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“God understands what you are going through because He literally faced it too.  He doesn’t agree, and you don’t have a license to sin, but He understands.”

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I Understand

  1. 1. 07.21.11 I Understand “ A lot of times we struggle and battle so much until we question if we are believing correctly. We question the things God has already told us, if this is what I’m supposed to be doing, or if this is where I’m supposed to be.”   “ Unbelief means you simply have not arrived to a place where you fully trust God.”   “ We get frustrated sometimes because unbelief is a major handicap in our life.”   “ The whole idea is that if you keep praying about something or you’re going through something and you keep praying about that thing, at some point it will cause your faith to waiver.  In other words, you’re praying all the time about the one thing that shows that you don’t trust that it’s already done. So you pray about it and then the next thing you do is praise Him about it because praise brings forth victory. When you praise that means you are victorious, you’ve won something, you gain something.”    “ You don’t need to pray about something over and over again because when God doesn’t answer you at the appropriate time you will start to waiver in your faith. That’s why you pray about it and then you praise your way through it because you don’t know the time, the season, or hour when Jesus will answer you.  That’s why you take it to Him in prayer. But we re-pray it again and then what we have done is taken it back.”  “ When you pray about the same thing over and over again, what you are doing is you are literally brainwashing yourself, making God answer you. He said, “There is an appointed time where I have to answer that prayer, so wait.” You give the prayer to Him, praise Him, and then you wait.”
  2. 2. “ The Holy Spirit wants us to know that unbelief is nothing more than us being a slave to sin. So when unbelief shows up, you have to say, "Oh, what am I still being a slave to?"  What is this thing that’s still trying to keep me captive because there is still something sinful that I’m doing that I’m a slave to and it doesn’t want to release me.”   “ The way that you understand that you are a believing and trusting child of His is that you simply act like the word. In every circumstance, you act like the word. So you need to know the word in order to act like it and if you are not acting like it, then there’s no word in you to act like it and that sin is so strong in you that its causing you to be a slave.”   “ The only time sin shows up to put you in slavery is when you start acting like the sin showing characteristics of the sin. But when you act like the word, notice it doesn’t mess with you.”   The enemy goes to and fro seeking who he may devour, and if you’re not available at the time he goes seeking, he goes pass you. But the moment you put back on that stinking thinking, he got you.”   “ In every situation that happens to you, you have to know there’s eternal life in it.” “ The more we act like flesh the more we get weighed down. The more we come out of our flesh, the higher you get to go in the spirit realm and the more uncomfortable the flesh gets. It wants you stop mid-stream to appease it. It wants you to go back to a comfortable status where it’s getting pleased.”   “ Somebody tell me how not to feed me flesh! You have to practice what you lost. Originally in the garden we didn’t have to struggle with anything (it just was). But now you have to act like eternal life. You've got to practice this thing and put it into action until it’s made real.  "See I had it once before because it was free, but now you have to act like it until you become the very image of Me. Anytime you face any adversity, I’m gonna act like it until something happens.”
  3. 3. “ See He said, "I’m gonna let you all in My mind, in My secret place." And He told us how to enter. He said, "Enter My courts with thanksgiving and praise." See we go in too quiet, that’s why we gotta start making noise. "Enter into My courts with praise, and then I’ll let you in." He said, “Do whatever you need to do. Look simple for Me. When you finish praising worship falls because once you get in, you can’t do nothing but bow and worship. That’s when you know you’re in and if the worship doesn’t come, then the praise wasn’t enough.”   “ Jesus wants you to come into His courts with praise.”Some of you all are too stuffy for Me.”   “ In everything there’s eternal life. In other words, in everything I’m speaking. I AM letting you know what I AM doing and how I AM moving.  I AM moving, but you’re not paying attention. You think that I just sent that person, but no, I AM moving, I AM speaking." God wants us to understand His revelation and what He is trying to say to us in any situation.  Sometimes He will reveal Himself to us, a song will drop in your spirit and it’s not just a song. "Stop giving the song credit. It’s Me revealing Myself to you.  I asked you what was that, you say song. No, that was Me. Until you understand that that was Me I can’t use it to speak to you because you keep giving the song credit, that was Me. Kirk Franklin doesn’t know you’re sad!  I AM around you, but you don’t understand what I AM revealing to you when I give you My revelation.”   “ Stop getting everybody to see your revelation because they're not going to see it and the minute you try and get them to see it, it disappears because it wasn’t supposed to be revealed to them. That’s Me talking to you, not them!”   “ Every time we get together we should be ascending in the glory.”
