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Lotusphere 2012 - What's next in Lotus Notes & Domino
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Lotusphere 2012 - What's next in Lotus Notes & Domino


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Overview of news and updates in Lotus Notes & Domino from Lotusphere 2012

Overview of news and updates in Lotus Notes & Domino from Lotusphere 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. IBM Lotus Domino & Notes:What is next© 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 2. IBM’s statements regarding its plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawalwithout notice at IBM’s sole discretion.Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general product directionand it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision.The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment, promise, orlegal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. Information about potential futureproducts may not be incorporated into any contract. The development, release, and timing of anyfuture features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion. 2 | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 3. Agenda■ Quickr recap of 8.5.3 ...■ Lotus Domino – the real technical stuff■ Lotus Traveler – what is coming■ Lotus Notes 8.5.4 and iNotes 8.5.4 ...■ Lotus Designer | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 4. Quick recap on 8.5.3 ... ─ IBM Connections – Profiles & Files & Status Updates■ Upgrade Pack 1 (via OpenNTF) | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 5. Profiles – from a Browser | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 6. Profiles – more details ... | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 7. Profiles – searching from Browser | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 8. Profiles - same search from Notes ... | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 9. Profiles 1 4 3 2 | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 10. IBM Connections – Files plugin | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 11. IBM Connections – Files plugin Shared File Flere muligheder Public File Private File | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 12. Files plugin - continued 1 2 | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 13. IBM Connections – status updates | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 14. IBM Connections – status updates I min sidebar I min browser | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 15. Notes & Domino 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1■ Available December 14, 2011■ Get it now!! ─■ Delivers a set of application development capabilities on top of 8.5.3 ─ Upgrade Pack 1 delivers new features using plugins ─ Applicable to Domino, XWork Server, Notes, Domino Designer ─ Does not modify the 8.5.3 base content in any way■ What does it contain? ─ XPages Extension Library (Most but not all of the capabilities currently on OpenNTF) ─ Updated templates built with controls in Extension Library – Teamroom: XPages UI including mobile access – Discussion: new mobile access ─ Domino Access Services: New REST APIs Supported in Q4 2011 IBM | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 16. Upgrade Packs ...■ Deliver new functionality through off cycle Upgrade Packs■ The code is first released on openNTF ─ Available early and gives full transparency on what is being done■ Pieces from openNTF are extracted and delivered as Upgrade Packs, supported by IBM ─ Upgrade packs are delivered on a shorter release cycle than products■ Upgrade Packs are integrated into the next revision of the product Continuous development released as open source Upgrade Upgrade ...Upgrade... Upgrade Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack X Pack Y Core Product N/D 8.5.3 N/D 8.5.x | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 17. New Teamroom Template From This To ThisIn two easy steps!1) File-Application-Replace Design2) Run Upgrade Content agent (note: you only need to run agent once) | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 18. | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 19. | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 20. | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 21. Lotus Domino – looking ahead … (Technical !) | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 22. Lotus Domino – On Premise – what to expect■ Focus is (as always) on TCO■ More open standards: SAML, Oauth ─ SAML – Reduce number of passwords – Support for Notes and Web clients – Planned for SAML 1.1 & 2.0 ─ Oauth Credential Store – Open Standard for Authorization, not authentication – Tokens granted – Site specific, resources, duration■ Other Highlights ─ Database Management Tool (single tool to do everything) – Compact, Index updates etc... ─ SHA-2 support | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 23. | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 24. Lotus Traveler – where are we today ...