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  • Today I want to describe what the Tririga solution is acquired in 2011, the success it has brought to IBM Europe, and its potential value for 2013. First off lets discuss why we brought this product into our Asset and Facilties Management software portfolioSo Asset and Facilties Management are fairly unique in IBM in that we are business applications – focussed on the line of businessOur core offering Maximo is focussed on Physical Asset Management – that’s the service, work, and supply chain processes to keep assets running. So for example we’re runing a call centre saying you have no power, and the mobile Work Order for someone to fix a transfomer.Maximo covers multiple asset classes – transport (indeed the engines on your plane were probably managed by Maximo, trains you travelled on), facilities from pentagon to disney, plant production from the cars you drive like Volvo, Volkswagen, Toyota (maybe your all driving porsches), and Linear assets like roads, and water pipe networks that you drink from (and whats the word ‘release into’)But as buildings have got smarter, and processes managing them more complex Maximo had a shortfall in the area of Facilites management – the manegement of buildings asset.Hence Tririga!!
  • This diagram describes at a high level the Tririga solution. Solutions focussed on asset management in Facilties and buildings are termed Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS – got to have an acronym). Tririga leads its 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IWMS in terms of capability and is slightly behind Planon in terms of Execution, which should change under IBM. It does sometimes compete with ERP such as SAP, but is significantly richerOriginally it was a US centric product, developed in Las Vegas (original focus on the vast casinos there). So we’ve had language, resource and localisation ‘challenges’ in Europe – lot of effort has gone into meeting.So like business applications you have a base layer of data, workflow, reporting and integrations. And critically here you create a business model of the business in terms of people, sites and rooms of the estate. Then above these you have the functionality to drive differing processes.Real Estate – here you manage all the contracts and agreements for internal or external leases on building – so for example IBM South Bank paying Alan Sugar, or an airport charging for spaceCapital Project Management – these are projects to change buildings – Starbucks are constantly updating there stores and Tririga streamlines this processFacility Management – this is SPACE modelling the SPACE, integrating to CAD floor plans, planning moves and onbaording new staff – Ernst & Yong use Tririga to monitor and flex the utilisation of their buildings by integrating to badgesMaintenance Management – this is the crossover with Maximo to the Physical maintenance of air-con, lifts, but indeed soft services like cleaningEnvironmental (sometimes called TREES) – here its calculating the carbon footprint and energy concumption across buildings
  • OK – so lets switch to 3 technical campaigns that we’re running for Tririgi through 2013 – with demos, collaterall, etc etcFirst off is Lease Management. Something major is happening – global regulatory changes mean that leases which before could be placed in opex now need to sit as a liability on the blanace sheet.This is very current and in the news, here are 3 articles from last week, I wont read the Le Monde article.But from the FT you can see the IASB and FASB standards will add billions to the balance sheet, which is currently residing into OPEXAn IBM survey states 92% of companies feel they are not ready for the vast amount of data and process required. Excel WILL NOT DO
  • IBM TRIRIGA delivers critical lease accounting and strategic facility planning capabilities to manage all classes of leased assets, avoid costly financial restatements and increase utilization of leased assets:It accelerates preparedness for the new standard with pre-built spreadsheets and compliant templates for faster loading of lease information;It provides necessary financial reporting to achieve auditable lease accounting with simple-to-use pre-built reports and financial assumptions management capabilities; and It reduces or eliminates the need for under-utilized leased assets with advanced strategic facility planning capabilities.
