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Religion Vs. Kingdom Part 3

Religion Vs. Kingdom Part 3



What is happening as a result of religion is a false authority coming from the pulpit to set the people under the authority of man and remove them from under the authority of God.

What is happening as a result of religion is a false authority coming from the pulpit to set the people under the authority of man and remove them from under the authority of God.



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    Religion Vs. Kingdom Part 3 Religion Vs. Kingdom Part 3 Presentation Transcript

    • Religion Vs. Kingdom Pt. 3 "Having a religious spirit interferes with our relationship with God. No matter how much you read your word or pray, it's like something just blocks your relationship with God." "There is usually a sense of yearning when our relationship with God is broken." "Religious people never feel good enough (this is a dead give away of a religious person)." "The first thing to do when you have a religious spirit is to admit you have a religious spirit." "Religious spirits are more interested in judgment than forgiveness." "Religious people go beyond where the Kingdom takes them."
    • Understanding why Jesus died for us: "Religion has a blinding effect so much so that's you focus on that Jesus died for you, but never understanding why?" "Now that the crucifixion has taken place, we must get to a place where we crucify something." "Jesus died so that you can be free. Anything that you are operating in that you are not free from, His death is not valid. You have Him on the cross and you need to crucify that." How do you obtain the freedom Jesus died for: “It's just like if you died and left money for your children, how do they obtain? Many people think that just because He died you’re free, but you have to get it.” “Are we really free or have we been giving ourselves everything and giving God the credit for it creating a false freedom
    • “A lot of us who make it out of religious churches still live with those who are in error. They still see you as corrupted because you are able to live around them. Most of the time you live with them because you need them and somehow you get back entangled with them and you are honestly the reason why they can’t see God. It’s similar to having a homosexual play an instrument in your ministry; do you stand on truth or let them play because of their gift? Truth is relying on corruption when it should rebuke corruption.” God has most people in environments of religion because you are supposed to fall out of love with religion. He then puts truth in someone and bring truth to you and then you would be able to relate because then you would start getting inquisitive and leave religion. This is just another example of the wheat and the tare.” “Religion is like a counterfeit love. You meet someone and think that’s your first love, but that’s your counterfeit love. Religion is to get you away from God. It’s to make you think about the stained glass and choirs, but really that’s not the real thing.” “You can tell a dead church because the Holy Spirit isn’t there.”
    • Why people have started churches: “Some people start churches in buildings because they need to prove that they are Christians and the people who go there need to prove that they are saved.” “Whatever you try and prove yourself to be, that’s what you’re not. Salvation is not by proof, but by evidence.” “Religious and or thinking will either minimize or eliminate all together the benefits of the new covenant.” “Because of religiousness, a lot of us are experiencing the benefits of the old covenant.” “A lot of people talk New Testament, but have Old Testament faith.” “Rather than religious people seeking the truth, they go to any length to seek and protect their religion. Religious folk go to any extent, and even if it’s not about religion, they do this is if they’re wrong about other things.” Penance: “Penance is self punishment for sin or an act of religion or devotion performed to show sorrow for having committed a sin. This is really a counterfeit
    • repentance with God. Christians do this by staying guilty a number of days after having confessed the sin. When you get rebuked and somebody asks to take you to the movies and you feel you’re not worthy enough, what you are doing is stopping your freedom and most importantly forgetting that Jesus paid for your sins. Why are you choosing to stay guilty? Penance blocks your relationship with God.” Romans 8:1 “Jesus said, "I didn’t come to condemn you, but people stay in the spirit of guilt because they are living by Old Testament.” Religion: “Religion is a sin used to control sinful people.” “Religion is a system or way of doing things (the Old Testament) and it keeps us from the new covenant or the knowledge about our liberation from sin which is found in the New Testament. If you came into a religious system looking to be delivered from sin, religious people or church folk can’t help you because they are using sin. Religion is sin.” “Your issues require freedom, but because religious people are bound to sin and religiousness (which is a demon) the demon controls your freedom.”
    • “When you freedom is stagnated, you can’t get delivered.” “Church is nothing more than buildings full of religious men and women who through good works are attempting to gain the acceptance of God.” “Christianity is God reaching down to a sinful man and redeeming Him, that’s it. The awesome part about it is you can’t get saved if you wanted to. Either He’s going to save you or He’s not.” “When your freedom is stagnated, you can’t get delivered.” “You see a lot of people try to conform before God transforms them.” “Because God knows everything about you, that’s means He saved everything about you. He saved your lies, your empty promises and all. You’re just catching up to yourself and its surprising you.” “Self righteousness...which is attached to religiousness...which is attached to manipulation is the problem in the church. This is what they tell you in most religious churches: * Neglecting these meetings is sin, you should come no matter whose preaching *The church is commanded to tithe, you have no business tithing to another church
    • *Failing to tithe is considered robbing God. *Give to God first before you pay your bills and after you tithe give a love offering *God has delegated His authority to church leaders and He expects all Christians to be obedient to church leaders *You are to listen to all church leaders. Neglecting church leadership is disobeying God (and these are people the pastor has typically put in place not God) *You should witness to everyone you meet and bring him or her to church every Sunday *Church members should be dependant on leaders and obedience to church leaders is necessary people to submit to church leaders *To gain God’s acceptance and to be in His will, allow the member to think that they are obeying God.” “What is happening as a result of religion is a false authority coming from the pulpit to set the people under the authority of man and remove them from under the authority of God.” “People need to be Spirit led. When people are led by the Spirit, man becomes afraid.” “Patterns of religion create a spiritual need and set itself up as a solution to the spiritual need, it’s just a gimmick. Because it gives religious leaders more
    • authority than what the scriptures even give them.” How do religious demons have access to you: Childhood rejection Weakness Self-spoken curses (I wish I could die, or I don’t want to be here anymore) Cursed objects (watches, things in your car, objects from ex’s, etc.) Sin Sexual ties, this is building a spiritual bridge for demons of torment to be transmitted (1 Corinthians 6:16) Unforgiveness Demonic vows
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