■ Apple Devices and Operating ■ Windows Mobile Devices Systems ─ Windows Mobile 6.0, Standard, ─ iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone Professional and Classic versions 4S ─ Windows Mobile 6.1, Standard, ─ iPad and iPad2 Professional and Classic versions ─ iPod Touch ─ Windows Mobile 6.5, Standard, Professional versions ─ Apple OS 3.x ─ Apple iOS 4.x ■ Android Devices ─ Apple iOS 5.x ─ Android OS 2.0.1 and above, including tablets, OS 3.x, and OS 4.xNEW■ Nokia Devices ─ Nokia Series 60 3rd edition, including feature pack 1 and 2 ─ Nokia Series 60 5th edition ─ Nokia Symbian^3 edition NEW | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 25. What are we looking at ...■ High Availability■ Android ─ To Dos ─ Calendar - Month View ─ Mail/Calendar - enhanced tablet UI ─ Cross mobile application integration■ iOS ─ To Dos■ Security Enhancements ─ Data leak prevention for attachments ─ Policy to prohibit copy to clipboard ─ Application level password (Android)■ Windows Phone - support has been announced | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 26. Hot Requirements - High Availability, Load Balancingand Single URL Lotus Traveler service Joe pool Lotus Domino mail servers Device Mary request Bob IP Sprayer or Load Balancing Proxy (Round robin with session affinity) HA Traveler DB All traveler servers have Any Traveler server can (Relational DB) shared view of data. service any device request HA DB setup to ensure high availability of data. 26 | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 27. ■ New Scalable Mobile Device Management solution■ Low TCO■ Fast to deploy■ Integrates with Traveler 27 | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 28. Lotus Notes Social Edition■ Feature Release – on top of 8.5.4 (and coming at the same time) 28 | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 29. Desktop: Lotus Notes Social Edition - E-Mail ■ Click on URLs in edit mode ■ Categorize inbox by date (“Today”, “Yesterday”, “Last Week”) ■ Single click mail/calendar/contacts ■ Rolling calendar view (additive weeks) ■ Weekly planner view ■ Cocoa Mac Support | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 30. Lotus Notes 8.5.x supports LotusLive Notes R  Focus on Quality, Base for Social sM Edition  Adopt Common One UI te Improved error messages & diagnostic No Lotus Notes 8.5.3 controls supports LotusLive Notes PIM consumability features 2014 R Mac Cocoa support sM  Broaden the reach of the Notes client Additional mobile device support LotusLive Notes Enhanced SSO via on prem SAML te Improved search and sorting C&S REST APIs No Improved calendar updating Maximize experience for hybrid Enhanced new mail notification experience (on premises / cloud) More signature options Bug fixes RLotus Notes 8.5.2 sM Connections Business Card Improvementssupports LotusLive Notes Recent contacts improvements te LotusLive Security & SSO improvements No Broaden the reach of the Notes client LotusLive policy enhancements Lotus Notes Feature RHEL 6.0 Desktop , Citrix LotusLive Notes Release 2012 Tighter LotusLive Notes integration XenApp 6.0, and enhanced 64-bit toleration Sametime 8.5.1 & Symphony 3.0 Simplified deployment Mac OS 10;6, RHEL 5.4, Windows 7 Improvements in multi-user LotusLive Notes supported via Lotus Notes deployments of the client Traveler iPhone/iPad support (OS 3.X, iOS4) Lotus Notes Social Edition Continuity Experience extends across Lotus Traveler support for Linux portfolio solutions: Sametime, Mail, calendar, & contacts improvements Simplified deployment Connections, Quickr, etc Quickr Connectors enablement Mac Cocoa support Notes seamless failover capability Improved error messages & diagnostic Convergence controls 2011 Delivers unified collaborationPost-8.5.2: Convergence experience across rich, web and Android support (4Q) Adopt Common One UI mobile clients Integration of adjacent email capabilities Improved UI/navigation Improved Email Notification e ss Innovation sin social mail, Social search and PIM consumability features analytics across the collaboration Enhanced integration with Lotus portfolio B u environment 2010 Maximize experience for hybrid experience ial (on premises / cloud) New Opportunities c Enhanced SSO via on prem SAML Domino applications, extensive use of So C&S REST APIs widgets and mashups technology, Socially Oriented Collaboration and HTML5 for richer user Capabilities experience. Reflects new LotusLive Notes Embedded experience content for inclusion in a Note: Information is subject to change Open Social integration future Notes/Domino without notice at IBM’s discretion Widgets in iNotes feature release social mail Introduction * * To be used in conjunction with IBMIBM Corporation 30 | © 2012 Connections
