Smart Analytics Optimizer for System z
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Smart Analytics Optimizer for System z



The IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer provides an ideal solution for rapidly accelerating complex data analysis

The IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer provides an ideal solution for rapidly accelerating complex data analysis



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Smart Analytics Optimizer for System z Smart Analytics Optimizer for System z Document Transcript

  • IBM Systems and Technology Group System zSmart Analytics Optimizer for System z
  • 2 Smart Analytics Optimizer for System zChanging the playing field with analytics collecting and sharing information across the entire valueThe amount of new data is exploding. Nearly 15 petabytes chain and speeding time to value by delivering trusted, accu-of data are created every day—eight times more than the rate and timely information to the right decision makers.information in all the libraries in the U.S. This creates newchallenges because it is not enough for an enterprise to Latency, or the age of the data used to obtain the right answer,capture it. The enterprise also needs to sift through these is a matter of survival. With slow sales cycles, cutbacks, reluc-massive amounts of data, extract information and transform it tant clients and intense competition, business leaders are reallyinto actionable knowledge. And this needs to be done quickly, feeling the heat to act and act fast, but a single bad decisionwhile the information is still relevant and actionable. today could be fatal. So what is the key to working smarter?Data transformed into intelligence gives you more than a win- The key to working smarter is having the right informationdow into your current operations. It provides a likely view of and insight at the right time to drive smarter businesswhat is just around the corner and even further down the outcomes. Working smarter means your front line businessroad. It helps leaders know with confidence all that has hap- leaders know where to find the new revenue opportunitiespened, is happening and might happen to every aspect of the and which product or service offerings are most likely toenterprise. Spotting the key patterns, extracting critical address the market requirement. It means business analystsinsights from data and taking latency and cost out of making can quickly access the right data points to evaluate keyand implementing the right decision is what is defining indus- performance and revenue indicators in building successfultry leaders and laggards. corporate growth strategies. And it means corporate risk and compliance units can recognize regulatory, reputational, andThe world we live in today is increasingly instrumented, operational risks before they become realities.interconnected, and intelligent. We are experiencing a revolu-tion and information is at the heart of it. Businesses that are The IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer gives your organizationtaking advantage of this new wealth of information are able to the speed to create the insights it needs to work smarter inmake more intelligent decisions and are rising to the top. this challenging environment by putting the right answers inThey’re managing large volumes of information in real time, the hands of your decision makers today while putting yourincorporating analytics and predictive modeling, pervasively business in the best position to quickly adapt and grow to answer the questions of tomorrow.
  • IBM Systems and Technology Group 3The IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer ● Drives immediate value to the bottom line by rapidly addingThe IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer is a high-performance, new applications and user requirements.integrated hardware/software, accelerator for IBM System z® ● Reduces costs by leveraging the price/performance of multi-delivering dramatically faster complex business analysis trans- ple system technologies combining them into an integratedparently to all users. and optimized IBM solution.Customers see immediate value through this easy to deploy 3. Proven operational characteristicstechnology that requires no application changes to capitalize ● Extends the qualities of service in security and availability ofon the extreme acceleration of business analysis. It enables System z, enabling operational BI to deliver business chang-“train of thought” analysis, where people are no longer con- ing analytics.strained by the speed of the system. It transparently speeds the ● Reduces complexity by extending System z manageabilitymost complex analysis with a wide variety of applications and across the entire system to improve the service of BItools such as Cognos® 8 BI. And it opens opportunities for approaches and new applications enabling organizations ● Capitalizes on the experience gained from Highto become information-led. The IBM Smart Analytics Performance Computing, Grid, Deep Blue, Blue Gene,Optimizer speeds business changing analytics to decision mak- and many others.ers, while extending the qualities of service in security andavailability inherent in System z. Built for speed The IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer is a workload optimized,Key features: appliance-like add-on that enables the integration of business1. Extreme performance for complex business analysis insights into operational processes to drive winning strategies.● Rapidly delivers analytic information to decision makers It accelerates complex queries with unprecedented response through breakthrough technologies. times.● Enables decision makers to perform business analysis they never dared in the past to analyze trends, predict outcomes, This solution is uniquely designed with new breakthrough and produce better business results. technologies to offload queries typically found in business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) applications2. Database performance appliance from the System z environment into a workload optimized● Faster deployment at lower cost, delivering value quickly platform. It is easy to deploy, and can be easily activated and with complete application transparency; no need to change deactivated with the only impact being the performance of any application, just install and begin reaping the benefits of queries. The IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer can speed up a higher performance. substantial percentage of the queries and make dramatic● Substantially reduces operational costs by removing the need improvements in cost and performance, all transparently to for complex query tuning. the end user or applications.
