Storage strategy and tsm roadmap


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Storage strategy and tsm roadmap

  1. 1. © 2013 IBM CorporationTivoli Storage Strategyand TSM RoadmapOren Wolf – Storage software product management[ Copehnagen, Denmark]
  2. 2. 1Optimize, Virtualize & Manage Storage InfrastructureVirtual Storage CenterHeterogeneous virtualizationSelf-optimizing and designed for data reductionAdvanced storage analytics and automationApplication synchronized protectionAlways on storage infrastructureProtect the Information InfrastructureTSM Suite for Unified Recovery & RetentionHow Do I Transform to Next Generation Storage Operations?IBM Tivoli Storage Software StrategyNetworkTransform customer environments to Next Generation Storage operationsVirtual Storage CenterData wherever it resides in enterpriseIndustry leading VMware supportModernized data protection includinghardware/software snapshotsBig Data application protectionAlways on data protection1
  3. 3. 222010VolumeinExabytes9000800070006000500040002015You are hereSensors& DevicesVoIPEnterpriseDataSocialMediaBig Data: This is just the beginning… or is it?4.6BILLIONMobile phonesworldwide90%Of the world’sinformation wascreated in the last 2years44xAs much dataand content overcoming decade80%Of world’s data isunstructuredGoogle processes>24 Petabytes of data/dayOnly 25% ofthe data stored hascurrent business valueInformation volume doublesevery 18-24 months in mostorganizationIT organizations arerequired to cut total costseven as total volume risesData storage willconsume 20% ofmost IT budgetsData growth hassurpassed vendorability to improveareal density
  4. 4. 3The Increasing complexity, volume, and value ofdataThe first level bullet is 20 points– The second level bullet is 18 pointsThe third level bullet is 16 points– The fourth level bullet is 14 pointsThis is the look for a sub-title – 22 points
  5. 5. 4Storage Software TrendsThe Buyer is ChangingStorage TeamVirtualization TeamApplication OwnerEnd-User Team“By 2015, at least 10% of largeenterprises will have given up onconventional backup/recoverysoftware, and will employ snapshotand replication techniques instead.”- Gartner“By 2014, at least 30% of organizationswill have changed backup vendors dueto frustration over cost, complexityand/or capability” – Gartner“Less than 40% of organizations haveSRM tools to report and monitor thestorage infrastructure, forecast futuregrowth, plan future directions and modelchanges to the storage environment” -GartnerVirtualization, Deduplication, Disk Based Backup anddata growth are key influencer for purchase decisions.
  6. 6. 562012 the year of IBM Smarter Storage SoftwareTivoli StorageProductivity Center 5.1Butterfly AcquisitionEnhanced monitoring and reporting,new GUI, new packaging and licensingSignificant enhancements for the VMWare,enhanced Cognos reporting, FCM andSAP HANA supportInfrastructureOptimizationTivoli Storage Manager 6.4empirical analysis which providesautomated discovery, health check andmigration of backup systems to an IBMSolutionIBM SmartCloud VirtualStorage Center Delivers a virtual storage“hypervisor” withreplication, applicationaware snapshot, andadvance reporting andmanagement
  7. 7. 66IBM Smarter Storage software provides global dataavailability across physical, virtual and cloud environments.The IBM Smarter Storage softwareThrough innovation and applied analytics, we provide unprecedentedof unprecedented levels of cost efficiency and simplicity.We relentlessly focus on unrivalled client expereince and successin everything we do.
