Italian startups present themselves at the IB&II Fall Symposium 2011
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Italian startups present themselves at the IB&II Fall Symposium 2011



IB&II held its first Fall Symposium at the Bloomberg L.P. Headquarters in New York on November 14, 2011. ...

IB&II held its first Fall Symposium at the Bloomberg L.P. Headquarters in New York on November 14, 2011.

Dan Doctoroff, President of Bloomberg L.P., opened the event, which featured 13 Italian SMEs from the mobile technology, cyber security and clean tech industries, who presented their innovative products to over 250 guests.

Prior to the company presentations, a group of leading business executives participated in a panel discussion addressing the questions: “Why invest in Italy now?”.

Panelists included: Fulvio Conti, CEO of Enel SpA, Ossama Bessada, CEO of Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA, Ron Spogli, former U.S. Ambassador to Italy and current Chairman of Innogest SGR, and Gianfranco Carbonato, Chairman of the Piedmont-Turin Industrial Association.

Date: November 14, 2011 at 9:00am - 1:00pm

Location: Bloomberg, L.P, New York



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    Italian startups present themselves at the IB&II Fall Symposium 2011 Italian startups present themselves at the IB&II Fall Symposium 2011 Document Transcript

    • ItalianBusiness &InvestmentInitiative 2011 Fall Symposium November 14, 2011
    • 2 // ITALIAN BUSINESS & INVESTMENT INITIATIVERecently, much attention has been paid to Italy’s macro-economicsituation, and we are here to highlight the best the country has tooffer, and specifically discuss Why Italy Matters to the World – thetagline of the Italian Business & Investment Initiative.  This morning’spanel of Italian business leaders will offer their perspective of the stateof the Italian economy, which is different from that portrayed in theinternational news media and global business community.  The panelwill discuss the defining features of the Italian investment landscape inthe context of the broad macro-economic characteristics of the country,the challenges facing Italian businesses, to answer the question: whyinvest in Italy now? You should participate in the Q&A following thepanel discussion to explore all of the reasons why Italy is an attractiveinvestment destination. We are striving to make these events as successful as possible forall participants and would therefore appreciate your feedback andcomments.  Please do reach out to me directly at: Finally, I want to thank Bloomberg for kindly hosting this morning’sevent, and extend a special word of gratitude to all of our organizingsponsors – without their generous support we would not be here today. Distinti saluti,Fernando NapolitanoFounder, President & CEOItalian Business & Investment Initiative Dear Guest,It is with great pleasure that I welcome you today to the Italian Business& Investment Initiative’s 2011 Fall Symposium. In May of this year IB&II, then called Why Italy Matters to the World,hosted its inaugural New York event at the Metropolitan Club where24 of Italy’s most pioneering small and medium sized enterprises andstart-up companies were showcased.A key part of the IB&II mission is to provide a physical forum to connectthe supply and demand of capital between the United States andItaly, and to attract new foreign direct investments by highlighting thepositive aspects of Italy as an investment destination.  We carry out thismission by organizing bi-annual symposiums – like this one – which aredesigned to promote business opportunities and future collaboration,specifically between the U.S. venture capital investment community andItaly’s most innovative SMEs.I am delighted to present to you today 13 SMEs from a diverserange of sectors including clean technology, cyber security, socialnetworking and advertising.  These companies have been selectedbecause of their global aspirations and the attractive investmentopportunities they present.  You will have a chance to interact directlywith the talented management teams from all 13 companies duringformal Q&A following their presentations and a networking sessionover lunch.  I also encourage you to schedule one-on-one meetingsindependently of today’s event to formalize relationships, and to discusspossible investment opportunities which will in part also help fund theirinternational expansion, specifically into the U.S. market. WELCOME >>