  4. 4. “ If you have experienced worship so heavy where you were about to ascend and you were about to get caught up because the praise went up heavy and worship starts to fall, if you ever almost got in, and the person leading it all of a sudden starts to shift, what you have experienced is spiritual whiplash. The person leading it got spiritual whiplash and took you out of the realm because they didn’t know how to ascend up higher. They break out with a testimony in the middle of worship. The Lord says that there’s something taking place in the spirit realm, there’s no connection, and they can’t get in because they have spiritual whiplash.”   Matthew 19:16-22   “ True discipleship entails a total giving of yourself in love. And sometimes our worldly attachment becomes a barrier in us getting there.”   “ If you catch this, Verse 16, if he knew who the teacher was, he wouldn’t have asked Him about what good thing because He, the teacher was the good thing.”   Verse 17-19, Jesus only asked the young man about the commandment dealing with our relationship with each other. Jesus only answered specifically what the young man wanted to know.  Those are good things that will get you into life, but not eternal life.”   Verse 16, “He didn’t even know he was talking to eternal. How are you gonna ask eternal life "what good thing?”    “ The ten commandments were for us to enter life with each other. If I love you I wouldn’t steal from you or kill you.”
  5. 5. “ Many of us are sincere in attempting to keep the law to main relationship with others, but notice Jesus didn’t ask him directly about his relationship with God. And the reason He didn’t, why, because Jesus knew he was gonna justify himself, so why ask?  So Jesus told him what to do to have a relationship with God, or in other words, eternal life, sell everything you have...if you wish to be complete. He says, "If you wish to come with Me, sell everything you have all your possessions and follow Me." See, we sell it, but forget to follow.  See, He said, "Anything that’s your god, I AM going to command you to get rid of it, and come follow Me.”   “ Man is stuck in two places. We are stuck at entering into life, never doing what the word says to have eternal life.  He said get rid of it. Now you may say "I have nothing to sell", but your attitude costs you something. It’s worth something. Your unbelief is worth something.  You want to know why it’s worth something, because it’s keeping you from God.  That’s why it’s trying to attach itself and stay with you because it has something to gain if you don’t follow Jesus.  That’s the difference between a true disciple and a "wanna be" disciple.”   “ A lot of us (even when we are disciples) say that we love God, but we cannot have true love unless we are free. If you are not free, it’s no way you can love. Because if you’re not free, you’re going to keep hurting people.  The longer you stay in bondage the more you hurt others.”   “ We cannot have true love unless we are free and believe in the one who we are giving ourselves to. So I can’t say that I love you and I don’t believe in you because technically I’m only supposed to love what I believe in.  You gotta love what God loves and hate what He hates.”
  6. 6. “ This is how you truly know somebody is in bondage because you cannot truly love God unless we are free enough to express love. Some of you all have a hard time expressing love. Somebody hugs you and touches you, you think they want you. Somebody gives you a kiss you, you think they just wanna put their lips on you.  Love breaks that bondage and when real love shows up you cringe and stay away from it. You push it away and don’t wanna embrace it.  You would rather stay impoverished than confess and confront love when it’s all around you.”   John 14:23   “ Repenting...I tried to do God’s work with man's method’s and it’s not gonna to work,”   “ If you are sad and got a problem most of the week, there is a problem with you. You are in bondage to something.”   “ In the world everybody faked like they were somebody, but now because you are in the Kingdom, you are really playing your part. If you keep acting and keep doing, you will take on His image.”   “ For those of us who get frustrated when it’s so much word going forth and you can’t grasp it all, God said be thankful. Be thankful for what you have received and don’t worry about what you haven’t received because it means there’s an abundance that still remains. What you have received is present. Share, take what you can get and the rest of it is your birth right, it’s yours.”   “ God doesn’t want you getting frustrated with getting something good when there’s more good to get from where you got it from.”
  7. 7. “ It's so much revelation, Lord and I can’t even maintain the nugget that I got." Why? He says, "Because you’re weak. In your weakness I AM made strong." The problem is you don’t rejoice with that little bit and downplay it. But He said, Next week I’ll download what you need then you can put those two pieces together.”   “ Don’t feel upset because you cannot consume everything all at once.”   “ You will lose more than what you will probably grasp when you are hearing revelation because revelation is not easy to comprehend.”   “ God’s word offers different facets according to the capacity of you.  He puts all of what we need in it and we eat.  In any ministry you go to and you belong there, Jesus ought to be talking to you.”   “ When God shows you where you belong, you shouldn’t let unbelief from any direction come in.”   Hebrews 3:1-6   Hebrews 4:12   “ The word of God is sharper than the sharpest knife. So if you think you’re smarter than God you’re not. You’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer. So if you think you’re mind is a beast, there’s One sharper than you.”   “ The word of God exposes us for what we really are, not who you think you are, not who you have been, not who your momma told you are. So when you start hearing stuff that doesn’t sound like you, you’ve been in the drawer, you’ve been cut. So when you don’t believe what God says you are, then what you’re saying is my knife is sharper than Yours, because that’s not me. Jesus says, "You can cut baby, but I can go deeper than you. I can go deeper into you and tell you who you really are.”
