SAP HANA Lösungen in der Praxis

SAP HANA Lösungen in der Praxis






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SAP HANA Lösungen in der Praxis SAP HANA Lösungen in der Praxis Presentation Transcript

  • Betrieb von SAP HANA-Lösungen in der PraxisHarald BolbachSAP Principal / Associate Partner, IBM (Schweiz) AG 1
  • Which Benefits does SAP HANA offer? Dramatically improve analytics performance through in- memory processing Analyse operational data with close to no latency Scale Speed Speed through real-time data replication Speed Get fast results for complex analytical problems by enabling real-time modification of analytical models Flexibility Gather new insights by facilitating analysis of very large Scale amounts of data Scale Make analytics performance scalable through HANAs technical architecture based on multicore processors (shared nothing) Reduce time-to-market for analytical applications through online modification of analytical models Flexibility Flexibility Reduce reaction time by enabling fast ad-hoc analysis of large volumes of critical transactional data (CRD, POS) Integrate real-time analytics into operational business processes 2
  • SAP HANA technical Overview for the different Use Casese.g. Demographics e.g. SAP ERP: e.g. SAP ERP: CO-PA e.g. SAP BW -7.3 SP5-& Google Maps Operational reporting on HANA 3 View slide
  • Implementation Scenarios for SAP HANA – Applications’ Layer Technology Platform Technology Customer specific Platform development Every readable content from a source system Pure HANA can be loaded into SAP HANA Pure HANA Data can be analyzed with MS Excel or BO Reports will be rebuilt in Content HANA using SAP Business frontend tools. Objects as frontend. Content Rapid Deployment Solutions can be used for Accelerate SAP business Accelerated fast start development suite functionality / with applications HANA in a side car scenario Available ERP operational reporting, CRM pipeline analytics, Banking Analytics … Development continues. BW on HANA BW on HANA Accelerated applications CO-PA (Material Ledger, General Ledger, In-Memory Existing applications Protection of the strategic Product Costing) Product investments CRM Segmentation In-Memory Product BW 7.3 on HANA, BPC 10 Generation of new applications Strategic Workforce Planning New applications which could Appli- Generation of cations Appli- cations Smart Meter new not be delivered before Native In-Memory applications applications (Smart Meter) 4 View slide
  • Implementation Scenarios for SAP HANA1) SAP HANA as Technology Platform - Steps without RDS Select ERP Tables Understand the ERP Data Model Locate all required Tables (TD, MD, Texts ..) Load ERP Tables into HANA Initial Load Implement delta mechanism Recreate Table relations in HANA All master data modeling Join conditions between tables Create Analysis Authorizations no import of users from ERP Build Reports on top of data model Will you do part of the modeling above HANA layer? Select suitable reporting tool (Excel, Explorer, WebI, Xcelsius, Crystal Analysis … Create reports Testing and set to production5 5
  • Implementation Scenarios for SAP HANA2) SAP HANA Content – Rapid Deployment Solutions Sales Purchasing Finance Shipping Master Data Sales order Purchase orders Flexible customer Stock overview Vendor list analysis analysis open item Outbound Customer list Sales order item PO goods reporting Delivery Overview Material list analysis movement Flexible vendor Outbound Sales order time analysis open items Deliveries for schedule analysis Returns analysis reporting Picking Sales Order history Due A/R items Outbound organization overview Days sales Delivery Items analysis Logistics Invoice outstanding Overview Fulfillment rate Analysis reporting Outbound Credit memo New general Delivery Items for analysis ledger line items Picking Billing Document List Real-time analysis of the subledger for Accounts Payable (FI-AP) and Accounts Receivable (FI- AR) Flexible analysis of customer and vendor items based on the single line items from the back-end ERP system General ledger reporting that allows a 360–degree view on the general ledger accounts Calculation and analysis of the days sales outstanding (DSO) 6