  • 4 Smart Analytics Optimizer for System zTight integration with DB2IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer plugs into your DB2® forz/OS® environment to complement traditional query process-ing. This add-on offering interfaces directly with DB2;enabling deeply embedded capabilities behind the applicationlayer, providing full transparency to applications that submitqueries to DB2 for z/OS. No changes to the application arerequired to take immediate advantage of the IBM SmartAnalytics Optimizer!Workload optimized systemThis solution is uniquely designed with new breakthroughtechnologies to offload queries typically found in businessintelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) applicationsfrom the System z environment into a platform that has beenoptimized for this workload.It accelerates BI workloads in a DB2 for z/OS environmentwith new high-performance data warehouse query-processing IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer always performs a full scan ofsoftware that leverages advanced data in-memory technology. the table in parallel across all nodes without using any indexesIt is perfected for fast response times for typical data ware- or materialized query tables, or any software module to choosehouse or OLAP-specific workloads such as aggregations or full among them. Taking this new approach removes the need fortable scans. tuning and eliminates the time to rebuild the indexes, materi- alized views, and statistics each time new data is rolled into theThe IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer utilizes a copy of IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer.selected tables from the DB2 database, copying them intothe optimizer’s memory and eliminating the disk I/O thatnormally results in query bottlenecks.
  • IBM Systems and Technology Group 5Breakthrough technologies: The forgotten queryExtreme performance for complex business analysis Most organizations have struggled with complex, long● Exploits multicore, massively parallel, and vector-optimized running queries that have become the bane of Database algorithms to deliver unprecedented query speed. Administrators. They have invested hours to days of tuning,● Marries the best of row/column stores. adding additional indices, hints or Materialized Query Tables● Uses new compression techniques, Frequency Partitioning (MQTs) only to decide that the query can not be run within to achieve unmatched compression. reasonable resources and remove it from the system. The● Predicate evaluation on compressed data. IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer provides the ability to process● Most query processing is performed on the compressed data. those complex, long-running queries without additional tun-● Capitalizes on the Vector Optimized Algorithms to test all ing, rapidly meeting the needs of the business. predicates connected by ANDs simultaneously with one compare, saving CPU cycles. Designed to meet the needs of business● Exploits the vector processing capabilities of the processor in the blade, dramatically reducing the time and IT leaders in any industry to compress data. The IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer offers significant value for any company or enterprise to drive smarter businessDatabase performance appliance outcomes faster. From dashboards to trend based analytics, it● Faster “time to value” through appliance-like deployment. meets the requirements for high-performance analytics to● Unprecedented response times to enable “train of thought” support business executives who need fast, accurate, answers analyses frequently blocked by poor query performance. to critical business questions. The IBM Smart Analytics● Easy to deploy and can scale for growth, plugging into an Optimizer provides the answers you need, where and when existing DB2 for z/OS environment to dramatically improve you need them. query processing.● Provides transparency to applications that submit queries to Why IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer? DB2 for z/OS. No application changes are required. IBM has assembled the most comprehensive portfolio of information management, hardware, software, and servicesProven operational characteristics capabilities on the market today.● Broadens the System z Qualities of Service of manageability, security, availability to the business intelligence and data The IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer provides an ideal solu- warehouse workloads. tion for rapidly accelerating complex data analysis.● Data continues to be maintained by DB2 for z/OS, with its industry leading capabilities in continuous availably, backup, and scalability through Sysplex and DataSharing.
  • For more informationTo learn more about the IBM Smart Analytics System,please contact your IBM marketing representative orIBM Business Partner, or visit the following © Copyright IBM Corporation 2010Additionally, financing solutions from IBM Global IBM CorporationFinancing can enable effective cash management, protection Software Group Route 100from technology obsolescence, improved total cost of Somers NY, 10589ownership and return on investment. Also, our Global Asset U.S.A.Recovery Services help address environmental concerns with Produced in the United States of Americanew, more energy-efficient solutions. For more information July 2010on IBM Global Financing, visit: All Rights Reserved IBM, the IBM logo,, z/OS and DB2 are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. If these and other IBM trademarked terms are marked on their first occurrence in this information with a trademark symbol (® or ™), these symbols indicate U.S. registered or common law trademarks owned by IBM at the time this information was published. Such trademarks may also be registered or common law trademarks in other countries. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the web at “Copyright and trademark information” at Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. Please Recycle ZSB03043-USEN-00