Smarter Computing: Expert Integrated System
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Smarter Computing: Expert Integrated System Smarter Computing: Expert Integrated System Presentation Transcript

  • IBM PureSystems Dr. Jean-Michel Rodriguez Executive Architect PSSC, Montpellier 2012 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • As IT moves to the strategic center of businessThe model must shift to Smarter Computing Business innovation Smarter Computing Smarter with: • Built-in expertise • Ability to sense and anticipate • Systems of engagement Traditional Computing Technology Innovation2 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • You experience the barriers of time, cost and risk todayAligning IT and business goals Business Goals Grow top and bottom line by: IT Reality Getting Up and Running • Driving business innovation Takes months: • Specify/Design • Integrate • Make new markets • Procure • Deploy • Respond to competitive threats Development Operations • Enhance the customer Takes 30-90 days: experience • Provision • Configure Ongoing Effort Takes months and requires downtime: • Customize/Tune • Maintain • Scale • Upgrade • Manage3 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • Clients have tried various approaches to close the gap Client-tuned Appliances Cloud Systems Benefits Flexibility Simplicity Agility Control Rapid Deployment Elasticity Challenges Time and Shared Expense Single Purpose Dependence Required What if you could have the best of all three?4 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • The time has come for a new breed of systems Expert integrated systems: Expert Systems with integrated Integrated expertise that combine the flexibility of a general purpose Systems system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance Fundamentally changing the experience and economics of IT5 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • Chassis Front View (2) FSM (2) Node Filler (2) Node Filler (2) pNode-2S (1) pNode-4SFull width Node xNode w/PXU6 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • PureSytems Integrated by Design Starts at Acquisition: A Continuum of Value from Building Blocks to Systems IBM Flex System Building Pre-configured, pre-integrated, Blocks integrated expertise… 14 half-wideChassis bays for nodesCompute Power 2S/4S*Nodes x86 2S/4SStorage V7000 ExpansionNodesManagement Flex SystemAppliance Manager 10/40GbE, FCoE,Networking IB 8/16Gb FC PCIe,Expansion Captive Storage7 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • New announcements for the PureSystems family that change theeconomics of IT and accelerate time to value Infrastructure Application Platform Data Platform Delivering Infrastructure Services Delivering Platform Services Delivering Data Services8 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • Diverse offerings to match the diverse workloads Compute IBM Flex System x240 IBM Flex System p260 System Portfolio tuned to workloads ◊ System infrastructure Reduce acquisition costs IBM Flex System x440 through virtualization consolidation ◊ Maximum platform capability IBM Flex System p460 provides deployment flexibility9 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • Network Switching and Why it MattersThe Problem: The Flex System Difference:Blade to blade communication flows north- Do more with your servers and reducesouth through the TOR, causing latency from network delays. Node to Noderequest / response traffic. Added network latency communication happens within thewill impact the overall workload the servers can Communication is contained Communication within chassis between blades running at 10GB requires traffic Ethernet to TOR Why this matters: Reduces switch latency Additional servers needed to overcome performance loss in network delays Low latency, web-serving, and database apps create significant server to server chatter and stress on the network10 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • Next generation flexibility: Scale for Bandwidth, Ports, or BothIBM 10Gb Switch: Wired for up to three 10Gb ports per node and twenty two external ports Networking • Base Switch: Enables 14 internal 10Gb ports (one to each server) and 10 external 10Gb 14 Logical ports internal partition 1 • Supports the 2 port 10Gb LOM and Virtual IBM 10Gb Virtual Fabric Switch ports Fabric capability System infrastructure Pool of uplink ports • 1st Upgrade via FoD: Enables 2nd set of 14 internal 10Gb ports (one to each server) and 14 Logical 2 40Gb ports internal partition 2 ports • Each 40Gb port can be used as four 10Gb ports • Supports the 4-port Virtual Fabric adapter • 2nd upgrade via FoD: Enables 3rd set of 14 Logical fourteen internal 10Gb ports (one to each internal partition 3 server) and four external 10Gb ports ports • Capable of supporting a six port card in future11 