    • 8:30 a.m. Arrivals at Bloomberg 731 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 100229:00 a.m. Welcome and opening remarks Dan Doctoroff, President of Bloomberg L.P.9:10 a.m. Presentation: “Europe, Italy amid the crisis, a perspective” Professor Andrea Beltratti, Chairman, Management Board,Intesa Sanpaolo9:30 a.m. Panel Discussion: “Opportunities for U.S. Investments in Italy” Introductions by Fernando Napolitano, President and CEOof IB&II Speakers to include: - Fulvio Conti, CEO of Enel - Ossama Bessada, CEO of Wind Telecomunicazioni - Ron Spogli, former U.S. Ambassador to Italy and current Chairman of Innogest - Gianfranco Carbonato, President, Unione Industriale Torino Piedmont10:15 a.m. Coffee Break Refreshments served10:30 a.m. First Round of SME Pitches and Q&A11:15 a.m. Second Round of SME Pitches and Q&A12:00 p.m. Third Round of SME Pitches and Q&A12:45 a.m. Presentation Giuseppe Arcucci - Director, Inward Investment Unit, Invitalia1:00 p.m. Best SME Award1:15 p.m. Lunch and Networking2:00 p.m. DeparturesAGENDA >>
    • 2011 Fall Symposium // 7>>6 // ITALIAN BUSINESS & INVESTMENT INITIATIVEOverview:Renewable energy companyFounded in 2008Headquartered in London, England9 full and part time employees Since 2005 40South Energy founder Michele Grassi has been developinginnovative methods for extracting energy from ocean waves.Ms. Grassi founded 40South Energy in 2008 to add to her development efforts.Recently, the company has been receiving orders for its “Series 25” machines andhas plans for a full commercial rollout during 2012.These machines maintain average energy production as close as possible tonominal, increasing reliability during large storms. This reliability, along with thecompetitive cost of their energy byproduct and zero environmental impact are thethree main advantages of the Series 25 technology.Financials:2010 Revenue: $02010 EBITDA: negative 2011 Revenue Forecast: ~$700,0002011 EBITDA Forecast: negative Investment Need: ~$9 million Management Team:Founder and CEO: Michele Grassi COO: Massimo SacchiCFO: Roberto GalimbertiContact Information: Michele Grassi michele@40southenergy.comCompany Website: www.40southenergy.com40South EnergyOverview:Online advertising technology companyFounded in 2010Headquartered in Naples, Italy10 full and part time employees ADmantX offers cloud-based services that provide ad publishers, networks, anddemand-side platforms with contextualization data to enable “cookie-less” adtargeting.The company matches ads to brand-appropriate content and seeks to assure thatunderlying emotional responses to the content match the action desired by theadvertiser.Semantic technology and dynamic categorization come together to match ads withthe right consumers in the right frame of mind with the right message.Financials:2010 Revenue: N/A 2010 EBITDA: N/A 2011 Revenue Forecast: $200,000 2011 EBITDA Forecast: N/A Investment Need: ~$10.5 million Management Team:Founder: Stefano Spaggiari CEO: Luca ScagliariniCMO: Brooke AkerContact Information: Luca Scagliarini lscagliarini@admantx.comCompany Website: www.admantx.comADmantX