  8. 8. Question, on the topic of God understands, why does rebuke hurt so much?   “ Rebuke hurts so bad because when you are being rebuked, that sin in you that you never knew that you had has to come face to face with the word of God. The person that God is using to rebuke you represents Him. So the sin is really saying, “You’ve shown up, who are You?”  That sin is now facing truth and it’s causing you to protect it because it’s now facing the true and living God.  Sin can’t stay in the presence of God.  When the rebuke comes God is talking to the sin, He’s not talking to you. So move your face out of the way because this doesn’t have anything to do with you. He’s not talking to you, you just feel it and you want to respond but mind your business.  He’s talking to that sin, not you. Shut your mouth and move your face out the way. It has nothing to do with you, but what’s in you, and God gotta get it out.”   Hebrews 4:14-16   “ God understands what you are going through because He literally faced it too.  He doesn’t agree, and you don’t have a license to sin, but He understands.”   Verse 15 - “Instead of going to Him boldly about it, you get some guilt. You need to go boldly before Him until He gives you some grace.  The reason He hasn’t given you the grace is because He knows you haven’t stopped yet, so He’s in an understanding mode. "But keep coming and when you finally come and I know you’re ready for grace, then I’ll give it to you.”   “ It’s a trick of the enemy to think that we cannot go before God boldly.”   “ So basically what He is saying is that He understands, but you have to go to Him before Him boldly.  He already knew what you wanted to do, so you might as well tell Him.  Why do we need to go there boldly, because that’s where we will receive His mercy.”   Hebrews 5:1-7
  9. 9. “ Why did Jesus come in the form of a human? Because He understands. He understood your weakness. The reason He had to come in the form of a human is because that was His way of handling us gently.  If He did not come in the form of a human, He would have to respond to sin and kill it.  He had to come in the form of a human to look at you.  So He could say, "I identify with your weakness, I’m here to redeem you back." And He was tested with the same thing that you went through, He just couldn’t do it.”   Hebrews 5:8   ‘” He learned obedience by suffering.”   “ Satan only did what God asked Him to do, because he did not know how to obey God. He did not know how to obey God because he never suffered.”   “ You have some people who have no discipline and they only do what’s asked. They always have to ask, "Can I do this? Can I clean this? Should I do this? YOU'RE NOT DISCIPLINED! See, you haven’t suffered. When you’ve suffered, you do it and nobody has to ask you to do it. If you know it needs to be done, you are disciplined enough to know how to do it in decency and in order.”   “ If somebody is going through their stuff, don’t help them out. They have to suffer because if you help them out, they’re never going to learn.”   “ God says, "I take pleasure in your suffering, and do you wanna know why?" God says, "I take pleasure in your suffering, because suffering makes you choose."   You’re either gonna choose the right thing or the wrong thing.  When you choose the wrong thing, you keep complaining, you gotta go and confirm if this is really suffering. But see, you gotta get to a point where you trust God not man. "Father, if you said this about me, so be it. Because if it’s true, clean me up, if its not then You have nothing to clean." People who need confirmation are rebellious people. If you were never told about yourself, you not gonna believe anything told about you anyway.”
  10. 10. “ If you are suffering, you’re gonna have to make a choice. Complaining and worrying isn’t gonna get you out.  It literally demands that you choose between the option of right and wrong.”   “ If you can’t suffer, you’re an infant. A lot of Christians claim they can handle a steak. A lot of meat Christians think they are on meat Christians but they are milk Christians.  You wanna be on the front line, front infantry, you wanna be seen, but when that rebuke comes slashing at your throat you can’t handle that. Front line people get cut up. Why? Because it’s a greater call on your life.”   “ Infants lack both knowledge and practice because solid food Christians, their life will result in righteous living.  Meat Christians practice righteousness, infant Christian’s pattern righteousness.”   “ Your moral choices that you make, they really reveal where you are in Christ. If you still are making a conscious decision to sin you’re an infant. You get frustrated even in practicing.”   “ Mature Christian believers (the meat believers) have a skilful capacity to tell the difference between good and evil, and they make moral choices of good, meaning, beautiful, quality, and useful.”   ‘ When you make evil choices (whether you’re a meat or milk Christian) means that you are making choices below the standard of God.”   “ Solid food allows you to be able to deal with life.”   “ Milk Christians don’t know how to apply anything.”   “ Meat Christians, no matter what you’re faced with you ought to be able to gain eternal rest.  Nobody should be able to tell that you’re suffering.”   “ I’m gonna believe what God says, I’m gonna do what God says do, so I can get a Godly result.”"
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