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Bangladesh Hand Out

  1. 1. The Course OCR Specification B
  2. 2. There are 4 Geographical themes: 2.Rivers and Coasts 3.Population and Settlement 4.Natural Hazards 5.Economic Development THREE of these are examined in a terminal examination worth 50% of the final grade. Paper is 1½ hours long. Entry is either Higher or Foundation level.
  3. 3. Theme 1 ~ Rivers and Coasts •The river basin system •River flooding •River basin landforms •Coastal landforms •Management of coastlines
  4. 4. Theme 2: Population and Settlement •Population structures •Causes and consequences of population change •Cause and effect of migration •Land use patterns in cities •Provision of goods and retail services in settlements
  5. 5. Theme 3: Natural Hazards •Global distribution of hazards •What causes the hazards? •How do hazards affect people and places? •How can people affect the impact of hazards? •How can people and places be protected against hazards?
  6. 6. Theme 4: Economic Development •What is development? •Variations in employment structure •Location of economic activities •Multinational companies •Economic activity and physical environment
  7. 7. Sustainable Decision-making Exercise •Will be sat in June of Year 10 •It is worth 25% of your final grade The resource booklet is released 3 weeks in advance of the examination The SDME is based on a sustainable development issue related to one of the 4 key themes Yours will be based on Theme 4 ~ Economic Development
  8. 8. The Geographical Enquiry •is in two parts •the write-up must be completed in school under controlled conditions • Geographical Investigation • you must do ONE task 1. Fieldwork Focus • you have 6 hours to complete 800 • The task will be set by words us and conducted on fieldwork • It is worth 10% of the final grade • The have 10 hours to write it up. • The word limit is 1200 words • It is worth 15% of the final grade
  9. 9. Geographical Investigation ~ the Themes (you will investigate ONE question from ONE of the themes) Disease 1. How does the incidence of obesity vary across the UK OR 2. Is tuberculosis a major threat to the development of LEDC’s? Trade 3. What are the environmental impacts of the flower trade between the Netherlands and the UK? OR 4. How global is the basket of vegetables in your local supermarket? Ecosystems 5. How successful if the management of a sand dune ecosystem in the UK? OR 6. How can we sustainably develop an area of tropical rain forest?
  10. 10. Sport 2. How does a chosen sports stadium bring advantages and disadvantages to its local area? OR 8. How and why have the venues for Formula One racing changed over time? Fashion 2. How can London Fashion Week bring advantages to the UK? OR 10. What are the issues involved in “sweat shops” Energy 11. Should the UK develop nuclear power further in the future? OR 12. How can a family in the USA reduce its energy consumption?
  11. 11. New Technologies 13. How can new technologies help firms select a new location? OR 14. How can new technologies help in monitoring pollution? Crime 15. To what extent is gun crime an issue in Britain? OR 16. What is the pattern of trafficking in people? Tourism 2. How can the effects of visitors be managed in a national park you have studied? OR 18. How sustainable are cruise holidays?