Celebrate national library week at Kendall Campus Library


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Celebrate national library week at Kendall Campus Library

  1. 1. National Library WeekApril 14-20, 2013Kendall CampusLibrary Treasures
  2. 2. Kendall Campus LibraryThe Kendall Campus Library began operating as a Learning Resources Center in1968-69. At the time, this campus was named South Campus of Miami-DadeJunior College. The Library building was named Niles Trammell, bldg.2. Originally,the library had 2 floors. At the beginning of the new millennium, the library wasrelocated only to the 2nd floor, while the Computer Courtyard occupied the firstfloor in the same building.Today, the Kendall Campus Library owns over 125,000 physical items in itscollections. In addition, it offers students a very large array of electronic resourcescomprising close to 200,000 e-books, and over 130 electronic databases withaccess to millions of articles, videos, etc.During the 2011-12 academic year, Kendall Campus library circulated close to50,000 items, taught over 320 library instructions sessions, and answered closedto 12,000 questions at the Reference Desk.This, of course, is not possible without its faculty and staff members.Happy National Library Week, Kendall !!!
  3. 3. Kendall Campus LibraryThis photographic exhibition is a tribute to the many years of dedication to studentexcellence at the Kendall Library. It presents pictures from its beginning to thepresent with a concentration on the library’s most valuable asset: its staff.Want to know more about National Library Week? Scan the QR Code below.
  4. 4. South Campus of Miami-Dade Junior College.Library Building in red (photograph courtesy of MDC Archives)
  5. 5. Aerial View showing South Campus of the Miami-Dade Junior College.Photograph March 20, 1967 (photograph courtesy of MDC Archives)
  6. 6. South Campus, Miami-Dade Junior College, c. 1965(photograph courtesy of MDC Archives)
  7. 7. Miami-Dade Junior College, South Campus Graduation c. 1968(photograph courtesy of MDC Archives)
  8. 8. Niles Trammell speaking at the Miami-Dade Junior College SouthCampus graduation ceremony, May 5, 1968(image from the Florida Memory Collection)
  9. 9. Reception following the naming of the Learning Resources Center building toNiles Trammell. South Campus, Miami-Dade Junior College, c. 1968(photograph courtesy of the MDC Archives)
  10. 10. Students in Library Building c. 1985. South Campus of Miami-Dade JuniorCollege. (photograph courtesy of MDC Archives)
  11. 11. South Campus, Miami-Dade Junior College, c. 1978Inside of Library (photograph courtesy of MDC Archives)
  12. 12. Maria Maseda, Librarian, c. 1991South Campus Library(photograph courtesy of MDC Archives)
  13. 13. Susan Byrd, Librarian, c. 1991South Campus Library(photograph courtesy of MDC Archives)
  14. 14. Students in the libraryPeriodicals area, c. 1986(photograph courtesy of MDC Archives
  15. 15. Student working with Atlases in the 1st floor of library (now CCY)c. 1988(photograph courtesy of MDC Archives)
  16. 16. Microfilm room, library, 1st floorc. 1988(photograph courtesy of MDC Archives)
  17. 17. Student checking out the news of the day. South Campus Library c. 1980(photographs courtesy of the MDC Archives)
  18. 18. Student reading comfortably. South Campus Library, c. 1988
  19. 19. Kendall Campus LibraryBook Sale c. 1980(photograph courtesy of MDC Archives)
  20. 20. Niles Trammell Building, Learning Resources CenterMiami–Dade Junior College, South Campus
  21. 21. Students waiting for classes. Learning Resources Center Building. SouthCampus of Miami-Dade Junior College, c. 1978(photograph courtesy of the MDC Archives)
  22. 22. Students outside the Library in the Learning Resources Center building,South Campus, Miami-Dade Junior College, c. 1970(photograph courtesy of the MDC Archives)
  23. 23. Page from the LibraryManual, Kendall Campus,c. 1993
  24. 24. Meet your FacultyLibrarians, Kendall Campus,c. 1992
  25. 25. Other full-time members ofthe Kendall Campus Library,c. 1992
  26. 26. Students looking forinformation using the cardcatalog, Kendall CampusLibrary, c. 1992
  27. 27. The Online Catalog,Kendall Campus Library,c. 1991
  28. 28. Orientation and Instruction inthe use of the library, KendallCampus, c. 1991
  29. 29. Kendall Campus Library Staff, c. 2000from left to right: Brunilda Gonzalez, Luisa Pedrique, Gloria Bedoya, Janis Jordan, Susana Escalante, and Maria Figueroa
  30. 30. Kendall Library Stafffrom left to right: top- Bonina Garcia, Brunilda Gonzalez, Maria Figueroa, Luisa Pedrique, ElsaManosalvas, bottom: Gloria Bedoya and Yadira Granados
  31. 31. Kendall Campus LibraryConference Day, c. 2001left to right – Jenny Saxton, Erick Dominicis, Laurie Hime, Lola Philpot, Luisa Perez, Elizabeth Lindley, Gladys C elis, Lily Young, andPatsy Dyer
  32. 32. Kendall Library StaffMaria Figueroa and Janis Jordan atALA Conference – April 2002Laurie Hime with a student atthe Reference Desk, July 2001
  33. 33. Kendall Campus students taking advantage of the Mobile LibraryMarch 2013
  34. 34. Kendall Library Staff Mobile Library, April 2013from left to right: Spetlana, Maria, Gloria, and Ema
  35. 35. Socrates – the Library CatFollow Socrates in Twitter:twitter.com/socratesthecatFollow Socrates in Tumblr:Socratesthecat.tumblr.comSocrates with Prof. Fernandez-Sterling at the Arts and Letters DayKids’ Choice Story Contest
  36. 36. Tropical Shirt Day, Kendall LibraryJune 2006from left to right: Jenny Saxton, Barbara Joy, Luisa Perez, Janis Jordan, Lily Young, and Laurie Hime
  37. 37. Socrates, Tropical Shirt Day, Kendall Library, June 2006
  38. 38. Kendall Campus Library StaffBrunilda Gonzalez at the CirculationDesk, Kendall Library, July 2001Susana Escalante at the PeriodicalsDesk, Kendall Library, July 2001
  39. 39. Kendall Campus Library Staff 2013Barbara JoyBrunilda GonzalezBrenda KilmerEma GutierrezCarlos FernandezElsa Manosalvas
  40. 40. Kendall Campus Library Staff 2013Maria FigueroaGloria Rolong Jenny SaxtonGloria Bedoya Melba CorderoHelena Gomez
  41. 41. Kendall Campus Library Staff 2013Susana EscalanteShamsha KarimMelissa JimenezErick Dominicis Jonathan Morales