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ISDC 2013_Referat_Terry Hunter_Tryzens

  1. 1. IS Directors Conference – August 2013 Tally Weijl – Smart and Online Terry Hunter CEO Tryzens
  2. 2. ______________________________ __ Smart & Online Tryzens CEO, Terry Hunter.
  3. 3. Introduction to Tryzens Online opportunity TALLY WEiJL the Brand Going online with WebSphere Commerce 7 Agenda:Agenda:
  4. 4. • Tryzens have over 230 experienced eCommerce and Digital experts. Tryzens Identity:Tryzens Identity: •Leading eCommerce & Multichannel Digital Solutions provider, with over 60 site deliveries
  5. 5. Some of our Tryzens Key Clients…Some of our Tryzens Key Clients…
  6. 6. Why eCommerce in 2003 We were doing system integration in the financial markets Experts at BPR Reputation to manage complex technology projects Had great knowledge of legacy systems & Support We were smart – we wore suit and ties
  7. 7. We Now Work With…
  8. 8. General eCommerce GrowthGeneral eCommerce Growth (Forrester) Source: In 2010 eCommerce sales were $572.5 Billion In 2015 it is expected to be $1400 Billion In 2020… ?
  9. 9. The Potential of eCommerce inThe Potential of eCommerce in Various SectorsVarious Sectors Pharmaceuticals/Healthcare eCommerce Growth Benefits of Integrating e-commerce into the Pharmaceutical/Healthc are Industry: 200% increase in online patient conversions Boost in patient revenue and profits for providers Source: Healthcare Profitability in the e-commerce era. Available at: http://www healthleadersmedia com/content/290986 pdf
  10. 10. Insurance eCommerce GrowthInsurance eCommerce Growth Source: Accenture ‘Growth of Online Channels’ Available at: on-insurance/archive/2011/04/12/insurance-chart-of-the-week-growth-of-online-channels.aspx
  11. 11. Banking eCommerce GrowthBanking eCommerce Growth 1 in 4 Internet Users Access Banking Sites Globally Research forecasts that cumulative online ID and authentication in the banking market will total 1.6 billion in 2018; an increase of 945% over 2012. Source: ComScore MMX, April 2012 Available at: in-4-internet-users-access-banking-sites-globally/
  12. 12. Fashion/Apparel eCommerce GrowthFashion/Apparel eCommerce Growth Source: Forrester Research, ‘Sales in Billions’ Available at: European e-commerce Forecast 2012-2017: European Online Retail Sales will grow 11% a year The pace of growth will be 18% per year, in Southern Europe Countries.
  13. 13. Mobile eCommerce GrowthMobile eCommerce Growth Gartner Analysts state, “The shift from e-commerce to m- commerce will reach something of a tipping point by 2015. Mobile applications and social media will account for 50 percent of Web sales by then.” Source: Retail mCommerce, 2011-2016 [CHART] Available at: http://trends.e-
  14. 14. Over 760 Stores in 31 countries 2011 external sales of over 515 million Euros Over 1.1 Million ‘Likes’ on Facebook & 7,000 Twitter followers No transactional Website. TALLYTALLY WEiJLWEiJL’’ss Existing PresenceExisting Presence
  15. 15. OpportunityOpportunity • Rapidly Grow Online Revenue • Better Customer Interaction • Grow Customer Loyalty with Multichannel • Access to new markets
  16. 16. RequirementsRequirements Core Brand Experience International Site Rollout Easy to Manage Easy to Market Advanced and Relevant Functionality; - ‘Shop the Look’ - Mobile - Kiosk - Ease of Return
  17. 17. On-going Support 2011 Dec Mar 2012 Jun Sep Dec Mar 2013 Jun 2013 Today Project Close 13/5/2013 Go Live 15/4/2013 Warranty Period 15/4/2013 Soft Launch 24/10/2012 Performance Testing 27/8/2012 UAT 27/8/2012 Training 21/8/2012 End to End Testing 6/8/2012 Development 24/4/2012 Design 3/4/2012 Discovery 13/3/2012 TALLY WEiJL Tender Received 1/12/2011 Extract XML for Sales and Refunds 22/8/2012 - 13/9/2012 Promotions Change Request 23/1/2013 - 30/1/2013 Issue: 3rd Man Change Request 11/1/2013 - 23/1/2013 My Address Change Requests 1/6/2012 - 29/6/2012 TimelineTimeline
  18. 18. TallyTally –– the Brand on linethe Brand on line It is all about the customer experience! LookBook Homepage Browse Add to Cart Checkout
  19. 19. MobileMobile
  20. 20. KioskKiosk Vienna Flagship storeVienna Flagship store
  21. 21. Solution overview Max Order /hour : 1200 Users / hour : 60000 Simultaneous browse session : 480
  22. 22. OutcomesOutcomes of Reof Re--platforming withplatforming with WCSWCSBest of Breed Platform From Greenfield site to fully transactional site Encompasses a high volume with a low average order value business Provides operational efficiency, excellent customer communication and self-help Word class back office tools and ability to localise the operating language Local payment options, fraud screening Enhanced search and browse, search engine optimisation within international and multichannel offering. Integrating with back-end systems – (SAP) Remain flexible to adapt to any changes …TALLY WEiJL in the right way!
  23. 23. Capabilities of IBM’s Smarter Commerce Product Suite
  24. 24. Thoughts ?Thoughts ? Digital Drives changes to every role
  25. 25. Thoughts ?Thoughts ? Digital Drives changes to every role At the Core is IT
  26. 26. Thoughts ? Digital Drives changes to every role At the Core is IT Re-Imagine
  27. 27. Thank YouThank You Q&AQ&A