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Ibed consulting group profile 130515



Helping economic developers to attract investors and business decision makers to expand business operations to other countries

Helping economic developers to attract investors and business decision makers to expand business operations to other countries



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Ibed consulting group profile 130515 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. International Business & EconomicDevelopmentConsultingGroup-Profile-
  • 2. Contents 1.OurVisionand Mission 2.Whoweserve: Companies, Consultantsand Governments 3.OurServicesPortfolio 4.OurGlobal ExpansionNetwork 5.Currentprojects 6.AboutIBED ConsultingGroup 7.Requesta Proposal www.IBEDconsulting.com
  • 3. 1. Our Vision www.IBEDconsulting.com The most successful companies of this era will be those that conquer as many international markets as possible. Let’s make sure you are one of them! Our Vision: To become an international business expansion facilitator helping our customers to increase their profitability through foreign trade. Our Mission: to facilitate international trade and business expansion through marketing, commercial and representation services.
  • 4. 2. Who we serve: Companies www.IBEDconsulting.com Wehelpcompaniestogrowandexpandtheirbusinessestonewregionsinthefollowingverticalindustries:Aerospace, Appliances,AutomotiveandAutoparts,BusinessProcessOutsourcing(BPOs),Electronics,Food,Health,MedicalDevices, Mining,Renewableenergy,TextileandTourism,andwithsomeofthefollowinghorizontalindustries(servingverticals):metalstamping,plasticinjectionmolding,cncmachining,packaging, labeling,finishingandotherdirectandindirectservices. More than 12 years helping companies to increase their profits through marketing services to attract more clients, expand their business to new territories and training programs. We offer 2 international training programs: “Global Expansion Academy” and “Business Acceleration Movement” and we are authors of the books“Expand your business to other countries” and “Attract and retain more customers”
  • 5. 2. Who we serve: Consultants www.IBEDconsulting.com Wehelpbusinessandindustrialconsultantstoamplifytheirreachataninternationallevelthroughguidingthemorbyprovidingmarketingservicesthatincludegettingpublishedasaglobalauthor,becominginternationalspeakerswithBusinessandIndustrialAssociationsandtodesigntheirownCoachingprograms. Morethan5yearshelpingmanagers,directorsandconsultantstostructureandpublishtheirexpertiseintoglobaltrainingprogramsincludingbooks,coachingprograms,seminarsandspeakingengagements. We are the founders of the “Global Consultant Academy” and authors of the book“Become a Global Consultant in 12 weeks”
  • 6. 2. Who we serve: Governments www.IBEDconsulting.com Wehelpeconomicandcommunitydeveloperstoattractforeigninvestorstotheirregionsbytrainingthemorprovidingservicestoplan,designandlaunchmarketingcampaignsincludingpublications,seminars,webinars, commercialmissions,attendingtradeshows,workingtogetherwithBusiness&TradeAssociations. Morethan6yearshelpingcommunitiestoattractforeigncompaniestotheirregionsthroughinternationalmarketingservicesandtrainingprograms. We are the founders of the “FDI Attraction Academy” and authors of the book“Attract Foreign Investors to your region”
  • 7. 3. OurServicesPortfolio Marketingandsalesrepresentationservicesforcompanies,consultantsandeconomicdevelopers: Professionaltrainingtoincreasesalesandconquernewmarketsortoattractforeigninvestorstoyourregion. (BusinessAccelerationMovement,GlobalExpansionAcademy,GlobalConsultantAcademyandFDIAttractionAcademy) Services:marketingcampaignstoattractandretaininternationalclientsorforeigninvestors;commercialrepresentations,legalstartup,locationservices(distributors,suppliers,realestate,funding);commercialmissionscoordinationandpromotion. Costoptimizationservicesforcompanies: Suppliersearch,relocationandtenderingprojectscoordination. NonDestructiveTestingtopreventhighcostsofmachineryandequipmentreplacement. www.IBEDconsulting.com
  • 8. 4. Our Global Expansion Network Argentina Australia Bangladesh Belgium Bolivia Brazil Burundi Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Ecuador Egypt www.IBEDconsulting.com Ethiopia France Gambia Germany India Iran Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kenya Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria Norway Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Portugal Russia Rwanda Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa South Korea To serve our clients, we have developed a business network in 57 countries through embassies, more than 100 chambers of commerce and business associations, as well as more than 4,000 business decision makers forums at an international level. Our Programs: Spain Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Turkey Uganda United Kingdom United States Uruguay Vietnam.
  • 9. 6. Current projects This is a list of some of the projects we are either leading or collaborating with at different stages of development: Renewable energy projects (solar and eolic)in several regions in Mexico Regional development projects: Food chain integration, Textile investment project and touristic developments in Arriaga, Chiapas (Mexico) Cluster integration to attract suppliers in several regions in Mexico: Nuevo León, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Puebla, San Luis Potosí, Querétaro, Jalisco and MexicoCity. International investment promotion for the Oil & Gas industry (several regions in the USA and Mexico) FoodexportprogramfromLatinAmericato Asia Non DestructiveTestingprogramforPEMEX in Mexico Projects outside of America: Bangladesh, Croatia, China, East African Community (Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) Among other projects www.IBEDconsulting.com
  • 10. 7. Request a proposal Let's help you achieve your growth objectives in the United States, Mexico and /or Latin America. We know that you have unique needs and we offer personalized assistance from the start. www.IBEDconsulting.com In order to help you, we invite you to send us your request at expansion@IBEDConsulting.comor to go to: http://www.ibedconsulting.com/request-a-proposal.html and fill out the form on that page. We will contact you at our earliest convenience to schedule a strategy session where we will be able to understand your needs and see how we can help you with your projects.
  • 11. Thank you For more information go to: www.IBEDConsulting.com Send us an email to: expansion@IBEDConsulting.com or call us in the USA at +1(915) 235-2966