IMS Play a Role in a System z Cloud - IMS UG May 2012 DFW


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IMS Play a Role in a System z Cloud - IMS UG May 2012 DFW

  1. 1. ® IMS Version 12IMS Plays a Role in a System z Cloud © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IMS Version 12Memory lane1.Centralized Computing: 1960 – – Optimized for sharing, industrial strength, systems management, … – Managed by central IT organization – Back office applications involving transactions, shared data bases, … – Mainframes, supercomputers, minicomputers, …2.Client/Server: 1985 – – Optimized for low costs, simplicity, flexibility, … – Distributed management across multiple departments and organizations – Large numbers of PC-based applications – PC-based clients and servers, Unix, Linux, ...3.Cloud Computing: 2010 – – New consumption and delivery model – Optimized for massive scalability, delivery of services, … – Centralized model, hybrid service acquisition models – Supports huge numbers of mobile devices and sensors – Internet technology-based architecture 2
  3. 3. IMS Version 12And the Evolution of Cloud Computing Grid Computing – leveraged several computers in parallel (clustered servers) to address a single problem or application Cloud Computing – leverages several resources to deliver a service to the end-user > Can support grids > Can support non-grid environments, e.g., 3-tiered web architecture with traditional or Web 2.0 applications 3
  4. 4. IMS Version 12Cloud definitions– National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines a “cloud” as“a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources…that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction’’ Cloud computing • The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server 4
  5. 5. IMS Version 12Cloud Computing is a Broad Term Line of Business IT Operations Common Cloud Attributes Elastic scaling Rapid provisioning Advanced virtualization Flexible pricing Service Oriented Public Clouds Private Clouds Cloud Computing is more than a computing model; it is a Service Delivery model 5
  6. 6. IMS Version 12Service Management - at the Heart of the CloudDelivering Cloud services requires 2 components: Process Service Platform Processes • A Process Platform to manage the • Service Processes that deliver the user virtual infrastructure experience The effectiveness and efficiency of a cloud implementation is predicated on the interaction of these components 6
  7. 7. IMS Version 12Additionally, Cloud Services Provide an environment that differs from traditional hosting due to three distinct characteristics – Services can be sold on demand • By the minute, hour, etc., – Services are elastic • A user can take advantage of as much or little access to services as needed at any given time – Services are fully managed by the provider • Consumers typically only need a personal computer and Internet access 7
  8. 8. IMS Version 12When Building a Cloud Organizations choose a cloud model based on their business model requirements – Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) • Dynamically shared set of virtual computing resources – zEnterprise – Platform as a service (PaaS) • Builds on IaaS to provide application middleware – IMS – Software as a service (SaaS) • Provides higher levels of service delivery – IMS SOA Integration and Enterprise Suites – Business process as a service (BPaaS) • Customer-written applications or business processes 8
  9. 9. IMS Version 12Cloud Deployment Models Public – Sells services to anyone on the Internet • e.g., Amazon Web Services • Consumer and Provider exist in separate enterprises – owned by an organization selling cloud services Private – Provides a proprietary network or a data center that supplies hosted services to a limited number of people. • Consumer and Provider exist within the same enterprise – operated solely for an organization – restructures IT around a services delivery model Hybrid or Heterogeneous – Combines Private and Public • Bound together by standardized technology that allows for portability 9
