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Presentation ADM - SCRUMBAN Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SCRUMBANPatrick Hellemans – Competence Manager Technology
  • 2. Agenda SCRUMBAN: Yet Another Agile Methodology? SCRUM vs Kanban Conclusion Q&A
  • 3. SCRUMBAN: Yet Another Agile Methodology ? SCRUM works fine ! • Client is happy • Team is happy => we are happy ! BUT • We reached the support phase in our project … • Our teams work on different (client) projects with unpredictable resource planning … • we still like SCRUM (principles)…
  • 4. Yet Another Agile Methodology ? Solution : let’s switch to Kanban ! • Works perfectly with ad hoc issues • Let’s us bent more rules BUT • We still like the daily SCRUM meeting … • We made a lot of effort on creating the current team roles …
  • 5. Yet Another Agile Methodology ?
  • 6. Yet Another Agile Methodology ? Solution: let’s make a best of breed combination: SCRUMBAN
  • 7. Yet Another Agile Methodology ? SCRUMBAN
  • 8. SCRUM vs Kanban A perfect marriage ? Tailor the combination to your team / project needs
  • 9. SCRUM vs Kanban Both are Lean and Agile Both use pull scheduling Both limit WIP Both use transparency to drive process improvement.
  • 10. SCRUM vs Kanban Both focus on delivering releasable software early and often. Both are based on self-organizing teams. Both require breaking the work into pieces. In both, the release plan is continuously optimized based on empirical data (velocity / lead time).
  • 11. SCRUM vs Kanban SCRUM KanbanTimeboxed iterations Prescribed OptionalTeam commitment Sprint backlog OptionalDefault metric Velocity Lead timeCross functional teams Prescribed Optional Specialist teams allowedItem size Completed within 1 sprint No size prescribedFollow up diagram Burndown chart No prescibed (CFD)WIP limited Indirectly (per sprint) Directly (per WF state)Estimation Prescribed OptionalAdding new items Not allowed Whenever capacity is available
  • 12. SCRUM vs Kanban SCRUM KanbanTeam ownership Sprint backlog Board shared by teamsRoles Prescribed (SM, PO, Team) OptionalBoard reset After each sprint PersistentPrioritization Prescribes prioritized Optional product backlog
  • 13. Conclusion SCRUMBAN – Makes SCRUM principles applicable for support projects – Can be fully tailored to team / project needs – Might become less transparent (focus on flow / sprint) – Tools might not support all required features
  • 14. Q&A patrick.hellemans@interaccess.be
  • 15. One final thought … A hammer doesn’t build a house, the person swinging the hammer does. It’s all in how you use the methodologies available.