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Ims and rational

  1. 1. IBM IOD 2012 IMS and Rational: A Partnership That Pays You Dividends David Bean, IBM Evgeni Liakhovich, IBM #ibmiod Agenda • Introduction • DEMO We will demonstrate how IMS tools (IMS Explorer) and Rational tools (RDz) use common framework (Eclipse) to enable the most powerful mainframe + database development environment • Questions ? 1 #ibmiodDrury Design Dynamics
  2. 2. IBM IOD 2012 IMS and Rational – Over a Decade of History • IMS Transaction Manager (TM) Resource Adapter (RA) and MFS tooling for Rational Application Developer (RAD) and other Rational graphical, interactive development environments SOAP IMS TM Resource Gateway • Rational Business Developer (RBD) enables Adapter IMS application development using the Enterprise Generation Language (EGL) • IMS SOAP Gateway tooling for Rational Developer for System z (RDz) SOAP RBD Gateway 1998 2002 2005 2009 2012 2001 2007 2010 2 #ibmiod IMS and Rational – Over a Decade of History • IMS DLI code snippets shipped with RDz • Rational Asset Analyzer (RAA) scans and categorizes IMS assets (source code, PSBs and DBDs) • The Rational Development and Test Environment for System z (RD&T) ships with a running IMS TM subsystem and IMS Database RDz • The brand new IMS Explorer development tool integrates with RDz COBOL, PL/I, C++, Java, EGL, Batch, Assembler, Debug Tool IMS Explorer IMS DB2 CICS WAS MQ z/OS RD&T x86 PC running Linux 1998 2002 2005 2009 2012 2001 2007 2010 3 #ibmiodDrury Design Dynamics
  3. 3. IBM IOD 2012 Rational Developer for System z (RDz) RDz is: o An Eclipse-based Interactive Development Environment (IDE) o Intergration point for z/OS Application Development (AD) tools Benefits o Increases productivity and quality IBM Rational Developer for System z o Appeals to developers unfamiliar with traditional 3270-based tooling Host zOS Enterprise Tooling Application Service o Transitions green-screen developers Integration Development Tools to next generation: [COBOL, PL/I, [FA, FM, C/C++, JCL, [Web Services • Tools Debug Tool] Screens, Stored For CICS/IMS] Procedures, etc] • Languages o Enables Modernization of Existing Mainframe / Runtime Integration Applications • Re-use • Extension with new user interfaces Eclipse Framework • Bridges technology gaps 4 #ibmiod Rational Developer for System z Complete toolset for System z Development and Testing Integration with Team Concert for Lifecycle and Source Access to typical System z Management sub-system functionality in z/OS, CICS, IMS, DB2, WAS Integration with IMS Explorer for IMS Development Rational Developer for System z Integration with Asset Analyzer Integration with Debug Tool for Application Understanding for Development and Test and Impact Analysis A modern IDE for productive development of cross-platform applications written in COBOL, PL/I, ASM, Java, EGL or C/C++ in System z Integration with File Manager Integration with Fault Analyzer CICS, IMS, DB2, Batch applications for file and test data handling for Dump Analysis Integration with RD&T for flexible access to a System z test environment 5 5 5 #ibmiodDrury Design Dynamics
  4. 4. IBM IOD 2012 The IMS Enterprise Suite Explorer Visualize and edit IMS database and program definitions - easier! • The IMS Explorer includes graphical editors that help you: o Display IMS database hierarchical structures o Display, create, and edit PSBs o Change and add fields on DBDs • Import Cobol CopyBooks and PL/I Structures to a database segment • Generate DBD and PSB source Access IMS data using SQL statements – simple! • IMS 11 includes a Universal JDBC driver – new possibilities Connectivity to the z/OS system • Import and export DBD and PSB source files from a data set to the IMS Explorer and vice-versa 6 #ibmiod IMS Simplification • Rational / IMS Explorer Developer • ISPF 7 #ibmiodDrury Design Dynamics
  5. 5. IBM IOD 2012 Next Step: 8 #ibmiod 9 #ibmiodDrury Design Dynamics