IBM InterConnect 2013 Cloud General Session: George Karidis


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Presentation by George Karidis, Chief Strategy Officer, SoftLayer, at IBM InterConnect 2013

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IBM InterConnect 2013 Cloud General Session: George Karidis

  1. 1. #IBMINTERCONNECT IBM Cloud Public. Private. Dynamic Hybrid. Think it. Build it. Tap into it. Jamie Thomas GM, Software Defined Systems George Karidis Chief Strategy Officer, SoftLayer Robert LeBlanc SVP, Software Middleware Group Tom Rosamilia SVP, Systems & Technology Group and IBM Integrated Supply Chain Business Process as a Service Business Process Solutions Application Application Application Application Application Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service External Ecosystem Industry Collaboration Human Resources Big Data & Analytics Commerce Marketing Development Big Data & Analytics Security Integration Mobile Social Traditional Workloads Built using open standards Compute Storage Networking Built using open standards
  2. 2. Realize Greater Value From Critical Enterprise Applications with the Power of SoftLayer, an IBM Company George Karidis COO SoftLayer © 2013 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. #IBMINTERCONNECT A Global Hosting Leader Top 100,000 Sites By Hosting Provider Source: 2005 21,000 in 140 countries 100,000 22,000,000 1 percent globally
  4. 4. #IBMINTERCONNECT Global Footprint 13 Data Centers 17 Network Locations
  5. 5. #IBMINTERCONNECT Standardized, Modular Infrastructure One Platform to Serve a Broad Range of Customer Requirements  Highly flexible architecture  One platform for public cloud servers, private clouds, bare metal servers  Complete integration  Unified systems management & API  Build hybrid, distributed, high-performance architectures and manage from a single pane of glass  Pay by the hour or the month for a truly variable IT operations model x86 Server Bare Metal Private Clouds Virtual Servers Public Clouds Hybrid Clouds ?
  6. 6. #IBMINTERCONNECT Triple-Network Architecture  High-performance public network with transit from multiple tier-1 carriers  Secure OOB management via VPN  Private network for intra-application and inter-facility communications, access to shared services  Native IPv6 support  Virtual racks for integrated management  Complete suite of network services
  7. 7. #IBMINTERCONNECT Robust, Full-featured API Improves customer control, reduces error, increases flexibility SoftLayer API provides 1,600 function calls to over 200 services Supports REST, SOAP & XML-RPC interfaces Enables full auto-scaling implementations Comprehensive documentation, libraries and support Functions include: Automatic server deployment & provisioning Reboots & reloads Hardware configuration DNS Network Storage Security scans & monitoring
  8. 8. #IBMINTERCONNECT Complete Control  Mobile and Web-based management portals  Purchase, provision, deploy & manage infrastructure  Access to services, tools, automation & tutorials  Secure access via VPN to management network  Two-factor authentication to Web portal
  9. 9. #IBMINTERCONNECT A Unified Platform with Common Management and Programming Interfaces Common command and control interface across a unified architecture Combine bare-metal servers, public cloud instances and private cloud deployments into distributed hybrid architectures and manage from a single control pane and application programming interface (API) All deployed on-demand and provisioned in real-time Ideally suited to big data deployments, high input and output (I/O) and latency-sensitive apps Common user interface and API Web Mobile API Bare metal servers Visual server instances Private clouds x86 Data Center Pod x86 Data Center Pod x86 Data Center Pod Unique triple-network architecture allows seamless communication across distributed environments Infrastructure management system provides orchestration and automation
  10. 10. #IBMINTERCONNECT 21,000 Leading-edge Customers* Marketing and Digital Media Mobile & Communications Bump Voxer Instapaper Yelp Hosting & Service Providers Enterprise Social Games and Entertainment Platform as a Service Software as a Service *SoftLayer references