  10. 10. IMS Version 12Cloud Deployment Models…Public cloud example – Amazon 2006, Amazon Web Services In Web Services (AWS) began offering IT infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web lets you provision a private, services isolated section of the Cloud where you can launch resources in a virtual network that you define. You can define a virtual network topology that closely resembles a traditional network that you might operate in your own datacenter. Allows business to run their Websites, blogs, etc run all types of enterprise applications, from small departmental solutions to mission-critical applications that automate company-wide business processes. For personal computing -- allows you to have a personal hard drive in the cloud 10
  11. 11. IMS Version 12Cloud Deployment Models…Public cloud example – IBM Smart Cloud 11
  12. 12. IMS Version 12IBM System zCloud Value of cloud computing is the availability of infrastructure …. Enterprises are beginning to recognized that the maximum value of cloud-based solutions includes interconnection to their existing business infrastructure System z is a natural Cloud Platform – zEnterprise 196 and 114 • central processing complex – zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX) • high-performance specialty processors for specific workloads – zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager • end-to-end platform integration and resource optimization 12
  13. 13. IMS Version 12IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ (SCE+) for System z The service provides shared, secure and scalable IBM z/OS mainframe capacity – Offered as secured logical partitions (LPARs) within a continually refreshed, managed environment—in the cloud. CICS DB2 IMS WMQ WAS Software stacks z/OS Base High Server Standard Hot Standby Availability HARDWARE IBM Metro Global Disk Standard FlashCopy Mirror Mirror Tape Standard Global (Automatic Virtual Tape Tape Library) Virtual Tape Higher Availability Components of IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ for System z – z/OS 13
  14. 14. IMS Version 12IMS Private Cloud IMS leverages System z’s support for cloud computing Extending the cloud to IMS – Users tap IMS-based data and business logic as services • IMS SOA Integration and Enterprise Suites enable service interface (SaaS) • IMS TM controls the transaction workload within the PaaS • IMS DB provides database as a service (DBaaS) 14
  15. 15. IMS Version 12 IMS Cloud Parts IMSSaaS IMS Cloud IMS Connect IMS Cloud DB TM Extensions DBaaS Extensions Database manager Transaction ODBM manager ODBA /DRA IMS APP OTMA Java class Database Library IMS Catalog
  16. 16. IMS Version 12Specifically IMS provides interfaces that can be deployed in the cloud to access IMS – IMS SOA Integration and Enterprise Suites – SaaS (Software as a Service) • IMS Enterprise Suite Connect API • IMS Enterprise Suite SOAP Gateway • IMS Enterprise Suite DLIModel utility • IMS Enterprise Suite Explorer for Development • IMS TM Resource Adapter • IMS MFS Web solutions • IMS Web 2.0 solutions for TM and DB • IMS solutions for Java development • IMS XML DB • … WWW.IBM.COM/IMS 16
  17. 17. IMS Version 12IMS Connect and IMS TM(Supports SaaS) RYO - sockets As a standard socket server, Other vendor IMS Connect is open to a variety WebSphere of IMS, IBM and other vendor solutions DataPower solutions WebSphere Message Broker z/OS Operations IMS WebSphere SCI Manager Process Server IMS Transaction Database IMS TM Web 2.0 CONNECT manager Resource manager Adapter OTMA WTX XCFClient IMSApplication WebSphere ESB APP WebSphere Exit Application Database Server IMS IMS SOAP CONNECT Gateway Extensions ES IMS Connect API clients Active Archive journal journal Cloud IMS Performance Analyzer or Print utility IMS Problem Investigator 17
  18. 18. IMS Version 12IMS TM Resource Adapter(supports SaaS) WAS, WESB, WPS…. IMS request Web Service Enterprise IMS IMS Bean TM TM IMS IMS Resource Resource Web Connect App adapter adapter Component response Z/OS Provides a way to extend the IMS DB cloud to IMS (includes XML data) 18
  19. 19. IMS Version 12IMS Enterprise Suite Soap Gateway (supports SaaS) IMS SOAP Gateway Z/OS Runtime IMS Environment Connect IMS Web IMS Service Adapter App Task SOAP Envelope message WSDL Manager with message O T M WebSphere Application Server A XML Adapter InfoSphere MashupHub Lotus XML IMS Runtime Mashups Converters XML Environment IMS Web 2.0 19
