Fordele ved POWER7 og AIX, IBM Power Event


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Du får masser af fordele ved at opdatere til POWER7 og AIX. Oplev mulighederne for at udnytte konsolidering og de nye funktioner i POWER7 og AIX.

Jan Kristian Nielsen, Client Architect, IBM

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Fordele ved POWER7 og AIX, IBM Power Event

  1. 1. Jan Kristian Nielsen - Client Architect2 maj 2012Fordele ved Power 7 – AIXHindsgavl – 2 maj 2012 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Power SystemsPOWER7 Systems Value Propositions…Technology POWER8 Roadmap ( Processors / Systems / Operating Systems) POWER6 65 nm POWER7 45 nm 22 nm POWER5 Processor Leadership (6th Multi-Core Implementation) POWER4 130 nm Green Technology built in 180 nm Common architecture from Blades to High-endPerformance 3000 2500 Power Systems scalability 2000 Performance leadership in a variety of workloads 1500 Best per core / per system performance 1000 Memory and IO bandwidth 500 0Virtualization PS701 PS702 720 740 750 770 780 795* Consolidate to higher levels Virt I/O Server 120 100 Virtualize Processors, Memory, and I/O Shared I/O 80 Dynamic movement of Partitions and Applications Hypervisor 60 Single SMP Hardware System 40 Secured environment 20 0 VMWare Zen KVM SUN LDoms Hyper-V PowerVMRAS Power Systems mainframe inspired RAS features Hot Add support / Hot Maintenance Alternate Processor Recovery Operating Systems Availability Leadership Power is performance redefined © 2012 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. AIX Evolution – Over 20 years 2001 20021986-1992 1994-1996 1997-1999 of Progress 2004-2007 2010 AIX/6000 AIX V2 & V3 AIX V4.1/4.2 AIX V4.3 AIX 5L V5.1/5.2 AIX 5L V5.3 AIX 6 AIX 7 Establishment in SMP Scalability: Higher levels of Advanced Enterprise RAS: Future of UNIX: the market: scalability: Flexible Resource Virtualization: -POWER6 support -256 core/1024 - POWERPC spt. Management: - RISC Support - 4-8 way SMP - 24-way SMP - POWER5 support -Workload Partitions tread scalability - 64-bit HW support - POWER4+ spt. - 64-way SMP -Application Mobility -POWER7 - UNIX credibility - Kernel Threads - 96 GB memory - Dynamic LPAR - SMT -Continuous Avail. Exploitation - Open Sys. Stds.. - Client/Server pkg - Dynamic CUoD - NFS V3 - UNIX98 branded - MicroPartitions™ -Storage Keys -Domain based - Dynamic Kernel - New 64bit kernel - CDE - TCP/IP V6 - Virt I/O Server -Dynamic tracing RBAC - JFS and LVM - IPsec - 512GB mem - Partition Load Mgr -Software FFDC - AIX Profile - UNIX95 branded - JFS2 - SMIT - Web Sys. Mgr. - NFS Version 4 -Recovery Rtns Manager - NIM - 16 TB filesystems - > 2GB filesystems - LDAP Dir. Server. - Adv. Accounting -Concurrent MX -WPAR - Workload Mgr - UNIX03 branded - Scaleable VG -Trusted AIX enhancements AIX V3.2.5 -HACMP Clustering - Concurrent I/O - POSIX 1003.1, - Java JDT/JIT - JFS2 Shrink -RBAC -AIX 5.2 in a WPAR Maturity: - Direct I/O - MultiPath I/O - SUMA -Encrypting JFS2 -PowerVM 1003.2, XPG4 - Flex LDAP Client - Stability - Runtime Linking - Alt. Disk Install - SW RAS features -AIX Security Expert virtualized storage - Exp/Bonus CDs - XSSO PAM spt - POSIX Realtime -Director Console -LVM SSD support - Quality - Java 1.1.2 -Terabyte segmentOpen Systems Distributed Network Centric e-Business On Demand New Enterprise SmarterWorkstations Client-Server Computing Computing Business Data Center PlanetUni-processor 4-8 way SMP 24-way SMP 32-way SMP 64/256-way SMT 1024-way SMT4 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. Power System New AIX Release Plan 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 AIX 7.1 & EE GA 9/10 EoL EoM 04/17 EoS 9/18 9/22 AIX 6.1 & EE GA 11/07 EoM 04/14 EoS 9/15 EoL 4/19 AIX 5.3 GA 08/04 EoM 04/11 EoS 04/12 EoL 04/16 AIX 5.2 EoL 04/13 GA10/02 EoM 04/08 EoS 04/09 -Marketed & serviced -Technology Level -Fee-based service extension Update -Serviced only -Last TL Update -Web support only4 Industry standard, tuned to the task. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. Power System AIX 7 is Binary Compatible AIX 7 is binary compatible with AIX 6 and AIX V5* – Current applications will continue to run – no need to recompile applications – Even supports 32 bit applications created on AIX versions prior to AIX V5 – Fully exploits POWER7 processor-based systems – Also exploits systems based on POWER4™, POWER5™, POWER6 processors – Binary compatibility guarantee planned Upgrade process – Prior upgrade tools will support upgrade to AIX 7 – Clients can upgrade directly to AIX 7 from AIX 6 and AIX V5 – Free upgrade for customers with Software Maintenance Agreements (SWMA) –Upgrades are like to like edition: AIX 5.3 to AIX 7 Standard edition, – AIX 6 Express Edition to AIX 7 Express Edition, etc, *See general conditions at Industry standard, tuned to the task. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Power System AIX V7.1 Editions Capability AIX Enterprise Edition – AIX plus enterprise management – Includes AIX Standard Edition plus AIX Express AIX Standard AIX Enterprise Systems Director Enterprise Edition and the Edition Edition Edition Workload Partitions Manager for AIX – Vertical scalability up to 256 cores on AIX 7 Upgrade process AIX Standard Edition – Prior upgrade tools will support upgrade to AIX 7 – Suitable for most UNIX workloads – Clients can upgrade directly to AIX 7 from AIX 5/ 6 – Vertical scalability up to 256 cores on AIX 7 – Free upgrade for customers SWMA AIX Express Edition – Lower priced edition targeted a low end servers and consolidation of smaller workloads on larger servers – Includes most of the functionality of AIX Standard Edition – Vertical scalability is limited to 4 cores and 8GB of memory per core in a single partition – Clients can use multiple AIX Express Edition partitions in a single partition – Does not include standalone Cluster Aware AIX functionality – Does not include AIX Profile Manager plug-in to IBM Systems Director, but the AIX Profile Manager from AIX Standard can be used to manage AIX Express Edition Editions Installation – Editions are selected during BOS installation and defaults to express – chedition command can be used to list and change the current AIX edition6 Industry standard, tuned to the task. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Power SystemPOWER7 Processor Mode Summary POWER6 & POWER6+ MODE POWER7 MODE AIX 5.3 AIX 7 & AIX 6 2-Thread SMT 4-Thread SMT Affinity OFF by Default 3-tier Memory, MicroPartition Affinity 32-core / 128-thread Scaling 32-core/64-thread Scaling 64-core / 256-thread Scaling 64-core/128-thread Scaling 256-core / 1024-thread Scaling (with AIX 7) EnergyScale CPU Idle EnergyScale CPU Idle and Folding with NAP and SLEEP Active Memory Expansion7 Industry standard, tuned to the task. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Power SystemAIX V6.1 / V7.1 Workload PartitionsVirtualized AIX OS environments within a single AIX image AIX Version 7.1 Enhancements – Trusted kernel extension loading and configuration – Export of fiber channel adapters to System WPARs AIX Image – Support for VIOS disks in Workload Partitions "Global WPAR" – Versioned WPAR type (AIX 5.2 WPAR for AIX 7 LPP) Workload Workload Partitioned System Capacity Partition Partition – Each Workload Partition obtains a A B regulated share of system resources Two Types of WPAR Workload Partition – Application WPARs are manageability wrappers Workload D Workload around a single application Partition Partition – System WPARs have separate security