Understanding the Prophetic Part 3


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Understanding the Prophetic Part 3

  1. 1. Understanding the Prophetic Pt. 3The Book of Jonah:Chapter 1“Jonah is told to preach to Nineveh because there wickedness had come up toGod. Jonah hated the people of Nineveh and forsakes his mission by getting ona boat trying to flee from God.”“Jonah sleeping during the storm on the boat references Jesus in Matthew 8:24doing the same thing.”“Even in Jonah’s disobedience, the men recognize something peculiar abouthim. Even in disobedience, Jonah became obedient and it caused the peoplearound him on the boat to obey. This caused the men to fear God and offersacrifices to Him”Chapter 2:“Jonah knew he was disobedient, when he repented the Lord commanded thefish to vomit Jonah on dry land.”
  2. 2. Chapter 3:“Jonah fulfills his mission and God told him to go to Nineveh and hepreached God’s message and the Ninevites believed God. When God sawthem turn from their wicked ways, He didn’t bring destruction upon them.”Chapter 4:“Jonah was angry at God’s compassion. This is why he didn’t want to deliverGod’s message and why he also fled.”“From the book of Jonah we learn that not all the time want to deliver God’smessage. We also learn that a true prophet will repent for their error. Lastlywe learn that even the most wicked people deserve a chance at God’s love.The purpose of God’s judgment is for correction not revenge.”The Book of Obadiah:“In Hebrew Obadiah means servant or worshipper of the Lord.”“Obadiah is about the outcome of an ancient feud between Edom and Israeland this book shows how God judges those who have harmed His people.”“The people of Edom were descents of Esau and his descendants are thepeople of Edom. This is found in Genesis 25:30. Jacob was Esau’s twinbrother.”“Jacob and Esau were two nations in Rebekah’s womb.”
  3. 3. “Jacob received a blessing inheritance from his father Isaac and Esaureceived a leftover blessing. This is found in Genesis 27:39-40.Chapter 1:“An ambassador is an authorized messenger or representative. Obadiah wasan ambassador for God to pronounced judgment on Edom because of theircallous and malicious acts towards God’s people.”“The Edomites were prideful and felt secure because their city was carved ina rock and they felt untouchable.”Exodus 34:6-7Deuteronomy 5:9-10“The Edomites had begun to operate in the sins of Esau which is why Godwanted to judge them.”Obadiah 1:10-12“You should not look down on your brother in the day of his misfortune.”“Edom was known for being wise in the ways of the world, but they werefoolish because they despised and mocked God.”
  4. 4. 1 Samuel 14:472 Samuel 8:13-142 Kings 11:14-222 Kings 8:20-222 Chronicles 21:82 Chronicles 28:16Psalm 137:7“The reason why God acted upon the Edomites was because back then youwere supposed to stand up for your blood line as Abraham did in rescuing Lotin Genesis 14-16.”“The Edomites treated the Israelites the way Edom wanted to treat Jacob. Sosometimes you can act out the intentions of your forefathers.”“Edom was completely wiped out and Israel was restored. Edom didn’t repentlike Nineveh and this why they weren’t saved like Nineveh. If they were therefor Israel instead of partaking in acts against them, it’s possible they mighthave been restored.”“Obadiah was used to carry out the sentence God gave. Prophets are used tospeak what God has to say, repentance, and judgment .”
  5. 5. Prophets in the Old Testament“In the old testament there were 5 main titles for those who spoke on God’sbehalf and they emphasis different aspects of a prophets job description.Prophet – a spokesman for GodSeer – a way prophets receive messages of GodMan of God – person who knew God and was commissioned for a specific taskServant of the Lord – stresses the close relationship between God and Hisfaithful messengerMessenger of the Lord – This focuses on the mission and message rather thanthe person.Micah:Whenever god spoke through ha prophet, it was during the reign of Kings whowere present and put in place by God. When God spoke through Micah,Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah were the kings of Judah during the time ofMicah.”“The prophet Micah is from Moresheth and his name is a shorter version ofMicaiah which means who is like Yahweh.”
  6. 6. “Micah was a contemporary of Isaiah and Hosea with contemporarymeaning existing, occurring, or living at the same time.”“Micah prophesied the doom of Jerusalem and the fall of the northernKingdom of the 10 tribes of Israel.”“Micah was often quoted by those defending the predictions of Jeremiahsuch as Jeremiah 26:18.”Micah 3:5-10“Based on Micah 3:8, prophets are filled with power, the spirit of the Lord,justice, and might.”Micah 4, God reveals what will happen I the last days and His plans for them.In Micah 5, Micah gives a glimpse of Jesus as He prophesied about in verse2 thru 4.”“In Micah 6, the Lord pleads His case against Israel with the guilt andpunishment they will face by eating and not being satisfied, storing up butnot save anything, plant without harvesting, bear the scorn of the nations.”Micah 7 details Micah’s life and the sovereignty of God.”Micah 7:1-6Micah 7:18-20
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