Bringing Direct Marketing Disciplines to Online Advertising


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Maximizing advertising conversion rates in today’s competitive environment requires that advertisers maximize the value of customer segmentation based on all available customer data. Advertisers can utilize proven direct marketing techniques to intelligently tailor different messages to different audiences: re-messaging customer groups based on past actions, testing and optimizing messages to refine what drives the best response, and more. This webinar, originally hosted on May 25, 2011, examined the ways that leading brands and advertisers are optimizing the selection and sequencing of ads across ad formats and publishers to maximize conversions via:

• Consumer segmentation
• Site visit and history targeting and retargeting
• Transactional targeting
• Ad exposure and interaction targeting
• And other methods

The audience also learned ways to create and execute the business logic required to perform these sophisticated targeting functions with speed and scale.

Mirror Image Presenter:
John Croll, Solutions Architect, Edge Computing Solutions

John has over 10 years experience in the content delivery space, and prior to that, many years of experience in software development for operating systems. As Mirror Image’s Solutions Architect for Edge Computing Solutions, John is responsible for identifying, maintaining and developing new applications for the Company’s edge computing solutions. While at Mirror Image, John has held a variety of roles and responsibilities including: director of engineering, software development, software management and systems engineering.

Flashtalking Presenter: Betsy Adelstein
Betsy Adelstein, Vice President Sales. With over 11 years digital experience, at publishers and Rich Media & Dynamic Ad-serving Partners. Betsy spent 6-years at AOL, first as a strategic account manager leading large scale multi-million dollar integrated content/commerce partnerships and evolved into a top sales Midwest sales rep. The past 5-years were spent at Pointroll leading mid-west and key strategic accounts. Betsy currently heads up Flashtalking's Midwest Operations in Chicago, managing key strategic relationships with major Retail & CPG clients.

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Bringing Direct Marketing Disciplines to Online Advertising

  1. 1. Bringing Direct MarketingDisciplines to Online Advertising Betsy Adelstein John Croll Vice President Solutions Architect, Flashtalking, Inc. Mirror Image
  2. 2. Right Message, Right Audience, Right Time
  3. 3. What is Relevance?
  4. 4. Relevance Increases Performance • People spend 25% more time fixating on ads Audience that are personally relevant to them versus those that are not. Targeting1 • Contextually relevant ads elicit an emotional response that’s almost twice as high as those without. • More engaging data-driven ads tend to Message outperform the disconnected control ads. • Engagement rates improve from 2.4%- 11.9%. Targeting2 • Several test ads saw post-exposure awareness rise 2.1%, 2.5% or 8.5% percent • Purchase intent rose 21% versus the control1 Yahoo Insights, The Power of Relevancy: The Biometric Impact of Online Advertising, April 18, 20112IPG Media Lab, API-enabled ads pack more punch, March 28, 2011
  5. 5. 1:1 Relevance Consumers respond to what’s relevant to them RIGHT NOW! Data can power a very flexible experience as consumers travel through their personalized conversation and truly deliver the one-to-one marketing promise. Brand Awareness/Engagement Why is this brand/product important to me? Product Discovery & What do I need to know about this Consideration brand/product to consider it? Product Selection How, where, when do I buy it?
  6. 6. Creating Relevance  Technology offers the ability use multiple layers of data to maximize each consumer connection with a brand to maximize responsiveness.Male/Female Geo-localizationAge Site Real Time Time of DayHHI Segmentation Dynamic Day of the week/date WeatherEducation Data ContentRent/Own Traffic reportsChildren Daily HeadlinesEthnicity TweetsPurchase behavior Inventory AvailabilityBrand Preferences Financial PerformanceRetail Data Advanced Informed Message Bank RatesInterests/Activities Targeting Creative Interaction or Product pricing Sports scoresFitness Data Messages Inaction Concert DatesHealth ProfilesFinancial Profiles AirfaresSearch Behavior Gaming high scoresPage content/context Weekly circular/sales Recently shopped items Testing Variables Offers, backgrounds, fonts, colors, images, call to action, layouts, copy, pricing
  7. 7. EXAMPLE: Contextual Targeting & Messaging  More than doubled CTR  Nearly tripled the coupon print rate
  8. 8. How does it work?
  9. 9. Display Advertising Ecosystem
  10. 10. Simple Data Flow Flexible Data Collection Engine Data WarehouseWeb visitors Targeting Reporting Engine and analytics environment
  11. 11. Data Collection LogicYou can capture any request attributes based on your business requirements• User IP Address• (Mobile) Geo-location values derived from user IP (including location, connection type, ISP, and more)• (Mobile) device type• DMA codes• Cookie – existence and values• HTTP Method• Language preference of visitor• Browser type and version• Request URL, including query argument values• Form field contents• HTTP header values• And more
  12. 12. Targeting LogicUsing request attributes and behavioral model data,you can programmatically select and customize the “best” response in real time• Geography• Device type• Time of day• Local weather• Recognized user• Segmentation data (from the DW)• …
  13. 13. Example: Pixel Tracking Advertiser’s Infrastructure 1x1 Clear Pixel Publisher’s Infrastructure
  14. 14. Example: Pixel Tracking Advertiser’s Infrastructure 1x1 Clear Pixel Publisher’s Infrastructure
  15. 15. Example: Mobile Geotargeting Geolocation, device type, Advertiser’s device capabilities Infrastructure Geotargeted, device specific ads
  16. 16. Key Points• Customization = $$$$ !! – Your business is unique• You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – WURFL, data providers, …• Scalability, reliability, and availability are critical – You will become integral with your publishing- and advertising- partners online experience
  17. 17. Thank You Questions?Betsy Adelstein John www.mirror-image.com1-773-960-4162 1-800-353-2923
  18. 18. QuestionsPlease type your questionsinto the chat feature on theupper-right corner of yourscreen.
  19. 19. Upcoming Member Opportunities• Educational Webinars – The Arrival of Real-Time Bidding, hosted by Google and Forrester Research, June 15, Noon EST – US Latinos Online: A Driving Force, hosted by the IAB Multicultural Council, June 29, Noon EST• Professional Development Classes – On-demand training classes available @• Conferences – IAB Innovation Days, June 8-9, NYC – Mobile: IAB Marketplace, July 18, NYC – MIXX Conference, Expo, & Awards, October 3-4, NYC – Ad Operations Summit, November 7, NYC