  8. 8. 77Built on a solid foundation of trusted technology …IBM Smarter Storage software visionSimplified clientexperienceIBM guiding and leading on the useof its technology to provide superiorbusiness outcomesIBM Smarter Storage SoftwareApplied AnalyticsApplying the era of cognitivecomputing to enable global dataavailabilityAccelerated client benefitFirst to market with software-integrated,contemporarycapabilitiesConsumable Intelligent Open
  9. 9. 8IBM Smarter Storage Software VisionFailure AvoidanceSoftware-Defined EnvironmentsAnalytics Based RecoveryInfrastructureOptimizationWorkload Optimized DataGlobal Data AvailabilityTransform from reactive Disaster Recovery to Pro-active Business ContinuityWhat is the future of Disaster Recovery?IrrelevanceDisaster Recovery -> Disaster Resiliency
  10. 10. 9TSM v6.2 (2010)• Built-in source-side data deduplication• Tight integration with TSM FastBack• Automatic deployment of Windows clientupdates• VMware vStorage API & VSS in Hyper-VTSM v6.1 (2009)• Built in DB2 database :• Increased scalability, availability &performance• Sets the stage for future capabilities• Built-in target-side data deduplicationTSM 6 - Provide the foundation for the futureTSM for Virtual EnvironmentsTSM Suite for Unified Recovery(1Q 2011, 2Q 2011)• Quick and efficient incremental block-level backups utilizing VMwaresvStorage APIs for Data Protectionand Changed Block Tracking features• TSM SUR capacity licensing greatlysimplify entitlementScalability & Deduplication DeduplicationVirtualization and Licensing DR and VirtualizationTSM v6.3/FCM v3.1 (4Q/2011)• Backed up data can be replicated inits deduplicated form between twoTSM servers providing efficient onlinedisaster recovery capabilities• Automatic client updates andadditional monitoring and reporting• Integrating HW Snapshot technologyto manage VMware data protection
  11. 11. 10NewNewNewin TSM for Virtual Environments v6.4• Incremental ‘forever’ VMware backups• Backup multiple VMs in parallel.• Application-aware Microsoft backups(SQL Server and Exchange)in TSM v6.4• SAP HANA support• Expanded Cognos reporting• External LDAP security• Suite for Unified Recovery ENTRY optionTivoli Storage Manager has been designed to address our customers’ most challengingissues: Continuing growth of data and the complexity of managing Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager v3.2• Application-aware snapshot support for UNIX applicationdata (DB2, Oracle, SAP) on N series and NetApp filers• Integration with Metro and Global Mirror with VSC, as wellas physical disk arrays like IBM XIV and Storwize V7000Tivoli Storage Manager – the INNOVATION continues
  12. 12. 11Disclaimer IBM’s statements regarding its plans, directions, andintent are subject to change or withdrawal at IBM’s solediscretion. Information regarding potential futureproducts is intended to outline our general productdirection and it should not be relied on in making apurchasing decision. The information mentioned regarding potential futureproducts is not a commitment, promise, or legalobligation to deliver any material, code or functionality.Information about potential future products may not beincorporated into any contract. The development,release, and timing of any future features or functionalitydescribed for our products remains at our sole discretion.11
  13. 13. 12Replication with Seamless Failover/FailbackStorage HierarchyDB2Site ATSM Server ASite BTSM Server BDatabaseStorage HierarchyDB2DatabasePre-failure1. Server A sends failover server connection information to client, which stores information locally2. Server A replicates node data and metadata (including schedules, option sets) to secondary server BFailover3. Primary TSM server at site A becomes unavailable4. Based on failover server connection information and policy, client is automatically redirected to Server Bfor retrieve and (optionally) store operationsFailback5. When server A becomes available, server B replicates any new data back to server A6. Based on policy, client operations are directed back to server AClient Node A254Simplified redirection of client nodes in failover/failback scenariosClient operations to either server, and servers reconcile laterNode ANode A61312
  14. 14. 13Cross Server Migration 5.x -> 6.x & NextPlatform “A”TSM Server APlatform “B”TSM Server ADatabaseStorage HierarchyDatabase Ability to move an existing server from one platform/architecture to another Supporst moving TSM server (database) from one platform to another even with endian-ess of various internal data structures stored into the database. Benefit: Allows customers to consider other H/W (platform) implementations AIX -> Linux x86_64 HP -> Linux x86_64 Solaris -> Linux x86_64 Linux pSeries -> AIX Solaris ->Linux x86_6413
