Integrated Healthcare Management from IBM and Cerner


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Integrated healthcare management solutions for healthcare providers from IBM and Cerner help create greater collaboration and integration as well as better decision making through improved information sharing.

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Integrated Healthcare Management from IBM and Cerner

  1. 1. IBM Sales and Distribution Healthcare Solution Brief IBM and Cerner: Integrated healthcare management solutions Today’s healthcare landscape offers both great promise and significant Highlights challenges. The rapid and ongoing advancement of patient care tech- nology and methods holds the potential for a quality of care that is ● Optimize Cerner applications on unprecedented. At the same time, however, the need to rein in costs IBM platforms to help ensure the highest possible performance and improve efficiency has never been more urgent. ● Optimize both clinical and financial out- Maintaining the highest possible quality of care in this environment comes through end-to-end information management requires a multifaceted approach based on greater transparency and best practice concepts such as team care. Better healthcare is not only ● Achieve greater integration of clinical about the next big scientific breakthrough. It’s about making smarter information and device data with patient records decisions, using tools like electronic health records, advanced medical devices and information networks that help clinicians, administrators ● Enable better decision making through improved information sharing and insurers work together. With this kind of integration, healthcare becomes more patient-centric and focused on outcomes, rather than ● Choose from a broad spectrum of solu- process, procedure and record keeping. tions that can address many require- ments, from single-doctor practices to major healthcare institutions The key enabler of this new approach to healthcare management is a dynamic, flexible IT infrastructure, one that uses advanced healthcare ● Leverage the partnership between IBM and Cerner to deploy effective, management applications that address the entire organization from proven and validated healthcare man- end to end. A truly effective solution needs to bring clinical data agement solutions, quickly and simply together with administrative information, streamlining the way health- care works through more efficient processes backed by cost-effective, powerful technology. IBM and Cerner have come together to create integrated solutions that help hundreds of healthcare institutions around the world achieve these goals. Cerner delivers key functionality through a broad spec- trum of solutions that serve a range of healthcare providers—from individual physicians to the largest organizations. IBM contributes key dynamic infrastructure components, from efficient storage and servers with industry-leading virtualization technology that helps reduce server sprawl while improving utilization, to essential middleware that forms the cornerstone of efficient service-oriented architectures (SOAs), to expertise in business transformation backed by decades of experience and deep industry insight.
  2. 2. IBM Sales and Distribution Healthcare Solution Brief integrated into a comprehensive clinical and administrative About Cerner information management solution. This diversity gives the flexible Millennium platform broad and deep functionality for a range of healthcare professionals, from individual caregivers to entire hospitals. Cerner Millennium solution capabilities include, but are not limited to: Cerner is transforming healthcare by eliminating error, variance and waste for healthcare providers and consumers around the ● Clinical and document imaging world. Cerner solutions optimize processes for healthcare organ- ● Community health izations ranging in size from single-doctor practices, to health ● Acute care electronic health records systems, to entire countries, for the pharmaceutical and medical ● Emergency department management device industries, and for the healthcare commerce system. ● Device management These solutions are licensed by more than 8,500 facilities around ● Patient accounting the world, including approximately 2,300 hospitals; 3,400 physi- ● Radiology cian practices covering more than 30,000 physicians; 600 ambu- latory facilities, such as laboratories, ambulatory centers, cardiac ● Workforce management facilities, radiology clinics and surgery centers; 700 home-health facilities; and 1,500 retail pharmacies. Cerner PowerWorks – Built for private practices and smaller healthcare organizations, PowerWorks gives physicians what they need to run their offices efficiently and profitably. Solution areas include: Cerner: A leading healthcare information ● Clinical: Electronic medical records and prescription technology provider management Cerner, a premier IBM Business Partner, is a major force ● Business: Comprehensive front- and back-office manage- in healthcare information management, with more than ment, specialty management, surgery, electronic data inter- 8,500 facilities that use Cerner solutions. With a dedicated change, reporting industry focus, Cerner offers powerful solutions that break ● Services and Consulting: Assistance with business opera- down traditional barriers between business and clinical opera- tions, revenue management and vendor management tions, helping to eliminate silos of information and make ● 24x7x365 data support more efficient and effective patient care a core part of the business. Cerner CareAware – With intelligent medical devices becoming increasingly important in healthcare, it is essential The Cerner portfolio includes three key solution families: to capture and leverage the flood of data they produce. The Cerner Millennium®, PowerWorks® for secure data hosting, CareAware architecture offers a scalable, enterprise approach and the CareAware® medical device connectivity architec- to device connectivity. This approach delivers key benefits ture. These offerings optimize both clinical and financial out- including improved workflow, enhanced safety and better comes by facilitating greater information sharing and management of devices across an organization. streamlining processes. CareAware: Cerner Millennium, a person-centric solution framework, continues to advance the digitization of individual electronic ● Connects people to medical devices medical records to meet the needs of care providers, support ● Connects devices to clinician workflow professionals and healthcare consumers. Millennium offers a ● Connects workflow to improved patient outcomes rich set of focused application modules that can be seamlessly 2
