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Ibm symp14 referent_marcus alexander mac dougall_ibm x6 und flex system



Published in Business , Technology
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  • Deterministic- Processes or projects having only one outcome are said to be deterministic their outcome is 'pre-determined”


  • 1. © 2014 IBM Corporation Flex & X6 Marcus A. Mac Dougall Platformleader Flex and PureFlex DACH 06.05.2014
  • 2. © 2014 IBM Corporation2 The PureSystem family Infrastructure Application Platform Data Platform • PureSystem with models optimized exclusively for data workloads Integrated and optimized application platform Built on IBM middleware to accelerate deployment of your choice of applications Integrated and optimized infrastructure with flexibility Runs your choice of applications and middleware Integrated and optimized data platform Delivers high performance data services to transactional and analytics applications • Delivering application platform services • Delivering IT infrastructure services
  • 3. © 2014 IBM Corporation3 Integration by Design Virtualization Hyper-VVMwareKVMPowerVM AIX / System i Linux / Windows Server Networking Storage Integrated System and Workload Management Integrated and Open Infrastructure
  • 4. © 2014 IBM Corporation4 IBM Flex System
  • 5. © 2014 IBM Corporation5 IBM FlexSystem Enterprise Chassis 5 Front view Specifications Value Chassis with 10 rack units (10U)  14 slots (half-wide nodes)  28 slots (double-dense nodes)  7 slots (full-wide nodes) Integrates following components:  2S/4S Intel Compute Nodes  2S/4S Power 7 Compute Nodes  PCI-Expansion Unit  Storage Expansion  Storwize V7000 Storage System  FlexSystem Manager (appliance)  Highest density  Virtual FC and NIC-addresses  Supports different processor-architectures  Non-disrubtive installation and replacement of hardware components (Hot add und Hot swap)  Easy cabeling  Maximum networking bandwidth with lowest latency  Integrated management network  Future-proof and flexible system design supports future technologies Back view Chassis Management:  2 x CMM-modules Power and Cooling:  10 x fans  6 x power supplies Networking Infrastructure  4 x switch-modules avialble switch-modules:  1/10/40Gb Ethernet with 10/40Gb Uplink  8/16 Gbps FibreChannel  10GbE/FCoE Converged Ethernet  QDR/SDR Infiband IBM Flex Enterprise Chassis
  • 6. © 2014 IBM Corporation6 Enterprise Chassis Networking Storage Management Software Ethernet: InfiniBand: FibreChannel: Storage Expansion Unit 1/10/40GbE Switches 56Gbit QDR/FDR InfiniBand Switches 8/16Gbps FC-Switches 10GbE/FCoE Converged Switches Block Storage: 8/16Gbps FC-Interconnect Modules 1/10GbE Interconnect Modules (CISCO Fex) File Storage: X86 ComputeNodes Power ComputeNodes X220/X222 X240 X440 PCI Expansion P260 / P270 / P24L P460 1-2 Socket Intel Sandybridge EN up to 384GB RAM 1-2 Socket Intel IvyBridge EP up to 768GB RAM 2-4 Socket Intel Sandybrige EP up to 1.5TB RAM Supports: - NVIDIA GPU„s 2 Socket Power 7+ Up to 512GB 4 Socket Power 7+ up to 1024GB IBM FlexSystem Portfolio
  • 7. © 2014 IBM Corporation7 AGILE FAST RESILIENT X6 is FAST, AGILE and RESILIENT
  • 8. © 2014 IBM Corporation8 X6 X4 EXA2 EXA X3 eX5 Largest SAP HANA system in the world 100+ number one benchmarks Continuous advancements in x86 Performance and Reliability >$1B invested in EXA Technology 1st VMware joint development partner #1 market share 1st >8 way scalable solution Generations of innovation in IBM EXA
