Concept Vs. Logos


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Although darkness and evil only existed as concepts in original consciousness, Lucifer believed that it had already manifested. God told Lucifer of evil, but Lucifer believed that it was real because it was a concept in his mind, so he manifested it and that’s our battle. God created us to do something but we're coming up with our own concepts so therefore we’re manifesting something against the sovereignty of God.

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Concept Vs. Logos

  1. 1. Concept VS Logos"If you have an anointing on you, one thing God needs you to see is yourself as is a surrogateparent. What a surrogate parent does is carry a child for another woman who cannot have ababy. You keep wondering, “Why am I going through so much stuff? Why am I constantlybeing attacked, just why?" But what God is saying is it’s because youre a surrogate. “I placedsomething in you and therefore you cannot live anyway you want to live. Prior to pregnancyyou may have masturbated, you may have lied and you may have doubted, but now that youare carrying something for Me, you cannot do what you want to do and act the way you wantto act when you are carrying My anointing. If you continue to do what you want to do whilecarrying My anointing, the baby will come premature or you will abort the anointing andtherefore you will be operating as a Christian by default.""What I want to do still comes up. The urge to sleep with people comes up! But God says, "Areyou gonna focus on the urge, or what youre impregnated with?""The surrogate parent has a birth date, a day when they have to deliver and bring forth thatchild. That’s what God is saying. “My anointing is never ending and there are seasons when Iwant to deliver something out of you. This is why I don’t want you to live like yourself becausewhen I’m ready to birth what I placed in you, I need you to be ready to receive what I haveplaced in you.""Religion is not salvation.""The reason why you don’t have power over sin is because you do not have the Holy Spirit.So, if someone is sinning and wants to know why they can’t stop, it’s because they don’t havethe Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes to convict you and stop you. If you have Him and keepmaking a conscious choice to ignore Him (which is rebellion) which is witchcraft."
  2. 2. Concerning the Illuminati:"What they are trying to do is allow the economy to shut down completely so we can depend onthe anti-christ. They have to mess with our food and everything so we can depend on them. Inthat season, the scripture that comes into play is "that man shall not live by bread alone but byevery word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." They can have their food and bread,because we shall not live by bread alone."1 John 5:3-4"The word tells us how to circumcise our hearts by the demonstration of our love for God. Hiscommandments are not burdensome. When you are burdened down you are not keeping Hiscommandments but your own. Youve wrote your own commandments and are doing somethingsomewhere He told you not to do.""If God placed his heart in you (His spirit) then His desires should become our desires if He livesin us.”"We overcome the world by circumcising our hearts and obeying His commandments.”What is Holiness? It’s a terrible thing to walk around and say you’re something that you’re not:"Holiness is being distinct and separate from the world by having fully embraced Gods HolySpirit as your own by being nothing like the world in your actions, desires, and priorities. If youhave worldly desires, you’re not holy. If you have worldly priorities, youre not holy. If its not ofGod, you shouldn’t have any desire for it, but if you do then you have to be real with yourselfand say, "You know what, Im not holy!“Matthew 7:20-23
  3. 3. 2 Thessalonians 2:3Matthew 16:22-23 – “your mind is not on the things of God, but in the interests of man. Getbehind me actions, get behind me woman because you are an alternative god, a stumblingblock, and God didn’t approve you!"Who was Jesus talking to in Matthew 16:22-23...Peter. Peter didn’t get offensive. Godrecognized Satan in Peter so when your brothers and sisters come to say, “Get theebehind me Satan” and they get Peter didn’t get offensive and he continued towalk with Jesus. If you are trying to live holy and a person gets offensive, they don’t want towalk with Jesus.""If your proud ego can be easily be offended, Satan has already won.""Satans desire is to get you offended at truth. Why truth? Because the truth is Gods word, soyoure really getting offended at God. Once you’re offended at truth, then the enemy will dressup in his Sunday best suit, be the antichrist, and pamper you for your alterative alter-ego.Everything you want, hell send it to you.“The accuser:"The name Satan means accuser. He accused the Lord of evil.""The name Lucifer means light bearer. So God created Him to be the enlightener of theuniverse.“"Lucifer was originally closest to the Lord until the moment he chose to rebel."
  4. 4. "Lucifer corrupted his own awareness by forming a new logos. Logos is Greek for word. Hecorrupted his own awareness by forming a new word or way of reasoning about the reality ofGod. He separated his perception of the universal and personal aspect of God and thereforesaw darkness in the Lord as a sovereign being.""We do this now because some of us have a luciferian complex.""Although darkness and evil only existed as concepts in original consciousness, Luciferbelieved that it had already manifested. God told Lucifer of evil, but it wasn’t real (it hadn’tmanifested yet). But Lucifer believed that it was real because it was a concept in his mind, sohe manifested it. He accused God of not being sovereign because the concept was in His mindand he was created to be the enlightener...and that’s what we do. We have a concept in ourconscious and God says it’s not reality, but we manifest it.""Lucifer believed that evil had already manifested since he saw that Heaven was in an imperfectstate. Heaven wasn’t perfect. Lucifer had the concept and wanted to be God and bring forth theconcept, so he said, “Let there be evil.” God was saying, “Wait a minute, Im getting thegovernment together! Why are you manifesting a concept in your conscious that I haven’tbrought to pass yet?“"As a divine aspect of God, Lucifer believed that he was being inspired and empowered by theoriginal consciousness to oppose the sovereignty of the Lord and make right the faulty of theorder of divinity. He thought he was bringing order to the government by his conscious and hisconcept.""Lucifer may have fallen in the eyes of the Most High, but he hasn’t lost the gift. God says, "Iknow you know youve got the gift, so go ahead and use it and bring all your concepts to pass.But even still it’s going to work out for My good.”