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • Full breadth of Networking offerings Networking IBM Networking Offerings • Scalable Switch modules for the IBM Flex System chassis • Four Scalable switches per chassis Simplifies network • Capable to provide up to 16 virtual switch deployment via integrated partitions per chassis management • Feature on Demand port upgrades for System infrastructure ◊ switches Reduces network complexity Ethernet & FCoE Fibre Channel InfiniBand via convergence and • 52 port 1Gb Switch • 20 port 8Gb • QDR Switch intelligent fabric monitoring Base: 14/10 (internal/external) Upgrade: 14/10 • 20 port 8Gb Pass Thru upgrade: FDR ◊ Switch Upgrade: four 10Gb uplinks • 48 port 16Gb • 64 port 10Gb Ethernet Switch Improves network Base: 14/10 Upgrade: 14/8 (two 40Gb performance via uplink) Upgrade: 14/4 uncompromised IO • 1/10Gb Pass Thru throughput • 4 port 1Gb - Broadcom • 2 port 8Gb – Qlogic • QDR & FDR ◊ • 4 port 10Gb - Emulex • 2 port 8Gb – Emulex Adapter Adapter • 2 port 10Gb – Mellanox • 2 port 16Gb – Fits with existing Brocade infrastructure and scales with Customer’s IO needs *Available at launch12 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Flex System V7000 – Different (and Better) by Design… IBM Flex System V7000 Open, multi-vendor virtualization based on proven technology Over 20,000 installations worldwide Unmatched interoperability and investment protection Low switching costs System infrastructure Seamless, transparent migration with no service disruption Up to 70% higher utilization of newly deployed and preexisting storage assets Automated intelligent data placement with EasyTier™ Up to 3X performance improvement with as little as 2% SSD capacity “Learns” and adapts to dynamic, mixed workload environments automatically Active Cloud Engine™ Automated, policy-based file movement Reduces cost and increases availability by moving files to the proper tier13 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • Enterprise Storage Flexibility Storage IBM Flex System extends the Storwize capabilities: Maximum performance and flexibility, integrated management and ease of use for customer for all customer configurations Full spectrum of servers and storage options Simplifies storage administration with a single user interface and common CLI Integrated Rack Separate Server & (w/ Internal and Storage Racks through a tightly integrated System infrastructure External Storage) management console ◊ Virtualizes third-party storage with non-disruptive migration of the current storage infrastructure External Storage ◊ Internal Balances high performance and Chassis cost for mixed workloads Storage ◊ Protects data for business continuity and disaster recovery with built-in local and remote replication and snapshot functions14 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM PureFlex System © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM PureSystems “patterns of expertise” Patterns of Expertise: Proven best practices and expertise for complex tasks learned from decades of client and partner engagements that are captured, lab tested and optimized and then built into the system Patterns deliver superior results: • Agility: Faster time-to-value • Efficiency: Reduced costs and resources • Simplicity: Simpler skills requirements • Control: Lower risk and errors Through unmatched expertise in: • System design • High availability • Infrastructure management and scalability • Application deployment • Security • Data management • Storage optimization • Datacenter management • Networking • Application management • Cloud16 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM PureFlex SystemIntegrated InfrastructureDesigned for future generations of technology 1 System for compute, storage and systems networking Up to 896 cores, 43 TB memory, 480 TB storage and 26M IO operations per second, per rack Up to 4 chassis per rack scalable up to 4 racks Express Standard Enterprise Management Node • Management Node • Management Node (Standard sw) (Advanced sw) (Advanced sw) 10Gb Network Switch • 10Gb Network Switch • 2 x 10Gb Network Switch 8Gb Fibre Chan. Sw. • 2 x 8 Gb Fibre Chan Sw • 2 x 8 Gb Fibre Chan Sw • Power only TOR = 2 Eth, 2 V7000 Storage w/2 ssd • V7000 Storage w/2 ssd FC (expansion for sys x) Power +8 hdd Power +16 hdd, 2 PS 4 fans x +4 hdd (sce only) • V7000 Storage w/ 4 ssd Rack w/Gray door • 4 P/S 6 fans Power +16 hdd, x +4 hdd Chassis • Rack w/Gray door (sce only)10U Chassis SCE (default off) • Chassis • 6 PS 8 fans14 Node Bays Lab Services (3days) • SCE (default on) • Rack w/Gray door MTS Base warranty • Lab Services (5 day) • Chassis +3 yrs w/1 microcode/yr • MTS Base warranty • SCE (default on) +3yrs w/1 microcode/yr • Lab Services (7 days) + WSU to 24x7 same day • MTS Base warranty + 3 yrs 9x5 Acct Advocate + 3yrs w/2 microcode/yr +WSU 24x7 same day +3 yrs 24x7 Acct Advocate 17 