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Tire valve-accessories-overview Tire valve-accessories-overview Document Transcript

  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED CATALOGUE 1, Tire valve – Snap-in Tubeless valve 2, Tire valve – Clamp-in Tubeless valve 3, Tire valve – Air liquid & large Bore Tubeless valve 4, Tire valve – Tube valve 5, Special Purpose ( industrial) valves 6, Tire valves – Part: valve core, Caps, Sleeve, Grommets, Washers, Nuts 7, Tire valves – Accessories: Extensions (Caps) 8, Tire valve – Repair tools & Accessories 9, Tire Accessories – Air chuck 10, Tire Accessories – Air/ Inflating Gauge 11, Tire Accessories- Tire Gauges ( Dial & Digital) 12, Tire Repair Tools 13, Wheel Accessories- wheel Weights 14, Wheel Accessories – Lug Nuts & Bolts, Lock Nuts & Bolts. 15, Wheel Accessories – Wheel Covers & Rings / Auto Water Container Covers 16, Air Quick Coupler  www.iating.com Passenger & Light Truck – Snap-in Tubeless valves The snap-in type can be quickly mounted to the rim.It is flexble in nature, so it may provide complete air-seal even when it is bent for airservice or tire pressure check. Made of special rubber(as EPDM)compound to resist o'zone damage and prevent premature deterioration caused by rim hole compression and cold, its Maximum inflation is 450 kPa(65P.S.I)  TR413 (USA) Series Valves Forφ11.5(.453"dia.)Rim Holes Forφ16(.625"dia.)Rim Holes Forφ8.8(.346"dia.)Rim Holes  TR413 European Style Series Valve Germany-Style-Valves IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED is an enterprise specializing in manufacturing, marketing and R&D of tire valve, tire valve tools, tire repair tools, air grease pump, wheel balance weight, tire air chucks, air quick couplings, air blower gun, sintered metal filters, CUSTOM Italy Style Valve equipment parts, and so on. The product is widely used in bike, tuck, light truck, and other equipment, etc.; With 10 years’ persistent endeavor of our people, IAT company has established a whole set of management system and passed ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System also got SGS factory inspection report from many Top 500 Enterprises. We have high quality personnel combining sales, production and R&D, in which there are 6 people have masters’ degree, 10 with bachelor’s degree and more than 70% got college education. IAT company has wholesome selling procedure and rigorous testing process, we ensure to provide our clients with 100% satisfactory quality product. We continually develop various kinds of new product according to the market trend,70% of the product are sold to more than 15 countries and regions, got popularity among various countries and regions.  1. TR413 Series Decorate-Sleeve & Cap Valve Chrome Sleeve & Cap – Straight Tyre Specialties Tire valve, tire valve accessories, valve stem tool, wheel balance weight, tire repair kit, tire air chucks, air quick coupling, air grease pump, air filter regulator, air blower gun, tire pressure gauge, power metal components, and CUSTOM equipment part. 2. Chrome all Sleeve & Cap – Loudhailer Tyre ForΦ11.5 (453°dia) Rim Holes Tel: 0086- 135 6346 5746 Email: sales@iating.com Valvetire@gmail.com 3. 1 / 17 Chrome or Nickel or Gold Cap - Sleeve
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED ForΦ11.5 (453°dia) Rim Holes  www.iating.com Air-liquid Tubeless Snap-in Valve for Tractor & Graders  TR618 Snap-in valve replace rigid air-liquid Valve TR618A. Europe number is 35GSW15.7 Such as: tractor, agriculture trailers, harvesters, forestry, Machines, farm vehicles, loaders, backhoes etc. VC18 Cap for TRCH3 & TR618 4. Aluminum Color – Sleeve & Caps  Motorcycle & light truck – tubeless Clamp-in valves Clamp down Straight Type valve &  TR600 Series High pressure Snap-in Valves The Tubeless valve Snap-in Tyre valves are mainly for high pressure application for use to 720Kpa (100PSI), Maximum Cold inflation pressure  Passenger & Light truck valve V-1 Series Clamp-up Type ForΦ6 (.263°dia) Rim Holes Clamp-up/down bent type valve - Clamp-up Type PVR98 Series bent valve ForΦ11.5 (453°dia) Rim Holes ForΦ11.5 (453°dia) Rim Holes ForΦ16(625°dia) Rim Holes V-3 Series Clamp-up Type ForΦ11.5 (453°dia) Rim Holes  VS-8 Series Clamp-up & Bent Type ForΦ11.5 (453°dia) Rim Holes TR413L Series Snap-in Nickel or Chrome or Rubber-Covered Valves ForΦ11.5(453°dia) Rim Holes  Aluminum Alloy valves – Anodized in colors   Motorcycle & Bicycle – Tubeless snap in valve  PVR70 Series Snap-in Valves & Scooter Rim Valve ForΦ11.5(453°dia) Rim Holes  TR412 Series Snap-in valve ForΦ11.5(453°dia) Rim Holes / TR412, TR413  FLAP21 X 457 Series Tubeless valve – for Bicycle Tubeless vale Tire The FLAP 21 X 457(dia) mm for the 26’’ bicycle tubeless tire 2 / 17 Motorcycle & Passenger Valve
