Understanding the Holy Spirit Part 2


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The spirit of rest, wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge, and the fear of the Lord. These are the seven spirits of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is made up of the seven spirits of God, which is how He has the Holy Spirit. This is how He became God.

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Understanding the Holy Spirit Part 2

  1. 1. You Cant Be a Christian Without a Relationship With Jesus Part 2
  2. 2. “The only way your faith can be activated is in truth. You can’t have faith in a lie.If you have faith in a lie and the lie lets you down, then you’re going to lose yourfaith.”“You stay in a lie long enough, it’s harder to get you out because it’s becomethe root of you, the core and you believed it. Somebody has lied to you and it’sbeen activated in you and when you hear the truth its battling in you but whathappens is when you no longer want to the hear the truth you suppress it.”Concerning the eye:“Understanding the importance of the eye should bring us to an understandingof natural powers. This is why the illuminati do the all seeing eye because thereis power in your eyes and they want you to believe what you see. They know theseven spirits is the eye of God. This explains why then they see tornados andstorms they talk about the eye of the storm because that’s where the power is. Itcan tell you where the storm is going to rest and where it is.”Why do you need a good eye:“You need a good eye because it’s mandatory to have a sound mind.”“With a sound mind you can have abundant life.”
  3. 3. “When you have holiness no one has to tell you how to be holiness and you don’thave to copy it. You will be holiness.”‘When we get real, the only thing that will matter is truth.”Psalm 25:15Lamentations 3:49Psalm 25:15Lamentations 3:51Psalm 119:123Psalms 145:15Psalm 34:15“Whatever controls your mind controls your body.”“A mind that’s not renewed is subject to the spirit of fear. If your mind is notrenewed, fear can always come in. This is why many cant walk in holy boldnessbecause we are not sure what to be bold in or who to be bold for.”“When you do things against your own will, you’re not one with your own will.Only a saved person can say, "Nevertheless not my will, but Yours." A savedperson can give up their will. If you are still fighting with yourself, and your mindis not renewed, you will constantly be looking for something deeper when it’ssimple. The things of God are simple. Let God govern and rule your life.”