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Søren Jesper Hansen, PwC: The role of political regulation in the area of CSR and tax
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Søren Jesper Hansen, PwC: The role of political regulation in the area of CSR and tax


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. The role of politicalregulation in the area ofCSR and taxIBIS conference 21 June 2012Søren Jesper Hansen, PwCTax Partner
  • 2. Existing regulation on reporting of taxes forcorporationsRegulation on reporting of corporate taxes • Corporate taxes must be reported according to certain acounting standarts • Reporting on group level • Taxes payable related to the year in question including the movement in deferred taxes • No requirements on country-by-country reporting • EU-directive proposed on country by country reporting of corporate taxes • One issue is to be able to audit the data • New Danish rules adopted this spring on publishing corporate taxable income on SKATs homepagePwC
  • 3. Appetite for more transparency on tax payments?• PwC analysis in May 2011 among Danish multinationals • answers received from people working with investor relations and communication• Some of the conclusions: • 50% of the participating companies were ready for more transparency • A majority believe that more communication on taxes will lead to negative media attention • A majority do not believe that more communication on tax payments will attract more attention from SKAT • A majority believe that a voluntary reporting will have a positive effect on possible future legislation on tax transparency • At the same time the companies believe that more communication on taxes is a CSR issuePwC
  • 4. But what to do if you want to be a good corporatecitizen?Source: www.skm.dkTotal tax revenue (Denmark) 2010 2011 Total tax revenue 842.2 838.4 Taxes on income 516.5 499.5 - Personal 426.5 439.8 - Corporate 47.7 54.9 VAT 173.2 184.7PwC 4
  • 5. What can we conclude?• Taxes on personal income amount to more than 50% of the total taxrevenue• Corporate taxation is less than 10% of the total tax revenue• Tax revenue from VAT is around 4 times as high as the income fromcorporate taxes• Pattern on allocation of tax payments is similar in most WesternEuropean countriesPwC 5
  • 6. What is important now for the politicans?• Financial crises and debt crises• Tax revenue drop or threatens to drop due to decrease of activities• Focus among the different Western European Parliaments is to createmore tax revenue in their respective countries• Can that goal be acheived by a more detailed regulation of tax reporting– e.g. country by country reporting?• Is there a fear that a more detailed reporting will lead to loss of localrevenue? I.e. if a multinational is to pay more taxes in e.g. an Africancountry wuld that mean that less taxes would be paid in the country wherethe company is resident?• Probably yes, main focus is on generating jobs locally as this has themost significant impact on the total tax evenuePwC 6