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED  ForΦ11.5 (453°dia) Rim Holes   Passenger car & Light truck valve ForΦ11.5 (453°dia) Rim Holes www.iating.com Tuck &Bus valves  TR570 Series Straight Valves ForΦ16 (.625 dia) Rim Holes  TR501 – OV ForΦ16 X 6KS Wheel with Oval Valve hole Tractor Front Wheel Valves – Clamp –Up Type TV6008 Series Clamp-up  TR570C Series Bent Valves ForΦ16 (.625 dia) sides Holes Rim Mountings RG15 Rubber Grommet Prepared for “HOT” or “Cold” & Anti-O-Zone rubber formulation with EPDM(Item NO. RG15 Black) or Silicone (Item NO. RG15 Red).  Passenger Cars, Light Truck Valves  Nickel Plated Clamp-Down Type  Chromed Plated Clamp-Down Type  Electrophoresis-Nigritude  TR 570 Series Nickel or Chrome Plated Valve NO. Plus “NI” or “CR” Item NO.: TR0 NI Series or TR 570CR Series.  SP416(VS-902P/N-1012R) Valve Seal Plug ForΦ16 (.625 dia) sides valve hole Has RG39, RW13( or RW1012) and HN4 (Or HN4B). Ref. length : Φ17.5 x 17/10V2  TR417 Clamp-up Type Valve ForΦ11.5 (453°dia) Rim Holes Has RG54 and HN4, C1 & VC8 The valve is design for front wheel drive Toronado (’66- ’78) and EI Dorado(’66-’78)car.  TR510 Series Tubeless valve for Aluminum disc Wheels Used in drop-center aluminum disc wheel with 16(.625’’) bottom vale hole.   TR943/45 (VS-943/-45) Clamp-up valves ForΦ16 (.625 dia) Rim Holes, 19.5 X 6.75 Accuride. From in side the rim, has RG39 and HN943, C1 & VC3. Eff. Length: Φ 19 X 57/23°X L25; Φ 19 X 57/45°X L33 Truck & Bus Valve  1298 Series with O-ring Seal Valve Replace TR500 Series valve ForΦ16 (.625 dia) sides valve hole 3 / 17
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED  TV 1298 Series Valves Replaces TR500 Series valves, with viton Rubber Gasket and Pressure Line Design. ForΦ15.7 (.618 dia) sides valve hole  www.iating.com Commercial Vehicle Valves  Triple Bend Tubeless valves ForΦ15.7 (.625’’ ) Rim holes  Single Bend Tubeless valves ForΦ20.5 (.812’’ ) Rim holes  TV540 Series Valves Repair TR540 Series valves, with viton rubber Gasket and Pressure line designed ForΦ9.7 (390’’ dia) Rim holes  Double Bend Tubeless valves ForΦ20.5 (.812’’ ) Rim holes  Truck & bus valve  TR540 Series truck tubeless valves – O-ring valves These valves with O-ring seal for Aluminum Alloy wheels having TR540 series nickel plated, Chrome plated IAT NO. Plus “CR”, These valve with new seal “”RG540(G-176)” rubber grommet (“HOT or COLD” & EROSIVE”). IAT NO. Plus “-G”  Triple Bend Tubeless valves ForΦ20.5 (.812’’ ) Rim holes ForΦ9.7 (390’’ dia) Rim holes   V3.20 Series Metric Rim Hole valves – Clamp-up Type O-ring Seal valves for steel wheel with Nickel plated valve, IAT NO. plus”NI”, H16 X 5 Spud valve IAT NO plus “H”, H14 X 3 Spud valve IAT NO. Plus “H3”.  Air-liquid tubeless clamp-in valves  TRCH3 Core Housing Part: C1, RG67 & VC3 or VC2  TR618A & TV618B Straight type valve part: RTCH3, RG7, RW11 & HN1  TR621A Series bent type valve parts: TRCH3, RG7, RW11 & HN1 These valves are mainly used with tractors, graders, loaders, etc. These valves allow liquid to enter tubes to maintain balance even in the rugged field.  TV5905 Series bent type air-liquid valve extensions. Part: TRCH3, RG67 (&HN5905) ForΦ16 (.625’’ dia ) Rim holes Commercial Vehicle Valves O-ring Seal valve for tubeless tire of commercial vehicle – Clamp-up type.  Single Bend Tubeless valves ForΦ15.7 (.625’’ ) Rim holes   Double Bend Tubeless valves ForΦ15.7 (.625’’ ) Rim holes 4 / 17 TR1TI-1 Series Lock Screw type rim valve- 1/8-27NPT, Part: C1& VC3S or VC2
