IBM SmartCloud Enterprise


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Præsentation om IBM SmartCloud Enterprise - Infrastructure as a service for enterprises

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IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

  1. 1. IBM SmartCloud EnterpriseInfrastructure as a service for enterprises © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. High cost and poor utilization of traditional server and storageenvironments create the need to consider cloud solutions.Common challenges include: •  High costs to purchase, set up, configure and maintain server and storage environments •  Low utilization of servers and storage—particularly test environments •  Large numbers of servers dedicated to handling peak loads •  Scaling up to handle unexpected loads or new business initiatives •  Delays in new application deployments due to long deployment backlogs •  Non-mission-critical environments, such as test, seen as expensive and providing little real value—with budgets constantly being cut •  High risk of defects due to incorrectly configured server environments2 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. The cloud can help accelerate business value and enable newbusiness opportunities. Capabilities From To* Server and storage 10-20 percent 70-90 percent utilization Self service None Unlimited Test provisioning Weeks Shifting Minutes workloads to Change IBM SmartCloud Days Months management Enterprise can or hours Deployment help enable new Labor intensive opportunities Automated process and drive Cost model Nearly fixed significant cost By the hour savings. Standardization Complex Self service Payback period for Years Months new services Legacy server Cloud server environments environments*Based on results from IBM’s Technology Adoption Program. Client-specific results can only be ascertained after a return on investment analysis.3 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise - a dynamic cloud infrastructure service Internet Global data centers Enterprise-class shared cloud infrastructure •  Highly virtualized, automated and standardized multitenant IT infrastructure with massive capacity and global reach •  Provides virtual servers and storage in minutes Pay-per-use with no up-front investment •  Resources billed per hour of usage, including selected software, with no capital expense or long-term commitments required A flexible and feature-rich services platform •  Flexibility and features to support a myriad of workloads. •  An automated platform on which enterprises and their partners can base higher level services IBM owned and operated •  Built to meet enterprise security, reliability and control requirements Serving your end users, IT for on-demand IT resources professionals and partners.4 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. YesIBM SmartCloud Enterprisecan support a myriad of workloads Tier 3 Tier 1 Strategic Application development Tier 2 Tier 4   Transient applications •  Demo and Proof of Concept No •  Training No Yes •  Migration of technology Mission Critical   Multisite, outsourced development and test •  Access from multiple sites, remote locations, etc. Production workloads •  Walled off external and contractor resources   Stateless web applications   Social media/Information Sharing   Cloud deployment of Rational Team ConcertTM   Batch processing •  Collaborative development   Transcoding and rendering •  Process facilitation   Projects and labs on the cloud •  Source control •  Defect management Operations and infrastructure   IBM Rational® tools for requirements gathering, asset   Spillover or burst infrastructure storage and governance, build automation and more.   Disaster recovery   A site for collaboration with partners and vendors,   Quick deployment of new projects outside everyone’s firewall   Dynamic workload processing – grid resource in the Testing and quality assurance cloud   Regression, build and verification, endurance   ‘What if’ scenarios to evaluate results of swapping out etc. tests components   Cloud deployment of IBM Rational quality   Move development and test environments out of data manager - test management center to free up resources for production use5 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Features and functions:features and functions Choice of nine virtual (Intel) server configurations Choice of operating systems:– at a glance •  Linux; Red Hat, Novell SUSE or bring your own •  Windows Server 2003 and 2008 Software image choices: •  Pick a preconfigured IBM or IBM Partner image •  Import, clone or copy an existing Linux image •  Customize with software bundles using cloud tools Dynamically attach/detach multiple blocks of persistent storage with up to 10 TB each Object storage providing highly accessible and secure Internet file system with nearly unlimited capacity Virtual servers accessible directly from the Internet or isolated in VPN environments Cloud service framework (Paas/Saas hosting) Premium support services as a supplement to forums, with optional add-on operating system support Choice of six sites: US (2), Canada, Germany, Japan and Singapore with massive capacity Payment options: Pay-as-you-go •  Per hour usage charges for virtual servers, storage, software images, storage, VPN environments and static IP addressesMore at: •  Full billing details downloadable from the cloud portalCloud Portal: Reserved capacity package options6 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Nine server and eight attachable persistent storage options enableyou to configure systems to match a wide variety of workloads. 32-bit configurations 64-bit configurations Virtual machine (VM) Options Copper Bronze Silver Gold Copper Bronze Silver Gold PlatinumVirtual CPUs 1 1 2 4 2 2 4 8 16with 1.25 GigahertzVirtual memory (GB) 2 2 4 4 4 4 8 16 16Instance storage (GB) 60 60+175 60+350 60+350 60 60+850 60+1024 60+1024 60+2048 •  Intel architecture servers can be provisioned with Linux (Red Hat, Novell SUSE or customer provided) or Microsoft Windows Server (2003 or 2008) and your choice of middleware. •  Prices start well under 10 cents per hour* for a virtual machine, including operating system. Reserved capacity options provide pools of resources at discounted rates. •  Dynamically attach and detach up to three extra blocks of persistent (RAID protected) storage to an instance, preformatted (ext3) or raw in eight sizes from 60 GB to 10 TB.*US prices for 32-bit copper configuration with Windows Server or SUSE Enterprise Linux, current as of December 5, 2011. Prices subject to change.7 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. The IBM SmartCloud Enterprise offering is designed to besecurity-rich. Virtual infrastructure •  Hypervisor-based isolation with customer configurable firewall rules Your servers and •  Firewall and IPS and IDS between guest VMs and Internet personal computers (PCs) •  Multiple IP addresses per instance with which to enable security zones •  Optional VPN and private VLAN isolation of instances •  Connections may be encrypted and IBM is isolated from VMs by design Your (using secure shell [SSH] keys in Linux and Microsoft Windows Server firewall user access control) IBM SmartCloud •  Client has root access to guest virtual machines to further harden VMs services •  Shared images patched and scanned regularly IBM firewall Management infrastructure Optional VPN •  Access to the infrastructure is only enabled using web identity through gateway the user interface portal or APIs IBM unique security and authentication •  Complies with IBM security policies, including regular security scans Management model infrastructure •  Controlled and audited administrative actions and operations Private and shared VLANs Data centers Guest VMs and •  Customer data and VMs are kept in the data center where provisioned data •  Physical security same as for IBM’s internal data centers IBM delivery centers8 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Why IBM SmartCloud Enterprise? IBM can deliver: •  More than just the virtualized servers and storage. IBM provides world-leading cloud service development and delivery platforms supporting enterprises and their partners. •  Time-tested IBM architectures, frameworks, processes and assets used in hundreds of private and public cloud engagements to help deliver the security, reliability and control enterprises require. •  Usage-based pricing—pay-as-you-go, with reserved capacity pool options. •  A scalable environment designed and equipped to support dynamic workloads. •  Open and standardized environment to help enable more rapid and efficient collaboration among developers located worldwide. •  Integration into existing enterprise procurement processes based on local contracting and billing with purchase order support. •  A broad set of enterprise-oriented cloud delivery models that help you more securely partition your environment—shared, dedicated or hybrid. •  Delivery expertise and best practices gained from years of experience managing and operating data centers around the world.9 © 2012 IBM Corporation