  • 31. Notes Application Player for Windows■ Designed to easily extend applications previously available only to Notes users out to web browser as well■ Provides an alternative option to XPages modernization■ Allows applications to run in a browser with no design modification!■ Designed to be similar to other popular browser plug-ins in size, deployment & configuration needs■ Minimal limitations ─ e.g., not designed to support mail template but designed to work in conjunction with iNotes ─ Windows only ─ Firefox support, others? 31 | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 32. Demonstration Time !!!(keep your fingers crossed) 32 | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 33. Lotus iNotes – what to expect ...■ Plans for Lotus iNotes to deliver: ─ Embedded Experiences (Social Edition) ─ IBM Connections Files integration (Social Edition) ─ Similar visual experiences by consuming and extending many of the Dojo widgets built initially for IBM Connections Mail (future) ─ Improved tablet and smartphone experiences (future) ─ Improved fully accessible solution (future) 33 | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 34. The Activity Stream shown in the context of e-mail … in the Homepage of iNotes Social Edition Social Filter E-Mail Widget for Activity quick access to Stream* the Inbox* Integrationvia open APIs,e.g. by usingthe SocialBusinessToolkit Calendar Widget Designs subject to change | © 2012 IBM Corporation 34
  • 35. Lotus iNotes Social Edition & Embedded Experience 35 | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 36. Lotus iNotes Feature Roadmap Lotus iNotes Social Edition/8.5.x (*) Lotus iNotes 8.5.3 • IBM One UI theme adoption • Sametime 8.5.2 Web • View attachments using IBM Awareness, Chat, Contact Docs List, and Business Card • IBM Connections Files • Increased default font size integration Lotus iNotes 8.5.2 • Improved sorting on • Calendaring Web Experience & • Edit message subject Productivity improvements Lotus iNotes 8.5.1 performance • Improved auto-processing • Customer-critical Notes feature • Read message performance improvements of calendar gaps improvements • Sametime 8.5. Meetings notices/updates • SAML SSO support • Recent collaboration type ahead Social Edition Only list information integration in Calendar form • Pivoting on selected entry in view on sorts • Policy-driven Notes widgets 2014 • Notes HTML signatures • Ultra-light • No expansion of Personal • Live Text • Unread folder count/Inbox refresh • Android support Groups • Embedded Experiences within • Preview pane actions • iPad support • Ultra-light: Alternate name mail messages • Scroll hints • Bidi enablement support • OpenSocial Notes widgets • Web style search • MSI Package for Web • IE 9.0 • System tray notifier for new mail • Ultra-light enhancements: Controls • FF 4.0 & greater and alarms • Mail management • LotusLive Notes • Chrome 12 & greater 2013 • Accept/Decline meetings integration • Signatures • FF 3.6, Safari 5 • New date and address pickers • Auto timezone detection • Quick contact entry • ID Vault and policy integration 2012 • Improved server archiving UI and policy/criteria support • Multilingual UI Lotus iNotes Future (*) • Customer-critical Notes feature gaps • Portal/Widget programmability • Customization improvements 2011 • Improved Extensibility/Customization • Increased portfolio integration and symmetry, • SPNEGO (Windows SSO) • IE8, FF 3.5, Safari 4 particularly with IBM Connections • Expanded feature set on LotusLive • Windows 7 (FP1) • Greater mobile browser feature set and additional mobile devices/platforms 2010 • Offline / Local archiving improvements • Continued accessibility improvements • More analytics and improved search capability • Round trip editing of attachments 2009 • Continued support for latest browsers | © 2012 IBM Corporation(*) The information on future product features is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The information on future product features is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into any contract. The information on new product features is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion.
