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The True Meaning of Grace
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The True Meaning of Grace


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“The reason God can let you pass on certain things is because you haven’t eaten the knowledge concerning the situation. "I can give you grace because when I speak you will obey because if I gave you …

“The reason God can let you pass on certain things is because you haven’t eaten the knowledge concerning the situation. "I can give you grace because when I speak you will obey because if I gave you grace for it and you didn’t listen to Me and you obeyed the knowledge, I can’t give you grace.”

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  • 1. 06.16.11 The True Meaning of Grace “ How is your relationship with Jesus because the truth of the matter is if you don’t have Christ, you are Satan’s property.  Now we did not say if you don't profess Him.  A lot of people profess Christ but are still Satan’s Property. “   “ To be the property of Satan’s means that he can still use you. If He can still use you, you are his property.”   “ There is no in between "I’m either carnal minded" or "Holy Spirit filled" and "I can’t have it both ways.”   “ Your thinking on any matter is either carnal or Spirit filled. Depending upon your thinking, that’s what will produce the thought.  If you are thinking carnal, you’re going to have a carnal thought if you are thinking Spiritual then you’re going to have a spiritual thought, then what’s in your heart is going to come out to that thought.”   “ So how do you know if you are carnal minded? Because being in the flesh will be your everyday natural occurrence.”   “ Every time you operate in your flesh you have to pay a debt for it. It’s not free.”   “ If we are always paying the debt of sin, then we can’t give God what He is due because of His unselfish love to give of all of Himself.  When they beat Him He didn’t say, "Stop, only do My arm". He said, "Beat Me completely. As a matter of fact, don’t miss My head, put the thorns on it. He said, "I want to make sure that I cover everybody that I love.”
  • 2. “ God wants all of you, but if we are steady paying debts of sin, then we can’t give God what’s due to Him. So what’s due to Him? Gratefulness and gratitude but you have nothing to be grateful for when you are in sin.”   Romans 8:12...if you pay debt to the flesh it will reap you something.   “ We are all created in the image of God. We all hear this but what does that mean? Because we say no matter what I do I’m like you but I still sin.  See what God is saying is, "You are in My image, but it has not manifested.  In spite of what you do, you are still good." But can it be manifested?  Its like a Polaroid, you take a picture and lay it out, but can it show up if you put it in too much sun. It’s going to have a blur, it’s not going to show up.”   “ We can never change our spirit but we can change our mind.”   “ Just like we see so many church goers and we have been going ourselves listen to so many promise and prosperity messages without progressing in prosperity, why then do they stay? Because their flesh has been willing to pay a debt for what they want to hear.  The prosperity message is a debt that you’re not going to get. It keeps you in debt, so you are willing to pay for it.”   “ Anything that keeps you in debt you will struggle to keep it. The debt God never gave it to you, you inquired it on your own.”   “ What is a carnal minded man? A depraved spirit set on things not proper.” “ Depravity is people by nature not inclined or even able to love God wholly with their heart and strength.  They are inclined by nature to serve their own will and desires.  At the drop of a hat, they will run to their own flesh and a carnal mind is enmity against God.”
  • 3. “ Carnal minded people go to their own will and desires and easily reject the rule of God.”   “ Depraved people are not evil people, rather it means that the good which you intended to do is faulty because you have false motives. Your acts of generosity are a disguise.  You give and it’s a disguise because you don’t even want to.  You do stuff and you really don’t want to. That’s a clue that you are carnal minded.”   “ No matter what your image is, you’re still good because God’s true desire is to accomplish the ultimate good he intended for His creation. His ultimate goal is to pull the good out of you.”    “ God’s ability to pull the good out of you is by overcoming your inability by divine grace and that’s because you have no ability. The only way He can do anything with you is by His grace.  By His grace He can get all your inabilities but something has to meet His grace and that’s your will. Your free will has to cooperate with His grace and grace is you accepting about yourself what you don’t have grace for.  God is saying, You can’t drink because I didn’t give you grace for that.”   “ The reason God can let you pass on certain things is because you haven’t eaten the knowledge concerning the situation. "I can give you grace because when I speak you will obey because if I gave you grace for it and you didn’t listen to Me and you obeyed the knowledge, I can’t give you grace.”   “ You don’t have grace for what you have knowledge of.”   “ Knowledge says drink as much as you want to, grace says stop and you stop.  He says, that’s as much grace as you got and that is sufficient.”   Romans 1:28-32
