2011 06 ims user group host presentation_toronto


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Sandy Sherrill's Host Presentation at Toronto IMS RUG meeting on June 30, 2011

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2011 06 ims user group host presentation_toronto

  1. 1. IMS Regional User Group - MarkhamSandy SherrillIMS Worldwide Market Managersandy.sherrill@us.ibm.com You are here Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda 9:00 – 9:15 Continental Breakfast and Registration IBM Host 9:15 – 9:45 Welcome / IMS Updates / Introductions Sandy Sherrill IBM Host 9:45 – 10:45 IMS Explorer Marilene Noronha IBM 10:45 – 11:00 Break 11:00 – 12:00 Cloning IMS System Resources Key Rho 12:00 – 12:30 Lunch – Provided by IBM 12:30 – 1:30 Reorg’s – How to get smart – fix the right problem and reorg problem and reorg it Janet Leblanc right – IMS DB Reorg Expert -- IMS Tools 1:30 – 1:45 Break 1:45 – 2:45 IMS & Mashup Center Marilene Noronha IBM 2:45 – 3:00 Meeting Close – Have a great holiday weekend!!! ALL1 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. 2011 IMS Technical Conferences Bookmark this page! Bookmark this page! Bookmark this page!2 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. IMS and Mashup Center IMS in 2011 Free download for IMS 10 and IMS 11 clients Register for download here... IMS Explorer Technology Preview open! Download IMS Explorer now… Watch your IMS Community space for announcements!3 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. IMS Application Development Customer Advisory Council Coming to Markham in September 2011, 2.5 days Key Objective: we need to better understand the business and application perspective: – What are your priorities with respect to making IMS a better TM and DBMS? – What are your requirements and priorities with respect to IMS application connectivity and integration? – Which tools in your AD environments should be extended for use with IMS? Customer Benefits – Meet and network with other companies who use IMS – Provide input on IBM’s IMS product direction – Meet and establish on-going conversations with the IMS architects and technical leads – Influence IBM’s product strategy Enterprise Architects – QPP focus continues to be DBAs and System Programmers – CAC focus will be on Enterprise Architects4 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Sample agenda for IMS AD CAC Tuesday Wednesday Thursday September 13, 2011 September 14, 2011 September 15, 2011 8:30 Continental Breakfast Continental Breakfast Continental Breakfast 9:00 Welcome & Introductions Business Process Management Priorities Discussion Customer Presentations Business Rules Summary Enterprise Metadata Next Steps IMS DB and Futures Close 12:00 Lunch Lunch End of Meeting 1:30 IMS Today - Level Set Governance IMS TM and Futures Operational BI & Reporting IMS and JAVA Cloud Computing Application Development Tools 5:00 End of Day End of Day 6:30 Dinner Dinner5 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Upcoming IMS Teleconferences IMS and Cognos: Cognos support for IMS enables you to monitor business events and integrate those events with contextual data from operational data stores in real-time, including IMS. Date: July 26, 2011 IMS Explorer: Built on the Eclipse platform, the IMS Explorer offers advanced capabilities to import, model, and edit IMS database and program definitions. It provides graphically-driven editors for visualizing and updating IMS program and database definitions, and provides user assistance in the form of rich GUI controls and contextual help, to reduce IMS development effort. Date: August 9, 2011 IMS Teleconference information can be found at ibm.com/ims and on the System z Events page.6 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Community Resources facebook.com/IMSFans twitter.com/IBM_IMS www.youtube.com/user/ReThinkI imsmadesimple.tumblr.com MS ibm.com/developerworks/mydeveloperworks/blogs/IMS imslistserv.bmc.com linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=1949922 www.slideshare.net/ibmims ibm.com/vrm/newsletter/11069 www.ims- ug.org7 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. IMS Business Value Assessment A partnership between the IMS client and IBM to analyze the their current IMS usage The focus is to look for ways to help the client to get more use out of their IMS investment Interactive, collaborative design sessions System z Focus: – Combination of discussions with questions and Leveraging existing answers, white boarding, and presentations assets and platform – IBM-supplied subject matter experts capabilities8 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. IMS Business Value Assessment Roadmap: IMS Value Assessment? Help clients identify ways to get more out of their IMS Project Kickoff Call investment. It’s a proactive assessment that provides tactical and strategic recommendations for Discovery Workshop increasing benefits, lowering Supported by costs, and improving Subject Data Consolidation and processing efficiencies for IMS Technical Assessment Matter applications. Experts Generate Recommendations and develop workshop materials Deliver Recommendations Proposal for next steps. IBM Client team follow-up IBM or BP Services for Joint Proof Of Concept Client Implementation Deployment9 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. Please let us know! Suggestions for IMS User Group meetings topics and demos Suggestions for IMS Teleconference topics Requesting an IMS Business Value Assessment Presenting at an IMS User Group meeting Presenting at an IBM conference: IOD (Information Management), Impact (WebSphere), Innovate (Rational) Sharing a solutions story in a Case Study, Magazine article, Newsletter article Sandy.Sherrill@us.ibm.com10 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. Thank You!!!11 2011 © 2011 IBM Corporation