  • Implementation Scenarios for SAP HANA3) HANA-accelerated applications - Example: SAP ERP ProfitabilityAnalysis (CO-PA) with SAP HANA as second data base Accelerated month-end closing ERP BoBj Accelerated CO-PA Reporting Accelerated ERP CO-PA Allocations CO-PA Reporting CO-PA Reporting BO BI Reporting Improved Reporting Business user driven data analysis Instant response times SAP ECC 6.0 SAP ECC 6.0 Eliminated data boundaries No pre-defined data aggregation levels Complete life-time, line-item analysis, including archived data Traditional DB Traditional DB SAP HANA 1.0 Deeper Insight High-volume and ad-hoc data queries SAP HANA No limitations to reporting dimensions7 7
  • Implementation Scenarios for SAP HANA4) Business Intelligence Platform using SAP HANA as database Superior Reporting Performance Excellent query performance as proven with BWA Query acceleration on BW DataStore Objects (DSO) Real-Time Data Access Consume Analytical or Calculation Views Built in SAP HANA Enterprise on real-time replicated data seamlessly with your SAP BW SAP Data BI environment ECC Warehouse Simulate More and Plan Faster! SAP BW Performance boost for planning capabilities Simplified Maintenance No special efforts (indexes, statistics, etc…) to guarantee fast reporting on any DB object BI Column based storage with highly compression rates SAP Unified Instance (over BWA and relational DBMS) Trad. DB HANA1.0 Reduction in materialized layers (no aggregates) In- SP05 Memory Reduced Load Windows In-Memory optimized DSOs Apps New In-Memory optimized InfoCubes Modeling Flexibility8 8
  • 4) Architectural Overview of the SAP BW based on HANA Scaleout w/ High Availability & Disaster Recovery available since 12.2012 s. SAP Hinweis 1755396 Productive SAP BW system Test SAP BW system SAP BW 7.3 SAP BW 7.3 SAP BW SAP BW SAP BW SAP BW SAP BW SAP BW SAP BW SAP BWLPARs ASCS PAS JAVA SCS PAS LPARs ASCS PAS JAVA SCS PAS Synchronous replication to second site in metro distance 9
  • Implementation Scenarios for SAP HANA5) Generation of new In-Memory-Driven applications SAP ERP Rapid-Deployment Operational Reporting: 24 report models for A/P, A/R, purchasing, sales, and shipping SAP CO-PA Accelerator: Real-time profit analysis; faster analysis of cost and profit SAP Finance and Controlling Accelerator: Accelerate month-end close and improve financial performance SAP Sales Pipeline Analysis: CRM: Analyze sales pipeline; quotes, opportunities, contracts SAP Customer Segmentation Accelerator: CRM: Identify target groups for campaigns through data mining SAP Smart Meter Analytics: IS-U: Plan and deliver real-time load-management services 10
  • IBMs cross-brand offerings for SAP HANA Plan Plan Build Build Run Run SAP HANA SAP HANA SAP HANA Business Business SAP HANA SAP HANA SAP HANA Value -- Value Analytics SAP HANA SAP HANA Application Analytics SAP HANA SAP HANA ApplicationApplicationsApplications Identi- Identi- Jumpstart Realization Realization Management fication Jumpstart SAP HANA SAP HANA Business Business Management fication Turnkey Turnkey Proof of Proof of Solution Solution Concept Concept Setup Setup SAP HANA SAP HANA SAP HANA SAP HANA Software Software Revision Revision Updates Updates SAP HANA SAP HANA SAP HANA SAP HANA OS FS OS FS Technical Technical SAP HANA SAP HANA & Patching & Patching SAP HANA SAP HANA Technical Technical Infra- Infra- Network Architecture Architecture Basic Basic Network Blueprint Appliances Appliances Installation Proof of Proof of Linux, structure structure Blueprint Installation Concept Linux, Management Concept GPFS, Management GPFS, Hardware Firmware Firmware Hardware Updates Updates Business Services Technology Services Hard- & Software 11