    • 2011 Fall Symposium // 9>>8 // ITALIAN BUSINESS & INVESTMENT INITIATIVEOverview:Clean technology companyAngelantoni CleanTech founded in 2006(Company founded in 1932 as Angelantoni Group)Headquartered in Massa Martana, Italy296 full and part time employeesAngelantoni CleanTech (ACT) focuses on researching, developing andcommercializing cutting-edge technologies for the renewable energy and cleantechnology sectors.ACT is a unique company with strong competitive advantages thanks to solidintellectual property, an international portfolio of patents and the ability tocontinuously innovate its product lines and services.Some of the technologies recently developed by ACT include receiver tubesfor solar thermodynamic plants; concentrated solar panels with Fresnel mirrors;thin film deposition systems; and high-concentrated photovoltaic modules withtrichroic system.Financials:2010 Revenue: $31.1 million2010 EBITDA: 0.1%2011 Revenue Forecast: $34.3 million2011 EBITDA Forecast: 2.6%EBIT Margin (Year): 1.4% (2011), 6.1% (2012), 9.6% (2013)Investment Need: $15.6 millionManagement Team:Founder/CEO: Gianluigi Angelantoni CFO: Giuseppe MoscatelliR&D Director: Mauro ZenobiContact Information: Cristiano Fagioli cristiano.fagioli@angelantoni.itCompany Website: www.angelantoni.itAngelantoni CleanTechOverview:Mobile technology/social media companyFounded in 2008Headquartered in Milan, Italy10 full and part time employeesSince 2008, Cascaad has been working to personalize the web experience for itsusers. The company develops technologies that help users discover content that isrelevant to them.In 2011, Cascaad launched its flagship consumer product, CircleMe - an onlineservice that helps users keep track of, and engage with, all of their true “likes” inone place.CircleMe lets users easily import items, add or remove items from their library, andfeature the things they love for the benefit of others. CircleMe also helps usersconnect with like-minded people, track interest-related news and trade curatedrecommendations with trusted people.Financials:2010 Revenue: N/A 2010 EBITDA: N/A 2011 Revenue Forecast: N/A 2011 EBITDA Forecast: N/A Investment Need: $2 - $3 millionManagement Team:Founder: Erik LumerCEO: Giuseppe D’Antonio Contact Information: Giuseppe D’Antonio giuseppe@cascaad.comCompany Websites: / www.circleme.comCascaad (Circle Me)
    • 2011 Fall Symposium // 11>>10 // ITALIAN BUSINESS & INVESTMENT INITIATIVEOverview:Medical device companyFounded in 2008 Headquartered in Padua, Italy(offices in Santa Clara, CA)22 full and part time employeesCenterVue is the leader in the early diagnosis of eye disease. It has developedautomated medical devices for the early diagnosis and management of sight-threatening eye diseases. Its two patented technologies treat eye diseasestemming from different causes: MAIA: targets age-related macular degenerationand DRS: targets diabetic retinopathy.CenterVue estimates that their technologies will have screened more than 800,000patients by the end of 2011.Financials:2010 Revenue: $1.4 million 2010 EBITDA: ($700,000)2011 Revenue Forecast: $11 million2011 EBITDA Forecast: $ 2.5 millionInvestment Need: Not disclosedManagement Team:President: Aldo Cocchiglia CEO: Giuliano Barbaro COO (US): Cliff Wright CFO (IT): Severino Marcon Product Development Manager: Fabio TurraContact Information: Aldo Cocchiglia aldo.cocchiglia@m31.comCompany Website: www.centervue.comCenterVueOverview:Social media/software companyFounded in 2009Headquartered in Catania, Italy(with offices in Sunnyvale, CA)20 full and part time employeesCrowdEngineering develops products that allow its users access to crowdsourcingservices. The company’s Social CRM solutions transform customer-facing businessprocesses involving clients, prospects and company staff, in collaborative activities.The company has offices in Catania and Pisa, Italy and in Sunnyvale, CA. Initiallybacked by “seed capital” from the DSeed Fund, CrowdEngineering is now aleading provider of crowdsourced Social CRM and enterprise-class crowdsourcingsolutions in Europe and the U.S.Financials:2010 Revenue: ~$313,000 2010 EBITDA: ~$67,0002011 Revenue Forecast: ~$1.5 millionEBIT Margin (Year): 18% in 2010Investment Need: Not disclosedManagement Team:Founders: Gioacchino La Vecchia and Massimo Piccioni CEO: Gioacchino La VecchiaCOO: Antonio Mosca CTO: Massimo PiccioniContact Information: Gioacchino La Vecchia gio@crowdengineering.comCompany Website: www.crowdengineering.comCrowdEngineering
