to Softek zDMF helps you to either sched- of data every year.immediately reclaim hundreds of UCBs ule a DIVERT command or set a “divert when ready” option to allow automated transition to the diversion phase instead
  3. 3. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009Requirements IBM Global Services Route 100Software Supports all IBM MVS™ software-based operating Somers, NY 10589 U.S.A. systems that are currently supported by IBM (for example, Produced in the United States of America IBM z/OS Version 1.6 software and above, including March 2009 Version 1.10). IBM Data Mobility Services – Softek TDMF® All Rights Reserved is recommended but not required. IBM, the IBM logo, ibm.com, DB2, MVS, TDMF and z/OS are trademarks or registeredHardware Supports 3380 and 3390 volumes formatted trademarks of International Business Machines with IBM z/OS technology supporting count key Corporation in the United States, other data/extended (CKD/E) format. To utilize EAV capabilities, countries, or both. If these and other IBM trademarked terms are marked on their z/OS Version 1.10 software must be installed. first occurrence in this information with a trademark symbol (® or ™), these symbols indicate U.S. registered or common lawFor more information trademarks owned by IBM at the time this information was published. Such trademarksTo learn more about IBM Data Mobility may also be registered or common lawServices – Softek zDMF, please trademarks in other countries. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the Webcontact your IBM representative or at “Copyright and trademark information” atIBM Business Partner, or visit the ibm.com/legal/copytrade.shtmlfollowing Web site: Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. References in this publication to IBM productsibm.com/services/datamobility or services do not imply that IBM intends to make them available in all countries in which IBM operates. SDD03010-USEN-01