  15. 15. 14 SAP HANA is a an in-memoryrelational database forprocessing high volumes oftransactional data in real time Familiar TSM for ERPfeatures are applied to SAPHANA Manage all files perbackup as a logical entity Run multiple Parallelsessions to TSM Exploit multiple networkpaths Backup to multiple TSMservers, etc.TSM Server"Tivoli Storage Managerenhancement to support SAP HANAis another example of the broadcustomer centric partnershipbetween IBM and SAP.”- Craig Jonsson, Vice President, Global IBMAlliance, SAP AGTSM for ERP is Extended to integrate with SAP HANA (1H 2013)14
  16. 16. 1515VMware Full Virtual Machine Instant Access and RecoveryvStorageBackup ServerTSMServer•TSM API• Data Mover• (B/A Client )• DP for VMwareRecovery AgentNAS/localGuestMachinesHostMachines(ESX, ESXi)VMFSDatastore Datastore DatastoreSANVMDK•vStorage (VADP)StorageHierarchyvCenterServer13Improved RTO for full-VM restoreRestore verification by running VM from TSM backup2 TSM server acts as virtual datastore to allow access to a virtual machine stored in TSM hierarchy User can access the machine for verification purposes or to initiate recovery to the vSphere ecosystem1. Identify VM virtual disk(s) and expose the disk(s) as iSCSI target(s)2. User can now access machine to verify a backup• Read operations directed at TSM server “virtual datastore”• Write operations cached (non-persistent)3. User can optionally specify recovery to vSphere data store• VMware Storage vMotion initiated• Write operations cached and persisted
  17. 17. 1616VMware vCloud Director Protection16Optimize backup for physicalresources, i.e., systemadmin protects physicalresource pools/clusters;based on current DP forVMware Off-Host backupmodelOptimize recovery and datamanagement around virtual(organizational) constructs, i.e.,organizations see “view” of their data
  18. 18. 1717VMware Data Protection and Reporting17TSM ServerGuestMachinesHostMachines(ESX, ESXi)VMFSdatastore datastoreSANBackup proxy(DP for VMware /FCM for VMware)vCenterDP SQLVMDKTSM StorageHierarchydatastore RDMGoal of reporting is tohelp customerunderstand how virtualmachined data is beingprotected independent ofthe product protecting thevirtual machine dataCustomers continue to deploy traditional, in-guestagents to provide data protection for a variety ofreasons, e.g., better RPO, more granular recovery,physical storage limitations, etc.DP ExchB-AFCMWindows
  19. 19. 181TSM Roadmap Highlights (2H/2013)User experience Next generation admin GUI for significantly improved ease of use in managing TSM Enhanced out-of-the-box reporting Additional DP for VMware deployment simplification Improved installation of TSM server and componentsVirtualization support Support Active Directory Unified reports for VMware & traditional TSM agents Recovery: Database level recovery (SQL) and item level (Exchange) Full virtual machine instant access and recovery Data protection for vCloud Director tenant vAppsDisaster recovery Replication with seamless failback/failover for automated redirection of client nodes in disasterscenarios Replication of associated client information (client options, schedule, node info)Application and storage device protection DP for SAP HANA (phase 2)Server infrastructure improvements Data migration support across TSM server platforms
  20. 20. 19TSM Next Version Family1TSM Server• Automated fail-over/back with node replication• Node Replication increase scalability• Upgrade to DB2 10.5• IBM Install Manager packages for TSM server, Reporting &Admin• TSM server DB backup over Shared Memory instead ofTCP/IP• Windows 2012 TSM server support• Migrate Server Instance from One Platform to AnotherTSM B/A client• NetApp - Directory-level direct-access recovery for NDMP• HTTPS protocol support for NetApp snapshot-assistedprogressive incremental backup (SnapDiff)• Windows 8 & Solaris 11 TSM BA client support• Macintosh BA client – add SSL support• Linux BA client support for Btrfs (B-tree file system)• Hyper-V clustered Shared Volume currency & support forguests stored on remote FSTDP for VMware• Full VM instant restore• Instant restore for VMware datastores• vSphere 2013 user interface• Filespace level collocation groups to support VE• vCloud Director Tenant vApp support• Unified recovery interface for Exchange IMR• Backup/Recovery of vms w/ Microsoft AD• DB-level recovery from vms hosting Microsoft SQL• VMware 6 support• Report on “What Failed Last Night”FCM• Unix support for NetApp NAS devices• Unix Externalize Device Agent interface to enablesupport for 3rd party storage devices• Remote management of FCM windows agents• Support VMware 6• Support for Exchange 15• Support for applications on GPFS on Unix• Support for GPFS snapshotsTDP for Domino• 64-bit Solaris SPARC• Domino 9• Windows 2012• 64-bit Linux x86_64 support• TDM for Oracle: Windows 2012• Oracle 12c supportTDP for Exchange• Exchange on Windows 2012 serversTSM Reporting• Server Reports, Client Reports, Dimensional CognosData Model DeploymentFB4WKS• Add reporting to Central Admin Console• Central admin console scalability• Rebrand CDP starter edition and OEM to FB4wk StarterEdition and OEMHSM for Windows:• Backup Performance Enhancements• HSM on ReFS
  21. 21. 20Morning Cup of Coffee Dashboard20
  22. 22. 21THANK YOU