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Dr Rajeev Bijalwan
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Dr Rajeev Bijalwan


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Mobile application A modal Initiative to ensure quality family planning services in Doiwala block, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
    Rural Development Institute, Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust
    Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  • 2. Rural development Institute
    The mission of the Trust is to develop integrated and cost- effective approaches to health care and development that address the local population, and which can serve as a model for the country as a whole, and for the underserved population
    A combined approach in which traditional systems of health care complement modern medicine and advanced technology, is the prime focus of clinical care, medical education, and research at HIHT.
    Founder - Dr. Swami Rama
  • 3. Out reach Initiatives in Health and Development
    Health :
    Reproductive and Child Health (RCH)
    Adolescent health
    School health
    Primary health care
    Water and sanitation
    Management of natural sources
    Drinking water and sanitation services
    Development irrigation canal
    contract farming on aromatic plants
  • 4.
  • 5. Objectives
  • 6. Working Area of Doiwala Block, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
  • 7. Systematic approach
  • 8. Comparative status of Quality indicators fact sheet
  • 9. Existing information flow
  • 10. Weakness of existing information system
  • 11. Mobile Application for QFPS MIS
  • 12. Concept of innovative Mobile application
    Concept of application is based on client
    Ensure effective use of information in program feedback, researches and studies
    Develop a cost effective and early response system
    Ensure program progress at all level
    Use information system for staff appraisal
    Ensure simple technology
  • 13. Develop client based information system Under the client based information system we always get the information from the client
    This system help us to understand the reach of the program at community level and assessment of performance of providers
    It always works as a external monitoring system which is not under the control of providers
  • 14. Principal guideline for application
    No network restriction
    Ensure use of basic set of mobile
    Development of Simplification or digitalization of information
    Create reminder system and full scope for extension
    Create free SMS system for health education and information
    Develop effective tools on the basis research for staff training and orientation
  • 15. Basic Entry Information
    Name/ S. N.
    No of children M/F
    Family status – Nuclear/ joint
    Social status- APL/BPL
    Education/ wife and husband
    Occupation / wife and husband
    Village/ code
    Name of ASHAs/ mobile number
    Name of ANMs/ ANM centers /mobile number
    Medical officers / PHCs/ mobile number
  • 16. Description of key
  • 17. SMS key
  • 18. Client based information collection Mechanism
    • CHC wise Report
    • 19. PHC wise Report
    • 20. ANM wise Report
    • 21. Village wise Report
    • 22. ASHA wise Report
    • 23. Client status
    • 24. Users wise of Contraceptive
    • 25. Condition Of Woman
    • 26. Providers and service centre
    • 27. Total users, non users, switch off and switch over
    • 28. Demand calculation at all level
    • 29. Total umber receive pre check ups, counseling, basket of choice and follow-up services
    NE- RN, VC, CN, A, MC, FC, UC, CW, S, HP, PSP, US *Comment
    UE- RN, VC, MC, FC, UC, CW, S, HP, PSP, US *Comment
  • 30. The flow of Information Management
    The information will be send on a prescribed format by the mobile phone through a SMS to the Central Information Registration System Center
    Central Information Registration System at Rural Development Institute-HIHT
    (ASHA will collect individual information at household level)
    Community Level (Eligible couple)
    The Central Information Registration System will evolve various reports automatically
    Feedback and Monitoring System (Recheck process and reminder SMS
    Central Information Registration System (Software)
    House hold level
    ASHA level
    ANM level
    CHC level
    PHC level
    Central Information Registration System will also send the reports of eligible couples to the all the centers every month by e-mail or postal services
  • 31. Application Suite Architecture
    DB Server
    Web Server
    Mail Server
    Application Interface
    GSM Modem Stack
  • 32.
  • 33. Flow of existing information
  • 34. Process of Implementation
    Conducted a research study on various aspects on mobile phone such as use of SMS and other facilities
    Development of software
    Pre testing
    Re – design
    Development of training materials and its delivery process
    Implementation of application
  • 35. Key features of mobile application
    Independent of the Specific Mobile Handset
    Independent of the Telecom Operator
    Keywords Simplicity:
    Master Databases Management:
    Integrated Auto Push, Pull, E-mail (or Voice if required
    Validation of Input Information
    Predictive Analysis Scalable Approach
    Automated Quality Analytics Feedback System
    Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) Integration
  • 36. Key benefits
    Highly Scalable Multi User Solutions over Wired/Wireless/GSM/CDMA Networks
    Immediate Information Transfer
    Highly Targeted and Accountable Medium
    Time Efficiency (Reduces Time Lag)
    Economical (Cost Effective)
    High Retention Value
    Reduction of Manpower / Man Hours
    Accuracy of Information Flow
    Automated and Acknowledged Information Transfer to Multiple Points
    Bulk Communication on touch button
    Handy & Automated Accurate Information
  • 37. Impact on program
    Easily get any information at all levels
    Use tracking system to see specific cases at any levels
    Develop accurate demand for contraceptives and ensure actual need based distribution mechanism at each stage
    Provide effective clinic services for specific area
  • 38. Impact of program
  • 39. Way forward…….
    Planning for scaling up and extension of software
    Documentation of learning's and sharing it at state as well as national levels
    Use of information to improve the supply system
    Wider role of mobile technology in health sector
  • 40. Ensure multiple use of mobile in health program for multiple purpose