  5. 5. "Lucifer still lives according to his purpose by seeking expression of the gift. God doesn’tneed to create another being to do the work He created Lucifer to do. He created Lucifer to dosomething but Lucifer came up with his own concept and that’s our battle. God created you todo something but youre coming up with your own concept so therefore you’re manifestingsomething against the sovereignty of God.""When you have your own concept, God includes what you want as a part of His plan.""Everything is created with a purpose that only it can fulfill. You were created with a purposethat only you can fulfill.""Even the work of evil is turned into good by the all knowing wisdom of the Most High. God iswise and efficient in using His resources.""There is an invisible war going on now between two sides in the entire universe and alllevels of reality. Nothing is gained from fighting your enemy unless they have somethingreally good for you. So if youre my enemy and you have nothing good for me, then your jobis to pull out anything bad if it’s something left in me. Sometimes enemies don’t want to fight,they just want to prove that you’re not who you say you are.""The best fight for Christians to try and win is the fight of awareness against the principalitiesof Satan. Why? Because when you become aware of the principalities of Satan, you get achance to receive the tools and knowledge that they possess. The enemy doesn’t want you toknow what he knows. As long as you do what you want to do, you will never gain hisknowledge.“"The enemy shows you how he works, but the reason why you can’t see it is because you fallfor the job. You get hired so you can never know the tools."
  6. 6. "All warfare deception. Satan’s art of war is to use all kinds of means to confuse, weaken,and destroy the conscious of Gods people.""The greatest weapon of destruction is not physical devastation but ignorance and suppressionagainst the soul.""Knowledge is power and the more or less it is possessed by either side, the more or less powerthat side can handle.""Satan aims to hide his gift from the church. That’s why they don’t want you to confess your sinsin the church.”“Satan hides his gift from the church and shares it only with the rest of the world.""Satan is really a gift. Don’t do what he sends to set you up but find out how he does what hedoes. Don’t do what he does, but figure out how he does it.""All Satan wants is for Christians to be as stupid as they can.""Satan’s problem with God is because a concept came to Him he blamed God for giving him aconscious.""Satan causes the church to persecute, reject, and even kill those Christians that try to share truthby labeling them a cult, heretics, and even being on Satan’s side. Occult means hidden or secret.So the enemy knows youve tapped into the truth and hes against you, so now hes against youbecause you know what he knows.“"God is saying, "Don’t get twisted off of the lies, pay attention to what Satan does and learn fromhim, stop running from him. You only have to run from him is if hes using you because he knowswhen he comes youll fall for his tricks and you’re not smart enough to be labeled asan occultist."
  7. 7. "The reason why Satan is a gift is because the light that Satan has was originally Gods. Hisknowledge is from God so to deny Satan is to deny God. You shouldn’t be submitting to Satan, butwhen he shows up learn from him. When he shows up, realize that hes showing up as light becauseGod made Him.""Satan is a being that has brought light and darkness (the absence of light). If Satan has light andGod is the source of light, then somehow God is in Satan...but people wont tell you that.""With Satan, embrace whatever light he brings, not the darkness.""Good and evil existed only as a concept in the universal mind, but it only manifested when Lucifermisaligned himself with Lord. The stuff in our life is only a concept that manifests when we misalignourselves from God.""Lucifer perceived that evil was manifested in the Lord and claimed sovereignty for himself. Luciferwas saying the Lord was evil because he made him and the concept of his. But God said, “If I didmake evil I made it for my purpose.” But Lucifer didn’t have wisdom concerning the logos, or Godsword concerning evil.""A portion of the work that Satan is doing in this world is according to what the Lord created him todo, therefore Satan is doing Gods work. The other portion of his work is against God. If youre notagainst God, the enemy has nothing for you to do. The only way he can get you to do something isif you are personally against God.""The reason why the enemy is out of place is because we don’t put him back in his place.“"Satan seeks to bring enlightenment to all, but yet denies the Lords rightful place as the Most HighGod.""Satan can only do what he was created to do."