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • Built-in Expertise in IBM PureFlex SystemAcross all system resources Expert Integrated Systems Engineering expertise: Choice of architectures, hypervisors and operating systems No compromise design with system level upgradability Compute &Infrastructure Optimization expertise: Balance performance and cost with intelligent tiering Increase utilization through virtualization of new and existing storage Storage Scalability expertise: Respond to changing requirements by adding bandwidth on demand Eliminate bottlenecks for demanding applications Networking Automation expertise: Speed time to market through faster service deployment Manage workloads while the system automatically manages resources Management18 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Virtual Appliance Factory accelerates prepackaging of applianceEasy Integration thru Open-Standards Computing & Simple, Well-Managed Flexibility & Extensibility IBM Flex System IBM Virtual Appliance Factory with FSM with ICON Tooling Building the Virtual Image Virtual Appliance Appliance repository Deploy/Manage Software application Software Virtual application Machines + Middleware Middleware Import Capture + Operating system Virtual Operating Machines system Activation + Engine Activation Engine Metadata + Industry Metadata Open Virtualization Format (OVF) StandardDetails on creating virtual appliance @ MC|Press Online19 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM PureFlex System: Enable multiple client initiatives Optimize Innovate Better tune and automate systems More rapidly deliver new and applications to improve applications and services to application performance, scalability meet new business needs and reliabilityConsolidate Accelerate CloudMore efficiently More quicklyconsolidate enable secure, andsystems and integrated cloudapplications to environmentsreduce operatingexpenses Optimize Innovate Accelerate Consolidate Cloud20 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM SmartCloud Foundation Infrastructure Solutions Integrated service management platform with automated IT service Rich capabilities deployment, lifecycle management, allowing middleware metering and chargeback deployment Automated provisioning SmartCloud Orchestration designed for cloud; ParallelDeliver IT without Boundaries scalability with integrated fault Industrial- tolerance. strength Basic cloud functions IBM Workload Deployer virtualization including intuitive self coupled with service interface, automated administration, and resource infrastructure management IBM SmartCloud Provisioning balancing and designed for cloud virtual image management IBM SmartCloud Virtualization and Management Entry (IBM Platforms + Systems Software) Service Assurance, Service Defense, Hybrid Cloud IBM Platforms STANDARDIZATION Cloud Capabilities 21 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM PureApplication System © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM PureApplication System configurations Configuration Configuration Configuration Configuration 1 2 3 4 96 Cores 192 Cores 384 Cores 608 Cores 1.5 TB Ram 3.1 TB Ram 6.1 TB Ram 9.7 TB Ram + + + + 6.4 TB SSD storage 48.0 TB HDD storage Application Services entitlement Upgrade to larger systems without taking an outage!23 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM softwareAnd the value that it can deliver to our customers Business Discover subtle patterns and associations and develop and deploy predictive Analytics models to optimize decision-making. Collaborative Empowering people to connect, collaborate and innovate while optimizing the Solutions way they work. Industry Apply industry expertise and solutions in both business and technology to help Solutions to help create value. Information Analyze your information to gain insights, identify breakdowns, and make Management better decisions that will optimize your business. Improve quality and time-to-market while reducing risk and cost through Rational integration, collaboration, and optimization. Security Enable organizations to build a strong security posture that helps manage risk, Systems threats, compliance and audit issues. Integrated service management solutions to help manage traditional IT assets, Tivoli physical assets and emerging “smart” assets. Creating SOA environments that enable dynamic, interconnected business WebSphere processes, and deliver highly effective application infrastructures for all business situations.24 © 2012 IBM Corporation24