  20. 20. IMS Version 12WebSphere sMash and IMS Connect API for Java sMash http runtime IMS ES – WebSphere sMash is available on these Connect clouds: API z/OS O • IBM Smart Business Cloud IMS T IMS App • Enterprise Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Connect Connection M Connection and and TmInteraction A TmInteraction properties properties files files sMash application is responsible for WebSphere sMash on the cloud • Preparing input data for IMS application • Enables developers to quickly build and execute agile, Web 2.0-based applications • Interpreting output data from IMS application that help businesses be more responsive, • Configuring connection and interaction flexible and cost-effective configuration property files read in by API during execution 20
  21. 21. IMS Version 12IMS MFS SOA Support Providing PaaS (Platform as a Service) access to MFS transactions – IBM Integration Designer – IBM Process Server Benefit – Provides MFS transaction support for Business Process Choreography (B2B) and BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) z/OS WebSphere Transaction Transaction Application Server O Applications T MFS SOA Services IMS XCF M IMS TM Connect A Resource Adapter IMS 21
  22. 22. IMS Version 12DataPower Cloud Interface for IMS MQ IMS Bridge OTMA IMS MQ client Add: DataPower XML Integration & existing IMS application systems connectivity SW (Cobol,, etc.) An MQ client Add: DataPower XML Security SW XS40 XML Security Gateway An IMS Connect client Offloads XML, XSD, OTMA IMS XPath and XSLT at Connect IMS wire speeds IMS Connect XA35 XML Accelerator client IMS application (Cobol,, etc.) IRM Request DataPower 3.6.1 22
  23. 23. IMS Version 12 Asynchronous callout z/OS IMS O Initiating Client EJB/ MDB IMS TWeb IMSService TM RA Hold M IMS App 1 IMS ES Connect Q A ISRT ALTPCB Request SOAP Gateway IMS App 2 RYO Response OTMA Descriptor ISRT ALTPCB -> Asynchronous Synchronous callout z/OS IMS IMSWeb EJB/ MDB Initiating Client TM RAService O IMS ES T IMS App SOAP IMS M ICAL Gateway Connect A RYO OTMA Descriptor ICAL -> Synchronous 23
  24. 24. IMS Version 12IMS Connect and IMS DB (Supports DBaaS) RYO - DRDA z/OS Operations IMS SCI Manager IMS D Web 2.0 Universal IMS Database DB CONNECT Client WebSphere manager Resource Application Application Adapter Server R Other ….. QMF D Exit Database ODBM COGNOS IMS SCI IMS Universal CONNECT JDBC Driver A Extensions RYO Java IMS Universal JDBC or DL/I Driver 24
  25. 25. IMS Version 12COGNOS – Operational BI and Reporting IMS IMS Universal Connect IMS JDBC or DL/I Driver IMS ODBM IMS DB 25
  26. 26. IMS Version 12IMS DBbaaS System z IFL Linux z/OS A T C IMS P I Connect IMS P IMS ODBM IMS DB IMS ODBM IMS IMS DB z/OS B 26
  27. 27. IMS Version 12IMS Enterprise Suite V2.1 Explorer for Development Supports cross-product integration to simplify IMS application development tasks • IBM® Rational® Developer for System z® • IBM Optim™ Development Studio • IBM Problem Determination Tools Plug-ins for Eclipse Visualization and editing of IMS Database and Program Definitions Ability to easily access IMS data using SQL statements – Leveraging IMS Universal JDBC driver Ability to access the IMS Catalog Connectivity to the z/OS system *Requires RDz 8 – Browse a Data Set and submit JCL – Import and export DBD and PSB source files from a Data Set to the IMS Explorer, and vice-versa 27
  28. 28. IMS Version 12Cloud Break 28
  29. 29. IMS Version 12 IMS – the Cloud (IMS as a Service - IMSaaS) 29
  30. 30. IMS Version 12IMS – The Cloud IMS itself is a “cloud” – Provides the Infrastructure (IaaS) • Dynamically shared set of virtual computing resources – zEnterprise platform – Ability through Parallel sysplex capabilities to add new instances of IMS control regions with ease and transparency • Shared queues and data sharing – DRD allows IMS resources to be added dynamically – Builds on IaaS to provide the IMS platform as a service (PaaS) • IMS provides the application middleware environment for high-performing applications • DL/I and JDBC interfaces to get to resources 30
  31. 31. IMS Version 12IMS – The Cloud IMS itself is a “cloud” … – Provides service delivery to access software as services (SaaS) • IMS Integration and Enterprise Suites • Inbound – expose IMS transactions and data as services • Outbound – Callout to web services – Supports business processes as a service (BPaaS) • Customer-written applications or business processes 31