  • 9. © 2014 IBM Corporation99  Unique “pay-as-you-grow” capability and “fit-for-purpose” design points enable you to get the lowest total cost of ownership  Flash technologies provide lower latencies, faster response times and smarter data management in real-time  Save hours of down-time from unscheduled events and gain more fault tolerance and better systems management capability System x 4-socket & 8-socket servers Flex System X6 Compute Nodes "X6 makes a lot of sense... will drive market share leadership. We'd welcome the [new] product." - Matt Eastwood, Group Vice President and General Manager, IDC, 3/15/2013 DATABASEVIRTUALIZATION BUS. ANALYTICS ERP DATABASE FAST AGILE RESILIENT BUS. ANALYTICS ERP DATABASE VIRTUALIZATION X6: Innovation for business advantage
  • 10. © 2014 IBM Corporation10 Virtualization • Optimized performance • Enterprise-level availability • Investment protection • Easy, affordable solutionsDatabase Analytics ERP Enterprise workloads drive business advantage
  • 11. © 2014 IBM Corporation11 x280 X6 Ideal for workloads such as large virtual machines requiring more memory per VM Scalable to 2 sockets 2 x Intel E7 2800 v2 3TB memory (48 DIMMs) Up to 4 networking adapters 2 x 2.5” HDD / SSD or 8 x 1.8” SSD with RAID 5 x480 X6 Ideal for workloads such as large virtual machines, analytics and databases requiring more cores as well more memory per system or VM Scalable up to 4 sockets 4 x Intel E7 4800 v2 6TB memory (96 DIMMs) Up to 8 networking adapters 4 x 2.5” HDD / SSD or 16 x 1.8” SSD with RAID 5 x880 X6 Ideal for workloads that demand the highest levels of performance such as analytics and databases requiring more cores as well more memory per system Scalable up to 8 sockets 8 x Intel E7 8800 v2 12TB memory* (192 DIMMs) Up to 16 networking adapters 8 x 2.5” HDD / SSD or 32 x 1.8” SSD with RAID 5 * 64GB DIMM available on 8 socket x880 in 4Q14. Contact IBM rep for interoperability help with specific configurations. The Flex System X6 Compute Node Portfolio
  • 12. © 2014 IBM Corporation12 12 Scale to 4-socket server with pluggable connector Pluggable 4-socket scaling connector attaches here Pluggable 8-socket scaling connector attaches here Scale to 8-socket server with pluggable connector •Scales to meet growth needs •Modular blade design delivers fit-for-purpose solutions Easy-to-use IBM Flex System X6 Compute Node scalable connectors to provide investment protection
  • 13. © 2014 IBM Corporation13 Scalable to 4 socket or Scalable to 8 socket 4 PCIe Slots (Mezz slots) More advanced RAS capability 30 Cores 3TB Standard Memory 3.2TB of Flash Storage (SSDs) Flash Accelerator & Caching Scalable to 4 socket 2 PCIe Slots (1 CIOv + 1 CFFh) RAS capability 20 Cores 512GB Standard Memory 800GB of Flash Storage (SSDs) No Flash DIMMs Maximum I/O Throughput X5 +400% +100% 4X More internal flash storage Highest scalability Ultra-Low Latency Performance Highest Storage Performance and Density Leadership Performance Highest Fault Tolerance & Fastest Serviceability 4.8TB of Flash Storage (Flash DIMMs) (For In-Memory Database) X6 +50% IBM BladeCenter HX5 vs Flex System X6
  • 14. © 2014 IBM Corporation1414 More than 2100 SAP HANA systems shipped 400TB of IBM Systems in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud SAP HANA + IBM momentum X6 is optimized for analytics: I/O performance, memory and core scalability Largest SAP HANA system in the world: 100TB Investment protection: Add X6 to existing eX5 clusters SAP CRM and HR systems in production: 4TB IBM HANA system
  • 15. © 2014 IBM Corporation15 IBM Flex System Networking