  • Onto techncal campaign 2 - As we said Tririga models the buildings and sites of a company and you can model the financial aspects of the leasesBut another core area of funcitonality is around Space management. And this forms our 2nd technical campaignAs we can see from this studay where employees and companies work is changing.Previously you’d be a large central office – now we’re dispresed across sitesRather than one office you’ll work from home and a number of locationsHot deskingThink IBM south Bank on a Friday versus a Weds
  • So how can Tririga help….We can model a buildings floor space to granular level…. But also we can understand via badge passes and email contact what is the utilizationControl chargeback fro use of spaceMange moves and adds and changes to the use of floors, rooms or desksAnd provide users with interactive floor plans for better finding rooms, or planning changesWe also have a fulll reservation management suite so you can get more from the spaces you haveOnce this rich dtaa on space and usage is collected we can help make strategic decisions on which sites to keep, which to refurbish which to close down
  • Our final technical campaign – how Tririga manages Environmental and Energy challenges for companies.THIS IS ABOUT TREE HUGGING AND BEING GREEN – althought that importantIts about business improvement, efficiency and regulatory complianceStudies show 92% of companies environmental strategies, but only 33% have reached their goalsWhat Tririga can do his help them gather the data on energy usage of buildings collate that data and then drive improvements on bad actors
  • So for my last slide, lets finish with some European Success storiesDespite the challenges of a US centric programme, lack of resource and delivery capability We closed 3 deals over a million in software.DIO is using the whole Trirga suite – and indeed are adopting the new reservation mgmt in a cumultive deal. And this will manage the entire UK minstry of defence property portfolioAirbus is using Maximo with a focus on Space and Operations management for their significant manufactuing sites, will integration to CAD floor plans and financial chargebackSo think Tririga, think Lease, think Space and think Environment!THANK YOU
  • IBM Smarter Physical Infrastructure Innovation and Capabilities

    1. 1. © 2013 IBM CorporationSmarter Physical InfrastructureInnovation and CapabilitiesKeith Stewart, Business Unit ExecutiveJames Cooper, European Technical Leader[ 28th May, Copenhagen ]
    2. 2. 1Recent key Maximo Success in EuropeEast Coast MainlineRail rolling stockMaximo Transportation,Scheduler.Bord Na MonaUtilties fuel productionMaximo, Scheduler, Mobile(Android).Irish WaterWater Treatment andDistributionMaximo Utilities, Scheduler,HS&EBritish Airport AuthorityAirports Asset MgmtMaximo Mobile (Android)MeloxNuclear fuelMaximo NuclearLa PosteMail serviceMaximo + SCCD, SAPadapterFingridElectricity TransmissionMaximo Spatial, SycloGBSFOAK Siemens integration
    3. 3. 2Agenda Introductions & Goals Health of IBM Asset and Facilities Management in Europe What is Asset Management? IBM Asset Management Portfolio Pulse Highlights Tririga solution overview
    4. 4. 3Operate and maintainDesign andspecifyProcure and supplyDecommission and disposeInstall and commissionAsset StrategyAssetControlAssetConfiguration /LocationProcedures /Bill of MaterialsPlanning/SafetyScheduleIssueResourcesExecuteWorkCompleteWork FeedbackInitiateWorkService CallPreventivePredictiveInspectionCBMCorrectiveRepairAlarmCapital ProjectService to performOperational integrityLogisticsContractProcureInventoryAssignmentLabour TrainingLabour ResourceStrategyStrategyAssetAnalyticsEnergy and carbon usageLifecycle: What is Asset Management?Asset BaseComplex assetconfigurationFull Health,Safety & Environment MgmtBilling £/$ for EAMservices to client
    5. 5. 4Standards: What is Asset Management?PAS 55 defines Asset Management as: systematic and coordinated activities and practices through which anorganization optimally and sustainably manages its assets and assetsystems, their associated performance, risks and expenditures over theirlife cycles for the purpose of achieving its organizational strategic planExtracted from Publicly Available Specification (PAS)PAS 55-1:2008, BSI September 2008
    6. 6. 5PAS 55 SystemManage AssetsManage Asset SystemsManage Asset PortfolioCapital InvestmentsOptimization and sustainability planningSustained performanceCost & Risk optimizationOptimize life cycleactivitiesOrganizational Strategic GoalsPAS 55 AssetManagementSystemOrganizationManagement
    7. 7. 6PAS 55 is relevant to all Asset Classes in the lifecycleFacilities, Buildings, Warehouses, HospitalsOil, Gas, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food,Electronics, Power Generation, ManufacturingDefense, Airlines, Rail, Road, AutomotiveRailways, Electric / Gas Distribution, Highways, Telecom, WaterComputers, Routers, Networks, Software, Auto Discovery, Service deskPlant &ProductionReal Estate &FacilitiesTransportationand FleetLinearAssetsIT EquipmentManage AssetsManage Asset SystemsManage asset portfolioCreate/acquire Utilize MaintainRenew/disposeCapital InvestmentsOptimization and sustainability planningSustained performanceCost & Risk optimizationOptimize life cycleactivitiesOrganizational Strategic GoalsPAS 55 AssetManagementSystemOrganizationManagement
