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Beijing naijia guan

  1. 1. The Strategy forInternationalization of Universities in China Prof. Naijia GUAN Vice president, Nankai University Oct. 15, 2006
  2. 2. Content• World Trends: Internationalization of Higher Education• The Reform and Development of Universities in China• The Internationalization of Higher Education in China• Strategy Target of Nankai University
  3. 3. World Trends: Internationalization of Higher EducationIn 20th century,scientific,technological andeconomic developments, which have stimulatedthe change in cultivation model of highereducation.The possession of world-class universitiesmarks a nation’s great strength in highereducation, and is one of the principal marksindicating the nation’s supreme power ininternational competition.
  4. 4. As Knowledge Economy is viewed as the leadingforce of social progress in the 21st century,universities have become the commandingelevation of international competition inknowledge innovation and the development ofhuman resources.Internationalization in higher education occursvia international students on campus, studentexchanges, collaboration agreements withoverseas partners, hiring of international staffs
  5. 5. The Reform and Development of Universities in China• “Eight-character policy of 1990”co-construction, readjustment, cooperation, merging• The expansion of enrolment. In 2006, 5 million of young people has been accepted to enrolling in colleges and universities.• The construction of high-level universities• “211 Project” Budget: RMB 18 billion in 5yrs 1995~2000 Target: Top 100 Universities in 21 century
  6. 6. • “985”Project 36 Well-known Universities• The accelerated developments of higher education run by local people• The development trend of China’s higher education in the 21st century
  7. 7. The Internationalization of Higher Education in China• Sending Chinese students to study abroad• Expansion of the International Student Enrollment• “Chinese-Foreign University Presidents Forum”sponsored by the Ministry of Education was held three times in 2002, 2004 and 2006.• Promoting Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools.• Participate and Host International Academic Seminar• HANYUQIAO-Chinese Bridge & Confucius Institute
  8. 8. Strategy Target of Nankai University• Founded in 1919 by the famous patriotic educators, Boling Zhang and Fansun Yan.• The first private higher institution in modern China.
  9. 9. Fansun Yan Boling Zhang
  10. 10. Nankai UniversityFrom the very beginning, serving society was the maingoal of schools. In accordance with the famousprinciples “art to regulate the country, science tostrengthen the country and economy to richen thecountry”, Nankai began with three departments: liberalarts, science and business.
  11. 11. The Goal Until 2010:• Suitable size, Well-structured, Bright characteristics, Internationally well-known• High standard: quality of teaching & academic level to reach the advanced level in some disciplines• Base of cultivating high-level innovational intelligent, knowledge innovation, serving the economic construction and social development
  12. 12. Progressing Step by Step• Teaching• Research• Human Resource• Management
  13. 13. Progressing Step by Step• More than 160 collaboration agreements with universities or institutions of over 40 countries and regions• Nankai University is the only Chinese university to be one of the administrative board member of International Association of Universities (IAU) supported by UNESCO.• Over 50 years’ experience of hosting international students. More than 10,000 international students graduated from Nankai University since 1979• 23 short term Chinese language and culture program
  14. 14. Progressing Step by Step• 1,225 long-term international students from 37 countries studying at Nankai University now• The global recruitment of chair professors since 2004• The global recruitment of Deans of colleges and schools recently• The building of the platform of international cooperation and exchange for teachers and students. In addition to “inviting inside,” Nankai University makes great efforts to create favorable conditions for teachers to “step outside.”
  15. 15. University MottoDedication topublic interests,acquisition of allround capability,aspiration forprogress witheach passing day.
  16. 16. Thank You! 谢 谢!