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED  Large bore tubeless valve for off-the-road vehicle  TRJ650 Series large bore tubeless valves – Swivel type The valve stem swivels freely to any convenient position to meet rim specifications. ForΦ20.5 (.812’’ ) Rim holes, Part: RG66, C2 & VC6 or VC7  TRJ670 Large bore tubeless valves – Straight type, ForΦ20.5 (.812’’ ) Rim holes, parts: RG66, C2, VC6 or VC7.  TRSP2 Large bore tubeless Spud fits Φ20.5 (.812’’ ) Rim holes, parts: rg22,HS2 & HN15.  www.iating.com Super Large Bore Tubeless valves  TR L870 Valve – Straight Type For Φ20.5 (.812’’ ) Rim holes  TR L910B Air-Liquid Tubeless valve For Φ20.5 (.812’’ ) Rim holes  TR CH8 Super Large bore core housing  TRCH16 Super large bore core housing ( Tube or Tubeless)  TR SP8B Super large bore Tubeless Spud For Φ20.5 (.812’’ ) Rim holes  TR SP9 Super large bore tubeless spud Rim Spud, fitsΦ18.3/.719’’ hole, tapped for 1/2’’ NPT  TRJ661 Series large bore tubeless valve – Double bent swivel Type For Φ20.5 (.812’’ ) Rim holes  TRJ 662 Series large bore tubeless valves – Triple Bent Swivel Type For Φ20.5 (.812’’ ) Rim holes Nickel or Zinc Plated valves IAT NO. Plus “NI” or “ZN”  Large bore Tube valves for Off-the-road Vehicle  Large bore tube valves – Straight type For Φ20.5 (.812’’ ) Rim holes  Large bore tube valves – Straight type For Φ20.5 (.812’’ ) Rim holes  Large bore Tube Valve Stem(Swivel Type) – TR J400-L Stem Series  TR J 690 Series Large bore Tubeless valves – Triple Bent/Turret Type For Φ20.5 (.812’’ ) Rim holes  TRJ691 Series Large bore Tubeless valve – Double Bent / Single Type   Large bore Tube Valve Stem ( Straight type) – TRJ670-02 Stem TRAD4 Large bore tube Spud Adapter (Fit TR SP1000 Spud) TRAD4 Adapter combined with TR SP1000 Spud is equivalent to TR SP4000 Spud.  TR SP1000 Spud Series Air-liquid Type ( Valve base with Spud)  TR SP4000 Spud Series Air-liquid type( Valve base with Spud) or TP SP1000 Plus TR AD4  SP-703R . SP-704R Spud Air-liquid Type Kits TR AD4 Adapter combined with HN14 or HN80 an BW18 is equivalent SP-704(VS-704R). SP-704R Spud adapter onto either TR SP1000 or TR SP4000 Spud onto either HN14 or HN80 and BW18 is equivalent to SP-703R ( VS-703R) large bore spud. 5 / 17
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED www.iating.com  Off-The-Road Equipment Large Bore Tube Valves   Screw-on Large Bore Convertible Tube Valves  Rubber – Base Valves These valves are available in either straight or bent, IAT standard rubber-base dia isΦ95(3.75’’) as illustrated but optional base dia ofΦ83(3.25’’) Φ70(2.75’’) is also available. Truck & Bus Tube Valves Fits TR SP1000 Spud  Air-Liquid Tube Implement Valves For Tractors & Agricultural  Convertible Tube valves ( Air liquid Type) Tube valve recommendations for slotted wheels.  TR218A Series Rubber Covered Valves When the core Housing is removed, large opening in valve base allows fast filling of tires with anti-freeze solution, Base prepared for “HOT” or “COLD” application. ForΦ15.7(.625’’) Rim holes. Such as: Tractor, Grader, Loader etc.  TRCH3 Series Core Housing, LN10 & LN10EQ Rim Nuts, VC618Cap.   JS89 Series Rubber – Base Valves (Light truck valves)  Passenger Car & Light Truck Valves Truck & Bus Repair Tube Valves  TR244 Series Rubber-base Valves   Industrial Vehicle – Scooter Valves Screw-on Standard Bore Tube Valves Fits TR SP1000 Spud  Truck & Bus Valves – Europe Style  Single Bent Screw-on Universal Valves  Rubber – Covered Valves TR86 When TR13 valves is used for Φ16(.625’’) Rim hole, a valve spacer (TR86) as illustrated is mounted.  Double Bent Screw-on Universal Valves  Triple Bent Screw-on Universal Valves  Rubber Spud 6 / 17