  3. 3. IBM Sales and Distribution Healthcare Solution Brief IBM dynamic infrastructure solutions: ● Investment protection – Long-term support from an estab- Industry-leading IT lished industry leader, combined with open, scalable and IBM has long been a leader in healthcare industry solutions, upgradeable systems, help reduce risk. finding new ways to apply technology to patient care. For example, today IBM researchers are helping physicians make An effective IT solution takes more than good hardware and better use of medical device data to spot infections before software. IBM has deep industry expertise, business knowl- they become evident, greatly improving the outlook for high- edge and decades of experience helping clients achieve their risk patients. business and technology goals rapidly and efficiently. Expert IBM consultants can assist with solution design as well as At the same time, IBM understands that better, smarter implementation, and provide guidance on optimizing busi- healthcare depends on the entire organization—both the ness processes to make the most of the combined IBM and clinical side and the business side—working together, and Cerner solution. IBM also offers highly attractive financial that takes an IT platform which can be relied upon. Deriving services that make deploying the solution much easier, with the maximum benefit from Cerner solutions requires under- competitive rates and flexible services such as graduated lying technology that has the reliability, availability, scalability payments that are directly tied to the realization of tangible and performance needed for mission-critical operations. business benefits. That’s what IBM technology leadership offers. Enhanced value from two industry IBM strives to remain at the forefront of IT innovation, leaders while creating systems with strong support and longevity for IBM and Cerner have built a relationship that enables them investment protection. Clients are assured that the technol- to work together to develop stronger solutions that draw on ogy in use today is the best and most advanced available, with the strengths of both for the benefit of their clients. For a clear roadmap for future development. The IBM open- example, experts from IBM and Cerner collaborate at the systems approach means that its infrastructure solutions can Systems Integration Test Lab in Beaverton, Oregon to opti- evolve to keep up with changing business and IT require- mize Cerner applications on IBM platforms and help ensure ments, free of proprietary technological dead ends. the highest possible performance. IBM also has extensive IBM best-of-breed systems and software are designed to meet hands-on experience with Cerner implementations. Today, the strategic client goals, including: many Cerner deployments run on IBM computing platforms, making IBM the technology partner of choice. ● Flexibility – IBM virtualization technology helps optimize the infrastructure, making it possible to add new workloads No matter what the technology need or where the project without adding new servers, or shift resources as needed. may be, the IBM and Cerner team makes doing business Industry-leading software components such as simple. Both companies have a global presence, which gives IBM WebSphere® help to integrate diverse systems and international clients the peace of mind that everywhere make functionality available across the organization. Cerner is, IBM also operates. The hand-in-hand relationship ● Manageability – Robust IBM Tivoli® management soft- and comprehensive, complementary offerings of IBM and ware combined with built-in system features helps keep Cerner also eliminates the need to manage complex multiple- IBM infrastructures up and running without the need for vendor relationships. The result: healthcare professionals are heavy IT staff involvement. free to devote their attention and resources to what matters ● Low cost of ownership – Advanced systems, such as the most—the welfare of their patients. new IBM POWER7™, offer energy efficiency, the ability to optimize utilization and standardized, easy-to-scale hard- ware that can lower both capital and operational costs. 3
  4. 4. Find out more To learn more about how Cerner and IBM can help you pro- vide better, more efficient healthcare, contact your IBM or Cerner representative. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2010 Visit us on the Web at: IBM Corporation or 1 New Orchard Road Armonk, NY 10504 U.S.A. Produced in the United States of America March 2010 All Rights Reserved IBM, the IBM logo and trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. If these and other IBM trademarked terms are marked on their first occurrence in this information with a trademark symbol (® or ™), these symbols indicate U.S. registered or common law trademarks owned by IBM at the time this information was published. Such trademarks may also be registered or common law trademarks in other countries. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademark information” at Cerner, the Cerner logo, CareAware, Cerner Millennium, PowerWorks are registered trademarks owned by Cerner Corporation and/or its subsidiaries in the United States and certain other countries throughout the world. Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others Please Recycle HPS03011-USEN-00