  8. 8. "If you are walking in holiness, anything the enemy tries to bring to you will fail. Just don’t allow himto allow you to go against God.""Those who are the wisest learn from anything whether good or evil because the whole universe is ateacher. Satan is a teacher. He teaches you what to do and what not to do. He teaches you when topray. When he comes, say "thank you, youve taught me how to pray." Now youre in an occultbecause youve been enlightened. How did you know that was a time to pray? I brought that so youcould complain.""The evil part of Satan we are supposed to learn from not repeat it.""All Satan is saying is, "This is my personal illusion because, guess what? I don’t have the logosconcerning the conception of what has appeared before you. I don’t know the word concerning this.Im just creating a concept of your conscious. There’s really a word because God didn’t say thatconcerning that.""If you want to be victorious as you can be in this divine war, you must learn from your enemy. Whoare these people he keeps sending in my life to get me off course? What does he keep trying to useto frustrate me?""Do not deny yourself from receiving something that is good for you just because it comes from aparticular channel. When Satan starts using people to act as a jackass, don’t deny yourself. Learnfrom that fool! Don’t get yourself upset, learn from them. This is how you stop being afraid of Satanand blaming everything on him.""Whatever gift we receive as children of God we should receive it as from God as He is the source ofall things."
  9. 9. The law of attraction:"The law of attraction works according to the principle of vibration.""Everything vibrates and vibration is energy.""Energy attracts energy that is of the same rate of vibration.""Energy attracts like energy. All energy you give out is the energy that you will get.""The Law of attraction is you drawing into your life whatever you focus on and emotionalize.""You attract everything and anything that you hold in your mind...whether you want it or not. Ifyou want to be loved, youre gonna attract love.""Anything that you hold in your mind whether wanted or unwanted, you attract it because youregonna focus on it and become emotionally attached to it.""Simply by observing, your reality is created.""When you focus on something and concentrate on it, you will give attention to it and all of yourenergy.""When you give attention to something, you give it mental life for it to exist. That’s why the moreyou place your mind on something the more it lives.""When you do not pay attention to something, it ceases to exist over time.""The more you focus, the more emotion you put into it. The more attractive and stronger yourvibration becomes and thats when it begins to manifest."
  10. 10. Lets look at it based upon value:"When you appreciate something the value goes up. If you appreciate Jesus more, Hell be worthmore to you.""Bless the little and the little becomes a lot.""When you dont appreciate what God has given you, it loses its value and is no longer worthanything.""Focus your mind and will on positive and detach from negative.""What you focus and give your attention to, that’s what you are really blessing. That’s what youhave given your blessings. So some of you all are really giving your blessings to negativity.""So when you neglect and withhold attention from something, you are cursing it.""The fact that you are thinking about something or crying about something, you are giving it yourblessing.""When you acknowledge that God is the One at work in the good that you experience, you start toexperience His operations even more. If evil shows up and you say that it was God, you wontkeep experiencing His goodness because He says, "You keep giving Satan credit for what Imdoing.""What you appreciate becomes more significant. This is why giving God glory increases glory inyour life.""What you focus on, you magnify. The more you focus on Jesus, the bigger He gets."
  11. 11. "The law of attraction attracts by creating and creates by attracting. It pulls what you focus on toyou, or it pulls together the fields to manifest it for you. So if you act depressed, it’s gonna goget depression for you. If you act broke, it’s gonna get poverty for you.""Your inner world, what’s in you, defines your outer world. So what’s in you defines what comesout of you.""We have our circumstances because of the way we feel. How you feel really controls the wayyou think."Proverbs 4:23"Emotions also have the power to create what you want. When your emotions create what youwant, then you find within yourself what it feels like it wants to have. You feel like what youremotions say feel, then you will begin to manifest the thing you want. The energy in motion willwork to pull you to the thing you want while also pulling the thing you want towards you."Lets look at energy:"If you express joy to God in return you will get more joy. Express love to God, youll get morelove. Express appreciation to God, youll get more appreciation.""Sometimes seeing people express joy and appreciation is all the thanks in the world you need.""Being joyful, content and happy, your emotions will give you those things for your life. Youremotions work by what you attract."
  12. 12. "If something is in your life, but you feel as if you dont have it or are lacking it, very soonit will slip away and you will lose it because you will begin to manifest your feelings. Yourfeelings will bring about the manifestation. For example: you have a great friendship withsomeone who brings joy and comfort to your life, but somehow you start having thesenegative ideas that the friendship will not last long and whatever good you experiencetends to just go away. This thinking will generate negative energy that will influence theevents to cause the thing to fall apart because you are feeling it,’s you! You are yourown problem. Everything that’s going with you, you are creating it by your feelings,emotions, and energy.""Feelings prompt you to express something and then you will draw the energy of it.""Express how you feel. But in expressing how you feel always tell the truth.""If a feeling is going to lead you to truth, then youre going to get a truth result. If you seesomeone for five minutes and say you love them, youre driven by emotion. If you loveyourself, youll wait. Why rush to be hurt?""The day only changes when you go on how you feel, not the logos. No matter what, it’s agood day.""The enemy wants you to follow your feelings and emotions concerning it, get away fromthem because what you feel isnt gonna be the outcome of what youre gonna get."
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