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED  Motorcycle valves  Rubber – Base valves – TR87 Series  www.iating.com Rubber – Base valves – TR4 Series  Tank Valve For Air tanks, Steel barrels, compressors, and other pneumatic containers where dependable automatic air valves are needed. Valves are equipped with standard valve core and sealing caps for operating pressure to 1.4 Mpa( 200PSI).  Clock Pressure Gauge For use on air, steam or any other pressure medium which does not attack brass, install siphon under gauge when used on steam. For use on any compressor or air system of gauge air pressure. On vulcanizing molds to gauge steam pressure.  Tube Clamp – in Valves ( Metal Base Valves)  Bicycle Valves  Rubber – Covered Valves   Flush Mount Valves – 2 Piece ( CH518 & SP518 ) /FMV518 This valve is designed for flush Mount Φ16 (.625’’) or Φ11.5(.453’’) valve holes. Set includes: 4 stems(SP518) and 2 inflaters (CH518)- FMV518K Rubber – Base Valves  High Pressure Valves These Valves are constructed of special stainless steel body and are intended for use in high pressure air-changed units such as shock absorber struts, hydraulic pressure are accumulators, surge cylinders, and pneumatic systems.  Tube Clamp-in Valves (Metal Base Valves)  Valves for Powder, Water and foam Extinguishers Valves for Extinguishers From 4 TO 12Kg  Bicycle Valves – France Type  Rubber – Base Valves  Tube Clamp—in Valves ( Metal Base Valves) 7 / 17
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED www.iating.com Chrome Brass Sleeves – Straight Type Chrome Brass All – Sleeve  Brass & Plastic Cap-Sleeves      Air Conditioning System & Refrigeration Valves These valves are used for air-conditioning systems and refrigeration, valves are available in 3 kinds of material: Brass , Aluminum and Steel. Aluminum Color – Sleeves - Loudhailer Type 5V1 Thread Standard valve Series – Brass or Aluminum  6V1 / M6 x 0.75 Thread valve Series – Aluminum or Brass AV211&AV221 consists of a IC3 – A core mounted in a S211 or S221 valve stem which is sealed with a VC-L Cap. AV212 & AV222 consisted of a IC3 – A core mounted in a S212 or S222 valve stem which is sealed with a VC-H Cap. Straight Type  Loudhailer Type Special Quick Couplers – R134a Resistant Valve Grommets Rubber Grommets EPDM /SI/NBR  Valve Cores – For all types Valves  Valve Washer- Brass /Steel(Plated) Standard Valve Core of Tire & Air-conditioning    Valve Nuts & Rim Nuts – Brass/Steel(Plated) Valve Extension Valve Cross – Brass/Stainless Large bore Valve Cores  Bicycle & Motorcycle valve cores  Valve Sleeves 8 / 17
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED  Valve Caps  Metal Sealing Type Caps  Plastic&Plastic Sealing Caps– Black & Color(R-Red, Y-Yellow, B-Blue,G-Gren)  Aluminum Sealing Caps-Color(AL-Nature, R-Red,Y-Yellow, B-Blue, G-Green, P-Purple, BL-Black).  Valve Extensions (Caps) www.iating.com  Passenger Car Extension Caps Valve Extension provide a seal against contaminants while extending the valve mouth for convenient access. 1. Plastic(Nylon) Type  Valve Extensions (Caps)  Truck & Bus Extensions Straight Metal Type Dip / Nickel Plated Straight Metal Type- Long Dip / Nickel Plated 2. Metal (Brass) Type – Nickel Plated Bent Metal Type – Nickel /Chrome / Dip (Brass) 9 / 17
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED  www.iating.com  Flexible Braided Wire / Textile Rubber Hose Extensions – Swivel Clamp Type Extension screw onto the inner valve stem and come out thru the outside wheel and depending on type. They fasten under lug nut or clamp onto the rim. Large Bore Valve Metal (Brass) Extensions EXJ127M Eff.length is 127mm  IAT NO.: EXJ86M-EXJ615M, 17Sizes, Eff. Length: 86~615mm. Dip(Brass)  Nickel Plated IAT NO.: EXJ86M-NI~EXJ615M-NI.  Zinc Plated IAT NO.: EXJ86M-ZN~EXJ615M-ZN  Tire Valve Extensions Rigid for Truck 1. Plastic Extensions – Germany Type  Flexible Braided Wire Extensions – Rigid Type  Large Bore Valve Flexible Extensions – Rubber Hose (Φ12 ~ Φ14 2. Plastic Extensions – Italy Type  Flexible Extension and Holders For Truck & Bus 1. Extensions with Rubber(R)/Stainless-Braided Stainless-Braided PTFE(S) Hose Rubber(RS)/ dia) IAT NO.: EXJ150R ~ EXJ630R, 11 sizes, Length : 150 ~ 630mm. 2. Adapter Section Bend Angle is 90°, As illustrated but optional bent angle of 45° or 135° is also available. 3. Holders / Fasters For Flexible Valve Extensions  Flexible Extensions with Stainless-braided PTFE Hose & Stabilizer Fits Long Valve cores with stainless-Spring Hose: EXC1146SR Series  Dual Wheel Flexible Valve Extension Provides easy access to the inner dual tire found on campers, recreational vehicles and trucks, Fits standard valve cap threads, Comes with clamp to secure extension to wheel cut-out.  Flexible Extensions with Stainless-Braided PTFE Hose & Brackets Fits short valve cores.  Truck & Bus Valve Extensions Kit  Truck &Bus valve bent metal Extensions. 135 deg. Valve Extension. ( 45°,90°,180° are available) 10 / 17