  • 37. Domino Designer - Beyond 8.5.x....■ Server-Side JavaScript editor and debugger■ Leverage a newer Eclipse version■ Multi-user support■ Debug Java agents■ Improve consumption of OpenNTF assets■ Mac & Linux® support ─ On the list, but not as high as quality and functional completeness 37 | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 38. Domino Designer 8.5.x■ Continued quality improvements■ Incorporation of upgrade pack features■ A new Jar design element ─ Like the Java element, scoped to the NSF ─ Available to XPage applications ─ Allows you to share Java libraries across applications or hide the Java source from application consumers■ And one more thing (so far...) 38 | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 39. Lotus Notes & Domino Lotus Domino & Application Development Designer 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 2 Domino Designer Support new Xpagescontrols XWork Server 8.5.3 XPages XPages Extension Library 2013 Enhanced Mobile support Leverage social services Application server based on from ConnectionsTM, Domino and Xpages SametimeTM capabilities. Suitable for ISV Dojo upgrade XPages solutions Secure Lotus Domino & Designer Low cost Lotus Domino & Scalable Feature Release Available to web browsers & Domino Designer Designer 8.5.2 mobile devices Server Side JavaScript editor & debuggerDomino Designer Usability enhancements Usability and Productivity enhancements 2012 XPages Rich Internet Application (RIA) featuresXPages Lotus Domino & Dojo & CKEditor upgrade Stability/performance Enhanced Mobile device support improvements Designer 8.5.4 iWidget/OpenSocial consumption/hosting Improved rich text editing (CKEditor) Lotus Domino & and Lotus Domino APIs Integrate with Activity Streams Dojo 1.4.1 Designer 8.5.3 Social Edition Domino Access Services (REST APIs) 2011 Better Notes client integration Domino Designer Language bindings for Activity StreamAPIs Upgrade Pack 1 Usability enhancements APIs XPage extensibility APIs Source control enhancements Platform Notes views (JavaTM) Lotus Domino & Domino Designer XPages Expand OSGi consumption and support Extensions for designCloud images for developers Designer 8.5.3 elements Incorporate Upgrade Pack 1 & 2 in Domino into base Cloud services for developers 2010 Domino Designer Source Control Integration New XPages and Forms/Views Support new XPagescontrols XPages Create OpenSocial gadgets Dojo, CKEditor & OneUI upgrade perspectives APIs XPages Extension Library Domino Access Services (REST Update CS JavaScriptTM editor Enhanced Mobile device New Java design element APIs) Refresh support C&S REST APIs & back-end XPages APIs Stability/performance improvements LotusScript & Java classes Domino Access Services Platform Improved rich text editing (CKEditor) (REST APIs) Dojo 1.5, CKEditor 3.5.3 Expande OSGi consumption and APIs support in Domino XPage extensibility APIs Open social container Cloud images for Applications Cloud services for developers 39 | © 2012 IBM Corporation Note: Information is subject to change without notice at IBM’s discretion
  • 40. Adding Social Capabilities to XPages■ Wrap XPages as an OpenSocial gadget ─ Allows XPages to participate in Embedded Apps■ New data sources to access any XML and JSON REST services ─ New Lotus Connections dedicated data sources (Communities, Profiles...) ─ New data source and libraries to deal with the ActivityStreams■ New controls to deal with the public social networks ─ Connect to LotusLive, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter...■ Seamless handling of authentication/authorization mechanisms ─ Supports single sign-on, OAuth, Basic Authentication...■ XPages Social Enabler available now on OpenNTF■ See the introduction video: ─ 40 | © 2012 IBM CorporationIBM Confidential
  • 41. XPages - Beyond 8.5.x....■ Rich Internet Application (RIA) features■ Improved support for HTML5■ Offline application support■ Dojo, OneUI & CKEditor upgrades■ Enhanced Mobile device support■ iWidget/OpenSocial hosting■ Improved Integration with Activity Streams 41 | © 2012 IBM Corporation