and C E appear like a completely separate OS Resource Controls for WPAR – CPU, physical & virtual memory, number of threads and number of processes Shared System Resources Live Application Mobility – OS / Shared Library and Text / Processors – Supported via WPAR Manager in IBM Systems Director8 Workload Partitions and Resource Management © 2012 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Power SystemAIX 5.2 Workload Partitions for AIX 7 (5765-H38)AIX 5.3 Workload Partitions for AIX 7 (5765-WP7) New LPP offerings simplify migration of AIX 5.2 or AIX 5.3 workloads to POWER7 – Run on top of AIX 7 and POWER7 processor-based server Customer value – Simplify consolidation of old workloads on new hardware – Reclaim floor space and eliminate hardware support for obsolete servers – Protects customer investment in application stacks – Offering includes phone and fix support for AIX 5.2 or AIX 5.3 respectively – Enables advanced capabilities such as SMT4, Live Application Mobility and Live Partition Mobility – Provides a way for AIX 5.2 or AIX 5.3 clients to move up to POWER7 AIX levels supported are final service packs of final TLs: 5200-10-08 or 5300-12-04 SWMA provides limited support for AIX 5.2 or AIX 5.3 including phone support and limited new fix support – Fix support is limited to security, data integrity problems and critical issues and may not always be possible WPAR restrictions apply: – HACMP support only for the global instance – NFS server not supported in a WPAR – Device support is limited to devices directly supported in WPAR (and on POWER7) – Because the performance commands and libraries are used from AIX 7, applications that are sensitive to output from these commands may not work SAN and virtual SCSI Devices are allowed inside an AIX 5.2 or AIX 5.3 WPAR9 Workload Partitions and Resource Management © 2012 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Power System Versioned Workload Partition Versioned WPAR Environment (VWPAR) Architecture – Created by global admin from mksysb image – Appl. stack is not modified: 5.2/5.3 libraries are used Versioned WPAR Administrative Model Native AIX 5.2/5.3 – Same administrative model as native WPARs WPARs WPAR Uses mkwpar, startwpar, ... / – New -C command argument to mkwpar to specify /tmp alternative runtime environment Shared /var – Additional software (vwpar.images.base, or /home vwpar.images.52/53) installed into 5.2/5.3 WPAR Private System call compatibility logic (not layer) Runtime (AIX – Some sys calls require VWPAR-specific logic Environment 5.2/5.3) – Maps input, output parameters, and return codes according to legacy semantic /usr – Transparent to appl. & wholly contained in kernel /opt Access to Native OS Support – Code is mounted from native runtime environment CRE Native OS Support – Commands which must be at level of native runtime /nre/usr /nre/sbin /nre/opt environment replace AIX files inside VWPAR. – Includes configuration methods, ODM, LVM, FS, a few libraries, and performance commands (native syscalls) 5.2/5.3 syscall compatibility logic Common Kernel10 Workload Partitions and Resource Management © 2012 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. Power SystemSupport for VIOS disks in WPARs (AIX V6.1 TL 06 / AIX V7.1) – WPARs support for storage devices has been extended to include Virtual SCSI (vSCSI) disks – RootVG WPARs support been extended to support Virtual SCSI disks in VG – Live and static mobility of WPARs with Virtual SCSI disk devices LPAR 1 LPAR 2 LPAR 3 WPAR A hdisk0 hdisk0 hdisk1 hdisk2 vscsi0 vscsi1 vscsi2 vhost0 vhost1 vhost2 Virtual I/O Server Virtual I/O Server vtscsi0 vtscsi1 vtscsi2 hdisk0 hdisk1 fcs0 fcs1 Storage Storage Area Network Area Network Storage Area Network Storage Subsystem LUN12 Workload Partitions and Resource Management © 2012 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. Power System Storage Optimization Benefit Without With Storage Pools Storage Pools VIOS VIOS VIOS vSCSI devices (SCSI LUNS) disk | optical FC/NPIV | SCSI | iSCSI | SAS | SATA Traditional physical or VSS Virtual SCSI Storage Distributed StoragePhysical Storage13 Industry standard, tuned to the task. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. Power System Direct Attach Storage Physically 19” 1U ~24” deep Up to 30 1.8” SSD’s PCIe attached via GX++ adapter Features RAID 5 & 6 protection: Mirrored Write cache Supports PowerHA RAS Concurrent SSD / RAID Replace Concurrent Power / Fan Replace RAID 10, 5, & 6 SSD Hot Spare Mirrored Write Cache14 Industry standard, tuned to the task. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Active System Optimizer 2.0IBM Power SystemsProposed GA: 2H’12 Project Details AIX feature to autonomously tune the Power platform to optimize performance of existing customer workloads – Dynamically adapts to workload/configuration changes Monitor Workloads – Simplifies platform specific tuning System – No user interface Optimizer – Optional WO install package Analyze Version 2.0 2H’12 AIX 7.1TL2/AIX 6.1TL8 Modify – AIX 6.1 support – Page size turning: 16M MPSS AIX Kernel – Hardware prefetch tuning: DSCR Controls & Policies Customer Value PowerVM – Reduce P7 performance issues reported by P6 customers – TCA Controls & Policies • Improved performance on existing Power HW applications Controls & Policies • Improved out-of-the-box performance for customer POCs – TCO • Improved out-of-the-box efficiency • Reduced system/performance administration © 2012 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. Power SystemPower Systems Roadmap Future 2010 2011 Power 795 POWER7’ 780 System Software Power 780 Power POWER7’ 770 770 Enterprise Express Power Power POWER7+ POWER8 750/755 750755 Technology Technology POWER7’ Power 720/740 720/740 Microprocessor Technology P7 Power 710/730 POWER7’ P7’ Express 710/730 Blades P7 Blades POWER7’ P7+ 700/701/702 Blades P8 Technology P7 P7+ P8 45nm P7IOC 32nm 22nm16 Industry standard, tuned to the task. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. Power System Why should you move up to AIX 7 or AIX 6? Access to new features More performance on POWER7 – AIX 7 and AIX 6 can provide substantially more performance on POWER7 than AIX V5.3 – AIX 7 supports massive workloads with up to 256 cores / 1024 threads – Capabilities like WPARs, Role Based Access Control, AIX Profile Manager are designed to improve security and administrative efficiency AIX V5.3 is End of Life – End of Marketing announced effective April 2011 AIX 7 will support running AIX 5.2 + AIX 5.3 in a WPAR – Excellent way to consolidate old workloads running on less efficient hardware It’s FREE! – Customers with software maintenance agreements (SWMA) can upgrade for no additional charge within an Edition: • AIX 5.3 to AIX 7 Standard edition • AIX 6 Express Edition to AIX 7 Express Edition, etc,17 Industry standard, tuned to the task. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. Power System AIX 7 -- The Future of UNIX Workload-Optimizing Systems – Vertical scalability for massive workloads with up to 256 cores/1024 threads in a single AIX partition Virtualization without limits – Run AIX 5.2 or AIX 5.3 in a WPAR to simplify consolidation of legacy environments on POWER7 Resiliency without downtime – Built in clustering to simplify configuration and management of scale-out workloads and high availability solutions Management with Automation – Profile based configuration management eases the management of pools of AIX systems18 Industry standard, tuned to the task. © 2012 IBM Corporation