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED  Inner Dual Valve Extension & Stabilizer kit – Airplus Airplus install as shown to make filling and checking air pressure quick & Easy, Wire stabilizer prevents movement, ideal for use with any brand of wheel simulators, live stem design prevents air leaks even if damaged.  www.iating.com Valve Core Tool IAT NO. Description VT11 Standard Bore Core Remove VT11B Screwdriver with plastic handle VT11C Screwdriver with metal(AL) Handle IAT NO. Description Kit Fits(Air-plus live stem set) VT11D See VT11 VT12 Large/Standard Bore Core Remove AP4 VE534LS(EX146LS)STA3 5-3/4” live stem( Valve stem) Hoses Long stabilizer Fits all except ‘92+ Ford E-350 Dual wheels. VT13 Long type,Standard Bore core remove VT13R See VT13, Red-Handle VT14 Valve core /Caps Screwdriver AP5 VE534LS(EX146LS)STA4 5-3/4” live stem( Valve stem) Hoses Long stabilizer Fits ‘92+Ford E-350 dual wheels with round hand holes. AP6 VE734LS(EX197LS)STA3 7-3/4” live stem( Valve stem) Hoses Long stabilizer Fits ’92 + Ford F-450 ~ F-550 with 19.5” wheels AP7 VE850LS(EX216LS)STA4 8.50” live stem( Valve stem) Hoses Long stabilizer Fits ’99 + Ford Motorhome chassis with 19.5” wheels.  Valve Tools IAT NO. Description VT21 4-way Vavle Tool, Zn or Cr Plated VT21B 4-Way valve Repair Tool VT22 4-Way vlve tool, Black Harhened VT22B Heavy-duty 4-way valve repair tool VT22C For Large bore vavle, B.H./Zn Plated VTJ23 2-Way valve repair tool VTJ24 4-way large bore valve tool, Zn Plated VTJ25 4-Way Large bore valve tool,B.H VTJ26 Multi-Way Large bore valve tool, Zn Plated  Four Hose Dual Wheel valve stem Extensions with Brackets – AirMax Quick and easy installation Rugged Braided Stainless steel Two Pair of extensions, with brackets makes checking air and filling easier. IAT NO. Description Kit Fits(Air-plus live stem set) AML1 VE990SS VE1300SS VBK-L 9”hose, 13”hose, light Duty B.K Light Truck Air Max Kit. Fits dual wheels up to 19.5” with stud extender attachment. AML2 VE990SS,VE1300SS, VBK-M 9”Hose, 13”hose, Heavy duty B.K Med. Duty Air Max Kit. Fits dual wheels up to 19.5” with jamnut attachment. AML3 VE990SS, VE1300SS, VBK-H 9”Hose, 13”hose, Heavy duty B.K Heavy duty Air Max Kit. Fits dual wheels 19.5” through 24.5” with stud extender attachment.  Valve Installation Tools IAT NO. Description VT31 Snap-in valve Installation tool, Zn Plated VT31C Snap-in valve installation tool, Cr Plated VT31B Lever Mounting Tool for Snap-in Valves VT31P Valve mounting tool, Plastic handle-blue/Green VT31PA Pang valve tool for Snap-in Tubeless valve VT31MD Quick mount/dmounting valve tool for valve VT32 Hex nut Driver for 500 Series Truck Valve VT32C Chrome Hex Nut Driver for Truck Valve 11 / 17
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED   Valve Special Tools www.iating.com Tire Inflating Air Chucks-Clip/Ball foot/Straight – USA Style IAT NO. Description IAT NO. Type Description VT33 Cable-Type Valve Fishing Tool AC691 open Check ball foot air chuck and clip, 1/4" FPT VT33B Valve Service Tool, Germany Type, Ni Plated AC691C closed Ball foot air chuck and clip, 1/4"F.P.T VT33C Valve Fishing tool for L.B.12V1 THD AC692 open Clip-on chuck, Φ 6~ 12.5 I.D. hose barb VT34 Chain-Type Valve fishing tool AC692C closed Clip-on chuck, Φ 6~ 12.5 I.D. hose barb VT34B Valve fishing tool fit all size rim AC693 VT34C Valve fishing tool, Cap fits 12V1 THD AC694 open Air chuck clip, R1/4" BSP.par(1/4"NPT) VT35 Tube deflator, Screw-on S.B Valve AC694C closed Air chuck clip, R1/4" BSP.par(1/4"NPT) VT36 Clip-on, Heavy-Duty Tube Deflator AC690-1 open Ball foot air chuck(1/4" FPT) VT36-6 Tire Inflating Thumb Lock Air Chucks, 0D6 AC690-1C closed Ball foot air chuck(1/4" FPT) VT36-7 Tire Inflating Thumb Lock Air Chucks, 0D7 AC690-2 open Air chuck, Φ 6~12.5 I.D. hose barb VT36-8 Tire Inflating Thumb Lock Air Chucks, OD8 AC690-2C closed Air chuck, Φ 6~12.5 I.D. hose barb VT36-S OD6, Fits 5V2 threads, Tube Deflator. AC690-4 open Air chuck, R1/4" BSP. Par (1/4" NPT) VT37/NI Tube