  32. 32. IMS Version 12IMS – The Cloud … In other words, – The Quality of Service, dynamic nature, transparency… that are the goals of evolving cloud technology • Are already inherent in the IMS environment 32
  33. 33. IMS Version 12IMS TM – IaaS and PaaS IMS IMS IMS MPP/IFP/JMP TM BMP/JBP Region Region IMS is a dynamic and Control Region configurable platform Application Application Program Program BPaaS Provides standard interfaces BPaaS to access resources IMS Connect JDBC MSC Drivers IMS IMS z/OS Platform Shared Queues Connect and IMS Application Server Data Sharing IMS IMS IMS MPP/IFP/JMP TM BMP/JBP VGR Region Region JDBC Does not require application Control Drivers program recompiles even if Region DLI Application Application Program the IMS release is changed / BPaaS Program DB2 BPaaS Does not require application IMS Connect program changes even when JDBC JDBC the network or db structure IMS z/OS Platform Drivers Drivers changes DLI IMS Application Server / DB2 33
  34. 34. IMS Version 12IMS Cloud LayerFrom the IMS application perspective, the programs view resources (communication devices and databases) through PCBs that can be easily modified without changing the application IMS as a Service Application program TP DEVICE I/O-ALT MASK PCB Status Code IMS Private Clouds IMS applications do not have to change even when the networks or databases change AIB PSB Return/Reason Code DBD NAME DATA BASE MASK PCB ADDRESS PAYROLL Status Code 34
  35. 35. IMS Version 12IMS as a Service– PCB structure I/O PCB RECEIVE Device A Lterm A ALTERNATE Response PCB LTERM=Lterm B Lterm B Device A Lterm B ALTERNATE Express PCB Device C Device C Modifiable ALTERNATE PCB PROGRAM D PROGRAM D 35
  36. 36. IMS Version 12IMS as a Service- Message Queuing INPUT OUTPUT MESSAGE 1 REPLY 1 Device A A REPLY 3 MESSAGE 2 TRAN Device B APPC B REPLY 2 MESSAGE 3 IMS Device A C REPLY 4 Connect MESSAGE 4 Device C 36
  37. 37. IMS Version 12IMS Java Development- (Saas and DBaaS) DLI IMS Java Database Stored App View DLI IMS Java Database App View JDBC / SQL JCICS A p p DB JDBC / SQL A p DLI p IMS Java Base Database App DB View Base JNI Procedure JNI CEETDLI Interface A p JDBC / SQL EJB p DB CEETDLI Interface Base JNI CEETDLI Interface Java Virtual Machine Java Virtual Machine IMS IMS tion rdiza Java Virtual Machine DB Resource Adapter DB Resource Adapter Universal JDBC and DL/I n da IMS Universal JDBC and DL/I st a Type 2 and Typend a4 DB Resource Adapter and ility Type 2 and Type 4 b Distributed P orta Universal DB Resource Adapter Type 2 and Type 4 DLI DLI IMS Java IMS Java Database Database App App View View A p JDBC / SQL A p JDBC / SQL ODBA p p M B I DB DB Base Base P M F JNI CEETDLI Interface JNI CEETDLI Interface DRA P P P JMP JBP Java Virtual Machine IMS DB IMS Java Dependent Region Resource Adapter Universal JDBC and DL/I Type 2 and Type 4 37
  38. 38. IMS Version 12IMS Java: SaaS for BPaaS Applications BPaaS Application JCA resource adapter JDBC Driver SQL XML-DB XQuery TM API DB API Base IMS Catalog Metadata JNI AERTDLI Interface CEETDLI Interface AIBTDLI Interface The Java Native Interface is used to access IMS procedural code 38
  40. 40. IMS Version 12 IMS Cloud SOA /Transaction IMS SOA / Access Catalog Database WebSphere Metadata Access IMS TM WebSphereJava/J2EE Resource TCP/IP IMS Connect TCP/IP Adapter DRDA Client Java /J2EE IMS Applications Web Service MFS SOA IMS Universal Business DB Resource CICSIntelligence Database Adapter Transaction manager SQL Applications ODBM MFS Web manager XQuery .NET ODBA /DRA DL/I Client IMS DB2 SP/ DB2 SP SOAP OTMA JDBC CICS APP DL/I IMS SOAP IMS SAP Gateway JDBC IMS Java Driver COGNOS Application class Database developer JDR Library Resource REST Service IMS Adapter REST Service Catalog Metadata IMS IMS Catalog WebSphere Universal WebSphere Web 2.0 JDBC InfoSphere Web 2.0 InfoSphere Driver Mashup Mashup Mashup HTTP Mashup HTTP IMSTransaction REST Database IMS Access Web 2.0 IMS Explorer Service Access Adapter DL/I Model
  41. 41. IMS Version 12Summary Cloud computing is a model of consuming and delivering – IT services – Business services IMS plays an integral role in delivering business solutions 41