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What Is the Quality of Your Faith
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What Is the Quality of Your Faith


“Depending on the air quality you’re in, if it’s good enough you can breathe well. Depending on your faith quality you can live well. If you are breathing Jesus, you will be able to live good.” …

“Depending on the air quality you’re in, if it’s good enough you can breathe well. Depending on your faith quality you can live well. If you are breathing Jesus, you will be able to live good.”

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  • 1. 06.12.11 What Is the Quality of Your Faith “ If it’s really Jesus Christ type faith that you have, your faith should allow you to have an encounter with Him.” “ Many of us believe in what we see but believe we have faith in Christ Jesus…it’s impossible! It’s what you can’t see that’s blessing you, it’s what you cant see that’s keeping you, that’s holding you together when you feel like giving up.” “ You couldn’t see what you were going to go through coming because if you could you would’ve tried to avoid it, but God needs you to go through some things so He can do what you can’t see in your situation.” What is the quality of your faith? “ The reason our faith has to have a certain quality is because our air has a quality. Many believe that they can have certain faith qualities and they still are okay, but one problem we have with faith is where to place it.” “ Depending on what state you go to the air quality is different. Depending on what church you go to the faith quality is different. Some people’s faith quality is in code red, it’s not good faith. It’s not good to believe what they’re teaching.” “ Depending on the air quality you’re in, if it’s good enough you can breathe well. Depending on your faith quality you can live well. If you are breathing Jesus, you will be able to live good.” “ Faith has to be placed in someone. Whoever you place your faith in you demonstrate them and it shows the quality of your life and the faith you have placed in them.”
  • 2. “ So where is faith not best placed in? A lie. The quality of a lie is deception, the quality of a lie is going to miss lead you. When faith is placed in truth, a certain manifestation should take place.” “ No matter who you place your faith with you should expect an encounter with that person. If you have your faith in Jesus Christ, you should have had an encounter with Him.” “ If you are believing the lies the enemy is telling you about your life, then your faith is in the enemy and you will begin to manifest the lies. If the devil uses a man and tells a woman that he will take care of her and they will have a white picket fence, she demonstrates her faith by believing in him and she has bought into the lie and her faith has manifested it by her giving herself to him.” “ Faith is at the heart of your relationship with God.” “ Unless you are hearing a word that’s cutting you and circumcising you of your sins, you haven’t been to church.” “ We believe what the man says, but we have faith in Jesus. The Bible says you will either serve one and hate the other.” “ Many people think that faith is to believe and because you believe you have faith. Although they are cousins, each of them is distinct. Here’s an illustration; a dying man goes into restaurant and believes that if he eats he will live. His belief took him to the restaurant, but his faith requires him to pick up the fork and eat the food.” “ There is a fact of the matter of what you believe, and the faith of the matter of what Jesus says.” “ Placing our faith in the right place will lead us to make decisions that bring about the will of God.”
  • 3. “ Many people will ask you do you believe in God or do you know the word of God, and most people will say yes. But the fact of the matter is that your belief is not producing an action that manifests you have faith in Him, so you are no different than the starving man illustration who believed that food prevented him from starving but didn’t eat it. So I know that Jesus is a healer but I won’t go to Him for healing.” “ When you have true faith in God, that’s when He starts to reward you. Those that have faith in God have favor. It’s your faith that’s keeping you.” “ The average person thinks they’re crazy to believe what they can’t see.” “ Trust, belief, and the action of obedience all equal faith. So why is it hard to have faith? Because we focus on what it looks like.” Hebrews 11:1 “ The only way truth will set you free like the scriptures say is if you are mature enough to receive it, or it will kill you every time you hear it. If the truth still hurts when you hear it, it’s an indication that you are in an infantile stage of your faith.” “ If you can’t accept the truth about yourself how are you going to understand the truth about His word? Truth has to meet truth. You will always deny the Bible if you deny the truth about yourself.” “ Faith must be tied to your hope. Even though hell may be breaking loose around you, you still have to have hope.” “ Don’t ever lose your hope. If you lose your hope, you’ve lost your life.”
  • 4. “ Faith doesn’t get tired of waiting for hope. See when you lose your hope in what you believe in, you told God, “I’m tired of waiting for You. So I’m going to go and get a drink and hope You don’t catch me, then your hope switches. I’m tired of waiting God, so I’m going get some.” “ The more you try and make sense of faith, the less you keep it. It’s not meant be understood.” “ Some of you all are going into Christ like you are grown, but He wants you like a child. Jesus is saying, “Just cry and let Me feed you and change you. You think you are too grown to come across My lap. The problem is you are trying to feed and change yourself. Your flesh has become more grown than your spirit. So you don’t have the faith anymore that I can help you out of your situation.” “ Your flesh needs to become like a child so it can depend on Jesus. When you become like a child, then God can restore your flesh so it can obey the Spirit.” Luke 8:41-56 Verse 45, Why would Jesus ask who touched Him and He’s Jesus? Jesus never asks you a question for you, He asks them for somebody else. He just needs you to answer them.” “ Even in her issue of bleeding she still chose not to sin. she had hope.” Leviticus 15:19-28 “ Based upon Leviticus, when she touched Jesus she was breaking a law, but she didn’t care about the law because she had hope. She broke the law by touching Jesus, but didn’t care because she knew who had authority over the law. She knew that He was the law. Out of all those people out there touching Jesus, shouldn’t everybody else have gotten healed along with the woman with the issue of blood? No. Why? Because you can be that close to Jesus and have no faith and He won’t do anything for you.”
  • 5. “ Faith connects to His virtue. Jesus is required to respond to your faith. When virtue leaves out of Him, He goes back to the right hand of the Father like a gas station and says, “Gas Me back up so I can stand in proxy for them.” “ The reason why He says without faith it’s impossible to please Me is because what He is going to do is impossible, and you need faith for Him to do it.” “ The crowd that was pressing against Jesus didn’t have faith in Him, they had faith in the law. So you can literally be that close to Jesus and not get healed. In the same respect its like someone telling you about your sins, and you not going to Jesus with them because you feel guilty. You’ve already done it, so go to Jesus.” 2 Kings 5:1-14 “ When you do what Jesus did we get Jesus results. When we do it halfway, we get our results and none of Jesus.”
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