deflator, Dip/Nikel Plated AC690-4C closed Air chuck, R1/4" BSP. Par (1/4" NPT) AC695 open Check lock-on chuck, 1/4" FPT AC695C closed Check lock-on chuck, 1/4" FPT Air chuck clip, fits all std. air chuck ACJ6105  Clip-on chuck, for L.B 1/4" FPT Europe Style Clip-on Air Chucks IAT NO. Type Description AC51 open D=Φ6mm Air chuck, Ni Plated AC51C closed D=Φ6mm Air chuck, Ni Plated AC52 open D=Φ8mm Air chuck, Ni Plated AC52C closed D=Φ8mm Air chuck, Ni Plated AC52Y open D=Φ8mm Air chuck, Ni Plated AC52T open 8v1 THD Air chuck, Ni Plated AC53 closed D=Φ7mm Long, Air chuck, Yellow Dip  AC54 closed D=Φ8mm long, Air chuck, Ni Plated IAT NO. Description AC55 open 1/4” NPT, Air chuck, Ni plated TG659 AC55C closed 1/4” NPT, Air chuck, Ni plated Straight Push-on Standard passenger gauge, 4-sided nylon bar, 2 sides calibrated 5~50psi/other 50~350Kpa ACJ56 open D=Φ8mm large bore air chuck, Ni plated RT660 Air-liquid Tractor Gauge, for air & Liquid filled tires, 4-sided nylon bar, 2 sides calibrated 5 ~ 50psi/other 50~350Kpa RT661 Standard passenger gauge, 5~50psi/other 50~350Kpa. RT662 Truck(H.P) Pencil Gauge.4-sided 10~130PSI/other 100~900Kpa. RT663 Low Pressure Tire Gauge. 4-sided Nylon bar. 2-sides calibrated 1~20psi/other 10~140Kpa.  Pencil Tire Air Gauge ( Pocket Air Gauge) 4-sided nylon nylon bar,2-sides bar,2-sides calibrated calibrated Dual Foot Air Chucks / Large Bore Chucks IAT NO. Description AC696 Dual Foot Extension chuck 6"(1/4"NPT) AC698 AC696L Dual Foot straight on &30°Reverse angle lock-on chucks Long dual foot(13") chuck, 1/4"FPT AC698L Long dual foot chuck Straight on & 30° Reverse angle ACP696 Premiun dual foot chuck, 1/4" FPT ACP698 Premiun dual foot push-on & 30° Reverse Angle Prmium dual foot(13") long lock-on chuck ACP698L ACJ6100 Dual head air chuck, Φ 9mm hose bard Right angle chuck for L.B./Sta. 1/4" FPT ACJ6102 L.B(Long) Lock-on Air chuck, 1/4" FPT AC618/C  Dill Style Pencil Gauge IAT NO. Description TG660-E Pocket air pressure Gague. For tractor(Air-liquid) EATON type TG660. calibrated.5~50psi/50~350Kpa. TG661-E Pocket air pressure Gague. For passenger car. EATON type TG661. calibrated.5~50psi/50~350Kpa. TG662-E Pocket Air(All purpose Service) Pressure gauge for truck&bus. EATON Type TG662. Calibrated 10~130psi/100~900Kpa. TG663-E Pocket air low pressure 1~20psi/10~150Kpa. 12 / 17 Gauge,EATON type TG663, Calibrated
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED   Color Pencil Tire Gauge with Tough Metal/Plastic Head IAT NO. Description TG661A/P(A/B/C /R/Y/BL) Standard Passenger Gauge-Radial Type. 4-sided nylon bar, Calibrated 5~50psi/50~350Kpa.7 Pastel colors, metal Barrels. TG662A/P(A/B/C /G/Y/BL) High pressure truck & bus gauge-radial type. 4-sided nylon bar. Calibrated 10~130psi/100~900Kp. 7-pastel colors, metal barrels. www.iating.com Premium Air Gauge & Chucks Premium Pocket tire air gauges: TGP659 ~ TGP663. Premium Dual Foot tire air Gauges: TGP664~TGP669; TGP665M , TGP668M. Premium Dual foot air chucks: ACP696 ~ ACP698; ACP696L ~ ACP698L. Each of IAT’s premium pocket and dual air gauge has a industry use chrome plated. Truck gauge are recalibratable air gauge, pocket gauge with metal bar available. A-Aluminum, P-Plastic, B-Blue, C-Cyanine, G-Green, R-red, Y-Yellow, BL-Black.  Inflator Gauges  Dual Foot Air Gauge IAT NO. Description TG651 TG651A Lever Type inflator W/3’ hose. 4-sided bar, calibrated 10~80 Ibs./70~550Kpa. Dual foot(H.P)Service gague.4-sided nylon bar. Calibrated 10~150psi/100~1050Kpa. TG652 TG652A Lever Type inflator W/6’ Hose. 40sided, 10~80Ibs./70~550Kpa. With clip-on air chucks. TG665 M Metal bar dual foot(H.P)Service Gague.2-sided metal bar. Calibrated 10~150psi/100~1050Kpa. TG668 Straight push-on 30° Reverse angle Service gauge.4-sided nylon bar. Calibrated 10~150psi/100~1050Kpa. TG653 TG653PB TG653K Dual Foot chuck inflator, W/3’ hose, 4-sided bar, calibrated 10~50Ibs. /70~1000Kpa. With dual-foot chuck. Hose length optional. TG668 M Metal bar straight push-on 30° Reverse angle service gauge. 