Say no to palm oil

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  • 1. By Daniel Vo
  • 2. What Is Palm Oil? Palm oil is a product obtain from a native fruit in south-east Asian rainforests, it is widely used in foods and cosmetic products such that over 40% of supermarket products contain it.
  • 3. Where is it mainly being cutdown Deforestation of palm oil trees usually occur in Indonesia, Malaysia and most parts of the south eastern Asian rainforests
  • 4. What are the impacts ofdeforesting this plant? Due to massive demands of palm oil 90% of plantation has been cut down to produce the oil. This has a massive impact on local species of this habitat.
  • 5. Why should I care about this? Itis estimated that 50,000 “orang-utans” of died over the past 2 decades due to this and only 500 Sumatran tiger are left in the wild
  • 6. How can I avoid it While manufacturers are not forced to list this ingredient due to the fact that the major population does not have an allergy reaction to palm oil but nevertheless it can still commonly found in ingredient lists.
  • 7. How do I shop responsibly Another way of shopping responsible is to buy RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified products. Manufacture which decide to be certified there products must harvest there crop in a renewable source.
  • 8. How can I give a helpinghand 1. Order a protest postcard off your local post office to force companies to label palm oil products. 2. Help out with the social media campaign CLICK HERE
  • 9. Thank you for watching thisslideshow