  • 4. See, I saved you by putting a part of Me inside of you. I made it impossible for you not to die, you just have to not want to.”   “ Carnal minded is death and spiritual minded is life.  The struggle is trying to serve two masters. What God is saying is that you are trying to have life the same time as serving death.  The reason you can’t do that is because they both can’t stand each other, that’s why you have to serve one and hate the other.”   “ What does it mean for a believer to be carnal minded? You are against the will of God for your life.  You’re saying, "I don’t want this good life. I want to keep the tree of good and evil.  When a person confesses a relationship with Christ, but still fixate their mind on the world, they will no longer relate to the will of God when it shows up. There’s no relation. It says I don’t know you, there’s a malfunction, I don’t understand you, there’s no relation. So can a person such as this actually say that they are truly born again…no.”     “ Those truly born from God have no identity from their natural mother.  There’s a separation that takes places. To be reborn, you feel disconnected from your mother because you decide to serve God. You feel the labor of being birthed from the canal from the Holy Spirit.  Your mother serves as a covering and when she can no longer cover you, it’s a Jesus thing. They knock what they understand and persecute you.”   “ As long as Christians live with a carnal mindset, the world will continue to love their own.  How can you go to church everyday and the world still want to take you out? Because you’re just like them.  The world should see you coming, they ought to detect you.”   Matthew 12:30...if you roll with the world, you are against God. Period.   “ Enmity means hatred, and if you are at enmity with God that means you hate God.”
  • 5. Romans 8:9   “ A true believer no matter what happens remains true to Him and His word.”   “ If the enemy can still use you and you are his property the truth of the matter is that there is no protection for you.”   “ When Satan can no longer use what’s in you, he uses what’s around you. When you no longer have anything in you, it’s not that you are perfect, you are perfect because God is perfect. I’m whatever My Father is.”   “ Perfect means I don’t understand what perfect is, I just do what perfect does and that means I let Him do what He does in me.”   “ So if we are at enmity with God which we all were when we were born, how can we deserve anything from the person we hate? Because of Adam and Eve.”   “ By our physical birth we understand that we are at enmity with God, but by our new birth we are made His friend. So our nature must be changed to enter God’s holy presence.”   John 3:14-15   Where does our relationship stand with God?   “ We all have a free will but the question is why did God give us a free will?  God gave us a free will because He said if I let some people in Heaven who didn’t want to be there, they would literally want to be in hell.  The truth of the matter is some people just don’t want Heaven.  No matter how good of a spirit I placed in them, I can’t pull the good out of them if I tried.
  • 6. “ Carnal minded people stay on knowledge here in the earth and in Heaven they would not be able to understand the spiritual.”   “ Before a baby is born, the spirit is already in the mother.  You cannot see the spirit of the baby but it is the substance of things hoped for.  God takes the mind and intellect of the child and links it to the spirit in the womb so development can take place. The spirit is already there waiting”   Hebrews 11:1   “ We have to establish our thinking pattern.  Man is a spirit and has a soul, which is the mind and lives in a body.  Only the soul, which is the mind, needs to be developed.  The spirit doesn’t need development.  The body needs health to be in a proper habitation.”   “ Because God made us in His image and God is perfect and we are in His image, how can God create an imperfect thing? So that means that you too are perfect.  So you have to come into relationship with your mind and faith to know that you are perfect such as “I’m too perfect to think negative.”   “ When man sinned you only lost one to properly communicate with Him. The art of how to communicate. You didn’t lose His spirit.  So this means that you can’t keep sinning and have relationship with Him. So if you are sinning you are losing the art of communication.”   What sin did to Adam and Eve and what it does to us is it makes us alienated in our minds from hearing God. This is what God calls death when you can’t hear from Him. When God isn’t talking to you, you’re dead because you need Him to speak to you, to pull the good out of you.”
  • 7. “ The very day you begin to live by knowledge of good and evil you will surely die, not physical death.  The minute you stop allowing God to talk to you, you start living by the knowledge of your perception of yourself and who the enemy says you are.”   “ To change your perception is really you dying. To no longer believe what Jesus says is death.”   “ Name means nature, so when God told Adam to name the animals, He literally told him to give them their nature and their personality that he had authority over because he named them because anything you name you have authority over.  That’s why Satan never went to Adam to get him to eat the fruit because he had authority over him. That’s why he went to the weakest link, Eve.”   “ Man can do nothing…find scripture.  If you still believe that you are a man, you are thinking out of a carnal mind.  You can do nothing without Christ.”   “ A lot of people say, "I’m waiting for God to do something". But God is waiting for you to think like Him.  The spirit of the thinking is already there. You just need to allow God to restore your mind. You’re not a mere man anymore, think like Christ.”
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