2-sdied metal bar, calibrated 10~150psi/100~1050Kpa. TG669 Straight push-on 30° Reverse angle service gauge, 4-sided nylon bar, Calibrated 10~130psi/100~900Kpa. IAT NO. Description TG664 Dual foot truck gauge pencil type, 4-sided nylon bar. calibrated 10~120psi/100~900Kpa. TG665  Straight Head Dial Tire Gauge IAT NO. 0~60Psi, Plastic Shell TG12 0~60Psi, Stainless Shell TG13 0~160Psi, Plastic Shell TG14 Large bore Gauges / Tread Depth Gauge Description TG11  calibrated 0~160Psi, Stainless Shell IAT NO. Description TG666 Tread Depth 1/32"/0~25mm TG666S Truck Tire Tread depth gauge( Stainless Steel). Calibrated in 1/32" and 0~25mm IAT NO. Description TG21 0~60Psi, Stainless Shell Swivel Foot Gauge for 10~150psi/100~1050Kpa. TG22 0~160Psi, Stainless Shell TG23 0~100Psi, Stainless Shell TGJ6110 Gauge-Pencil Type. large bore Calibrated gauge. 0~1"in Calibrated TGJ6111 Pencil Head Dial Tire Gauges Straight-on pencil Gauge for large bore gauge. Calibrated 10~130psi / 100~900Kpa. TGJ6112  Two-piece gauge spans tread lugs calibrated 0~6" in 1/32 increments. The Ultimate Dual Tire Gauge (Equalizer Tool) 13 / 17 Dial Tire Pressure Gauges
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED   Inflating Pistols with dial gauge and pressure Gauge www.iating.com Plastic T-Handle Inserting Tools IAT NO. Description RT44CE/OE/SE Closed/open/split-Eye Needles RT44SP/RP Smooth Probe(Awl)/Power-Rasp-Probe RT44SR/SB Screw Reamey/Screw-Barbeb Probe RT44CEL Closed-Eye Long Needles RT440OEL/SEL Open/Split-Eye Long Needles RT44SBL Screw-barbed Probe,Long  Professional Chrome-Handle replacement Needles inserting Tools&Durable IAT NO. RT45 RT40B RT41 RT41B 5-1/4" Closed/open/Split-eye Needles 514SR/SB 5-1/4" Screw Reamer/Screw-barbed Probe 712CE/OE/SE 7-1/2" Closed/open/Split-eye Needles HW25 Blade Style inner liner Scraper 4-1/2" Closed/open/Split-eye Needles 514CE/OE/SE Inner Liner Scraper 3-1/2" Closed/open/Split-eye Needles 412CE/OE/SE Rubber Scraper 412SE,Split-eye long needle 312CE/OE/SE RT40 Screw Reamer/Screw-Barbed brobe RT45SEL Description Closed/open/Split-eye Needles RT45SR/SB IAT NO. Replacement T-handle.Chrome Plated RT45CE/OE/SE  Scraper & Stitcher Description Hexagon(Allem) wrench,S2.5mm Stitcher/Buffer RT42 1-1/2” x 1/8”wood handle stitcher, Dust-metal RT42C 1-1/2” x 1/8” Stitcher, Steel NI Plated RT42D 1-1/2” x 1/4” Stitcher, Steel NI plated RT42-132 1-1/2” x 1/32” Stitcher, Steel Cr Plated RT42-116 1-1/2” x 1/16” Stitcher, Steel Cr Plated RT42-118 1-1/2” x 1/8” Stitcher, Steel Cr Plated RT42-114 1-1/2” x 1/4” Stitcher, Steel Cr Plated RT42-214 2” x 1/16” Stitcher, Steel Cr Plated  4-In-1 Chrome-Handle Inserting Tools IAT NO. Description RT46K Professional Inserting,Chrome Plated CE46-Closed-Eye Needle,Rep OE46-Open-Eye Needle,Rep SE46-Open-Eye Needle,Rep SB46-Screw-Barbed probe,Rep  4-In-1 Plastic T-handle Inserting Tools IAT NO. Description RT40K Profession Inserting CE43-Closed-Eye Inserting Needle, Rep. OE43-Open-Eye Inserting Needle,Rep SE-Split-Eye Inserting Needle,Rep SB43-Screw-Barbeb Probe,Rep 14 / 17
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED  Pistol-Grip-Handle Inserting Tools  www.iating.com ScrewDriver Type Handle Inserting Tools IAT NO. Description IAT NO. Description RT47CE/OE/SE Closed/open/Split-Eye Needle RT49CE/OE/SE Closed/open/Split-Eye Needle RT47SP/RP Smooth Probe(Awl)/Power-RASP Probe RT49SP/RP Smooth Probe(Awl)/Power-Rasp Probe RT47SR/SB Screw Reamer/Screw-Barbed Probe RT49SP/SB Screw Reamer/Screw-Barbed Probe RT47CEL Closed-eye Long needle RT49SPL RT49SP-Long RT47OEL/SEL Open-eye/Split-eye long probe RTOEL/OEXL Open-Eye Long Needle 6"(150mm) RT49SR-3 Stickle-back Reamer,3-3/4"(95mm)Length/ 1/8"dia RT49SR-4 Stickle-back Reamer,4-1/2"(115mm)Length/ 1/8"dia RT49SR-6 Stickle-back Reamer,6-1/2"(165mm)Length/ 3/16"dia RT49SR-7 Stickle-back Reamer,7"(180mm)Length/ 3/16"dia RT49SR-8 Stickle-back Reamer,8-3/4"(225mm)Length/ 1/4"dia RT49SR-9 Stickle-back Reamer,9-1/2"(240mm)Length/ 1/4"dia RT49SR-12 Stickle-back Reamer,12-5/8"(320mm)Length/ 5/16"dia RT49SR-13 Stickle-back Reamer,13"(330mm)Length/ 5/16"dia  Heavy-Duty,Super-Grip, T-handle Inserting Tools IAT NO. Description RTH44CE Closed-Eye Needle RTH44OE Open-Eye Needle RTH44SE Split-Eye Needle RTH44SR Screw-Reamer Probe, Black Hardened RTH44SB Screw-Barbed Probe, Black Hardened  Heavy-Duty Screwdriver Type Handle inserting