    • 2011 Fall Symposium // 13>>12 // ITALIAN BUSINESS & INVESTMENT INITIATIVEOverview:Cyber security companyFounded in 2003 Headquartered in Milan, Italy33 full and part time employeesHackingTeam’s Remote Control System (RCS) product is a spyware-based,stealth investigative technology that is used by companies and security agencies toprotect their IT infrastructure.RCS is also used to attack, infect and control target devices (e.g., PCs,smartphones, and tablets). The product is used by clients on all five continents andis currently employed in fighting phenomena such as serious organized crime andterrorism.Financials:2010 Revenue: $5.3 million 2010 EBITDA: $195,000 2011 Revenue Forecast: $7.1 million 2011 EBITDA Forecast: $908,000 EBIT Margin (Year): 5% in 2011Investment Need: Not disclosedManagement Team:Co-founders and co-CEOs: David Vincenzetti and Valeriano Bedeschi CFO: Giancarlo Russo R&D Manager: Marco ValleriSales Manager: Marco BettiniContact Information: David Vincenzetti Company Website: HackingTeamOverview:E-commerce companyFounded in 2009Headquartered in Turin, Italy1 full time employeeMBooster’s current goal is to become a leading player in Italy in local advertising,e-commerce and related services.To achieve this, MBooster will act as an industrial aggregator, bringing togetherSMEs and startup companies who possess certain synergistic and consistentbusiness qualities. In addition, MBooster is developing in-house projects thatleverage the assets of the larger group.Financials:2010 Revenue: $0 2010 EBITDA: ($122,000) 2011 Revenue Forecast: $0 2011 EBITDA Forecast: ($136,000) EBIT Margin (Year): 2013 Investment Need: $8.1 millionManagement Team:Founder and CEO: Paolo CelliniContact Information: Paolo Cellini paolo.cellini@mbooster.itCompany Website: www.mbooster.itMBooster
    • 2011 Fall Symposium // 15>>14 // ITALIAN BUSINESS & INVESTMENT INITIATIVEOverview:Financial services companyFounded in 2000Headquartered in Milan, Italy700 full time employeesMutuiOnline (MOL.MI) is a financial services company listed on the Milan StockExchange, which focuses on the Italian market.The company has two divisions:Brokerage: Offers mortgages, loans, insurance and other financial products to theItalian consumer market through an online platform that compares products frommultiple institutions. As a dominant player in online financial services, MutuiOnlinehandles around 4% of the total Italian mortgage market.BPO: Offers banks and other financial institutions outsourcing services for creditorigination processes, covering the commercial, underwriting and servicingphases.Financials:2010 Revenue: $74 million 2010 EBITDA: $32 million 2011 Revenue Forecast: $78 million2011 EBITDA Forecast: $33 million EBIT Margin (Year): 41.3% (2010) Investment Need: Not disclosedManagement Team:Founders: Marco Pescarmona and Alessandro Fracassi Chairman: Marco PescarmonaCEO: Alessandro Fracassi CFO: Francesco Masciandaro Contact Information: Ornela Becaj ornela.becaj@gruppomol.itCompany Website: www.gruppomol.itMutuiOnlineOverview:Industrial machinery companyFounded in 1977 Headquartered in Turin, Italy1,387 full and part time employeesPrima Industrie (PRI:IM) in an industry leader in laser and sheet metal processingmachines, including laser machines for cutting, welding and drilling of 3D and 2Dcomponents; machines for sheet metal treatment.In addition, Prima Industrie provides electronics and laser technologies for powerand control electronics, and of high-power laser sources for industrial applications,used