Stream 2 - Don't Risk IT


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Stream 2 - Don't Risk IT

  1. 1. Don’t Risk IT: Managing & Mitigating Risk in Your Business Melinda Fieldus
  2. 2. Agenda • Risk Landscape today • Risks Scenarios (Whispir) • Key Success Factors for Managing Risk • How IBM can help (and why IBM)
  3. 3. Evolving towards a Smarter Planet 162 million 90% 1 trillion Almost 162 million smart phones Nearly 90% of innovation Soon, there will be 1 trillion were sold in 2008, surpassing laptop in automobiles is related to connected devices in the world, sales for the first time. software and electronics systems. constituting an “internet of things.”
  4. 4. Evolving towards a Smarter Planet New possibilities. New complexities. “We have seen more change in the last 10 New risks....... years than in the previous 90.” Ad J. Scheepbouwer, CEO, KPN Telecom Information Explosion Emerging Technologies Privacy Risks Complex Regulatory Landscape
  5. 5. Not all Risks are Created Equal Frequency of Data driven occurrences per year Viruses Data corruption Disk failures Business driven Worms Long term preservation Frequent Data growth Application outages System availability failures Governance Audits Network problems New products Failure to meet industry Event driven standards Regulatory compliance Terrorism/civil unrest Marketing campaigns Natural disasters Workplace inaccessibility Infrequent Regional power failures Mergers and acquisitions Building fires Pandemics Consequences (single occurrence loss) in dollars per occurrence Low High Source: IBM
  6. 6. Threats and disruptions can vary greatly in business impact… • In some industries, downtime costs can equal up to 16 percent of revenue1 • For 32 percent of organizations, just four hours of downtime could be severely damaging2 • Online security attacks are accelerating, causing downtime and loss of revenue • Data is growing at explosive rates • Security and resiliency are a top area of concern and spend for all size companies • Some industries are enforcing fines for downtime and inability to meet regulatory compliance • $6.6M3 = Estimated cost of a data security breach 1. Infonetics Research, The Costs of Enterprise Downtime: North American Vertical Markets 2005, Rob Dearborn and others, January 2005. 2. Continuity Central, “Business Continuity Unwrapped,” 2006, 3. 2008 Annual Ponemon Institute Annual Survey
  7. 7. Ignoring risk management is not an option “I need to manage complexity of compliance across my organization and silos -- and be audit-ready all the time.” “I need to provide access to and recoverability of data at any time.” “I need to protect against threats – even the ones I’m not prepared for.” “Lack of resources, expertise and tools to cost effectively manage multi-vendor environments” How do you…? • Increase compliance regulations without increasing expenses • Block potential incoming threats without inhibiting traffic flow and uptime • Prepare for the unexpected data breach or disaster
  8. 8. The key success factors for managing risk • Manage risk Reduce cost of security • Lower total cost of ownership & resiliency • Demonstrate compliance • Effectively manage compliance Protect data & manage • Ensure privacy and recoverability of data compliance • Protect sensitive and mission critical applications • Secure data center access and administration Secure your data • Provide threat and application security center • Maintain ‘audit-ready’ status
  9. 9. Reducing Costs while Ensuring Strong Security and Resilience Increases Profitability • Ensure the uninterrupted flow of information throughout an enterprise • Preempt risks– while still supporting business goals – and addressing various regulatory, organizational and industry-based compliance drivers • Optimize employee productivity, workplace continuity, and business agility • Provide efficiencies in on-going compliance maintenance
  10. 10. Fuel Innovation by Protecting Critical Data while Meeting Regulatory Compliance Mandates Prevent unauthorized deletion or modification of company data Reduce risks related to non compliance to regulatory requirements Protect sensitive business processes and mission critical applications and information Leverage new technologies and innovations to achieve business goals
  11. 11. Secure the Datacentre from Threats to Ensure Productivity, Profitability and Reputation Management Control and monitor internal and external user access and modification to sensitive information, applications and infrastructure Gain visibility of organization security posture across heterogeneous datacenter assets Achieve comprehensive and proactive security control for protection across the threat landscape Avoid costs of downtime associated with protecting your data center from outages; simplify the recovery of data across the enterprise
  12. 12. Why IBM? IBM has a unique perspective on Managing Risk Trusted Advisor Security Company Solution Provider The Company Helping customers A leading provider of security A leading provider of software, 400,000 employees across 130 build smarter cities, smarter grids, and business resiliency hardware, and service solutions countries with private data to rail systems, new data centers, solutions across a vast array of around the world protect trusted passport systems and more industries and services segments
  13. 13. A smarter business needs smarter systems. Reduce the cost of security and resiliency. Protect data and manage compliance. Secure your data center. IBM can help you manage risk.
  14. 14. Textit Live Polling Q: Is addressing RISK a key focus in your current IT Strategy? Y/N