Tools IAT NO. Description RT50CE/OE/SE  Heavy-Duty Pistol-Grip, handle inserting Tools Closed/open/Split-eye needle RT50SP/RP Smooth probe(Awl)/Power-Rasp Probe IAT NO. Description RT50SR/SB Screw Reamer/Screw-barbed probe RT48CE/OE/SE Closed/open/Split-Eye Needle RT50CEL/OEL Closed/open-eye long(4”) Needle RT48SP/RP Smooth Probe(Awl)/Powder-Rasp Probe RT50SEL Split-Eye, Long(4”) needle RT48SP/SB Screw Reamer /Screw-Barbeb Probe RT50CE-5 Closed-eye needle, 5”length RT48CEL/OEL Closed/open-eye long Needle For truck RT50OE-5 Open-eye needle,5”length RT48SEL Split-eye Long needle,For truck RT50SE-5 Split-eye needle,5”length RTW50OE Open-Eye Needle, 9”(225mm) length RTW50SR Split Remer(Giant Spiral Cement tool) RTP50-1 Skive packing tool,1/4” x 2” RTP50-2 Skive packing tool,3/8” x 2” RTP50-3 Skive packing tool,3/8” x 3-1/2”  Permacure/Heavy-duty Pistol-Grip-Handle inserting Tools & Durable Replacement Needles IAT NO. Description RTP48 H.D Pistol-grip-handle,Replacement RTP48CE/OE/SE Closed/open/Split-eye Needle RTP48SP/RP Smooth Probe(Awl)/power-Rasp Probe RTP48SR/SB Screw Reamer/Screw-Barbed Probe RTP48CEL Closed-eye long needle,For truck  RTP48OEL Open-eye long needle,For truck IAT NO. Description RTP48SEL Split-Eye Long needle,For truck RTK50-1 X2T Taper Skiving Knife RTK50-2 X1Y Extra Curve Sharp Skiving Knife RTK50-3 X3N Round Point Flexible Blade skiving Knife 15 / 17 Skiving Knives
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED  www.iating.com  Truck – RCT Style Coated Suitable for trucks with firestone Radial Commander Rims. Can be used on strip steel rims with curved edges, such as Budd, Goodyear and Redco. Available in 4 sizes. From 113grm(4oz) to 223grm(10oz). Rubber Axle Treath – RAS01 Alcoa Stabilizer and Valve Extension Kit Available in eight valve extension and stabilizer kits  Alloy Wheel – AL style Coated For all deep flanged alloy Rims such as Delta, Globe, R.O.H,etc. Suits 85% of steel rim applications. Available in 10 sizes: from 10grm to 60grm.  Wheel Weight  Light Truck – LST Style Coated Suits Light Truck, Land Rover, Land Cruisers. Ford F100, F250, Pick-ups and vans. Available in 8 sizes from 300grm to 300grm. IAT NO.: WT-30~300  Truck & Bus – AJAX Style Coated Designed for all truck and bus rims with split safety rings. Also suits some Firestong Tubeless wheels. Available in 9 sizes, from 50grm to 450 grm. IAT NO.: WT2-50~450.  Heavy Truck – HST Style Coated The most commonly used truck weight for Medium and heavy duty trucks and buses with tube type wheels. Available in 6 sizes: from 50grm to 300grm. IAT NO.: WT3-50~300  Steel Wheel – SW Style Coated For all steel rims that have a singles radius flange. Suits 75% of steel rim applications. Available in 15 sizes. From 7grm to 110grm.  Alloy Wheel – FN Style Coated For Extra Flange Alloy Rims. Where “AL” style weight is not suitable. Available in 10 sizes, from 10grm to 60 grm.  Adhesive Wheel Weight 7 grm Extra Thin Section Stick-on 18mm wide, 125mm long with 7 @ 7grm segments 7 grm Narrow thin section stick-on 7 grm Narrow thin section stick-on 14 grm Standard section stick-on 18mm wide, 133mm long, with 7@ 14 grm segments. 30 grm Heavy section Stick-on 18mm wide, 133mm long, with 7 @ 30grm segments  WT4 ( 5 + 10) 60grm: (5grm + 10grm) x 4pcs.  Wheel Weights – Steel & Alloy Wheel WT Type for steel wheel; WTA Type for alloy wheel 1. Steel Wheel IAT NO.: WT5~100 2. Alloy wheel IAT NO.: WTA5 ~ 60 16 / 17
  • IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED 3. www.iating.com Coated Chrome – Passenger & Light truck Style 4. Coated Spray – Paint Gun Metallic 5. Coated Spray – Pain Forest Green 6. Coated Spray – Paint Gold Yellow  Wheel Balances – Zinc Has coated Spray – Paint Gum metallic and use resin coated Zinc weights to Protect the product from Oxidation.  Wheel Nut Cover & Weight Tools IAT NO. Description NP972 Nut Cover Puller Zn or Cr Plated WH976 Heavy-duty Wheel weight hammer WH978 Passenger wheel weight hammer WH979 Truck Wheel weight hammer WH50SF Soft faced wheel weight tool _________________________________________________________ IAT INDUSTRY LIMITED Tel: 0086-13563465746 Email: sales@iating.com valvetire@gmail.com 17 / 17