by both group machines and third parties.The company has manufacturing sites in Italy, Finland, U.S. and China, well as adirect commercial and after-sales presence in France, Spain, Germany, the UK,Belgium, Poland, Russia, U.S., Canada, China, UAE, Brazil and India.Financials:2010 Revenue: $331.7 million2010 EBITDA: $13.8 million2011 Revenue Forecast: $416.5 million2011 EBITDA Forecast: $31.8 millionEBIT Margin (Year): 4.28% for 2011Investment Need: Not disclosedManagement Team:Chairman and CEO: Gianfranco CarbonatoManaging Directors: Ezio Basso and Domenico PeirettiCFO: Massimo RattiContact Information: Chiara Roncolini ir@primaindustrie.comCompany Website: www.primaindustrie.comPrima Industrie
    • 2011 Fall Symposium // 17>>16 // ITALIAN BUSINESS & INVESTMENT INITIATIVEOverview:Internet-based retail companyFounded in 2005Headquartered in Rome, Italy(with offices in Luxembourg and Milan)250 full and part time employeesReal Web is the parent company of two separate S.p.A.:An online insurance broker in Italy (also present in Spain)Gruppo leading real estate classified online site operating in Italy and PolandReal Web was founded and is managed by a senior management team formerlyfrom eBay.Financials:2010 Revenue: $17 million 2010 EBITDA: break even 2011 Revenue Forecast: $40 million 2011 EBITDA Forecast: $5 millionEBIT Margin (Year): 10 -15% (2011)Investment Need: $5-15 millionManagement Team:Founder: Andrea PiccioniCo-CEOs: Silvio Pagliani and Alberto GenoveseCOO: Carlo GiordanoCFO: Andrea PiccioniContact Information: Andrea Piccioni apiccioni@gmail.comCompany Websites: / / www.seguros.esReal WebOverview:Luxury goods retail companyFounded in 2010 Headquartered in Turin, Italy(with operations center in Geneva, Switzerland)6 full and part time employeesSAVELLI is a start-up operating at the crossroads of wireless technology andluxury goods. The company is working on developing a “luxury smartphone” thatis designed, manufactured and distributed as a Swiss Made luxury goods productthat is entirely focused on the female market.Luxury mobile phones are predicted to be the next product category to enter in the$250 billion luxury goods sector.Savelli’s current investors are from the VC fund Innogest and a group of ten CEOsfrom companies such as Harrods, EMI Music, SVEDKA Vodka, De Beers Group,Vertu, YSL, and others.Financials:2010 Revenue: N/A 2010 EBITDA: N/A 2011 Revenue Forecast: N/A 2011 EBITDA Forecast: N/A EBIT Margin (Year): N/AInvestment Need: Raised Series A funding of $3.7 million in March 2011; expected Series B for $7 million in 2012.Management Team:Founders: Alessandro Savelli and Ketty MaisonrougeCEO: Alessandro Savelli COO: Marc Trahand CFO: Federica Avalle Contact Information: Alessandro Savelli alex@alexsavelli.comCompany Website: Not availableSAVELLI
    • 2011 Fall Symposium // 19>>18 // ITALIAN BUSINESS & INVESTMENT INITIATIVEOverview:Consumer internet companyFounded in 2010 Headquartered in San Francisco, CA10 full and part time employeesSpreaker provides users with a web-based platform that enables them to createand share live audio broadcasts, which can then be syndicated to other socialnetworks.The company’s aim is to create user-generated live audio portals selling bothadvertising and premium services.Spreaker was founded in Italy and recently moved its headquarters to SanFrancisco, CA.Financials:2010 Revenue: N/A 2010 EBITDA: N/A 2011 Revenue Forecast: $100,000 2011 EBITDA Forecast: N/A EBIT Margin (Year): N/A Investment Need: Series A funding needed, amount to be disclosed with investorsManagement Team:Founders: Francesco Baschieri and Marco Pracucci Daniele Cremonini CEO: Francesco Baschieri Contact Information: Francesco Baschieri francesco.baschieri@spreaker.comCompany Website: NotesSpreaker
    • 20 // ITALIAN BUSINESS & INVESTMENT INITIATIVESponsors:Organizers:Partners:THANK YOUDesigned and printed by Bloomberg L.P.