    8. 8. 7MarketSegmentsWe serve several recognized market segmentsEnterpriseAsset MgtIntegrated WorkplaceMgt SolutionsIT AssetMgtWorkforceMgtEnterpriseService DeskAcross a range of industriesOurBusinessIBM Asset and Facilities ManagementIs a strategic capability, to manage all physical and digital assets thatenable the business of our clients, society, and the worldPlant &ProductionFacilities &Real EstateTransportationInformationTechnologyLinearAssetsProductsBy developing, selling, and implementing productsMaximoAsset MgtSmartCloudControlDeskTRIRIGASolutionsIBM Solutions for Asset Management
    9. 9. 8IBM Maximo Solution Overview
    10. 10. 9Pulse 2013 Industry: Clients Presenting in Smarter Infrastructure StreamChemicals & Petroleum Schlumberger, Dow Chemical, Occidental, Encana, Suncoke Energy, POET, Petrobras, Flint Hills Resources,Southern California Gas, Eagle Rock Energy, EQT, Sunoco, Bluewater, CenovusEnergy & Utilities Southern Power, Enmax, Bord Gais Networks, Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution, WEB Aruba,TrustPower, ERDF,, Haiyang Nuclear Power Station, Duke Energy, TVA, JEA, Southern Company, DTEEnergy, Luminant, Salt River Project, PGE, NV Energy, Power Water Corporation, Slovakian Energy Company,Acciona Energy, Infigen EnergyFacilities Sodexo, Thiess Services, University of Arizona Biosphere 2,, Sandia National Labs, Universal Orlando, NCS,Hong Kong Jockey Club, University of Missouri, AT&T, Allianz, TianJin RockTech Company, Alamo CommunityCollege, GSA, Boeing, UZSVM, ABM, Penn State, Crown Melbourne. UMASS, Denver Public Schools,Washington Headquarters Services, Clark County School District, University of Chicago, Media MartLife Sciences/Healthcare Abbott Labs, J&J, Covidien, NSW Health, GlaxoSmithKline, Grifols, VA, John Hopkins, Utah Healthcare, EGISPLCManufacturing Hyundai Steel, Honda of America Manufacturing,,, Teradyne, General Mills, General Motors,Boeing, ATK Aeorspace Systems, Michelin, Ford, CumminsPublic Sector UK MoD, Tarrant Water District, Maricopa County, DOE,, City of Cambridge, Sociedad Portuaria Regional deCartagena , City of South Bend, City of Boston, Beijing Dongcheng Government, China, City of Tucson, MiamiDade Parks & Recreation, Desert Mountain, City of Minneapolis, LVMPD, Miami-Dade Police Department, Cityof Ottawa, Panama Canal Authority, Sandia National Labs, Manicopa County, FBI, York RegionTransportation & Travel WMATA, Royal Boskalis Westminister, Polish Rail, SNCF, Halifax International Airport Authority, DenverInternational Airport, Melbourne Airport, NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI (ClassNK), Yarra Trams, VanderlandeIndustries, John Holland. Kiwi Rail, Amtrak, Sodexo, Tubelines,Banking & Insurance Ernst & Young, TD Bank,
    11. 11. 105/29/2013 10
    12. 12. 115/29/2013 11
    13. 13. 125/29/2013 12
    14. 14. 145/29/2013 14
    15. 15. 155/29/2013 15
    16. 16. 19Why was Tririga acquired?Facilities Plant/ProductionTransportation IT Linear assetsAsset and Facilities Management….
    17. 17. 20IBM TRIRIGA – Integrated Workplace Management SolutionAdvanced Technology PlatformReal EstateManagementCapitalProjectManagementFacilityManagementEnvironmentaland EnergyManagementMaintenanceManagementIBMTRIRIGAWork Place Performance ManagementStrategic Facility Planning
    18. 18. 21Lease Management – major change
    19. 19. 22Lease Management - IBM TRIRIGA achievessmarter complianceForecasts impactof leases onbalance sheetSimplifies financialassumptionsmanagementModels facilityreduction scenarios
    20. 20. 23Space – major change
    21. 21. 24… improvestrategic facilityplanning… streamlineworkplacereservations… identify whatyou have andhow it is beingusedIdentifies inefficient andunderutilized facilitiesModels alternative planningscenariosGenerates move orders fromapproved plansSimplifies reservation bookingsfrom MS OutlookAutomates reservationprocessesOptimizes reservable workplaceresourcesCatalogs current space andmanages space utilizationManages moves, adds, andchangesDelivers interactive floor planviews to all usersHow does Tririga better manage Space?
    22. 22. 25Environment…pre-built energy & environmental metrics toidentify resource-intensive facilities.…. Drive down company CO2 emissions1) improving operations maintenance2) retrofit out-dated buildings3) eliminating unnecessary space.Data accuracy & accessibility,lack of performance metricsCompliance issues, such as thechanges to the Companies Actin the UK92% of business have environmentalStrategies, only 33%have reached their goalsFrom challenges… …to better outcomes
    23. 23. 26Recent key Tririga Wins in Europe5/2 26
    24. 24. 27Thank You