  • Introducing IBM PureApplication System Combining virtualized workloads with scalable infrastructureMiddleware Compute Data and 96-608 Way Runtime Configuration Deploy Storage From Weeks Solid State to Minutes Devices Relieve Spindles Manage InterconnectFrom Separate Local Speeds to Integrated Compute, Storage 25 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM PureSystems “patterns of expertise”Samples of the three types of patterns IBM PureFlex System IBM PureApplication Pre-integrated servers, storage, System networking, virtualization and Pre-integrated middleware management and infrastructure Application Patterns • ISV applications (e.g., SAP CRM) Business application expertise • Business intelligence • Web experience • Demand driven elasticity Platform Patterns ISV or • Simplified system setup and install Expertise across the Client • Policy-based system management middleware and Tuned • Simplified application migration infrastructure Platform • Web application deployment • Transactional database deployment • Data mart deployment Infrastructure Patterns • Provisioning and automation Expertise across the • Storage system optimization compute resources • Scalability and upgradability Included with system purchase Available in catalog26 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM PureData System: Optimized exclusively for data services Optimized for data services: Workload optimized Transactional performance Analytics Data load ready in hours Expert integrated: Integrated management Data platform Infrastructure Automated maintenance Unified platform management Single point of support Built-in expertise Data Platform Delivering Data Services27 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • Different data workloads have different characteristics For Apps like E-Commerce… Handle millions of daily on-line transactions System for Transactions requiring a mix of data reads and writes For Apps like Customer Analysis… System for Analytics Easily load petabytes of data and run complex analytics and reports with minimal administration powered by Netezza technology For Apps like Real Time Fraud Detection… System for Run complex analytics while handling operational Operational Analytics reads and writes for real-time decision making28 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM PureData System Pattern based database deployment in minutes, not hours1 System for Transactions Handles more than 100 databases on 1 system2 10-100x faster than traditional custom systems4 System for Analytics 20x greater concurrency and throughput powered by for tactical queries than previous Netezza technology Netezza technology5 Continuous ingest of operation data System for Handles 1000+ concurrent Operational Analytics operational queries3 1. Based on IBM internal tests and system design for normal operation under expected typical workload. Individual results may vary. Up to 10x storage savings with 2. Based on one large configuration 3. Based on IBM internal tests of prior generation system, and on system design for normal operations under expected typical workload. Individual results may vary. adaptive compression6 4. Based on IBM customers reported results. "Traditional custom systems" refers to systems that are29 not professionally pre-built, pre-tested and optimized. Individual results may vary. 5. Based on IBM internal performance benchmarking © 2012 IBM Corporation 6. Based on client testing is the DB2 10 Early Access Program
  • IBM PureData System for TransactionsOptimized exclusively for transactional data workloads Speed Industry leading DB2 performance System for Transactions Database node recovery in seconds1 Delivering data services Simplicity for transactions Database deployment in minutes, not hours1 Runs multiple database software versions Handles more than 100 databases on 1 system2 No planned downtime for firmware / OS upgrades1 Scalability Scaling up to 30x3 Designed to expand from small to medium to large configurations with no planned system downtime Smart Supports Oracle Database apps with minimal change; supports DB2 applications unchanged Clients have experienced cases of 10x storage space savings via Adaptive Compression4 Footnotes: 1. Based on IBM internal tests and system design for normal operation under expected typical workload. Individual results may vary. 2. Based on one large configuration.30 3. Based on the designed minimum and maximum processor and memory resources required for a single database. 4. Based on client testing in the DB2 10 Early Access Program. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM PureData System for AnalyticsOptimized exclusively for analytic data workloads Speed 10-100x faster than traditional custom systems1 System for Analytics 20x greater concurrency and throughput for tactical queries2 Delivering data services for analytics Patented MPP hardware acceleration (Massively Parallel Processing) Simplicity Data load ready in hours No database indexes No tuning No storage administration Scalability Peta-scale data user capacity Smart Designed to run complex analytics in minutes, not hours Richest set of in-database analytics 1 Based on IBM customers reported results. "Traditional custom systems" refers to systems that are not professionally pre-built, pre-tested and optimized. Individual results may vary.31 2 Based on IBM internal performance benchmarking. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM PureData System for Operational AnalyticsOptimized exclusively for operational analytic data workloads Speed Handles 1000+ concurrent operational queries1 System for Operational Analytics Continuous ingest of operational data MPP analytics (Massively Parallel Processing) Delivering data services for operational analytics Simplicity Automatic, policy-based data placement and workload management Integrated management and support Scalabilty Available in multiple sizes with up to a Petabyte of data capacity2 Smart In-database analytics for leading applications Supports DB2 applications unchanged and Oracle Database apps with minimal change Clients have experienced cases of 10x storage space savings via Adaptive Compression3 1. Based on internal tests of prior generation system,, and on system Design for normal operation under expected typical workload . Individual Results may vary. 2. Total raw data capacity based on 1 XLarge configuration with five full rack data expansion add-ons.32 3. Based on client testing in the DB2 10 Early Access Program. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • Smart consolidation of application and data services Real Time Business eCommerce Order Credit card Client Churn Fraud Intelligence Catalog & Cart management management Analysis Detection Analytics & Transactional Transactional Analytic Applications Data Services Data Services PureData System PureApplication for for for System Transactions Analytics Operational Analytics33 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • With the broadest open ecosystem…. Over 191 optimized solutions from 170 leading ISV partners ‒ Delivering applications including analytics, mobile, commerce and more. ‒ PureSystems Centre is the gateway to IBM and certified partner expertise 60+ partners committed to PureData System* developerWorks enables the developer ecosystem © 2012 IBM Corporation * 31 new partners The SAP logo is a trademark or registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and several other countries and is reproduced with the permission of SAP AG.
  • Extensibility from the broadest ecosystem is made easy New IBM PureSystems Centre: Gain access to a broad community of IBM and certified partner expertise Download optimized, deployable application patterns from 100+ leading ISV partners Search by solution area, industry or system Also run your existing applications today*35 © 2012 IBM Corporation The SAP logo is a trademark or registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and several other countries and is reproduced with the permission of SAP AG. * Unix/Linux and Windows applications
  • IBM PureSystems Positioning © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • Understand the IBM top line portfolio positioning zEnterprise Expert integrated systems: Power HE combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, the Power 770 elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance. PureApplication System Power 4S •WebSphere, DB2 Power 2S PureFlex System Power Blades •Power 4S and 2S •X86 4S and 2S x Blades •Storage •Networking x High End x Volume Rack IBM PureApplication System Positioning IBM PureFlex System x Volume & Selection Assets kit Tower System37 IBM BP © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • IBM Systems Portfolio Expert Integrated Systems zEnterprise when clients want a pre-integrated and pre-optimized system Power HE Platform Systems: Power 770 Middleware Power 4S Storage and Power 2S Compute Unified Networking Mgmt Platform Mgmt Compute Power Blades PureApplication PureData System System x Blades Infrastructure System: x High End Storage and Compute Flex System x Volume Networking Rack Infrastructure Mgmt x Volume Tower PureFlex System38 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • The integrated infrastructure marketCustomers are hearing very similar claims “ Converged . . . the industry’s first portfolio of pre-integrated, Systems precision tuned, and optimized infrastructure HP solutions, delivering the fastest path to agile and efficient virtualized applications. “ Unified . . . beyond convergence, delivering the first truly Systems unified system with a flexible pool of compute, network, storage resources and embedded management to simplify CISCO operations, reduce costs, and achieve business agility. Engineered Systems ORACLE “ . . . easier to buy, own, and operate . . . integrated, tuned, optimized, identical . . . pre-assembled & pre-configured HW & SW bundles that reduce cost and ORACLE complexity of IT and increase productivity & performance.39 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 40 © 2012 IBM Corporation