You Can't Be a Christian Without a Relationship With Jesus Part 2


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God wants us to understand that His motives toward us are pure. Even though we might not understand them, they are. When you start questioning them, it starts chipping away at the building of your relationship with Him.  We have to understand that God is in control and we are not.

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You Can't Be a Christian Without a Relationship With Jesus Part 2

  1. 1. You Cant Be a Christian Without a Relationship With Jesus Part 2“God wants us to understand that His motives toward us are pure. Even though we might not understandthem, they are. When you start questioning them, it starts chipping away at the building of yourrelationship with Him. We have to understand that God is in control and we are not.”“We have to understand that when you complain that you are giving God orders. Even when you areplaying the victim role or blaming people, it doesn’t make God move any faster. When you do this whatyou are saying, "Its because this happened to me, I’m ordering You to do something about it.”“When you get frustrated with God, what He is trying to get you to see is that what you see is not Hisreality. Appearances are not always reality. They could just be forces that you can’t see and He couldmove if you would just be still. If you move, then you have just responded to forces. So don’t rely onbelief but what you know.”“When bad things happen to us, we cant presume to know why. We try to figure it out and we do thisbecause we are dealing with appearances. Then you start trying to fix stuff by appearances and then endup moving stuff to the left when it should have went to the right. In our situations God really wants us tohave faith in Him no matter what our circumstances may be. He rewards great faith, not complaints orblame because He knows what we don’t know.”“We ask God to help us but we forget that He sees what we can’t see. So we have to just know that He isdoing something.”“What helps your relationship with God is when you and God have a history together. When you have ahistory with Him, you move from a believing to knowing.”Let’s look at history:“History is testing ground for ideas. Your history...somebody has already been there and done that...itsbeen tested already. On the testing grounds there is a tremendous amount of lessons that can belearned.
  2. 2. Ecclesiastes 1:9“Everything that has already happened has been tested and approved by God and it’s going to happenthe same way He wants it to happen. The only difference is the people who get a hold of it.”“Those who cannot remember the past or try to ignore are destined to repeat it.”“That’s why God is only going to put on you what you can bear because it was already tested.Everything that you go through He knew you could pass it because it was already tested. You can’t tellGod it was too hard because someone else has already done it, so you have no excuse. The problem isyou think you’re the only one with your problem. The reason why your problem looks great is becauseyou are trying to solve it without the Great One.”“The enemy wants you to forget what God did. That’s why he just wants you to take the things that Godhas done for you lightly.”Deuteronomy 32:7 – In other words...don’t forget history. Remember where God brought you.Let’s look at the concept of God from the Jewish perspective: “The Jewish concept is that God is the Creator, a Sustainer, and a Supervisor. He’s an infinite beingactively involved in creation. This means that He didn’t just create the world and go on vacation. Hecreated the world and guess what…He’s still creating.”“The entire physical world is a creation of God’s conscious. If God stopped thinking, everything wouldstop. If he stopped thinking there is no more of you. You are in His thought...that’s why you exist. Youare nothing but a thought. So the key is to stay on His mind.”“So because God knows and controls everything, then history is a controlled process leading to adestination.”
  3. 3. “Since God is the author, director and producer of the script of the world, He’s not writing anything else.The script is written. He’ s just overseeing what He wrote. He closes the curtains and He opens them. Hethinks the actors and He un-thinks the actors.”“We must think like a creator so we can create. Christianity makes you feel like you have to keep tryingand keep doing. But we have to think like Jews, where all you have to do is just obey.”So what’s the purpose of creation: “A lot of people think that God needs them. God made you. If He needed you He would have kept you.”“Because God is infinite, He has no needs or wants because He’s infinite. He lacks nothing. He is.”“The reason why God created us, the fundamental idea of Judaism is that God wanted to give us theultimate gift...a relationship with Him through His Son.”Let’s go to the Garden of Eden:“When the world doesn’t want you to know something or wants to steal your spirituality they make aportrait of it, or some form of art. All of this stuff starts stealing your relationship. For example...the lastsupper.”“Stop trying to get something from people who can’t give it to you. Go to where it is...the garden. Stopblaming your mother and you father because they have to go to the garden to get what they need.”“The Garden of Eden was in the Bible because it portrays a form of reality. It’s supposed to be reality toour spirituality. The world made it ideal.”“The Garden of Eden represents freedom. You were free from distraction. When you have relationshipwith God you are free from distraction. You don’t have to worry about anything because He will take careof you.
  4. 4. When you have a natural relationship and all the world is against you, you can’t wait to get home to yourwife because all of your cares are gone away because you have someone who you can talk to and leanon, someone who will understand.”“In the Garden of Eden you are totally focused on achieving the purpose of creation and elevatingyourself in the would around you to the highest possible relationship you can have with God. How highcan I go with God? If you are still worrying, you’re not high enough. If complaining shows up, that’s asign I’m not high enough.”“If you and God’s relationship are one, then you wouldn’t take Him through stuff because you wouldunderstand that He’s going through it with you.”“In a relationship with God, you are free to do what you were created for.”Your relationship falls when you start to disobey, worry, disbelieve, when you stop knowing, doing thingsyour way, when you start handling things, when you start doubting, when you wonder if you look good,sound good, and walk good. When you do these things you start chipping away at your relationship.”“People have just found it difficult to maintain a relationship with an invisible God. Eve started showingrespect to what He created as if it was Him. She looked at His creation as if it were a God. This is howpeople started worshipping the sun, the moon, the trees, etc. As a result the whole purpose of creationwas lost, then we lost our relationship.”Let’s Look at Abraham:“When Abraham shows up, he’s in a world that has completely lost relationship with God. Abrahamrestores his relationship with God. Not by way of prophecy, not because he was reading the Bible, but bythe power of his intellect.”“Abraham was able to use his intellect because he chose to. He made a conscious choice to serve God.”
  5. 5. “Abraham was introduced to us at 75 years old, so this may have well been the first time that God evenspoke to him. Abraham lived his whole life without a prophecy, so who says you have to get saved inchurch? Ignorant Christians.”“Abraham didn’t have any kind of outside confirmation that what he chose was correct. He just chose tobelieve.”“The more you sit in truth and choose not to believe God, it makes your penalty greater when He comesback.”“When you choose God on your own, it makes you the ultimate truth seeker.”So what does it mean to be chosen?“We think that being chosen is a title. It doesn’t mean that you’re good or better than somebody else. Younever knew what it meant dealing with religious people because they couldn’t tell you what you werechosen for. So you thought you were somebody, but when you are chosen, you are chosen to dosomething.”“Abraham was a truth seeker all by himself. Can you imagine being the only person in the world tobelieve an idea that no one else can comprehend or accept? Abraham saw it and no one else believed it.”“The other greatness in Abraham’s relationship with God was that he could’ve cared less what anybodythought. That’s why our relationships won’t work because we care too much about what we look like andhow we’re going to sound.”“Abraham wanted to bring humanity back to the purpose of creation. He understood that without hisrelationship with God, even he was doomed without one. He chose God because he knew they weredoomed without one. So he knew without a relationship humanity would be doomed.”“Abraham spent his life making sure the world had a relationship with God.”
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