  • 16. © 2014 IBM Corporation16 2 I/O Connections Using different types of adaptors FC/Ethernet/IB Ethernet Modules  Scalable 40GB Switch  Scalable 10Gb Switch / 40Gb Uplinks  Scalable 1Gb Switch 10Gb Uplinks  1/10Gb Pass Thru Modules  *CISCO FEX (Fabric Extender) Ethernet Adapters / Converged Ethernet  4 port 1Gb (Broadcom)  4 port 10Gb (Emulex)  8 Port 10Gb (Emulex)  2 port 10Gb (Mellanox)  2 port 40GB (Mellanox) Fiber Channel Modules  20 port 8Gb  20 port 8Gb Pass Thru  12 port 16Gb  Scalable 24 port 16Gb w/ ESB Infiniband  56GB QDR Switch (Mellanox)  Upgrade: FDR for investment protection  2 port FDR Infiniband Adapter (Mellanox) FC Adapters  2 port 8GB  2 port 16GB  4 Port 16GB Switch Bays 1-4 Ethernet/FC/Infini-Band IBM FleySystem Compute Node 42 4 Port Ethernet 1 3 2 Port 10GB LOM 10Gb Ethernet 10Gb Ethernet ScSE Scalable Switch Elements (4X) FlexSystem Networking Switches and I/O-Adapters
  • 17. © 2014 IBM Corporation17 IBM10GbVirtualFabricSwitch Logical Partition 1 Logical Partiton 2  Base Switch: Enables fourteen internal 10Gb ports (one to each server) and ten external 10Gb ports  Supports the 2 port 10Gb LOM and Virtual Fabric capability14 internal ports Poolofuplinkports  First Upgrade via FoD: Enables second set of fourteen internal 10Gb ports (one to each server) and two 40Gb ports  Each 40Gb port can be used as four 10Gb ports  Supports the 4-port Virtual Fabric adapter  Second Upgrade via FoD: Enables third set of fourteen internal 10Gb ports (one to each server) and four external 10Gb ports  Capable of supporting a six port card in future 14 internal ports 14 internal ports Logical Partition 3 Flexible I/O-Connections with scalable Ethernet / FC-Switches
  • 18. © 2014 IBM Corporation18 IBM eXFlash DIMMs
  • 19. © 2014 IBM Corporation19 IBM Flash DIMM (IBM System x) Available today! • Consistent “leader of the pack” performance • Lowest write latency of any Flash offering - <10 microseconds • Performance scales linearly with added DIMMs • Deterministic response time • 150K IOPS per Flash DIMM enables >1M IOPS in 1 server or ITE • Efficient and flexible to implement • Increments of 200GB, 400GB allows granular capacity expansion • Ideal for dense environments like Flex with limited SSD and I/O slots • More Flash capacity per server = more databases / more database cache fits on the ITE • Low CPU and memory resource utilization Scalable Form Factor, Capacity, Perf ormance meets every need Deterministic, Predictable Performance Deterministic Latency approaching DRAM Memory Channel Storage
  • 20. © 2014 IBM Corporation20 High Frequency Trading Software Memory Channel Storage
  • 21. © 2014 IBM Corporation21 Best Flash Economics eXFlash DIMMs can deliver lower cost implementations without compromising on performance or capacity. Major drivers for lower cost:  Aggregation of eXFlash DIMMs results in higher total IOPs without increasing latencies – cannot do this with PCIe or SSD Flash  Highest IOPs per GB per device  Ability to leverage memory channel for a total of 12.8TB of storage Low Latency Analytics Enable real-time analytics and deliver lowest latency performance eXFlash DIMMs act as primary storage for messaging and events Benefits:  Reduce latencies for messaging and events as transactions go over the memory channel rather than disk or PCIe  Minimize latency deviation or “jitter” for maximum throughput  “Instant On” performance handles bursts of traffic effectively  Less than 10 micro sec. latency per device is 30% lower than any PCIe based flash device Virtualization Increase performance and scalability eXFlash DIMMs provide the CPU with an additional server-side caching Benefits:  Linear IO scaling independent of centralized storage  Increased workload density per server  Virtual disk latencies independent of # of VMs per server  IOPs per VM decrease by less than 10% as you scale from 1 to 16 VMs per server – compare that with 80% reduction with SSDs Performance boost for virtualization and analytics
  • 22. © 2014 IBM Corporation22 Thank you